Ann Romney CBS interview: "Every campaign makes mistakes"

Ann Romney: "Every Campaign Makes Mistakes"

Ann Romney: "Every Campaign Makes Mistakes"

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May 30 2013 12:29 PM

Ann Romney: "Every Campaign Makes Mistakes"

Ann Romney this morning sat down with CBS News for her first solo interview since the election. She managed to throw a few punches at the man who defeated her husband last November, saying that there's a current "breach of trust" between the American public and their government caused by what she said were "the three scandals that are going on right now."

She also lamented that voters didn't have a chance to get to know the real Mitt Romney, a common complaint from her husband's camp during the election itself. In the end, however, Ann Romney said that she has no regrets and holds no "bitterness" about how things played out. "You'd always love to turn the page back and go back and say, 'Boy, if we had the crystal ball, wouldn't it have been nice to have done things a little differently.' But I still think, you know, every campaign makes mistakes. Both sides make mistakes," she said.


As for who she hopes will represent Republicans in 2016, she said that she's "partial" to Paul Ryan but stressed there's still a long way to go.

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