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Watch Emily Bazelon Make Stephen Colbert Cry

She reduces host to shame and tears while discussing bullying on The Colbert Report.

Feb. 19 2013 12:19 PMDon’t Be a BystanderHow to teach kids to step in and stop bullies in their tracks.
June 7 2012 6:25 PMToo Young for FacebookWhy the social network’s plan to sign up preteens is a very bad idea.
May 10 2012 1:03 PMHow Bad Was Mitt Romney’s Prep School Bullying?Did this kind of thing happen all the time, or should he have known better? Or both?
March 7 2012 5:25 PMA Big WinThe landmark settlement in a Minnesota bullying case and how it could help gay students everywhere.
Dec. 27 2011 5:51 PMThe Phoebe Prince SettlementThe town of South Hadley reveals how much they paid the Prince family.
July 20 2011 11:12 AMIs Facebook Good or Bad for Teenagers?Take an anonymous survey about kids and social networking.
May 5 2011 6:54 PMIt's OverNone of the six teens charged in connection with the suicide of Phoebe Prince will go to jail.
April 4 2011 4:45 PMHow Not To Prevent BullyingTwo anti-bullying videos that might do more harm than good.
Oct. 21 2010 6:35 PMNothing To See HereA weirdly vague, inconclusive report from the University of Virginia about the Virginia Quarterly Review.
Sept. 23 2010 4:27 PMThe Phoebe Prince Trials Will Be in 2011Meaning the D.A. who charged the defendants will be out of office by the time they begin.
Sept. 10 2010 7:20 PMThe Phoebe Prince CasePretrial motions hint at the strategies of the district attorney and the defense.
July 29 2010 1:10 PMTalking to Phoebe Prince's FatherJeremy Prince speaks out for the first time since his daughter's death.
July 20 2010 10:13 PMWhat Really Happened to Phoebe Prince?
April 22 2010 3:33 PMPhoebe Prince, in Her Own WordsWhat can we learn about the bullying victim from essays she wrote for English class?
April 5 2010 4:17 PMThe Blame GameShould the school officials involved in the Phoebe Prince bullying case lose their jobs?
Nov. 20 2012 7:06 PMWhat Do Anonymous and MTV Have in Common?They are trying to protect kids online.
May 22 2012 6:19 PMMore Problems for BullyA judge grants a major legal victory to the school officials demonized by the documentary.
March 29 2012 6:44 PMThe Problem With BullyThe new documentary dangerously oversimplifies the connection between bullying and suicide.
March 1 2012 10:51 AMLady Gaga, Anti-Bullying CrusaderCan her Born This Way Foundation stop kids from hurting each other? At a launch event at Harvard, she was off to a good start.
Dec. 2 2011 12:53 PMA Secret SettlementWhy won’t the town of South Hadley say how much money it paid Phoebe Prince’s family?
May 26 2011 1:57 PMTalking to Flannery MullinsThe first interview with one of the teens charged in connection with the death of Phoebe Prince.
May 4 2011 4:17 PM"An Acknowledgement of Wrongdoing"Two of the teens charged in connection with Phoebe Prince's suicide resolve their cases—and receive light penalties.
Nov. 17 2010 4:53 PMAre the Palin Girls Cyberbullies?Analyzing their Facebook flame war.
Sept. 27 2010 5:26 PMTragedy at the Virginia Quarterly ReviewThe suicide of its managing editor has been blamed on workplace bullying. New details suggest the real story is much more complicated.
Sept. 15 2010 5:46 PMThe Phoebe Prince Case Is Getting a New D.A.How will the new prosecutor handle the case against the teens implicated in Prince's death?
Aug. 17 2010 7:37 AMWas Phoebe Prince Once a Bully?Did her school in Ireland turn a blind eye to early warnings of her troubles?
July 22 2010 9:54 AMMother's Little Technological Helper What's the best product for monitoring your child's Internet use?
April 30 2010 4:13 PMBullies BewareMassachusetts just passed the country's best anti-bullying law.
April 6 2010 5:44 PM"I Haven't Seen Anything Like It"A dispatch from the arraignment of three teens charged with bullying Phoebe Prince.
April 1 2010 6:28 PMIs Facebook Protecting Bullies?The DA in the Phoebe Prince suicide case seems to think so. Is she right?