May 22 2016 8:03 PMThe Craziest Black Market in RussiaIt’s not for oil or guns. It’s for plagiarized dissertations. And every self-respecting doctor, lawyer, and politician in the country wants one.
April 29 2016 4:33 PMThe Imperfect VictimGalen Baughman seemed like an ideal spokesman for sex offenders’ civil rights. Then he got arrested for texting a teenage boy.
March 15 2016 10:38 AMNumbers RacketThere’s great crime data for nearly every city in the United States. Why is nobody using it?
Feb. 12 2016 1:19 PMBlack Americans Supported the 1994 Crime Bill, TooMany black leaders saw the notoriously harsh law as an imperfect solution to unbearable levels of urban crime.
Feb. 9 2016 3:20 PMObama Just Signed a Really Bad Criminal Justice LawIs this really the best Congress can do?
Feb. 1 2016 5:46 AMAn Ingenious New Way of Solving Cold CasesUsing playing cards.
Jan. 12 2016 8:21 PMWhy is the Connecticut Governor a State of the Union Guest?His state has reduced the prison population—and the crime rate—at the same time.
Dec. 29 2015 8:15 AM“They Knew It Was the Right Thing to Do”The unlikely rise of restorative justice in a conservative upstate New York county.
Dec. 10 2015 1:11 PMAn Exclusive Interview With the “Cannibal Cop”Exonerated of his alleged crimes, Gilberto Valle describes his experience in court, his time in prison, and his attempt to start a new life. 
Dec. 3 2015 1:52 PMWhat Do We Really Know About the Alleged Police Cover-Up in Dothan, Alabama?A closer look at a viral article reveals that it offers little evidence to support its disturbing claims.
Nov. 25 2015 1:59 PMLaquan McDonald’s Death Is an OutrageBut the charges against his killer are a political triumph.
Nov. 24 2015 9:33 AMBlack Lives Matter Protesters Shot in MinneapolisWill investigators release the video of Jamar Clark’s death now?
Nov. 23 2015 3:26 PMDoes Being a Good Cop Mean Frequently Getting Accused of Misconduct?The dangerous logic of police officers who say, “If you’re not getting complaints, you’re not working.”
Nov. 13 2015 2:21 PMWaller County Blames Sandra Bland’s Suicide on Her FamilyIn a motion, the county’s lawyers say Bland killed herself because her family failed to bail her out of jail.
Nov. 12 2015 4:47 PMVincent Asaro, Accused of Planning Infamous 1978 Lufthansa Heist, Acquitted of All ChargesThe theft of $6 million in cash and jewels from a vault at JFK Airport was immortalized in Goodfellas.
May 19 2016 11:38 AMBlood on the Streets of LouisvilleOn Thursday, the NRA opens its annual convention in the Kentucky city, where more than 100 residents have been shot in 2016.
March 16 2016 11:01 AMBig Wins for Black Lives MatterThe prosecutors in the Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald cases lose their primary races.
March 3 2016 2:18 PMWhat Is the Contemporary KKK?Is it still an active terror group—or a social club for racists?
Feb. 11 2016 3:57 PMThe Clintons Aren’t to Blame for Mass IncarcerationThe 1994 crime bill was wrongheaded and draconian. But it didn’t cause the explosion in the prison population.
Feb. 3 2016 2:01 PMDoing Time in Solitary Is Unimaginably Hard. Getting Out Might Be Harder.Former inmates on the horror of the hole—and the terror of re-entry.
Jan. 13 2016 12:46 PMThe Well-Heeled Ex-Cons Backing the Criminal Justice Reform FightThe storied American tradition of white-collar criminals emerging from prison with a mission.
Dec. 31 2015 10:04 AMHow Many People Have Been Shot in Your Neighborhood This Year?A map of shootings in America.
Dec. 16 2015 7:28 PMDid the Police Officers in the Freddie Gray Case Act Reasonably?It depends on whether you think not following department policy is reasonable.
Dec. 9 2015 5:42 PMKnife-Wielding Man Lunges at Two Police OfficersYou won’t believe what happened next: They didn’t shoot him!
Nov. 25 2015 4:41 PMWhy Did It Take More Than a Year to Charge the Officer Who Shot Laquan McDonald?A former prosecutor, now running to be Cook County state’s attorney, decries Chicago’s crawl to justice.
Nov. 24 2015 12:23 PMChicago Cop Charged With First-Degree MurderOfficer Jason Van Dyke was caught on video shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times.
Nov. 23 2015 4:40 PMThere’s Going to Be a Book About Adnan Syed From SerialRabia Chaudry, who brought the case to Sarah Koenig, is writing it.
Nov. 20 2015 11:38 AMThere Is No Ferguson EffectBut in the rush to disprove it, we’re ignoring a very real tragedy unfolding in cities like Baltimore and Milwaukee.
Nov. 13 2015 12:23 PMRichard Glossip Describes Preparing to DieIn a remarkable interview with journalist Gabrielle Canon, he recounts the torture of counting down the hours to his execution.
Nov. 12 2015 12:25 PMHow to Run Against a Tough-on-Crime DA—and WinHow reformer Scott Colom unseated an incumbent with 25 harsh years on the job.