The Gist: Felix Salmon and Amy Adler on porn, Richard Prince, and Suicide Girls.

Why Felix Salmon Follows Richard Prince’s Porny Twitter Feed

Why Felix Salmon Follows Richard Prince’s Porny Twitter Feed

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July 10 2015 7:36 PM

The Art of Porn

Guest host Felix Salmon explores how the art world is blurring the lines between art, pornography, and the law.

Amy Adler from NYU explains why artist Richard Prince loves to frequent the Suicide Girls’ Instagram account.

Screenshot from the SuicideGirls Instagram.

Listen to Episode 295 of Slate’s The Gist:


Today on The Gist, something none of us know anything about—porn. Mike Pesca is away, but Felix Salmon from Fusion and Piper Text (and, of course, Slate Money) will be your guide. First up, we explore the difference between art and pornography with Amy Adler from New York University. Does it have anything to do with the price tag? For the Spiel, what the July 8 glitches tell us about complex systems and illusory correlation.

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