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Slate Money on the business of podcasting, with special guests Alex Blumberg and Will Mayo.

March 21 2015 2:03 AMThe Literary EditionJournalist Alissa Quart shares her first book of poetry, then chats with Slate Money about Wall Street bonuses and the late David Foster Wallace’s tax advice.
March 7 2015 2:01 AMThe Money for Nothing EditionSlate Money on whether Wu-Tang Clan’s album can sell like fine art, a stock plunge for Lumber Liquidators, and the reasons why we have patent trolls. 
Feb. 21 2015 2:06 AMThe Don’t Be Evil EditionSlate Money on the secretly evil world of government debt collectors, not-so-evil employee pay raises at Walmart, and oversize valuations for an uber-evil car sharing service
Feb. 7 2015 2:01 AMSlate Money on Net Neutrality
Jan. 24 2015 2:03 AMThe Davos EditionSlate Money on what actually happens when you go to Davos, when the European Central Bank tries quantitative easing, and when the U.S. capital gains tax goes up.
Jan. 10 2015 7:17 AMThe “Shrinkage” EditionSlate Money on shrinking birthrates in Japan, shrinking prices in the eurozone, and the shrinking cost of television access. 
Dec. 27 2014 6:45 AMThe Matt Levine Is Amazing EditionMatt Levine of Bloomberg View joins the Slate Money crew and special guest Shane Ferro of Business Insider to discuss insider trading, bank earnings, and Argentina.
Dec. 13 2014 2:30 AMThe Let’s Kill All the Lawyers EditionSlate Money on Preet Bharara’s overturned insider-trading convictions, a lawyer’s battle with a Chinese restaurant, and the decline in divorce proceedings.
Nov. 22 2014 7:16 AMThe “Matching Gift” Edition Slate Money on philanthropharmacology, Uber, and Abenomics. Plus: Host Felix Salmon reveals how much he has ponied up to make good on a promise to listeners
Nov. 8 2014 7:13 AMThe “Smoking Up Behind the Bleachers” EditionSlate Money on the rise of Big Weed, private funding for public schools, and Taylor Swift’s breakup with Spotify. 
Oct. 25 2014 7:17 AMTrust No OneSlate Money on noncompete clauses, bad statistics in financial economics, and what the Federal Reserve knew in advance about J.P. Morgan’s “London Whale.”
Oct. 11 2014 7:07 AMThe “Bad Advice” EpisodeSlate Money—with special guest Anil Dash—on tech company breakups, the AIG trial, and where to invest your non-retirement money.
Sept. 28 2014 12:06 PMThe “F--k It, I Quit” EpisodeSlate Money with Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal on the fall of the “bond king,” Yahoo's negative stock value, and what happens when you know your co-workers' salaries.
Sept. 15 2014 10:09 AMDoes Scottish Independence Make Economic Sense?Slate Money on Scotland’s referendum, a banking regulation’s impact on infrastructure, and how education affects earnings.
Aug. 30 2014 7:30 AMHouse of Cards: Magic and ProbabilitySlate Money on card tricks, tech valuations, and investing in professional athletes.
March 14 2015 2:03 AMThe Automatic for the People EditionSlate Money on odious debt as an international power play, Charles Schwab’s plan to create a robo-adviser, and the Apple smartwatch.
Feb. 28 2015 2:00 AMThe Shiny New Things EditionSlate Money on the new Panoply podcast network, Google’s new headquarters, and students taking a stand against college debt. 
Feb. 14 2015 2:00 AMThe Exotic Fantasies EditionSlate Money on Greece’s showdown with its European lenders, Expedia’s takeover of the online travel industry, plus Fifty Shades of Grey and the sexiness of billionaires.
Jan. 31 2015 7:16 AMThe Sports EditionSlate Money on paying college athletes, the real cost of sports stadiums, and the outsized salary of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Jan. 17 2015 3:17 PMThe “Crazy Currencies” EditionSlate Money on the ups and downs of bitcoin and the Swiss franc.
Jan. 3 2015 7:24 AMThe Econ 101 EditionInspired by an email from a teacher, the Slate Money crew discusses 10 things that every high school economics student should know.
Dec. 20 2014 8:53 AMThe Quadraphonic Edition Slate Money on the currency crisis in Russia, a reversal of the swaps “push-out” rule, the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, and U.S.-Cuba relations.
Dec. 6 2014 8:38 AMSlate Money on Arts and Crafts
Nov. 15 2014 12:12 PMThe Philanthropy EditionSlate Money welcomes ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger and Stanford's Rob Reich to a special episode about Lincoln Center, family foundations, and the Red Cross scandal.
Nov. 1 2014 8:08 AMEnd of an EraSlate Money on Apple CEO Tim Cook and the “glass closet,” the American oil boom, and the Federal Reserve ending a historic stimulus.
Oct. 18 2014 7:19 AMThe “Read These Books” EditionSlate Money on new and old money-themed reads with special guests John Lanchester and Jake Halpern.
Oct. 4 2014 1:11 PMThe “Second Guessing Lehman” EpisodeSlate Money on whether we should have let Lehman Brothers fail and the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
Sept. 20 2014 7:12 AMThe Froth Is Nonlinear: The Chinese Economy and Share RepurchasingSlate Money on the gender pay gap, whether China is the new Japan, and the reason so many companies are buying back their own stock.
Sept. 6 2014 7:19 AMSlate Money Talks Dollars and SenseListen to Slate’s show on former congressmen working for Wall Street, dollar-store mergers, and premium bonds.
Aug. 23 2014 7:15 AMThe Ethics of Buying StocksSlate Money on tech deals minus the bankers, Amazon’s new payment system, and answers to listener questions.