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The World Is Coming Up Roses

War, murder, poverty, and disease: They're all trending downward here on planet Earth.

Feb. 20 2018 9:12 PMFree Money CityOnce bankrupt, Stockton, California, will soon test the effects of universal basic income.
Feb. 16 2018 8:42 AMWhich Side Are You On?What the Quinn Norton fracas and the latest Twix bar marketing campaign have in common.
Feb. 13 2018 7:55 PMSpoon-Fed by the FedsThe White House’s fiscal 2019 budget would cut food stamp funding and tell its recipients what to eat.
Feb. 9 2018 8:00 PMDumb About DeficitsAdam Davidson tries to heal our debt of understanding.
Feb. 7 2018 7:47 PMThe Longest War Is LostSteve Coll paints a bleak picture of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistan has a lot to do with it.
Feb. 5 2018 9:04 PMPhil Rosenthal Eats the WorldThe TV writer’s food obsession started with chopped-up garlic.
Feb. 1 2018 1:42 PMLBJ, ReconsideredWithout Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, there would be little welfare state for the GOP to undercut in the first place.
Jan. 30 2018 7:17 PMWhen All the Jobs Are GoneAuthor Amy Goldstein went to Janesville, Wisconsin, to see how people coped when their local economy vanished. In short: It’s really hard.
Jan. 26 2018 10:49 PMGood Night, PortlandiaCarrie Brownstein’s series mocks the region she’s from just gently enough.  
Jan. 24 2018 7:20 PMOdds, Ends, and SenatorsA mathematical computation about the midterms that’s, in the words of our expert, “sort of hideously irrelevant.”
Jan. 22 2018 8:09 PMThe Dems Have a Bad HandConservative Democratic voters are to blame for Chuck Schumer's move on DACA.
Jan. 18 2018 7:28 PMBusted: A Gist Productions ParodyRelive the “fake news” media’s greatest mistreatment of the guy who’s just trying to “Make America Great Again.”
Jan. 16 2018 10:04 PMNukes and CranniesPresident Trump likes to bluster. But when will North Korea see that as more than talk, and react accordingly?
Jan. 11 2018 7:54 PMIs Trump Insane? Does It Matter?Grill him for his deeds, not his ditzy moments.
Jan. 9 2018 7:57 PMRadio ReconciliationRwanda’s radio programming fueled the country’s infamous genocide in 1994. Could it also help it heal?
Feb. 16 2018 8:33 PMBan the AR-15It’s a no-brainer: Taking the mass killer’s weapon of choice off store shelves would save lives.
Feb. 14 2018 8:58 PMRunaway Military SpendingAre we hiking the defense budget mostly out of habit?
Feb. 12 2018 9:04 PMDon’t Call It a White House Shake-UpThis is the Trump administration at rest. Chaos is its equilibrium.
Feb. 8 2018 8:40 PMIs the Iran Deal a Dud?Slate’s Joshua Keating says our focus on Iran kept us from putting out fires across the Middle East.
Feb. 6 2018 10:03 PMAmerica AdriftIan Bremmer says the “America First” doctrine could work, if it were implemented like a long-term strategy—but that’s not happening.
Feb. 3 2018 8:59 AMPhilly vs. BostonBoth cities have a reputation for being obnoxious. But which is worse?
Jan. 31 2018 9:44 PMWe Still Have No U.S. Ambassador to South KoreaThe Trump White House nixed a well-qualified candidate who discouraged a preventive military strike against North Korea.
Jan. 29 2018 8:03 PMThe Scholarly Kareem Abdul-JabbarThe NBA great sees #BlackLivesMatter as a continuation of the civil rights era that shaped his youth.
Jan. 25 2018 8:47 PMHe Got Trump’s TaxesReporter David Cay Johnston gave the public the first look at Donald Trump’s taxes. He thinks Robert Mueller will show us more.
Jan. 23 2018 8:50 PMMSG Is A-OKDan Pashman hosts a food podcast—and dinner parties. In both capacities, he’s big on monosodium glutamate.
Jan. 19 2018 8:18 PMOne Year DownThe hosts of Slate’s Trumpcast dish on the Mueller investigation and Trump’s first year in office.
Jan. 17 2018 7:42 PMWait and CRThe continuing resolution is the worst thing in politics.
Jan. 12 2018 8:07 PMTeenage Brains Are Just DifferentWe’re still learning about how the mind of an adolescent is only half-baked.
Jan. 10 2018 7:40 PMA Cry for Self-HelpBooks that promise “a new you” often don’t cure us, but they sure can expose our greatest anxieties.
Jan. 8 2018 7:58 PMWhat to Make of Fire and FuryNPR’s media correspondent says Michael Wolff’s new book is kicking off a more honest conversation on the president’s fitness to hold office.