The Music Club
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The Music Club

The Music Club, 2017

Entry 14: Love is a mixtape (even if it’s a playlist).

Dec. 28 2017 11:00 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 13: The audacity of songs full of hope.
Dec. 28 2017 7:17 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 11: The songs that helped me get through my grief.
Dec. 27 2017 9:30 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 9: The problem with country music’s shift from bro country toward beau country.
Dec. 26 2017 10:30 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 7: Trump is already building walls, but musicians are still making music across borders.
Dec. 26 2017 7:30 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 5: My favorite albums of the year.
Dec. 25 2017 9:00 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 3: This was a year of acute star fatigue.
Dec. 25 2017 5:55 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 1: This year marked the end of empowering diva pop and the rise of mumbling men. Could playlists of “sonic wallpaper” really be next?
Dec. 29 2016 9:45 AMThe Music Club, 2016Troubling times call for more than angry protest anthems. There’s also power in tenderness.
Dec. 29 2016 5:45 AMThe Music Club, 2016My two favorite albums of the year both came from the same city.
Dec. 28 2016 10:00 AMThe Music Club, 2016The internet isn’t democratizing music the way I’d hoped.
Dec. 28 2016 5:45 AMThe Music Club, 2016The best shows I saw in 2016—and a defense of “best of” lists in a year of worsts.
Dec. 27 2016 10:17 AMThe Music Club, 2016Dance music is still giving too many bros a pass, while marginalizing women and people of color.
Dec. 27 2016 7:02 AMThe Music Club, 2016The biggest mistake I made as a music critic this year.
Dec. 26 2016 9:13 AMThe Music Club, 2016Black women may have ruled the pop conversation, but the charts were dominated by petulant men.
Dec. 26 2016 5:48 AMThe Music Club, 2016The best albums of 2016, a year of constant flux.
Dec. 28 2017 9:30 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 12: This year’s Latin pop boomlet might not last—but white pop stars probably aren’t about to take back the charts either.
Dec. 27 2017 11:00 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 10: Some of my favorite love songs of the year were written by dads for their babies.
Dec. 27 2017 7:15 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 8: The connection between the personal and the political isn’t playing out the same way in country music.
Dec. 26 2017 9:00 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 6: What this year’s political-music prodigies owe to Prodigy.
Dec. 25 2017 10:00 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 4: This was yet another great year for women in rock.
Dec. 25 2017 7:45 AMThe Music Club, 2017Entry 2: This year saw the “browning of America” begin to infiltrate pop.
Dec. 29 2016 11:15 AMThe Music Club, 2016Here’s an eight-hour, 125-song playlist for listening back on the year.
Dec. 29 2016 7:00 AMThe Music Club, 2016Kanye may support Trump, but Pablo can still inspire us.
Dec. 28 2016 11:30 AMThe Music Club, 2016The many musical strategies employed this year by difficult women.
Dec. 28 2016 9:00 AMThe Music Club, 2016The year’s best music moments from movies and TV.
Dec. 27 2016 12:08 PMThe Music Club, 2016What pop music—and even Drake’s “One Dance”—can do for us in this year of calamities.
Dec. 27 2016 9:06 AMThe Music Club, 2016The Ghost Ship fire shows that we need truly safe spaces.
Dec. 26 2016 11:55 AMThe Music Club, 2016This was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year on the pop charts. But streaming gives some hope.
Dec. 26 2016 7:04 AMThe Music Club, 2016Black women ruled music in 2016, whether the country was ready for it or not.
Dec. 24 2015 12:43 PMThe Music Club, 2015Entry 16: Grimes isn’t the only female producer who had a great year in 2015.