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The Slatest Thu Aug 25 22:25:07 EDT 2016
Does Trump Have an Immigration Policy Yet? "The Answer Could Be Yes."
Politics Thu Aug 25 20:09:07 EDT 2016
Hillary’s Lifeboat to the GOP The Democratic nominee offered her rivals a way to save themselves from the catastrophe that is Donald Trump.
The Gist Thu Aug 25 19:21:33 EDT 2016
Do You Rely on GPS? Thank Chuck E. Cheese and William F. Buckley. In Pinpoint, Greg Milner chronicles how a conservative pundit, the military, and a pizza impresario made GPS ubiquitous.
Politics Thu Aug 25 19:03:05 EDT 2016
Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Isolated and Destroyed Donald Trump By definitively linking him to the alt-right, she shredded any remaining legitimacy he had with sane Republicans.
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 18:39:45 EDT 2016
The Alt-Right is Thrilled About Hillary's Alt-Right Speech
Politics Thu Aug 25 18:13:08 EDT 2016
Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Was Shrewd Strategy It was the speech GOP leaders should’ve given when they had the chance.
The Angle Thu Aug 25 18:01:16 EDT 2016
The Angle: Alt-Right Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on random capital letters, the nonexistent horse race, and Clinton’s speech about Trump’s racism.
The XX Factor Thu Aug 25 17:51:16 EDT 2016
Why Are Female CEOs and Senators Disproportionately Blond? Blame Sexism.
Politics Thu Aug 25 17:46:04 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Just Helped Ted Cruz Bigly The current GOP nominee is paving the way for Cruz’s 2020 bid.
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 17:28:00 EDT 2016
Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Using the L-Word
Brow Beat Thu Aug 25 17:25:17 EDT 2016
David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike Fight for Love (and Oscars) in A United Kingdom Trailer
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 17:11:51 EDT 2016
Hillary Clinton Reminds Voters of All the Evidence That Donald Trump Might Be a Racist
The XX Factor Thu Aug 25 16:55:02 EDT 2016
Pro-Life Activists Sue Chicago for the Right to Use Disturbing Tactics Outside Abortion Clinics
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 16:51:00 EDT 2016
Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Found the Perfect Frame for Trump’s Bigotry
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 16:46:44 EDT 2016
The Army Isn’t Getting Much Use Out of Its Expensive Training Games
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 16:46:37 EDT 2016
New Zealand and Australia, World Leaders in Pizza Delivery by Drone  
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 16:44:45 EDT 2016
New Lawsuit Has a Real Chance to Help Bring Obama’s Immigration Actions Back In Many States
Sports Nut Thu Aug 25 16:40:00 EDT 2016
The Hope Solo Mistake U.S. Soccer needed to get rid of its goalkeeper, but not like this.
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 16:32:00 EDT 2016
You Know, It Really Is Crazy That One of Trump's Most High-Profile Fans Thinks Sandy Hook Was a Hoax
DoubleX Gabfest Thu Aug 25 16:17:04 EDT 2016
Has the World Conspired to Keep Women Drunk? The DoubleX Gabfest talks about how the glass of wine has come to stand in for female empowerment.
Culture Gabfest Thu Aug 25 16:02:46 EDT 2016
The One Book That Changed Your Life The Culture Gabfesters reveal what books really made a difference in their lives.
The XX Factor Thu Aug 25 15:19:52 EDT 2016
The Anti-Gun Dildo Campaign Has Finally Begun at the University of Texas
Brow Beat Thu Aug 25 14:42:59 EDT 2016
Why Orange Is the New Black Fans Should Be Watching This Cartoon Network Show
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 14:26:10 EDT 2016
This Lawsuit-Financing Startup Uses Algorithms to Find Cases That Could Earn Big Bucks
Brow Beat Thu Aug 25 14:12:34 EDT 2016
Natalie Portman Is an American Medium in Paris in the Planetarium Trailer
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 14:04:00 EDT 2016
Hillary Clinton’s New Strategy Is to Link Trump to White Supremacists. It’s Not Hard to Do.
Outward Thu Aug 25 13:42:07 EDT 2016
The Clinton Foundation Is Not a Scandal. It’s a Phenomenal, Life-Saving Success.
DoubleX Gabfest Thu Aug 25 13:38:54 EDT 2016
The Propped Up by Pillows Edition Listen to the DoubleX Gabfest’s show about Nate Parker, Hillary’s health, and email etiquette.
The XX Factor Thu Aug 25 13:35:01 EDT 2016
U. Chicago Sent Incoming Freshmen a Letter Decrying Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 13:16:53 EDT 2016
FCC Support for Hackable Wireless Routers Is a Win for All of Us
Nightlight Thu Aug 25 13:10:09 EDT 2016
My Son Is Almost 3 and Doesn’t Talk. Reading to Him Has Helped Me Understand Him.
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 12:44:19 EDT 2016
Cooperative Behavior Could Make Artificial Intelligence More Human
The XX Factor Thu Aug 25 12:41:00 EDT 2016
Colorado’s Universal Health Care Proposal Could Ax Abortion Coverage
Atlas Obscura Thu Aug 25 12:30:00 EDT 2016
Turns Out, Ariel’s World Was Only Sometimes a Part of Ours
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 12:17:16 EDT 2016
Don’t Feel Bad About Reading This Article In a new book, conceptual poet Kenneth Goldsmith argues there’s no such thing as time wasted online.
The Slatest Thu Aug 25 11:51:00 EDT 2016
Trump Betrayal of Ann Coulter Timed Perfectly to Release of Ann Coulter Book About Always Trusting Trump
Gaming Thu Aug 25 11:45:08 EDT 2016
This Man Will Change the Way You Play Board Games Rob Daviau and the legacy game revolution.
Moneybox Thu Aug 25 11:38:00 EDT 2016
The CEO Who Hiked EpiPen Prices Actually Just Said, “No One’s More Frustrated Than Me”
Future Tense Thu Aug 25 11:36:32 EDT 2016
In Praise of the Private Email Server If you aren’t secretary of state, it’s actually a really smart idea.
Medical Examiner Thu Aug 25 11:30:01 EDT 2016
Could a Breathable Mattress Help Your Baby Avoid SIDS? The mattress companies certainly want you to think so, but they’re relying on fear, not science.