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The Thinx Twice Edition

Slate Money discusses Thinx founder Miki Agrawal’s sexual harassment allegations and how venture capitalist J.D. Vance is looking to invest in startups—in Ohio.

March 18 2017 2:04 AMThe Scary White People EditionSlate Money discusses the uncertain future of the European Union and Blumhouse Productions’ run of smash-hit horror flicks.
March 4 2017 2:02 AMThe Hedge Funds Behaving Badly EditionSlate Money discusses eccentric hedge-funders with Sheelah Kolhatkar, plus Herbalife and the insider trading allegations at the heart of her book Black Edge.
Feb. 18 2017 2:01 AMThe Vanishing EditionSlate Money discusses Snap Inc.’s upcoming IPO and Airbnb’s future challenges.
Feb. 6 2017 11:48 AMThe Cathy’s Dream EditionCathy O’Neil hand-picks all of Slate Money’s topics, including how psychometrics helped shape the recent U.S. election and the safety of statistics in the Trump era.
Jan. 21 2017 2:01 AMThe Xi Loves Me EditionFrom the World Economic Forum in Davos, Slate Money reports on China’s support for globalization and the United Kingdom’s role in a changing Europe.
Jan. 7 2017 2:00 AMThe Pink Collar EditionSlate Money discusses the growth of traditionally female caregiver jobs, which men often don’t want, and Trump’s debt ties.
Dec. 24 2016 2:03 AMThe Doomed Youth EditionSlate Money discusses the reality of China’s school systems and online media’s role in spreading ISIS propaganda.
Dec. 10 2016 2:03 AMThe Up in the Air EditionSlate Money on United’s Basic Economy fare and Trump’s Air Force One negotiations.
Nov. 28 2016 9:22 AMThe Optimism EditionSlate Money discusses the economics of philanthropy.
Nov. 12 2016 2:02 AMThe Oh Sh*t EditionSlate Money on why pollsters got it so terribly wrong this year.
Oct. 29 2016 2:01 AMThe Bad Romance EditionSlate Money talks AT&T’s planned merger with Time Warner, the CETA trade deal, and how tech companies fare in the public stock markets.
Oct. 15 2016 2:05 AMThe Hot Mess EditionSlate Money talks to economist Tim Harford about his book Messy, Warren Buffett’s taxes, and contract theory.
Oct. 1 2016 2:06 AMThe Down to Earth EditionSlate Money breaks down the highs and lows of this week’s business and finance news.
Sept. 19 2016 10:25 AMThe Turning Point EditionSlate Money talks the lending firm Point, census income data, and Bayer, Monsanto shareholders.
Sept. 3 2016 2:00 AMThe Preserving Optionality EditionSlate Money on Apple’s tax problems, female computer science majors, and Aeropostale’s new owners.
March 11 2017 2:02 AMThe Soft Power EditionSlate Money discusses State Street’s plan to place more women in executive roles, Swift’s banning of North Korean banks, and the eccentric billionaire owner of SoftBank.
Feb. 25 2017 2:01 AMThe Relatively Nonevil EditionSlate Money discusses Uber’s continuing public relation woes and Kraft’s attempted takeover of Unilever.
Feb. 11 2017 2:02 AMThe Creativity EditionSlate Money discusses the economics of the film, book, and music industries with Derek Thompson.
Jan. 28 2017 2:01 AMThe Jump Ship EditionSlate Money discusses America’s abandonment of the TPP and some headline news from Cathy.
Jan. 14 2017 8:09 AMThe Ballpoint Pen EditionSlate Money discusses the mysterious history of Bic Cristal pens and Anthony Scaramucci’s White House assignment.
Dec. 31 2016 2:00 AMThe Craft Beer EditionIn this live episode, Slate Money talks small breweries and the economics of beer.
Dec. 17 2016 2:00 AMThe Unhealthy Markets EditionSlate Money discusses grading employees on their health and price-fixing generic drugs.
Dec. 3 2016 2:01 AMThe Munchkin EditionSlate Money discusses Trump’s economic team.
Nov. 19 2016 2:00 AMThe Monopoly Money EditionSlate Money on India’s demonetization and the practice of paying economists large sums to promote mergers.
Nov. 7 2016 10:06 AMThe Live Forever EditionSlate Money discusses current attempts to finance immortality.
Oct. 22 2016 2:01 AMThe Hothouse EditionSlate Money breaks down the HFC deal, proposed Airbnb regulations, and the Volcker Rule.
Oct. 8 2016 2:02 AMThe Shadow Courts EditionSlate Money discusses how these tribunals affect international trade deals.
Sept. 26 2016 12:07 PMThe Robot Apocalypse EditionSlate Money talks changing jobs in the robot economy, Wells Fargo’s banking products, and Amazon pricing algorithms.
Sept. 10 2016 2:02 AMThe Weapons of Math Destruction EditionSlate Money dives into Cathy O’Neil’s new book, Weapons of Math Destruction.
Aug. 27 2016 2:02 AMThe Worse Than Marxism EditionSlate Money on why we should be outraged at the makers of EpiPen, passive investing, and hedge funds.