The Gist: Matt Dicks on storytelling, and Farah Pandith on counter-narratives.

Tell Us About Five Seconds of Your Life

Tell Us About Five Seconds of Your Life

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
Jan. 23 2015 8:45 PM

The Five-Second Story

Your greatest story probably comes from a tiny sliver of your life. Tell us about it for The Gist’s new storytelling project.

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Storyteller Matt Dicks onstage, finger ready.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo courtesy of Matt Dicks.

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How exactly should the United States go about countering the jihadi narrative? Today on The Gist, we’re joined by Farah Pandith, the first-ever special representative to Muslim communities for the United States. She says the solution needs to come from civil society and the private sector, not from government alone.


Plus, storyteller Matt Dicks tells us about five seconds from his life. He’s going to help us train a master storyteller here on The Gist. Want to pitch your tale? Tell us your name, a little bit about you, and brief version of your story. Call 304-607-GIST (4478) with your minute-long pitch.

For the Spiel, how to talk to your kids about deflategate.

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