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The Colony and the Nation 

MSNBC host Chris Hayes on how the law-and-order policies of Richard Nixon have created a bifurcated America.

May 25 2017 7:05 PMBen Wittes Digs OutThe editor of Lawfare returns to wade through the past two weeks’ worth of ENSH (errant national security horses--t).
May 23 2017 8:09 PMTom Ricks: “It’s Shakespearean”A longtime defense policy reporter on the tragedy unfolding in the Trump White House. 
May 19 2017 7:28 PMCan We Really Fix College Sports?Obama’s education secretary, Arne Duncan, wants to help college athletes out of their plight. 
May 17 2017 5:15 PMWhy Things Went South in AlabamaJohn Archibald, dean of the Alabama press corps, unpacks the scandal that brought down his state’s governor.
May 16 2017 6:21 PMEncounters With the Very, Very FamousChuck Klosterman on his new book X, which includes profiles of everyone from Kobe Bryant to Taylor Swift.
May 12 2017 8:02 PMAre Bilinguals Really Smarter?Our social science sleuth Maria Konnikova returns to take on the question of whether bilinguals are brighter than the rest of us. 
May 10 2017 7:16 PMThe Man Who Wrote the Comey MemoHow did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein become a presidential hatchet man?
May 8 2017 7:02 PMThe Formation of Stephen MillerThe Trump administration’s wunderkind adviser made his name as a student pundit during the Duke lacrosse scandal. 
May 4 2017 7:10 PMObserving Obscura DayOn Saturday, May 6, adherents to the Atlas Obscura worldview will venture out to explore oddities near and far. We checked out a funky neon shop in our neighborhood.
May 2 2017 8:23 PMRed Feed, Blue Feed With Cass SunsteinThe Harvard professor on his new book, #Republic, which looks at what’s new about American polarization.
April 28 2017 7:23 PMThe Incredible Lucas BrothersWhy twins should avoid mushrooms and other life lessons from stand-up comedy duo Keith and Kenny Lucas.
April 26 2017 6:40 PMThe Populists Cannot WinSlate columnist and Harvard lecturer Yascha Mounk on what we can learn from the rise of populism in Europe.
April 24 2017 6:29 PMMoshe Kasher Is Not an ActivistComedy Central’s Problematic is part talk show and part town hall, tilting at a variety of incendiary topics and urging candid discussion. Can it also be funny?
April 21 2017 4:23 PMThe Road to S-TownHost and producer Brian Reed on finding the podcast’s story and how the town reacted to the spotlight.
April 19 2017 7:10 PMUp With EggheadsAre experts taking the fall for decisions made by people in power?
May 24 2017 6:40 PMEveryone Looks Presidential on Air Force OneJosh King on why Donald Trump is looking kind of respectable during his first foreign trip.
May 22 2017 6:44 PMJon Glaser Is ConflictedThe star of Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter isn’t sure the world needs more dumb jokes, but he’s making them anyway.
May 18 2017 6:51 PMRoger Ailes Created This MessIsaac Chotiner on the death of a man who created Fox News and elevated Trump to political power.
May 17 2017 1:32 PMWhat Richard Spencer Learned From Stephen MillerReeves Wiedeman on the Duke lacrosse scandal and the rise of the alt-right.
May 15 2017 7:13 PMChasing the Bauble With Brooke GladstoneThe On the Media host says press tallies of Trump lies are not enough; we have to cover the consequences.
May 11 2017 7:37 PMClint Watts, Testifier ExtraordinaireThe star of March’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing says we need to get better at knowing information warfare when we see it.
May 9 2017 6:33 PMAre We Smart Enough to Be a Direct Democracy?Foreign Policy editor David Rothkopf asks The Great Questions of Tomorrow in his new book.
May 5 2017 4:46 PMWhat’s in the Bill? With Vox’s Sarah Kliff.The Vox health care writer returns to discuss the AHCA, which passed the House on Thursday.
May 3 2017 6:12 PMSarah Manguso’s Words to Live ByThe author and poet writes aphorisms for modern times in her new book 300 Arguments.
May 1 2017 7:34 PMFacing Your Genetic DestinyNew York Times science reporter Gina Kolata looks at a mysterious disease and the diagnosis that almost tore a family apart.  
April 27 2017 6:42 PMWhen Did Late Night Stop Being Fun?Comedian Guy Branum on the “controlled fun” of late night, and how Talk Show: The Game Show promises to fix that.
April 25 2017 6:16 PMThe Clinton Campaign Tell-AllIn Shattered, Jonathan Allen and his co-author, Amie Parnes, detail an organization beset by infighting, fatalism, and a fundamentally weak candidate.
April 21 2017 6:38 PMWhen the ’80s Went ProIn 1987, the big acts got bigger. Hair metal got hairier. Slick pop stars got slicker. And Michael Jackson was Bad as ever.
April 20 2017 7:13 PMThe Secrets of S-TownHost and producer Brian Reed takes us inside his hit podcast.
April 18 2017 6:56 PMWhat Happened to the Crack Epidemic?In 100:1 The Crack Legacy, Christopher Johnson draws a line between the ’80s epidemic and overpolicing today.