Why Did It Take More Than a Year to Charge the Officer Who Shot Laquan McDonald?

A former prosecutor, now running to be Cook County state’s attorney, decries Chicago’s crawl to justice.

Nov. 25 2015 1:59 PMLaquan McDonald’s Death Is an OutrageBut the charges against his killer are a political triumph.
Nov. 24 2015 9:33 AMBlack Lives Matter Protesters Shot in MinneapolisWill investigators release the video of Jamar Clark’s death now?
Nov. 23 2015 3:26 PMDoes Being a Good Cop Mean Frequently Getting Accused of Misconduct?The dangerous logic of police officers who say, “If you’re not getting complaints, you’re not working.”
Nov. 13 2015 2:21 PMWaller County Blames Sandra Bland’s Suicide on Her FamilyIn a motion, the county’s lawyers say Bland killed herself because her family failed to bail her out of jail.
Nov. 12 2015 4:47 PMVincent Asaro, Accused of Planning Infamous 1978 Lufthansa Heist, Acquitted of All ChargesThe theft of $6 million in cash and jewels from a vault at JFK Airport was immortalized in Goodfellas.
Nov. 12 2015 10:12 AMServing Time in Overcrowded Prisons Makes Ex-Cons More Likely to ReoffendA new study finds that inmates at severely overcrowded prisons are two and a half times more likely to violate their parole.
Nov. 4 2015 10:31 AMSorry, Not SorryJudges and juries believe they can tell when a defendant is remorseful. They can’t.
Oct. 30 2015 4:27 PMWhy Gun Dealers Are Hardly Ever Subjected to InspectionsIf you're a licensed gun dealer in America, you almost certainly don't have anyone looking over your shoulder.
Oct. 29 2015 5:21 AMCrime Lab Scandals Just Keep Getting WorseHow many people are in jail based on faked data?
Oct. 23 2015 10:25 AMTop Police and Prosecutors Condemn Mass IncarcerationBut ignore the role they have to play in solving the problem.
Oct. 14 2015 3:05 PMWas the Shooting of Tamir Rice “Reasonable”?The bad Supreme Court standard that lets cops who kill go free.
Oct. 4 2015 9:01 PMCharlotte Was DifferentAn all-too-familiar story—an unarmed black man killed by a white police officer—with an unfamiliar ending.
Sept. 11 2015 3:44 AMGanglandA new way of fighting crime, and helping victims, in Los Angeles—a city with no shortage of either.
Sept. 3 2015 5:40 AM“This Is a Fundamentally Different Way of Policing”Can Susan Herman repair the broken relationship between the New York Police Department and the city’s most disadvantaged residents?
Aug. 21 2015 11:31 AMSt. Louis Police Try a Strange Old TacticOfficers tried to subdue a crowd of protesters by banging their batons on the ground in unison. Does that work?
Nov. 24 2015 12:23 PMChicago Cop Charged With First-Degree MurderOfficer Jason Van Dyke was caught on video shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times.
Nov. 23 2015 4:40 PMThere’s Going to Be a Book About Adnan Syed From SerialRabia Chaudry, who brought the case to Sarah Koenig, is writing it.
Nov. 20 2015 11:38 AMThere Is No Ferguson EffectBut in the rush to disprove it, we’re ignoring a very real tragedy unfolding in cities like Baltimore and Milwaukee.
Nov. 13 2015 12:23 PMRichard Glossip Describes Preparing to DieIn a remarkable interview with journalist Gabrielle Canon, he recounts the torture of counting down the hours to his execution.
Nov. 12 2015 12:25 PMHow to Run Against a Tough-on-Crime DA—and WinHow reformer Scott Colom unseated an incumbent with 25 harsh years on the job.
Nov. 9 2015 6:23 PMReport: Florida Police Officers Shoot Someone Every Three DaysAccording to a new report by the Daytona Beach News-Journal.
Oct. 31 2015 9:15 AMWest Virginia Prosecutor Disciplined for Pulling Gun, Threatening to Shoot Office Halloween DecorationsOne man’s arachnophobia causes an office freakout, brings about a no-guns-at-work policy.
Oct. 29 2015 5:34 PMWhy Do So Many Ex-Cons End Up Back in Prison?Maybe they don’t—a provocative new study says recidivism rates are drastically lower than we think.
Oct. 27 2015 1:24 PMHow Much Will Congress Really Reduce the Prison Population?When you crunch the numbers, the effect of the proposed law looks mighty modest.
Oct. 21 2015 3:41 PMEngland Refuses to Extradite an Alleged Sex OffenderJudges rule that California’s civil commitment law could result in a “flagrant” violation of the suspect’s human rights.
Oct. 9 2015 10:52 AM“It’s Worse Than Prison”Reginald Artis served 27 years behind bars. But just because her sentence was up didn’t mean she got to go free.
Oct. 2 2015 1:07 PMIs Juice Delayed Justice Denied?What constitutes “reasonable” use of force by police? It goes back to the case of Dethorne Graham.
Sept. 4 2015 1:05 PMThe Pardon Process Is BrokenPresidents are granting clemency far less often than they once did. Why?
Aug. 21 2015 7:40 PM“A Profound, Glaring Injustice”Sen. Cory Booker on mass incarceration—and the hard choices we’ll need to make if we want to end it.
Aug. 18 2015 6:24 PMSlate Voice: “The Trials of Ed Graf”Listen to Slate’s Jeremy Stahl read his story on how Ed Graf’s new trial pitted modern forensics against old-fashioned Texas justice.