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The Slatest Jul 7, 9:22 AM
Report: Greece's New Proposal to Creditors Looks a Lot Like Referendum Its Voters Rejected
Future Tense Jul 7, 8:30 AM
Cash Is Still King Electronic forms of money won’t dethrone it any time soon.
Moneybox Jul 7, 8:04 AM
What Will Happen to Greece If It Leaves the Euro?
Brow Beat Jul 7, 8:02 AM
Meet the Hair and Makeup Team Behind Key & Peele’s Scene-Stealing, Wacky Looks
Quora Jul 7, 7:32 AM
Should All Children Learn to Play Musical Instruments?
Bad Astronomy Jul 7, 7:00 AM
Reports of Possible Life on a Comet: Not So Much.
Dear Prudence Jul 7, 6:00 AM
Not on That Hill Prudie advises a woman who gets a lot of annoying Hillary Clinton jokes.
Moneybox Jul 7, 5:45 AM
How Politics Gutted Workplace Safety In the 1980s, OSHA was forced to put business interests above worker protections. It’s still falling short.
The Moment Jul 7, 2:00 AM
Seth Godin on Increasing Tension, Scaling Expectations, and Buzzer Management The best-selling author and entrepreneur hasn’t found his next passion project yet. But he’s not beating himself up about it.
The Slatest Jul 6, 11:24 PM
Boxing Being Boxing: Mayweather Stripped of the Belt He Just Won in the Pacquiao Fight.
The Slatest Jul 6, 9:47 PM
The Legacy Continues: Video Shows Florida State Quarterback Punching Female Student at Bar.
The Slatest Jul 6, 9:04 PM
ESPN Is Latest Corporate Defector Due to Donald Trump’s Disparaging Immigration Remarks
The Slatest Jul 6, 6:13 PM
Cosby Admitted in 2005 That He'd Gotten Quaaludes, Intended to Give Them to Women
Brow Beat Jul 6, 6:08 PM
Colbert’s Current Late Show Marquee Is the Best Pizza Ad Ever. Update: The Pizza Place Reacts.
The Gist Jul 6, 6:02 PM
Telling Stories: Do It Better Moth champ Matthew Dicks returns with more tips for storytellers and some tough-love advice for Steven Spielberg.
The Vault Jul 6, 5:46 PM
Interactive Map Catalogs a History of Collective Violence Against Black Communities
The Slatest Jul 6, 5:46 PM
Tsarnaev Files "Placeholder" Motion for Appeal Expected to Argue for Trial Outside Boston
Politics Jul 6, 5:39 PM
Why Bernie Sanders Is the Left’s Ron Paul He isn’t going to win his party’s nomination, but his popularity still matters. 
Future Tense Jul 6, 5:38 PM
Microsoft Releases “Tossup” to Help Friends Meet Up Because No Apps Do That
The Spot Jul 6, 5:21 PM
Including Spanish-Language Viewers, Cup Final Was Most-Watched Soccer Game Ever in U.S.
Brow Beat Jul 6, 5:11 PM
The David Lynchian Overtones of True Detective’s Second Season
Hang Up And Listen Jul 6, 4:51 PM
Hang Up and Listen: The Carli Lloyd Is a Golden God Edition Slate’s sports podcast on the Women’s World Cup final, NBA free agency, and ESPN’s on-screen strike zone graphics. 
Future Tense Jul 6, 4:39 PM
The U.N. Now Has a Digital Privacy Investigator. The Best Candidate Didn’t Get the Gig.
Outward Jul 6, 4:17 PM
Kennedy’s Gay Marriage Ruling Is the Brown v. Board of Education of Our Generation
Future Tense Jul 6, 3:43 PM
A Company That Sells Surveillance Software to Authoritarian Regimes Got Hacked Itself
The Slatest Jul 6, 3:35 PM
Bernie Sanders Doubles Down On Support for Law That Protects Gun Sellers From Lawsuits
The Slatest Jul 6, 3:29 PM
The RNC Just Leaked a Plan to Hit Hillary Where She’s Strongest: Her Competency
Future Tense Jul 6, 3:20 PM
What’s In a Real Name? An awful Facebook policy ensnares a trans woman who worked to make the social network inclusive for LGBTQ users.
Dear Prudence Jul 6, 3:20 PM
Youthful Discretion Prudie counsels a man disturbed by his wife’s sexual encounters in college.
Lexicon Valley Jul 6, 2:58 PM
The Incredible Shrinking Zeitgeist: How Did This Great Word Lose Its Meaning?
Outward Jul 6, 2:43 PM
Watch This State Senator Freak Out About Gay Marriage During the Confederate Flag Debate
The Slatest Jul 6, 2:27 PM
South Carolina Senators Vote to Remove Confederate Flag
Future Tense Jul 6, 1:41 PM
Evangelicals in Brazil Flock to “Sin-Free” Social Network
The XX Factor Jul 6, 1:36 PM
Michael Eisner’s Comment That Beautiful Women Aren’t Funny Says More About Him Than Women
Brow Beat Jul 6, 1:27 PM
Finally, We Can See What Nic Cage Would Have Looked Like as Superman
The Spot Jul 6, 1:18 PM
The USWNT and Women’s World Cup Have Evolved Eons From 1999, Are Still Being Held Back by FIFA
Brow Beat Jul 6, 1:13 PM
Wilco’s First-Ever All-Acoustic Show Is Now Online. Download It Here.
Business Insider Jul 6, 1:12 PM
Luxury Brands Have a Big Problem—Their Own Outlet Stores
Outward Jul 6, 12:22 PM
Take the Quiz: Were These Quotes Said in Defiance of Desegregation or Same-Sex Marriage?
Dear Prudence Jul 6, 12:00 PM
Dear Prudence Live Chat For Jul. 6, 2015