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Brow Beat Jan 17, 8:03 AM
My New Genius, 5-Ingredient Dinner to Make By Heart
Books Jan 17, 7:45 AM
Naïveté is the New Realism Tom Friedman’s oracular pretensions have never felt more ridiculous than they do in his latest best-seller.
Video Jan 17, 7:06 AM
Finding Ruby Watch a beautiful ruby seadragon caught on video for the first time.
Science Jan 17, 5:45 AM
Lie Detectors, Russian Spies, and an Expert in Kung Fu How the incoming national security adviser got tangled up in the Trump administration’s weirdest scandal yet.
The Slatest Jan 16, 8:32 PM
At Least 35 Democratic Lawmakers Plan to Skip Trump’s Inauguration
Cover Story Jan 16, 8:00 PM
Run for Office Worried about the direction of our government? Don’t just tweet. Don’t just protest. Get in there and do something about it.
Politics Jan 16, 7:59 PM
I Ran for Office and Won Four first-time candidates explain how.
Cover Story Jan 16, 7:58 PM
How Do You Inspire Women to Run for Office? Elect Trump. When female candidates run, they win—and the organizations that recruit them are now seeing a huge surge in interest.
The Slatest Jan 16, 6:59 PM
Before Running for President, Trump Described Russia as “Our Biggest Problem”
The Slatest Jan 16, 4:42 PM
FBI Arrests Widow of Orlando Nightclub Shooter
Moneybox Jan 16, 3:16 PM
Paul Ryan Says Obamacare Is in a Death Spiral. It’s Not.
Atlas Obscura Jan 16, 2:30 PM
Segregated Cemeteries Are Important Troves of Forgotten Black History
The Slatest Jan 16, 2:10 PM
Monica Crowley Won’t Join Trump Administration After Plagiarism Reports
Outward Jan 16, 1:11 PM
America—Especially Gay America—May Be on the Cusp of an STD Epidemic. What’s to Blame?
The Slatest Jan 16, 11:40 AM
Trump Shocks European Leaders With Indifference to EU, Criticism of “Obsolete” NATO
Politics Jan 16, 9:49 AM
Obama’s Legacy Won’t Be His Political Achievements He wanted to be a transformational president. He’ll be an inspirational one instead.
Future Tense Jan 16, 9:30 AM
What Frankenstein Has to Do With Anti-Vaxxers Caution about technology is good. Fear of technology is not.
Bad Astronomy Jan 16, 8:45 AM
Dramatic Video of the SpaceX Successful Falcon 9 Rocket Landing
The Slatest Jan 16, 8:38 AM
Trump’s Solution to Replace Obamacare? “Insurance for Everybody”
Brow Beat Jan 16, 8:03 AM
Why One Day at a Time’s Old-School Format Makes It Feel More Modern
Brow Beat Jan 16, 6:00 AM
What the New No. 1 Song in America Shares in Common With Both “Kokomo” and “In Da Club”
The Kids Jan 16, 5:55 AM
Norovirus Is Coming And you can’t stave it off by guzzling grape juice.
The Bills Jan 16, 5:45 AM
We’re Going to Need That $4,000 Back What it’s like to get a raise thanks to the Obama administration’s overtime rules for American workplaces—and then have it taken away.
Brow Beat Jan 15, 8:57 PM
Scottish Newspaper Lists TV Coverage of Trump Inauguration as Twilight Zone Reboot
The Slatest Jan 15, 8:06 PM
Thousands Join Rallies Across the United States to Save Obamacare
The Slatest Jan 15, 6:49 PM
Facebook Launches Tool to Flag Fake News in Germany Ahead of Election
Brow Beat Jan 15, 4:39 PM
Once Again, Mark Hamill gets Trump’s Inner Monologue Just Right
The Slatest Jan 15, 3:24 PM
China Pushes Back Against Trump: Taiwan Policy Is “Non-Negotiable”
The Slatest Jan 15, 1:46 PM
GOP Congressman, Overwhelmed by Constituents Concerned About ACA Repeal, Sneaks Out of Event Early
The Slatest Jan 15, 10:40 AM
Trump Team Considers Kicking Press Corps Out of White House
Brow Beat Jan 15, 4:20 AM
Donald Trump Unleashes a Golden Stream of Laughter in the SNL Cold Open
Brow Beat Jan 15, 12:01 AM
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Closing After 146 Years
Brow Beat Jan 14, 8:37 PM
After Backlash, Jennifer Holliday Tells Fans She’s Not Going (to Trump’s Inauguration)
The Slatest Jan 14, 6:44 PM
Former Agent Who Wrote Trump-Russia Memos Frustrated by Lack of FBI Action
Politics Jan 14, 1:51 PM
Democrats Should Follow John Lewis’ Lead He questioned Trump’s legitimacy, but for too many others the forms of democracy seem to matter more than the thing itself.
The Slatest Jan 14, 11:15 AM
Trump Slams Civil Rights Icon John Lewis as “All Talk … No Action”
The Slatest Jan 14, 9:53 AM
Trump Says He May Scrap Russia Sanctions and "One China" Policy
Slate Money Jan 14, 8:09 AM
The Ballpoint Pen Edition Slate Money discusses the mysterious history of Bic Cristal pens and Anthony Scaramucci’s White House assignment.
Slate Plus Jan 13, 8:03 PM
One Last Time The Slate Plus Digest for Jan. 13.
The XX Factor Jan 13, 8:00 PM
A New Commemorative Coin Depicts Lady Liberty as a Black Woman, and It’s Gorgeous