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Brow Beat May 5, 12:03 AM
Channing Tatum Announces Magic Mike Live in this Male Stripper and Puppy-Filled Video
The Slatest May 4, 11:26 PM
Donald Trump’s About to Start Fundraising and Relying on Super PACS Just Like Everyone Else
Brow Beat May 4, 10:33 PM
Pierce Brosnan is the World’s Worst Drug Dealer in the Trailer for Urge
The Gist May 4, 10:24 PM
Welcome to the Abyss We’re reconvening this much-requested Trump Anxiety Hotline. Trust us, you’ll feel better.
The Slatest May 4, 9:24 PM
Hardball’s Chris Matthews Caught on Hot Mic Ogling Melania Trump
Brow Beat May 4, 8:27 PM
Taran Killam Will Repeatedly Fail To Kill Arnold Schwarzenegger in Their Upcoming Film
The Slatest May 4, 7:08 PM
Neither Bush 41 Nor Bush 43 Plans on Endorsing Donald Trump for President
The Slatest May 4, 6:27 PM
The Wednesday Slatest Newsletter
Outward May 4, 6:06 PM
Justice Department to North Carolina: Your Anti-LGBTQ Law Violates the Civil Rights Act
The Slatest May 4, 6:03 PM
Today's Trump Apocalypse Watch: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing (Hopefully)
Politics May 4, 5:55 PM
I’m Not Voting for Donald Trump Or for Hillary, for that matter.
The Angle May 4, 5:47 PM
The Angle: It’s All Happening Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on done lists, dropped pronouns, and the end of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.
Outward May 4, 5:18 PM
Alabama City Decides Trans People Can Use Public Bathrooms After All
The XX Factor May 4, 5:17 PM
This May Be the Most Disturbing Thing Woody Allen Has Ever Said About His Wife
The Slatest May 4, 5:08 PM
The Domestication of Donald Trump, In One Fox News Clip
Books May 4, 4:48 PM
The Ocean of Sadness Melissa Broder and the satisfaction of embracing the world of feeling.
Brow Beat May 4, 4:45 PM
It's Been Seven Hours and 13 Days Since Prince Died. Here’s a Brief History of “Nothing Compares 2 U.”
Inside Higher Ed May 4, 4:42 PM
A Campus by Any Other Brand Why do college logos and taglines all sound so eerily similar?
The Slatest May 4, 4:40 PM
Trump Reassures Nation That "Things Will Be Fine" If He's President, Then Doesn't Really Back That Up
Jurisprudence May 4, 4:36 PM
The Stingers Get Stung One California judge just sent a seething message to police who illegally target gay men in sting operations.
Politics May 4, 3:13 PM
Resolved: Ted Cruz Was His Worst Self as a Presidential Candidate In his surly, failed campaign, Cruz turned into a cartoon version of the blowhard I knew on the college debate circuit.
Culture Gabfest May 4, 3:07 PM
The Culture Gabfest “The Worst Man in the World” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Meddler, The Night Manager, and Donald Trump, the baby boomer.
Future Tense May 4, 2:54 PM
Stop the Search for Bitcoin’s Creator! It misses the point of bitcoin.
Outward May 4, 2:37 PM
Obama May Soon Create America’s First LGBTQ National Monument
Brow Beat May 4, 2:23 PM
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams Sing Their ​Star Wars​ Song, Reveal It’s an Homage to Shaggy
Politics May 4, 2:08 PM
Why I’m Still a Republican I hate Donald Trump, but I’m not leaving the GOP.
The Slatest May 4, 1:29 PM
Wildfire Rips Through Canadian City, Forcing 80,000 to Flee. This Is Climate Change.
The Moment May 4, 1:28 PM
Ryan Holiday Talks Stoicism and Why Ego Is the Enemy What’s holding you back from doing your best work?
The XX Factor May 4, 1:19 PM
Brazil’s Sex-Themed Amusement Park Sounds Boring. Here’s How to Make It Better.
The Slatest May 4, 1:18 PM
All the Signs, Evidence, Polls, and Trends That Point Toward a Hillary Win
Amicus May 4, 1:01 PM
Is Every Gift a Bribe? If you’re a public official—maybe.
Politics May 4, 12:55 PM
Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Be President He’d have to win unprecedented shares of the very kinds of voters who hate him: blacks, Latinos, and women.
Video May 4, 12:32 PM
Flying in Place Birds soar through a wind tunnel and help reveal the secrets of flight.
Atlas Obscura May 4, 12:30 PM
In the Middle of the Mojave Desert Sat an Anomalous Pay Phone. This Is Its Story.
The Slatest May 4, 12:28 PM
John Kasich Is Quitting, and Trump Has No More Challengers
Outward May 4, 12:23 PM
Why Do So Many Bisexuals End Up In “Straight” Relationships?
Science May 4, 12:20 PM
Their Next Act The Ringling Brothers’ elephants are retiring—and moving to Florida to contribute to cancer research. 
The Slatest May 4, 12:12 PM
Trump’s Defense of His Abortion Gaffe Is the Worst Defense Anyone Has Ever Given of Anything
Brow Beat May 4, 12:05 PM
Kendrick Lamar Jammed With Prince Two Years Ago, and Now We Have the Electrifying Video
Business Insider May 4, 11:13 AM
10-Year-Old Hero Hacks Instagram, Collects $10,000 from Facebook