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The Slatest May 27, 2:27 PM
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser, Dies at 89
The Slatest May 27, 12:56 PM
White Supremacist Kills Two Men in Portland Who Tried to Stop His Anti-Muslim Rants
The Slatest May 27, 11:17 AM
Kushner Called on Russia to Set Up Secret Channel of Communications With Kremlin
The Gist May 27, 9:29 AM
The Colony and the Nation  MSNBC host Chris Hayes on how the law-and-order policies of Richard Nixon have created a bifurcated America.
Slate Money May 27, 2:01 AM
The Bureaucrats Gone Wild Edition Slate Money on corruption in Brazil, Saudi Arabia’s oil prices, and Paul Romer’s war on Bankspeak.
Culture Gabfest May 26, 5:12 PM
Hit Parade: The Fab Four Sweep Edition   How a major label screw-up helped the Beatles sweep the Billboard top five.
Jurisprudence May 26, 3:19 PM
Will He or Won’t He? How Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement decision became a battle over the judiciary and the Trump presidency.
Future Tense May 26, 2:39 PM
There Was No Emoji Flag for Australia’s Indigenous Peoples. So Twitter Made One.
Amicus May 26, 2:33 PM
Amicus: Clarence Thomas Is Colorblind The most conservative justice casts a decisive vote to strike down race-based voting lines.
The XX Factor May 26, 2:32 PM
Hillary Clinton’s Commencement Speech Made It Sound Like All of America Was Graduating
The Slatest May 26, 2:29 PM
Greg Gianforte Apologized to Reporter Only After His Smear Campaign Worked
Live at Politics and Prose May 26, 2:03 PM
Microcosm, USA Amy Goldstein on the impact of the 2008 Great Recession in Janesville, Wisconsin, and how it reflected the entire U.S.
Slate Plus May 26, 2:01 PM
Taking a Bold Stand Lifestyle gurus, Trump whisperers, left-wing conspiracymongers, and more, in the Slate Plus Digest.
The Slatest May 26, 1:49 PM
Today in Conservative Media: Yeah, Gianforte Assaulted a Reporter, But Something Something Lauren Duca
Moneybox May 26, 1:45 PM
The Census Says New York, Houston and Los Angeles Are Smaller Than It Thought. Why?
The Slatest May 26, 1:43 PM
The Most Money Lines From Hillary Clinton’s Surprisingly Good Wellesley Commencement Speech
The Slatest May 26, 1:20 PM
More Bad News on Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria
Brow Beat May 26, 1:14 PM
Alamo Drafthouse Responds to Criticism of All-Female Wonder Woman Screenings By Adding More of Them
The Angle May 26, 1:03 PM
The Angle: Trump’s First Evolution Slate’s daily newsletter on the song of the summer, the ugliest American, and Trump learning something.
Brow Beat May 26, 1:00 PM
This Is Us and Empire Are TV’s Biggest Dramas. Why Aren’t Networks Following Their Lead?
The Slatest May 26, 12:30 PM
The Republicans Are the Party of Thugs and Nazis
Family May 26, 12:25 PM
Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning In 10 percent of drownings, adults are nearby but have no idea the victim is dying. Here’s what to look for.
Best of Slate Podcasts May 26, 12:09 PM
The Best of Slate Podcasts Only have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Brow Beat May 26, 11:08 AM
Alec Baldwin’s Ambitious Infant to Return in Boss Baby Sequel
I Have to Ask May 26, 10:54 AM
I Have to Ask: The Tom Cole Edition The Republican congressman on life in Trump’s Washington and how Fox News has changed the Republican Party.
Represent May 26, 10:43 AM
The First Black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is looking for love on a “historic” new season.
The Good Fight May 26, 10:36 AM
The Ugliest American Europeans secretly love Trump for confirming their own sense of superiority.
Books May 26, 10:15 AM
Killers of the Flower Moon How does David Grann manage to repackage the historical record so that it arrives with the force of a revelation?
Brow Beat May 26, 9:51 AM
Turns Out Stephen Colbert Body-Slams People Who Ask Him Questions, Too
Brow Beat May 26, 9:36 AM
What Is Katy Perry Doing?
The XX Factor May 26, 9:15 AM
Trump’s Database of “Criminal Aliens” Is Dangerous—and Quite Possibly Illegal
Conspiracy Thrillers May 26, 9:04 AM
A Conspiracy Thriller Before Its Time Why The Manchurian Candidate disappeared for 25 years—and then returned to a world that was primed for it.
Video May 26, 7:46 AM
Living in a Bubble An accidental, man-made border seems to surround Earth.
Brow Beat May 26, 7:33 AM
Why America’s First Spanish-Language No. 1 in Decades Is Likely to Be the Song of the Summer
Political Gabfest May 26, 7:13 AM
The “Glowing Orb” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about the budget, Trump’s trip abroad, and a Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering.
Fiction May 26, 7:01 AM
The Gentleman and the Child The first excerpt from Philip Pullman’s new trilogy The Book of Dust.
Brow Beat May 26, 7:00 AM
Watch Philip Pullman Introduce the First Excerpt From The Book of Dust
The Slate Quiz May 26, 5:53 AM
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections May 26, 4:00 AM
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
The Slatest May 26, 12:50 AM
Alleged Reporter Assailant Greg Gianforte Is Going to Congress. Good Job, Montana.