California waiter demands “proof of residency” before serving four Latina women.

California Waiter Demands “Proof of Residency” Before Serving Four Latina Women

California Waiter Demands “Proof of Residency” Before Serving Four Latina Women

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March 19 2017 7:25 PM

California Waiter Demands “Proof of Residency” to Serve Four Latina Women

A screenshot from a local news story shows the outside of the Saint Marc restaurant in Huntington Beach, California.


When Diana Carrillo, 24, went to Saint Marc, an upscale restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, earlier this month, any hopes of having a good time with three of her friends suddenly vanished before the waiter even took their order. “Can I see your proof of residency?” the waiter asked Carrillo and one of her friends who were waiting for the other two to arrive. Carrillo’s friend repeated the question, still shocked at what she had just heard. “I need to make sure you’re from here before I serve you,” the waiter replied. When Carrillo’s sister and another friend arrived, the waiter asked them the same question.

It all seemed so strange that they thought maybe the waiter was joking. “But he didn’t have a smile,” Diana Carrillo told the Los Angeles Times. “There was no indication that he was trying to make a joke or even possibly flirt with us.” They told the manager who offered to seat them in another section, but they chose to leave instead. Carrillo then recounted her experience on Facebook. “How many others has he said this too?” she wondered. “I hope this employee is reprimanded for his actions.”


Carrillo also posted about her experience on Yelp.

The posts quickly started spreading on social media and the restaurant’s management got in touch with Carillo offering a free meal and to donate 10 percent of the weekend’s sales to the charity of her choice. The women declined the meal but selected a charity. The waiter has since been fired, according to restaurant management that insisted there had never been a problem with that employee before.

Talking to the Washington Post, Carillo wondered whether the waiter’s actions had to do with “who is president.”

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