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The Frat Doesn’t Have Your Back

Fraternities protect themselves, but not their members.

Sept. 18 2017 8:19 PMWas Booger Really a Nerd?Actor Curtis Armstrong on the deeper message within Revenge of the Nerds.
Sept. 14 2017 9:49 PMWhich Type Are You?Author Gretchen Rubin sorts people into four major personality types: Rebel, Obliger, Questioner, and Upholder.
Sept. 12 2017 8:27 PMThe Hygiene HypothesisShould you let your kids eat dirt?
Sept. 8 2017 5:48 PMPatricia Williams Isn’t JokingThe comedian known as Ms. Pat started doing standup 15 years ago. Her caseworker got her into it.
Sept. 6 2017 7:55 PMMusic Is SexFrom gospel to rock, it’s all about sex.
Sept. 1 2017 8:21 PMIs Amazon a Monopoly?NPR’s Robert Smith wonders whether tech giants like Amazon and Google really need to be reined in.
Aug. 30 2017 7:21 PMShake It Off, TaylorIs there a person underneath all the celebrity angst?
Aug. 28 2017 10:21 PMShield LawWhy journalist Al Letson rushed to protect an agitator at an anti-hate rally in Berkeley over the weekend.
Aug. 24 2017 9:07 PMAmerica Is Weird About SexWe don’t know how to talk about sex—or teach it.
Aug. 22 2017 7:06 PMRussia’s Lab RatAmateur cyclist Bryan Fogel asked a Russian scientist to help him dope himself. He wound up working with the man who would expose Russia’s anti-doping fraud.
Aug. 18 2017 7:17 PMThe Year MTV Took Over the ChartsIn 1982, synth-pop came in strong, Hall and Oates crossed over into R&B, and Paul McCartney learned about racial harmony.
Aug. 16 2017 8:01 PMThe Overreaction DoctrineMoshe Maor on how Trump’s over-the-top policy ideas are actually good politics.
Aug. 14 2017 6:50 PMThere Is No Order in CongressEverything in Congress is behind closed doors.
Aug. 10 2017 7:40 PMAbout the Google MemoEven if Google was right to fire James Damore, why does it insist that employees can still expect freedom of expression at work? 
Aug. 8 2017 7:04 PMSomewheres vs. AnywheresBritish journalist David Goodhart says there are two kinds of people.
Sept. 15 2017 7:42 PMTed Leo’s Hanged-Man WisdomThe musician’s latest album offers a serenity prayer for political obsessives.
Sept. 13 2017 7:36 PMChris Gethard Wrestles With ComedyHow WWE tropes inform The Chris Gethard Show.
Sept. 11 2017 7:32 PMNnamdi Asomugha’s Drama SchoolThe former NFL cornerback says football prepared him to be an actor.
Sept. 7 2017 4:59 PMThree Cheers for HoustonNatural disaster experts are marveling at the low death toll in southeast Texas. What accounts for it?
Sept. 5 2017 7:54 PMChoosing Who Gets FloodedNPR’s Wade Goodwyn surveys the damage after Harvey.
Aug. 31 2017 6:37 PMDan Savage on the Nashville StatementYou can only be gay if you give up love and happiness.
Aug. 29 2017 7:56 PMThe Flood Trap That Houston BuiltHow unchecked development in the Houston suburbs added to the nightmare of Tropical Storm Harvey.
Aug. 26 2017 7:07 AMMismatchNew York Times critic Wesley Morris on the unsettling race play at the center of the Mayweather­–McGregor fight.
Aug. 23 2017 7:24 PMSure, Punching Nazis Feels Good …But are the antifa in the right?
Aug. 21 2017 7:05 PMThe Many Theories of Malcolm GladwellHow does Gladwell justify a character profile, explain a historical oversight, or spice up a story? He hangs a theory on it.
Aug. 17 2017 7:03 PMIs This the End of Steve Bannon?   Author Josh Green on the rumors around Trump’s chief strategist.  
Aug. 15 2017 6:56 PMWhy Are Police Unions So Aggressive?Former Boston cop Tom Nolan on why many police unions are angry at the public.
Aug. 11 2017 4:41 PMBrandt Tobler Has a Problem With AuthorityTales from the guy who once threw a roulette ball at a pit boss.
Aug. 9 2017 8:24 PMMuhammad Ali’s Biggest FightHow the greatest knocked out the U.S. Justice Department.
Aug. 7 2017 7:02 PMThe Social Experiment on TVConfidence rules, meek people lose.