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The Slatest Jan 16, 11:49 PM
BA Democrat Just Won a Wisconsin State Senate Special Election in a District Trump Carried by 17 Points in 2016
The Slatest Jan 16, 11:38 PM
Democrats Unveil "Mitch McTurtle," America’s Worst Campaign Idea Since "Pokemon Go to the Polls"
The Gist Jan 16, 10:04 PM
Nukes and Crannies President Trump likes to bluster. But when will North Korea see that as more than talk, and react accordingly?
The Slatest Jan 16, 9:46 PM
Navy Files Negligent Homicide Charges Against Two Commanding Officers for Deadly Collisions at Sea
The Slatest Jan 16, 8:31 PM
Today in Conservative Media: Trump’s Deep-Fried Diet Is Medically Vindicated
Movies Jan 16, 7:35 PM
Mary and the Witch’s Flower Is Like Harry Potter as Directed by Miyazaki The first movie from a new studio staffed by Ghibli alums faithfully re-creates the Miyazaki magic. But is it too faithful?
Future Tense Jan 16, 7:27 PM
You’re a Work of Art But not necessarily a beautiful one, according to this Google app.
Wide Angle Jan 16, 7:23 PM
There Is No Rampaging #MeToo Mob The cultural reaction to the Aziz Ansari allegations show the movement is more measured than its critics claim.
The Angle Jan 16, 6:05 PM
The Angle: Out With The Old Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on our spiffy new look.
Jurisprudence Jan 16, 6:01 PM
This Is How Mass Incarceration Happens The campaign to recall the judge who went easy on Brock Turner is well-intentioned. It’s also incredibly dangerous.
Medical Examiner Jan 16, 5:20 PM
Trump’s Height and Weight Puts Him Just on the Cusp of Obesity If he were one pound heavier, or a half-inch shorter, the numbers wouldn’t be so forgiving.
The Slatest Jan 16, 5:07 PM
Victims Testify About Lifelong Impact of USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse
Sports Jan 16, 4:58 PM
The Strength of Simone Biles The gold medalist’s #MeToo statement calling out USA Gymnastics could be her greatest legacy.
Future Tense Jan 16, 4:52 PM
New Jersey Makes It Illegal to Fly Drones While Drunk
Politics Jan 16, 4:52 PM
Jeff Flake’s Empty Words Until the senator is willing to oppose his own party’s agenda, his anti-Trump speeches are meaningless.
Politics Jan 16, 4:48 PM
When an Idiot Calls You a Loser Understanding Trump’s “Fake News Awards.”
The Slatest Jan 16, 4:38 PM
White House Doctor Discusses Trump’s “Dried Secretions” at Press Conference
Dear Prudence Jan 16, 3:43 PM
Responsible Relatives Prudie counsels a letter writer who’s trying to make amends after her son disrupted a family wedding.
The Industry Jan 16, 2:39 PM
James O’Keefe’s Twitter “Stings” Are the Latest Right-Wing Attack on Tech
Metropolis Jan 16, 2:21 PM
The Week JFK Airport Stood Still Everything that went wrong as the bomb cyclone hit America’s largest port of entry.
Brow Beat Jan 16, 2:18 PM
Portlandia Announces New Traffic Lanes for Twins in Matching Outfits, Filthy Cars, and the Newly Divorced
Work Jan 16, 2:09 PM
Long Before #MeToo, Researchers Saw Troubling Trends for Women at Work Why did gender sociologists miss the possible role of harassment in slowing down gender equality?
The Slatest Jan 16, 1:52 PM
Trump Administration Has Interesting Thoughts on Race, Industriousness of Norwegian Citizens
Brow Beat Jan 16, 1:32 PM
A CBS Interviewer Asked Sharon Stone Whether She’s Ever Been Sexually Harassed And She Just Laughed and Laughed
The Slatest Jan 16, 12:25 PM
2017 Was a Bad Year for Democracy Everywhere, Especially America
Jan 16, 12:21 PM
How Slate Got Fast A peek under the hood of our new CMS.
Brow Beat Jan 16, 12:17 PM
David Simon Is Adapting Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, About Life Under a Xenophobic, Anti-Semitic President, Into a Miniseries
Dear Prudence Jan 16, 12:00 PM
Dear Prudence Live Chat For January 16, 2017.
Brow Beat Jan 16, 11:50 AM
Selena Gomez’s Mom Says She Advised Against Working With Woody Allen, as Timothée Chalamet Pledges to Donate Salary
The Slatest Jan 16, 11:11 AM
U.S. Officials Warned Jared Kushner His Friendship With Wendi Deng Murdoch Could Be a National Security Risk
The Slatest Jan 16, 11:07 AM
But Isn’t “Shithouse” Actually More Insulting Than “Shithole”?
Trumpcast Jan 16, 10:50 AM
Hush Money Porn star Stormy Daniels alleges she had a yearlong affair with Donald Trump. What did she tell our host about it?
Politics Jan 16, 10:10 AM
Stormy’s Story Did Donald Trump pay a porn star to keep quiet about an affair?
Reconstruction Jan 16, 9:52 AM
A Coup in North Carolina How white supremacists overthrew Wilmington’s legally elected city government.
Brow Beat Jan 16, 8:33 AM
New Year, New (Sugared Cardamom) Brioche
Life Jan 16, 8:16 AM
The LGBTQ+ Acronym Can Seem Ridiculously Long. But It Would Be More Ridiculous if It Stopped Growing.
Politics Jan 16, 7:42 AM
A Dreamer Deal, Delayed The president’s “shithole” comments make a tough negotiation almost impossible.
Brow Beat Jan 16, 7:28 AM
The Newest Song From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Wants You to Know That Attractive People Have Problems Too, Thank You Very Much
Slate Fare Jan 16, 6:06 AM
Slate’s New Look We’ve retooled everything. Let us show you around.
Politics Jan 16, 6:06 AM
Donald Trump’s Enduring Promise Reopening the wounds of racial grievance will be Donald Trump’s most lasting achievement.