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The Villains Edition

Slate Money on Peter Thiel, neoliberalism, and recidivism.

May 21 2016 2:02 AMThe Finance vs. Business EditionSlate Money on the taker economy, home ownership, and stock buybacks.
May 7 2016 2:02 AMThe Frack You EditionSlate Money on nonvoting shares, oil industry bankruptcies, and bank class-action suits.
April 23 2016 2:02 AMThe Dubious Values EditionSlate Money with Margit Wennmachers on Theranos, Silicon Valley, and German company culture.
April 9 2016 2:02 AMThe International EditionSlate Money with Josh Reich on Simple, financial tech, and the Panama Papers.
March 26 2016 2:01 AMThe Pushing People Out EditionSlate Money on free trade, gentrification, and the Credit Suisse fiasco.
March 12 2016 2:02 AMThe Professional Identity EditionSlate Money with Stacey Vanek Smith on buying citizenship, the lack of women on investor boards, and why we work so much.
Feb. 27 2016 2:02 AMThe Breaking the Law EditionSlate Money with Guan Yang on Apple and the FBI, Sci-Hub, and Argentina.
Feb. 13 2016 2:03 AMThe End of the World as We Know It EditionSlate Money with Mohamed El-Erian on the future of our economy, technocrats vs. democracy, and the role of central banks.
Feb. 1 2016 9:23 AMThe Emoji EditionSlate Money on Facebook’s new emojis, old-media panic, and sexual harassment on Wall Street.
Jan. 16 2016 2:03 AMThe Development EditionSlate Money talks to author William Easterly about the developing world, poor and displaced populations, and the World Bank. 
Jan. 4 2016 9:36 AMThe Hogmanay EditionSlate Money talks derivatives, predatory lending, and the economics of partying on New Year’s Eve.
Dec. 19 2015 2:03 AMThe Force Is With Janet Yellen EditionSlate Money on the economics of the Star Wars franchise, how the Fed hiked interest rates, and the future of junk bonds.
Dec. 5 2015 2:25 AMThe World-Changing EditionWe unpack the financial crisis with Surprisingly Awesome’s Adam Davidson.
Nov. 21 2015 2:06 AMThe Hidden Danger EditionWriter Gregory Ip on why it’s safer to take risks.
Nov. 7 2015 2:00 AMThe Two and 20 EditionListen to this episode of Slate Money and you’ll finally understand hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity.
May 14 2016 2:02 AMThe Peer Pressure EditionSlate Money on Lending Club, Google payday loan ads, and public pensions.
May 2 2016 9:22 AMThe Yanis Varoufakis Is Not on Slate Money EditionSlate Money on Greece, Puerto Rico, and the Brexit.
April 16 2016 2:02 AMThe Future History Festival EditionSlate Money live with Rose Eveleth and Gideon Lichfield.
April 2 2016 2:02 AMThe Time’s Up EditionSlate Money on the gig economy, Spotify’s financing plan, and the Starwood Hotels deal.
March 19 2016 2:02 AMThe Screwed Pooch EditionSlate Money on the Bangladeshi bank heist, Valeant’s tanking share price, and Bridgewater’s people problem.
March 5 2016 2:06 AMThe Brain in a VAT EditionSlate Money on tampon taxes, value-added taxes, and the weird way the U.S. does sales tax.
Feb. 20 2016 2:08 AMThe Too Big to Fail EditionSlate Money with Neil Irwin on Neel Kashkari’s plan to break up the banks.
Feb. 6 2016 2:01 AMThe New Money EditionSlate Money on a cashless future, Viacom’s aging patriarch, and the Credit Suisse profit loss.
Jan. 23 2016 2:04 AMThe Davos Again EditionSlate Money broadcasts from the World Economic Forum in Davos with Quartz reporter Jenny Anderson.
Jan. 9 2016 2:03 AMThe New Year’s Resolution EditionSlate Money talks Weight Watchers, health-related wearables, and the economics of gyms.
Dec. 26 2015 2:00 AMThe Stay Healthy EditionSlate Money talks Obamacare, the economics of neglected diseases, and author Harold Pollack tells us about his financial guide The Index Card
Dec. 12 2015 2:02 AMThe Mega-Merger EditionSlate Money discusses the acquisition of Keurig Green Mountain, Yahoo’s struggles, and the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont.
Nov. 28 2015 2:03 AMThe Eternally Thankful EditionSlate Money shares what we’re grateful for this year, including insurance, index funds, and … McDonald’s.
Nov. 14 2015 2:02 AMThe Great Debate EditionFusion’s Nando Vila throws down with Jordan Weissmann over student loan debt.
Nov. 3 2015 10:31 AMThe How the Other Half Banks EditionSlate Money on payday loans, postal banking, and prepaid debit cards.