The Oscars
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The Oscars
Jan. 25 2011 5:22 PMLook at Me, I'm Acting Here!12 high-wire performances that pandered to the academy but didn't even get a nomination.
Feb. 27 2011 7:19 AMSlate Has Perfected the Oscars PoolArcane knowledge is rewarded! Wild guesswork is penalized! Bold predictions will carry the day! Play now!
March 8 2010 9:07 AMAnd the Award for Best Oscar Predictions Goes To …Slate readers sweep the top six categories but trip up on screenplays and costumes.
March 5 2010 9:55 AMUp in the AirA slick Hollywood star vehicle dressed up by a mediocre filmmaker to look like an emblematic chronicle of our tough economic times.
March 3 2010 12:28 PMLucky BasterdsTarantino will win best picture, if history can be believed.
March 3 2010 11:16 AMEnvelope, PleaseAn aggregated list of expert Oscar predictions. Plus: who Slate readers think will win.
March 2 2010 11:23 AM"What's Going On?"Revisiting A Serious Man, the most puzzling of the best-picture nominees.
Feb. 2 2010 3:24 PMDid Wes Anderson Get Shafted by Oscar?
Feb. 2 2010 11:21 AMCameron Vs. Bigelow, and Other Exciting Cage Matches
Feb. 23 2009 3:34 PMThe Franco-Rogen Bit Deserves a Dissertation
Feb. 23 2009 10:22 AMHyundai Had a Good Night; JCPenney, Not So Good
Feb. 20 2009 5:13 PMIs Kate Winslet Having Her Tracy Flick Moment?
Feb. 19 2009 7:07 PMWe Need More Weird Movie Stars
Feb. 19 2009 12:47 PMLet's Talk Oscars
Feb. 6 2009 11:24 AMThe Batman Goes BananasDoes being a jerk prevent you from winning an Oscar?
Jan. 25 2011 12:40 PMEnfranchising Art FilmsHow the proportional voting system used in Oscar nominations—and now, final voting for best picture—encourages diversity.
Jan. 24 2011 1:19 PMTetsuya NakashimaWhy the darkest and most intense director working today will never win an Oscar.
March 7 2010 8:04 PMSlate's Oscars Live ChatWhat our writers and editors said about the Academy Awards telecast.
March 4 2010 6:23 PMLate-Period Steve MartinHow to understand the actor, novelist, essayist, playwright, banjo player, crotch-centric variety show performer, and Oscar co-host.
March 3 2010 11:51 AMLook at Me, I'm Acting Here!12 high-wire performances that pandered to the academy but didn't even get a nomination.
March 8 2010 1:02 PMThe OscarsA roundup of Slate's coverage of the 82nd annual Academy Awards.
Feb. 2 2010 6:50 PMHow Q.T. Could Win for Best Picture
Feb. 2 2010 2:32 PMThere Are 10 Movies Nominated for Best Picture!And Slate has reviewed them all.
Feb. 2 2010 7:02 AMBlue Collar, Oscar GoldHow Hollywood makes beautiful actresses look working class.
Feb. 23 2009 12:00 PMLoved the Screenwriter of Milk
Feb. 23 2009 2:05 AMWas Tilda Swinton Wearing a Slanket?
Feb. 20 2009 1:59 PMListen to Me, and Win Your Office Oscar Pool
Feb. 19 2009 3:39 PMCaptain CharismaHow Mickey Rourke became irresistible again.
Feb. 23 2009 3:35 PMThe 2009 Academy AwardsA roundup of Slate's Oscar coverage.
Jan. 30 2009 6:46 PMIt Girl(s)The three sides of Anne Hathaway.