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Jan. 24 2017 6:16 PM

Crocs Have Inexplicably Become a Fashion “Trend” of 2017

When fashion magazines released their lists of 2017 trends, they included one haute new look that—despite their garish colors and bulbous shape—no one saw coming. Along with statement earrings and khakis, style mavens told consumers to look out for the return of … Crocs—that’s right, those tawdry, synthetic shoe products that you thought only your mother and Mario Batali wore.

Crocs, which disappeared from popular discourse around 2008, resurfaced on a London runway last year, when Christopher Kane paired delicate, romantic dresses with the rubber clogs at his Spring ‘17 show. Though Kane largely obscured the shoes with raw gemstones, the move still shocked critics and generated a lot of conversation.

Jan. 24 2017 6:00 PM

A Fifth of U.S. Newspapers Kept the Women’s Marches Off the Front Page

According to an admittedly conservative estimate from FiveThirtyEight, more than 3.2 million people attended women’s marches in hundreds of towns and cities around the world on Saturday. It may well have been the largest demonstration in U.S. history.

And yet a full half the hundreds of newspapers archived by the Newseum didn’t make the marches the lead story in Sunday’s issue. A Quartz tally of around 450 papers’ front pages found that, while publications in all major U.S. cities and many papers in other countries led with coverage of the marches, 27 percent mentioned the protests in a smaller spot on the front page. More than a fifth—22 percent—didn’t mention the march at all.

Jan. 24 2017 5:35 PM

Don’t Blame Ryan Gosling’s Bad Wax Figure. Blame the Wax Figure–Industrial Complex.

Behold, the wax künstlers of Berlin’s Madame Tussaud’s outpost have unveiled their latest creation. On first glance, wax Ryan Gosling appears to be technically perfect, an admirable re-creation of the real Gosling’s slight smile and hands-in-pockets reserve. But all across the internet, people have noticed, upon closer inspection, that as the uncanny valley principle dictates, this waxwork is a bit ... off. There’s something creepy about this wax hunk. He “lacks Gosling's signature je ne sais quoi,” as GQ put it, delicately. He also lacks any of the usual cues you look for in determining that the thing in front of you isn’t going to steal your soul. Wax Ryan Gosling will definitely possess your soul and/or murder you.

Jan. 24 2017 2:19 PM

The U.S. Cervical Cancer Death Rate Is Much Higher Than Previously Thought

The U.S. rate of deaths from cervical cancer is much higher than originally estimated, according to new research published in the journal Cancer. The study found that racial disparities in cervical cancer death rates are also significantly wider than previously thought: Per this new study, black women face a cervical cancer mortality rate nearly twice as high as researchers previously believed.

Jan. 23 2017 7:47 PM

A Detailed Forensic Analysis of Melania Trump’s Creepy, Devastating Inauguration Smile/Frown

In a dark and mesmerizing clip that’s been circulating on social media today, Donald Trump turns to face his wife Melania at the inauguration ceremony, and she smiles back at him widely. When Trump faces forward again, we get a split-second glimpse of Melania’s inner turmoil as her face melts into a frown.

Jan. 23 2017 5:07 PM

How Do We All Feel About Mike Pence Allegedly Calling His Wife “Mother”?

Rolling Stone published a long piece about Vice President Mike Pence’s record in Indiana on Monday. As disturbing as the facts you likely already knew about Pence are—his anti-LGBTQ history, his opposition to reproductive rights, his fealty to his religion over the Constitution—they turn out to be merely the tip of an appalling iceberg: He also did little to stop an HIV outbreak in his state and refused to visit a community affected by a serious lead poisoning crisis while he was governor. That was after he paid his mortgage and bought groceries with congressional campaign funds and declared global warming a myth. But somehow, those might not be the worst revelations in this article. Because it also reveals that Pence calls his wife, Karen, mother:

Jan. 23 2017 2:59 PM

Dads, Who Are Parents, Do Not Deserve Praise for Parenting While Moms Marched


As part of its coverage of Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, the New York Times published a piece about the harried fathers of Montclair, New Jersey, who were forced to parent their children alone for a day while their wives marched for gender equality. The headline: “How Vital Are Women? This Town Found Out as They Left to March.”



“Routines were radically altered, and many fathers tried to meet weekend demands alone for a change,” NYT reporter Filip Bondy wrote in the article. The men’s responsibilities included shuttling their kids to “birthday parties, dance performances, swimming lessons, and lacrosse and indoor soccer practices,” and confronting the fact that “growling stomachs required filling on a regular basis.” When the mothers returned, “many fathers exhaled in relief.” Bondy also reported that on the day of the march, attendance at a local yoga studio was down 25 percent (whoa, women sure love their ladysports!) and the Starbucks was full—of men.


Jan. 23 2017 1:55 PM

Trump Reinstates the Anti-Abortion “Global Gag Rule” That Has Been a Public Health Disaster

On his first full workday in office, President Donald Trump got straight to work making women’s lives unnecessarily difficult. As expected, Trump signed an executive order reinstating a ban on giving federal family planning funding to international health groups that provide abortion care, refer patients to abortion providers, or even give women information about abortions.

The ban, which was first implemented by Ronald Reagan in 1984 and has been enforced by all Republican administrations since then, has been called the “global gag rule” because it prevents medical professionals and aid workers whose work is supported by U.S. grants from even talking about termination as an option for women with unwanted pregnancies. The rule forces international aid agencies to make a tough choice: Either reject American funds and continue to give women accurate information about their reproductive health options, or accept American funds and deny women information about abortions they may desperately need.

Jan. 21 2017 2:56 PM

Live From the Women’s March on Washington

Slate's live blog, featuring updates and dispatches from reporters on the ground, about the Women's March on Washington, and other satellite marches in cities across America and the rest of the world.

Jan. 21 2017 10:52 AM

The Best, Nastiest Protest Signs From the Women’s March on Washington

Thousands from across the country descended on Washington, D.C., on Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington, an event whose attendance could now easily rival or surpass President Donald Trump’s seemingly sparsely attended inauguration. Update: Crowd scientists tell the New York Times that  the march’s crowds were three times larger than the inauguration’s.

Another area in which the march appears poised to outdo the inauguration: the signs. Below, some of the best from D.C. and around the country. (We’ll keep adding to this collection throughout the day.)