Anthony Bourdain on sexual harassment, Fox News coverage of Harvey Weinstein, and a decision in the Jane Doe case, in Slate’s daily newsletter.

Bourdain’s Regrets, Weinstein on Fox News, and a Decision for Jane Doe

Bourdain’s Regrets, Weinstein on Fox News, and a Decision for Jane Doe

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Oct. 24 2017 6:11 PM

The Angle: Justice for Jane Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Anthony Bourdain’s regrets, Weinstein on Fox News, and a decision in the Jane Doe case.

Anthony Bourdain speaks onstage on Oct. 7 in New York City.

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Good news: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled 6–3 on Tuesday that the undocumented teenager Jane Doe must be allowed to obtain an abortion.

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Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments

Before that ruling came down, Dahlia Lithwick pondered the Trump administration’s decision to deny Doe the procedure, arguing that the choice was a religious one, not a legal one. Mark Joseph Stern wrote that Doe is a canary in a coal mine: If the Supreme Court gets one more conservative justice, a nascent policy of forced birth for people in state custody will spread to the general population.


Mea culpa: Isaac Chotiner interviews Anthony Bourdain, who wonders whether he could have done more, throughout the years, to foster a better culture for women working in restaurants. “I’ve had to ask myself, ‘To what extent in [Kitchen Confidential] did I provide validation to meatheads?’ ” Bourdain mused.

No, you’re bad: Fox News is milking the Weinstein story for all it’s worth, Justin Peters reports. It’s all part of the strategy of lobbing accusations of liberal hypocrisy in order to avoid taking any responsibility.

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