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Politics Oct 9, 7:22 PM
The Planned Parenthood Hearings Aren’t About Those Videos They are group therapy sessions for pro-lifers.
Politics Oct 9, 6:36 PM
The Real Reason for the Chaos in the House It’s not just rebellious GOP lawmakers. It’s what empowers those lawmakers to buck the party leadership.
The Slatest Oct 9, 5:38 PM
The Week Ben Carson Stopped a Mass Shooting, Prevented the Holocaust, and Won Twitter
The Slatest Oct 9, 5:16 PM
The Friday Slatest: Two Fatal Campus Shootings and a Nobel Peace Prize
Moneybox Oct 9, 4:46 PM
Dear Twitter: The Blue Notification Dot on Moments Is Driving Me Nuts
Outward Oct 9, 4:35 PM
Stonewall Was Right About LGBTQ Homelessness. And The Problem Isn’t Over.
Doublex Oct 9, 4:33 PM
Financial Advice Just for Women Might Seem Like a Great Idea Here’s why it’s not.
Food Oct 9, 4:29 PM
A Look Inside the Smitten Kitchen Food blogger Deb Perelman opens up her cabinets for Slate.
Moneybox Oct 9, 4:26 PM
New Airbus Patent Would Stack Passengers on Top of Each Other
Brow Beat Oct 9, 4:22 PM
9 Types of People You Meet by Age 30, As Found in Sloane Crosley’s New Novel The Clasp
The Slatest Oct 9, 4:17 PM
One Dead in a Texas University’s Third Reported Shooting This Week
Politics Oct 9, 4:14 PM
Who Will Replace John Boehner, Now? Assessing the GOP’s sad-sack crop of potential candidates.
The Gist Oct 9, 4:11 PM
Our First Latino Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera wears many caps, including Rasta-colored beanies and old-fashioned nightcaps that pull down to his nose. 
Brow Beat Oct 9, 3:41 PM
Why Did Marvel Move Both Captain Marvel and Black Panther to a Box Office Dead Zone?
The Slatest Oct 9, 3:30 PM
Marco Rubio Is Not “Surging in the Polls,” Shows No Signs of Actual Momentum
Slate Plus Oct 9, 3:29 PM
Introducing the Best of Slate Podcasts Only have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Brow Beat Oct 9, 3:20 PM
Rapper Accused of Burglarizing His Own Airbnb Rental Talks to Slate
You Must Remember This Oct 9, 2:58 PM
The Lover and the Object of His Affection The truth and the fiction behind John Gilbert and Greta Garbo’s romance.
Future Tense Oct 9, 2:50 PM
Good News for Kanye West: California Bans Paparazzi Use of Drones to Spy on Celeb Homes
Business Insider Oct 9, 2:33 PM
The U.S. Military Just Dealt a Huge Blow to For-Profit Education
The Audio Book Club Oct 9, 2:18 PM
The Audio Book Club Meets The Martian Slate critics debate Andy Weir’s cheerful space odyssey.
Culture Gabfest Oct 9, 2:04 PM
The “Blood and Guts” Bonus Segment Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss former vegetarians, pan-seared steaks, and ethical omnivores.
Lexicon Valley Oct 9, 1:52 PM
Is It Unfair to Expect Famous Authors to Reply to Students’ Mail? 
Video Oct 9, 1:46 PM
Disney’s Magic Coloring App Watch it bring kids’ artwork to instant 3-D life.
Brow Beat Oct 9, 1:30 PM
The Martian Is Not “Competence Porn”
The XX Factor Oct 9, 1:08 PM
Yelp Reviews of the DMV and Planned Parenthood: Can You Tell Them Apart?
The Eye Oct 9, 12:59 PM
This Gorgeous Backyard Treehouse, Complete With a Bicycle Elevator, Is a Childhood Dream Come True
Behold Oct 9, 12:57 PM
These Poignant Photos of Texas’ Penitentiary System in the ’60s Are Still Relevant Today
Outward Oct 9, 12:50 PM
Pediatricians Need to Show Respect to Same-Sex Parents. Here’s How. (Video.)
Brow Beat Oct 9, 12:47 PM
The Trailer for the Coen Brothers’ New Movie Has Everything We Love About Their Old Ones
Brow Beat Oct 9, 12:46 PM
Bikram Yoga Can’t Be Copyrighted, and Also Defeats the Purpose of Yoga
Political Gabfest Oct 9, 12:45 PM
The “Would You Like to Be Speaker of the House?” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about the chaos in the Republican Party, the upcoming Democratic debate, and the Bush brothers in South Carolina.
Doublex Oct 9, 12:44 PM
Do You Need a “Smart” Menstrual Cup? Kickstarter thinks you do.
Atlas Obscura Oct 9, 12:30 PM
Dyrehavsbakken: The World’s Oldest Amusement Park First Opened in 1583 and You Can Still Go There Today
Brow Beat Oct 9, 12:28 PM
Here’s Our First Glimpse of Don Cheadle as Miles Davis
Books Oct 9, 12:09 PM
The Girl, the Psycho, and the Nice Guy A comic about teenagers that understands just how frustrating they can be.
Live at Politics & Prose Oct 9, 12:06 PM
Escape From North Korea Human rights activist Yeonmi Park details her journey in In Order to Live.
Books Oct 9, 11:53 AM
Portrait of an English Village Ronald Blythe’s Akenfield demonstrates that the strongest link between past and future is the living memories of our neighbors.
Future Tense Oct 9, 11:42 AM
How Vermont Used Drones After a Train Derailment
Schooled Oct 9, 11:40 AM
Ex-Chicago Schools CEO Indicted in Bribery Scheme