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Trumpcast Mar 23, 6:15 PM
Trump Is Finally Getting the Team He Wants The president is getting ready to go to war with somebody, but who?
The Slatest Mar 23, 5:41 PM
A Texas Misstep? House Democrats back down in the battle to stop a progressive candidate in Texas.
The Angle Mar 23, 5:10 PM
The Angle: Get Your Speech Here Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on John Bolton, Cynthia Nixon, and the University of Chicago’s free-speech turn.
Politics Mar 23, 5:06 PM
Racial Blindness Violent murders in Texas and Maryland show how white killers receive more sympathy than black victims.
Brow Beat Mar 23, 4:38 PM
Taylor Swift Takes a Rare Political Stand, Voices Support for March for Our Lives and “Gun Reform”
Future Tense Mar 23, 4:35 PM
Why University Networks Are So Tempting to Foreign Hackers It’s actually kind of sweet.
Brow Beat Mar 23, 4:21 PM
Cate Blanchett Responds to Woody Allen Accusations: “I Don’t Think I’ve Stayed Silent At All”
Users Mar 23, 3:37 PM
Farewell to Craigslist’s Personals Section, an Artifact of the Older, Weirder Web
The Slatest Mar 23, 2:29 PM
Trump Caves, Signs Omnibus Spending Bill Into Law
Life Mar 23, 2:27 PM
Why the Idea of “Serial Killer Glasses” Is a Comforting Fiction
The Industry Mar 23, 2:25 PM
Would Facebook Ever Let Users Pay to Get Out of Data Collection? Mark Zuckerberg suggested in an interview this week that the company has considered it.
Politics Mar 23, 1:48 PM
When “Free Speech” Is a Marketing Ploy The University of Chicago is dissing safe spaces and rolling out the red carpet for controversial speakers to boost its own brand. It’s working.
The Industry Mar 23, 1:40 PM
Elon Musk Takes Down Facebook Pages for Tesla and SpaceX After Bizarre Twitter Exchanges
Future Tense Mar 23, 1:35 PM
The Courts Can Handle the Deadly Uber Self-Driving Car Crash But that doesn’t mean the law is ready for autonomous vehicles.
Jurisprudence Mar 23, 1:23 PM
Make Them Pay Gun control activists must focus on fighting for the right to sue firearms manufacturers.
The Slatest Mar 23, 1:15 PM
Sixteen-Year-Old Victim in Maryland School Shooting Has Died After Being Taken Off Life Support
Brow Beat Mar 23, 1:00 PM
“You Don’t Want to Be the Kid Who Went to the Next Columbine”: Parkland Shooting Survivors Talk to Trevor Noah
Future Tense Mar 23, 12:50 PM
What the Fatal Uber Crash Doesn’t Tell Us About Self-Driving Cars This sad accident won’t set any useful precedents.
The Slatest Mar 23, 11:31 AM
Trump Threatens to Veto Congress’ Giant Spending Bill. Is He Serious?
Future Tense Mar 23, 11:25 AM
Justice Department Indicts Iranian Hackers for Allegedly Stealing Research From Hundreds of Universities
Mar 23, 10:05 AM
The Shadow of Soros Hungary’s young opposition leaders are fighting back against an authoritarian government, and being labeled as foreign agents.
I Have to Ask Mar 23, 10:00 AM
I Have to Ask: The Judd Apatow Edition The man behind Knocked Up and Trainwreck on Hollywood—and comedy—in the age of #MeToo.
The Slatest Mar 23, 9:41 AM
John Bolton and Gina Haspel Are the Consequences of Our Failure to Reckon With the Bush Years
Television Mar 23, 9:30 AM
And Scene A hit man takes up acting—and takes on TV’s antihero fixation—in Barry.
Science Mar 23, 9:00 AM
Population Collapse Forget extinctions. Population decline is a much greater crisis.
Brow Beat Mar 23, 8:03 AM
Is Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs Delightful, Culturally Insensitive, or Both? Three Slate critics discuss.
Gizmos Mar 23, 8:00 AM
4K Magic Why it’s time to buy an ultra-high definition TV—and for cheap.
Brow Beat Mar 23, 7:33 AM
Pacific Rim Inspired the “Mako Mori Test.” Uprising Gives the Character a Far Less Inspiring Arc. The sequel might meet the standard named after the franchise’s most beloved character, but it falls victim to an older cliché.
Picks Mar 23, 7:10 AM
Ask the Strategist: The Best Bike Rack The solution to all your bicycle storage problems.
Live at Politics and Prose Mar 23, 7:00 AM
History Teaches Us to Resist Civil rights icon Mary Frances Berry swore she’d never write another book. Then Trump got elected.
Care and Feeding Mar 23, 6:00 AM
I Can’t Wait for My Mom to Be a Grandma, but My Stepdad Is a Nightmare Grandparent trouble for an expecting mother with a history of family abuse.
The Slate Quiz Mar 23, 5:52 AM
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections Mar 23, 4:01 AM
Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of March 19
The Slatest Mar 22, 11:22 PM
Former Playboy Model Says Trump Tried to Pay Her After Sexual Encounter
Sports Mar 22, 9:53 PM
Set Your Watch to Loyola-Chicago’s Late-Game Heroics
The Slatest Mar 22, 9:28 PM
Investigation Into DNC Hacker Guccifer Reportedly Leads to Russian Intelligence Officer in Moscow
The Gist Mar 22, 9:01 PM
As Statues Fall, Racism Stays New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on dog whistles, Confederate monuments, and besting the likes of David Duke.
Political Gabfest Mar 22, 8:04 PM
The “Delete Facebook” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about Robert Mueller’s job security, Cambridge Analytica’s data mining, and whether 2018 is really just a new take on the 1960s.
Future Tense Mar 22, 8:00 PM
How to Regulate Facebook Mark Zuckerberg says he’s open to more oversight. What should it look like?
Medical Examiner Mar 22, 7:02 PM
The New Spending Bill Could Finally Pave the Way for Federal Research on Gun Violence CDC funds haven’t been dedicated to the topic in more than 20 years.