The Good Word
The Good Word
May 24 2011 4:32 PMThe Case—Please Hear Me Out—Against the Em DashModern prose doesn't need any more interruptions—seriously.
April 26 2011 7:03 AMWikipedia's "Macaca" ProblemThe user-generated encyclopedia makes George Allen's faux pas seem more clear-cut than it really was.
Nov. 1 2010 6:12 PMCapital EmbellishmentWhy do Tea Partiers uppercase so many of their nouns?
April 14 2010 11:16 AMWhat David Foster Wallace Circled in His DictionaryA complete list, courtesy of the Ransom Center.
March 24 2010 10:51 AMThe New KlingonWithout so much as a dictionary, Avatar fans are learning how to speak Na'vi.
Oct. 1 2009 11:27 AMCan a Woman "Prong" a Man?Why it's so hard to put sex in the dictionary.
Dec. 31 2008 6:55 AMWho Checks the Spell-Checkers?Microsoft Word's dictionary is old and outdated. Here's how to fix it.
Oct. 15 2008 11:55 AMEpic WinGoodbye, schadenfreude; hello, fail.
Oct. 1 2008 1:30 PMWhat Kind of Accent Does Sarah Palin Have?Wasillan, actually.
Sept. 12 2008 1:41 PMThe Hottest Rhetorical Device of Campaign '08Ask not what antimetabole can do for you—ask what you can do for antimetabole.
Oct. 8 2007 12:21 PM3:10 to Yuma in CubaHow a Western changed the way Cubans speak.
April 20 2007 7:14 AMYou Go, Companion!What to call Paul Wolfowitz's special lady friend.
Aug. 16 2006 1:15 PMKeeping Up With the SmonesesAre American newlyweds blending their last names?
July 17 2006 6:28 AMYou Need To Read ThisHow need to vanquished have to, must, and should.
May 12 2006 1:26 PMIs Concept a Verb?How to get a word into the dictionary.
May 12 2011 10:07 AMThe Rise of "Logical Punctuation".The period outside the quotation marks is not a copy error.
April 7 2011 10:08 AMThe "Nonplussed" ProblemHow long should we cling to a word's original meaning?
Sept. 8 2010 4:14 PMResearch in the CribWhat happens when language scientists use their own children as test subjects?
April 14 2010 7:03 AMIt's Time To Retire KabukiThe word doesn't mean what pundits think it does.
Dec. 10 2009 7:05 AMTiger Woods Does Not Have 11 "Mistresses"His many paramours aren't committed enough to merit that term.
March 19 2009 6:51 AMIf You Seek Amy's AncestorsBritney Spears didn't invent the dirty pun in her new song title. She stole it from Joyce and Shakespeare.
Dec. 10 2008 11:50 AMCzar WarsHow did a term for Russian royalty work its way into American government?
Oct. 1 2008 7:07 PMDiagramming SarahCan Palin's sentences stand up to a grammarian?
Sept. 12 2008 1:41 PMSpeechwriter for a DayThe best antimetabole submissions from Slate's reader contest.
Feb. 11 2008 8:02 PMA History of PimpingWhat the word meant and what it means now.
Aug. 30 2007 2:56 PMSo Many Exclamation Points!A new style guide says we should pepper our e-mails with them. Really?
Feb. 16 2007 12:38 PMPardon the InterjectionThe Internet and the rise of awwa, meh, feh, and heh.
Aug. 2 2006 6:44 AMSuck It UpA defense of the much-maligned word.
July 13 2006 11:53 AMRevenge of the Language NerdsBeleaguered linguists find witty champions in Far From the Madding Gerund.
May 7 2006 4:47 PMWhere Do "Baby-Daddies" Come From?The origins of the phrase.