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Bad Astronomy Apr 26, 7:30 AM
As the Sun Goes Down, the Rainbow Goes Up
Working Apr 26, 2:01 AM
The “How Does a Home-Birth Midwife Work?” Edition Karen Jefferson describes her work providing prenatal and postnatal care, attending home-birth deliveries, and scrambling to find a parking spot.
The Slatest Apr 26, 12:44 AM
The Best Joke of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (and 11 Runners-Up)
The Slatest Apr 25, 11:52 PM
Freddie Gray Protest in Baltimore Turns Violent, 12 Arrested  
The Slatest Apr 25, 10:45 PM
Updated: Devastating Nepal Earthquake Kills More Than 1,900, Triggers Everest Avalanche
The Slatest Apr 25, 7:43 PM
Nepal Earthquake Was “Nightmare Waiting to Happen”
Future Tense Apr 25, 6:59 PM
After Nepal Earthquake, Facebook and Google Offer Safety Check-In Features
The Slatest Apr 25, 2:44 PM
Brian Williams May Have Lied to The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart
Brow Beat Apr 25, 2:11 PM
The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” Sounds Surprisingly Good as a Jazz Song
Brow Beat Apr 25, 12:16 PM
Here Is What Jared Leto’s Joker Will Look Like. (Spoiler: It’s Terrifying.)
The Slatest Apr 25, 8:33 AM
Asylum Seekers and Explosions of Color This Week in Pictures
Video Apr 25, 8:11 AM
Cracked What really makes our knuckles pop.
Bad Astronomy Apr 25, 7:00 AM
A Crash Course in Transgender Sensitivity
Slate Money Apr 25, 2:03 AM
The Trying to Be Clever Edition  Author and “Sketch Guy” columnist Carl Richards joins Slate Money to talk about financial planning, billionaire whimsy, and the flash crash.
Outward Apr 24, 10:12 PM
Watch Bruce Jenner Come Out as Transgender in Emotional Interview
The Gist Apr 24, 8:02 PM
Son, Your Grandpa Is a Little Sketchy Emily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence column advises a father considering introducing his toddler to a skeevy, narcissistic grandpa.
Politics Apr 24, 7:33 PM
First Principles Clinton began her campaign by denouncing the big money flowing into politics. That just got a lot harder for her to talk about.
Future Tense Apr 24, 6:46 PM
Customers Aren’t Happy With Their Data Security. Execs Are the Only Ones Surprised.
Foreigners Apr 24, 6:36 PM
Don’t Blame Drones It is awful that U.S. drone strikes kill innocent civilians, including our own. But many more would die without them. 
Brow Beat Apr 24, 6:19 PM
Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy Deserved More Than This
Moneybox Apr 24, 6:13 PM
The Most Hated Merger in America Customers, companies, and even regulators mistrust Comcast. No wonder its deal to buy Time Warner Cable fell apart.
The Slatest Apr 24, 5:54 PM
The GOP’s Biggest Donor Bet Big in 2012 and Lost. Has He Learned From His Mistakes?
Technology Apr 24, 5:47 PM
Congress Has a Chance to Fix Its Bad “Internet Crime” Law It’ll probably blow it.
Brow Beat Apr 24, 5:31 PM
Frank Miller Is Working on Another Sequel to The Dark Knight Returns    
Business Insider Apr 24, 4:40 PM
Study: How Much Paper Would It Take to Print the Entire Internet?
The Slatest Apr 24, 4:39 PM
Obama’s Climate Strategy Isn’t Ambitious, but It Might Be Working
Inside Higher Ed Apr 24, 4:36 PM
How to Quit Cat GIFs Anti-distraction software can help solve your procrastination habit.
The Slatest Apr 24, 4:31 PM
These 17 Earthquake Hazard Zones Were Likely Created in Part by Fracking Wastewater
Brow Beat Apr 24, 4:04 PM
What Man of Steel Would Have Looked Like if It Were in Color
The Slatest Apr 24, 3:51 PM
Obama Said Drones Would Target Only Specific Terrorists. We Can’t Take His Pledges Seriously Anymore.
Outward Apr 24, 3:48 PM
A Dispatch From the Shifting, Porous Border Between Butch and Trans
Caixin Apr 24, 3:46 PM
Reinventing the Wheel The bike has become a symbol of poverty in China, but cycling enthusiasts are trying to make it a vehicle for individual expression. 
Politics Apr 24, 3:26 PM
Bill Clinton’s High Price The former president would be an enormous asset to a Hillary Clinton administration. But it comes at a cost.
The Slatest Apr 24, 2:48 PM
Politician Caught Googling “Historical Figure” After Being Asked to Name Admired Historical Figure
Outward Apr 24, 2:19 PM
Why Must All the Plaintiffs in Same-Sex Marriage Cases Be So Darned Respectable?
Lexicon Valley Apr 24, 1:46 PM
That Is Not How You Use An Exclamation Mark, Kim Kardashian  
Future Tense Apr 24, 1:41 PM
Microsoft Word Spells the Names of Game of Thrones Characters Better Than You Can
Foreigners Apr 24, 1:23 PM
Obama Knows the Truth About the Armenian Genocide He, more than any American president, should know the importance of speaking it.
Brow Beat Apr 24, 1:20 PM
The Eternal Appeal of “Bye, Felicia,” 20 Years Later
The Slatest Apr 24, 1:10 PM
Some People in China Hire Sexy Dancers to Perform at Funerals