The Oscars
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The Oscars

What Critics and Comics Are Saying About the Oscars on Twitter

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Feb. 26 2016 3:45 PMThe Oscars Before the OscarsThe Photoplay magazine Medal of Honor, voted on by fans, predated the Academy Awards by almost a decade.
Feb. 25 2016 8:28 AMSpotlight Is the Best Picture of the YearWill the academy do the right thing, or will it once again reward empty flash?
Feb. 24 2016 10:13 AMRoom Is the Best Picture of the YearIt flawlessly adapts its difficult and emotionally complicated source material.
Feb. 22 2016 10:56 AMBrooklyn Is the Best Picture of the YearDon't let its subtlety convince you otherwise.
Feb. 17 2016 10:00 AMThe Revenant Is the Best Picture of the YearYes, Iñárritu should win for the second year in a row.
Feb. 21 2013 9:52 PMThe Desplat SoundWhy the Argo composer should win the Oscar—and why I’ll see anything he scores.
Feb. 27 2012 3:09 PMLet's Talk OscarsWhat was Angelina’s leg trying to say?
Feb. 27 2012 1:19 AMLet's Talk OscarsA nightmare of bad jokes, worse timing, boring awards, and uninspired spectacle. What did you guys think?
Feb. 24 2012 4:43 PMLet's Talk OscarsThe red carpet is now bigger than the ceremony.
Feb. 23 2012 6:56 PMLet's Talk OscarsA wild upset prediction for best picture.
Jan. 24 2012 7:01 PMWhat Was This Year’s Biggest Oscars Diss?Dana Stevens, Troy Patterson, and Dan Kois answer your questions about the Academy Award nominations.
Jan. 24 2012 12:56 PMLet’s Talk OscarsIf The Artist wins best picture I’m going to barf.
Feb. 28 2011 4:14 PMWho Won Slate's New-and-Improved Oscars Pool?Plus: How readers did overall, and tips from the winner.
Feb. 25 2011 12:38 PMWhat if There Were Oscars for the Oscars?Slate V celebrates some of Oscar's finest moments.
Feb. 14 2011 10:51 AMNatalie Portman, Great ActorOr is she just an excellent special effect?
Feb. 26 2016 9:01 AMThe Martian Is the Best Picture of the YearDespite the long odds, it’s the survival tale most worthy of the Oscar.
Feb. 24 2016 3:13 PMSkip the Oscar Pool. This Year Run an Oscar Fantasy Draft!It’s the Oscar-night game for people who actually like games (and movies).
Feb. 23 2016 9:13 AMBridge of Spies Is the Best Picture of the YearSteven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are two movie greats at the top of their game.
Feb. 18 2016 7:30 AMThe Big Short Is the Best Picture of the YearDon’t rule it out because it’s funny.
Feb. 24 2013 10:15 AMNine Movies. 24 Hours. 11,000 Calories of Popcorn.Can two Slate writers survive AMC’s Best Picture megamarathon?
Feb. 27 2012 5:44 PMCrystal Comedic AnemiaSlate critics debate the merits of this year’s Oscar ceremony.
Feb. 27 2012 10:03 AMLet's Talk OscarsWho will be my generation’s Billy Crystal? An aged Will Ferrell?
Feb. 24 2012 4:51 PMLet's Talk OscarsWhy oh why would you turn down the opportunity to stage a big catchy Muppet number?
Feb. 24 2012 12:32 PMDoes Oprah Get Thanked More Than God?
No, but Meryl does! Crunching the numbers on 10 years of Oscar acceptance speeches.
Feb. 23 2012 2:48 PMLet's Talk OscarsThe only thing to hate about The Artist is how likeable it is.
Jan. 24 2012 6:18 PMLet’s Talk OscarsChristopher Plummer and Max von Sydow vie for the awesome-old-guy-who’s-shockingly-never-won-before vote.
Jan. 24 2012 11:41 AMLet’s Talk OscarsThe Best Picture nominees are stuck in the past. Plus: Was Albert Brooks robbed?
Feb. 27 2011 6:36 PMEnvelope, PleaseSlate live-tweets the Oscars.
Feb. 24 2011 7:08 AMI'd Like To Thank My Co-StarCelebrating the quiet performances that make loud, Oscar-winning ones possible.
Feb. 4 2011 10:38 AMOne-Eyed Gods and One-Armed GodsDoes True Grit tap into an ancient myth?