Seeding jalapenos video: Separate the seeds and pith from the flesh in an instant.

The Fastest Way to Seed Jalapeños

What to eat. What not to eat.
Sept. 11 2013 5:52 PM

The Fastest Way to Seed Jalapeños

Watch the best technique for making hot chilies less hot.

Some people don’t like spicy food. (You might even know and love some of these people.) When you want to serve food with just a little bit of bite, it’s a good idea to take the seeds and pith out of your hot chilies.

Slate’s food and drink editor shows you the quickest and most effective way of getting seeds out of jalapeños, leaving only the relatively mild flesh behind.

For more on customizing hot chilies for your palate, check out Slate’s recipe for pico de gallo.

L.V. Anderson is a Slate associate editor. She edits Slate's food and drink sections and writes Brow Beat's recipe column, You’re Doing It Wrong. 

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