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Left Field

From Soup to Guts

Sumo wrestlers fatten up on chankonabe.

Nov. 10 2004 2:28 PMRacing TallA Paralympian stands accused of getting an illegal leg up.
July 26 2004 2:05 PMSmall WonderThe littlest town in Britain is home to every sport you've never heard of.
May 13 2004 2:24 PMLone Star SkateRoller derby makes a Texas-sized comeback.
Aug. 9 2004 1:46 PMOne Giant Lift for MankindThe race for the 1,000-pound bench press.
June 11 2004 3:14 PMHammers, Sickles, and TurnbucklesSoviet wrestlers mourn Ronald Reagan.
Feb. 26 2004 5:48 PMCheckered FlagWhy flag football is America's dirtiest college sport.