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Politics Feb 10, 2:23 AM
Hillary's Time to Fight As grim as her New Hampshire defeat was, Clinton's upcoming road looks a lot better.
Politics Feb 9, 11:44 PM
Rubio Just Collapsed The Florida senator took a drubbing in New Hampshire. Can he really be the GOP establishment’s best hope?
The Slatest Feb 9, 11:03 PM
Slate’s N.H. Live-Blog: A Very Good Night for the Anti-Establishment Candidates
The Slatest Feb 9, 11:01 PM
Flint Special Counsel: Officials Face Possible Manslaughter Charges for Water Contamination
The Slatest Feb 9, 10:45 PM
John Kasich’s Second-Place Finish in New Hampshire Is a Nightmare for the GOP
The Slatest Feb 9, 10:13 PM
Hillary to Voters After Losing New Hampshire: Let’s Get Real, America
Brow Beat Feb 9, 10:05 PM
What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Episode 2 of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story?
The Slatest Feb 9, 8:13 PM
Donald Trump Just Won New Hampshire. Sad!
The Slatest Feb 9, 8:08 PM
Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama Plan to Curb Carbon Emissions From Coal
The Slatest Feb 9, 8:03 PM
It’s Official: Bernie Sanders Just Won New Hampshire
The Gist Feb 9, 7:14 PM
Is Marijuana Making You Stupid? Your stoner friends love talking about Phish. Can we blame the pot? 
Moneybox Feb 9, 7:02 PM
So, People Are Getting Nervous About Germany's Biggest Bank
War Stories Feb 9, 6:54 PM
Obama’s Whopping New Military Budget Forget what Republicans tell you. The president still likes big military budgets. 
The Moment Feb 9, 5:52 PM
John Moreland on Connection, Self-Reflection, and Finding the Words The highly regarded singer-songwriter talks about writing music that will withstand the test of time.
The XX Factor Feb 9, 5:51 PM
The Young Barack Obama Anticipated How “Fetal Rights” Could Endanger Women
Users Feb 9, 5:39 PM
Bernie vs. Hillary The weird, ceaseless, kind of sexist meme that the 2016 campaign deserves.
Business Insider Feb 9, 5:29 PM
Surprise: You May Actually Be Able to Afford the Tesla Model S 
The Slatest Feb 9, 5:18 PM
GOP Candidates Battle It Out Over Who Would Commit the Most War Crimes. Trump Is Winning.
The XX Factor Feb 9, 5:03 PM
There’s a Big Gender Imbalance in Invasive Medical Procedures for Reproductive Health
Politics Feb 9, 5:02 PM
What Twitter Is Saying About the New Hampshire Primary Results The instant spin room.
The Slatest Feb 9, 4:48 PM
The Tuesday Slatest Newsletter
Politics Feb 9, 4:42 PM
Why Do Young People Have Such Visceral Dislike for Hillary? Here’s a theory.
Jurisprudence Feb 9, 4:24 PM
Ted Cruz Won’t Prevent the Next John Roberts He promises that his hypothetical Supreme Court nominees would never go soft. Not likely.
Brow Beat Feb 9, 4:07 PM
Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels Are Coming to Television
The XX Factor Feb 9, 3:54 PM
Target Takes Another Step Toward Gender Neutrality with Its New “Pillowfort” Line
Future Tense Feb 9, 3:36 PM
Where Genius Comes From Whether it’s Silicon Valley today or 1900 Vienna, the places that spur true innovation have a few things in common.
The Slatest Feb 9, 3:33 PM
Republican Maine Governor Says “Black Dealers” Are at Fault in State’s Drug Epidemic
Crime Feb 9, 3:20 PM
Obama Just Signed a Really Bad Criminal Justice Law Is this really the best Congress can do?
The XX Factor Feb 9, 3:11 PM
Beyoncé Song Lyrics Can Work Better Than Ads—Just Ask Red Lobster
Brow Beat Feb 9, 3:00 PM
Macklemore Performed “White Privilege II,” and the Best Part Was When He Disappeared
Video Feb 9, 2:13 PM
Why Cockroaches Are So Difficult to Crush It could make them excellent rescue robots in disasters.
Brow Beat Feb 9, 2:01 PM
Oscar Winners Will No Longer Have to Worry About Forgetting Who to Thank Onstage
Hang Up And Listen Feb 9, 1:49 PM
The 11th Worst Super Bowl in History How do you measure Super Bowl mediocrity? Slate correspondent Justin Peters stacks them up.
Television Feb 9, 1:42 PM
Vinyl Martin Scorsese’s HBO show about ’70s rock ’n’ roll has prestige everything—sets, talent, camera work, visuals—but an ersatz essence.
Slate Fare Feb 9, 1:41 PM
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Politics Feb 9, 1:36 PM
The Vulgar Dealmaker Donald Trump rallies his New Hampshire base ahead of Tuesday’s primary.
Brow Beat Feb 9, 1:30 PM
Hingle McCringleberry Still Won’t Stop Pelvis-Thrusting in This New Key & Peele (& Colbert) Sketch
Politics Feb 9, 12:59 PM
RubioBot The question isn’t whether Marco Rubio is a robot—it’s who programmed him.
The Eye Feb 9, 12:59 PM
A Russian Artist Hand-Cut These Elaborate Baroque Wigs From Paper
Year of Great Books Feb 9, 12:57 PM
Tristram Shandy Was a Runaway Best-Seller. What Did That Mean in 1760? For one thing authors still had to suck up to famous actors.