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Books May 23, 9:07 PM
“Philip Roth Was His Own School of Writing” Gary Shteyngart on meeting Roth, teaching Roth, and the novelist’s “humor from the edge of the blade.”
The Slatest May 23, 8:51 PM
Sterling Brown Ran into the Store. Eight Minutes Later He Was on the Ground Arrested, Shameful Milwaukee Police Video Shows.
The Gist May 23, 7:19 PM
Thanks for Protesting … Now Stop If the NFL has a good explanation for its intent to punish players who kneel during the anthem, it has yet to give it.
Politics May 23, 6:57 PM
Trump’s Favorite Animals Don’t buy his outrage against MS-13. He loves killers, as long as they cozy up to him.
The Good Fight May 23, 6:43 PM
The Conversations We Need to Have A new forum for cross-partisan dialogue sparks a tiny bit of hope for the Trump era.
Future Tense May 23, 6:41 PM
Amazon Is Working With Police to Provide Facial Recognition Surveillance
The Slatest May 23, 6:07 PM
Do Animals Love Bacon and Doughnuts As Much As People Do? If not, what’s wrong with them?
The Angle May 23, 6:01 PM
The Angle: Dead Lion Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Philip Roth, Tuesday’s primaries, and participation trophies.
Brow Beat May 23, 5:53 PM
What Did Harry Say to Meghan at the Altar? This Bad Lip Reading Has a Few Ideas.
Politics May 23, 5:52 PM
The Four Major Questions Facing the Democratic Party Democrats might win the midterms. Will they lose the future?
The Slatest May 23, 5:47 PM
New Internal Memos Show White House Considered Ways to Downplay Climate Research
Future Tense May 23, 5:40 PM
Judge: Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users Despite the novel nature of the claim here, Buchwald’s ruling hews closely to established First Amendment principles.
The Slatest May 23, 5:31 PM
New Hampshire Just Created a “Death Benefit” for Teachers “Killed in the Line of Duty”
Sports May 23, 5:24 PM
Keep Your Eye on the … Everything Else What it’s like to watch an NBA playoff game without watching the ball.
Whistlestop May 23, 5:24 PM
Nixon Goes to China (Part 1) President Richard Nixon warmly visited China in 1972, even as he positioned himself as firmly anti-communist. 
Sports May 23, 5:21 PM
The NFL Just Gave Donald Trump Everything He Wanted How the president turned players’ protests for social justice into a huge political victory.
Brow Beat May 23, 5:12 PM
How Portnoy’s Complaint Helped Me Through My Time in a Domestic Violence Shelter Philip Roth might not have imagined his novel speaking to a transgender man in a women’s shelter, but it did.
If Then May 23, 4:19 PM
Google’s Chokehold on the Web A Yelp executive explains his yearslong battle with the internet giant over how it ranks your search results.
Brow Beat May 23, 4:02 PM
Asymmetry Is About as Loving a Eulogy as You’ll Find for Philip Roth Lisa Halliday’s novel did more to make me fond of him than his books.
The Slatest May 23, 4:00 PM
After Many Months, Jared Kushner Has Been Granted Security Clearance
The Slatest May 23, 3:30 PM
Michael Cohen Reportedly Was Paid to Get Ukraine a Meeting With Trump
Future Tense May 23, 3:11 PM
Future Tense Newsletter: Where’s the Outrage Over Cell Carriers Sharing Our Location Data?
Family May 23, 3:00 PM
To a Tee A triumph of American design, in rubber and plastic.
Brow Beat May 23, 2:53 PM
Here’s What’s Disappearing From Netflix in June
Politics May 23, 2:31 PM
The Stacey Abrams Test Can a black candidate run an unabashedly liberal campaign in 2018?
The Slatest May 23, 2:28 PM
Federal Judge Vindicates Gavin Grimm, Who Sued His School to Use the Boys’ Bathroom
Brow Beat May 23, 2:19 PM
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Will Receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
The Slatest May 23, 2:17 PM
How Much Juice Does Mike Pence Really Have With Republican Voters?
Brow Beat May 23, 1:46 PM
Your Complete Guide to Gina Rodriguez and Stephanie Beatriz’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine Courtship That B99 romance was a long time coming.
Politics May 23, 1:29 PM
The Democratic Nominee for Texas Governor Is a Lukewarm Win for Progressives
Future Tense May 23, 1:23 PM
My Brain Made Me Carry Out a Ponzi Scheme Researchers want to find biomarkers for violent criminals. But what about white-collar offenders?
Books May 23, 1:08 PM
A Guide to the Many, Many Books of Philip Roth Including the beginning, the greats, and the late period.
Family May 23, 1:02 PM
The Most Ruthlessly Effective Move in Sports It’s the kickball bunt. Master your hubris, and you’re unstoppable.
Family May 23, 1:00 PM
The Exquisite Shame of the Participation Trophy Critics say it gives kids a false sense of achievement. But kids aren’t idiots.
The Industry May 23, 12:56 PM
Uber Shuts Down Self-Driving Car Testing in Arizona
The Slatest May 23, 12:29 PM
EPA Again Bars Reporters From National Summit on Dangerous Chemicals
Future Tense May 23, 12:15 PM
Chinese Police Are Using Facial Recognition Tech to Catch Fugitives at Concerts
Culture Gabfest May 23, 12:14 PM
The Culture Gabfest “Guillotine in the Mists” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on the royal wedding, Tom Wolfe, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Dear Prudence May 23, 12:00 PM
Help! My Girlfriend Loves Rescuing Animals, but It’s Ruining Her Relationships—Including Ours. Dear Prudence answers more of your questions—only for Slate Plus members.
Trumpcast May 23, 11:38 AM
Trump’s Challenge to Prosecutorial Independence The president’s demand to the Department of Justice is wildly inappropriate, but is it illegal?