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The Anti-War Candidate Was Invented in 1968

How a Minnesota senator’s campaign for president set the precedent for Bernie Sanders’ run.

Nov. 20 2017 8:15 PMWhat’s Next for Zimbabwe?Robert Mugabe can still slow down the coup against him.
Nov. 16 2017 9:34 PMThe Nazi-Busting Woman Erased by HistoryElizebeth Smith’s code-breaking genius helped America win two world wars, but the FBI took all the credit.  
Nov. 14 2017 8:40 PMPutting the Con in EconomicsAdam Davidson sizes up Trump’s top economic adviser.
Nov. 10 2017 7:34 PMThe Family ManLoudon Wainwright III reflects on his uneasy relationship with his father, now that he can “appreciate the difficulty of the job.”
Nov. 8 2017 8:04 PMAbout Last NightIf Tuesday’s election results were a canary in a coal mine, it’s a really expansive mine and a somewhat unreliable canary.
Nov. 6 2017 8:26 PMLynn Novick on Making The Vietnam WarHow do you curate a quagmire?
Nov. 2 2017 7:23 PMGet Inside the Brain of Michael RapaportHis views on New York sports teams, the sexual prowess of various athletes, and the basketball skills of Justin Bieber.
Oct. 31 2017 8:18 PMPutting Dr. Seuss on the CouchIt doesn’t take much to see the racial stereotypes in Theodor Seuss Geisel’s works. Does that mean we shouldn’t read them to kids?
Oct. 27 2017 7:59 PMSen. Cory Booker Has a Message for Pot SmokersThe New Jersey senator says that if you’re not trying to make it legal, you’re part of the problem.
Oct. 25 2017 7:57 PMJacob Weisberg on the Steele DossierThe oppo research that brought us the “pee tape” was sleazy, but don’t equate it with collusion with a hostile power.
Oct. 23 2017 8:49 PMA Show for Mere MortalsWhat if you got to read your own obituary? That’s kind of what Audible’s Mortal City is going for.
Oct. 19 2017 6:49 PMFlags Tell FibsWhy flags make good symbols but bad historical records.
Oct. 18 2017 9:11 AMThe Stupid Genius of Dexter GuffBecause the thought-leader/life-hacker/productivity-optimizer trope was ripe for parody.
Oct. 14 2017 12:26 AMWhy Now With the Weinstein Stories?Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual harassment was Hollywood’s worst-kept secret. What allowed two news giants to put it in print within days of one another?
Oct. 11 2017 6:06 PMOklahoma Is Not OKLow tax rates, failing public services, and a governor who thinks prayer will fix the budget deficit. Why can’t Oklahoma get it together?
Nov. 17 2017 7:08 PMAt Home With Gilbert GottfriedComedian, voice actor, and lifelong hoarder of tiny soaps.
Nov. 15 2017 8:05 PMPeople Power Beats the CourtsThere have been three big constitutional changes in our lifetime. How did they happen?
Nov. 13 2017 7:43 PMPrisons of ProfitPrivate prisons were billed as a way to bring innovation to incarceration, housing more prisoners for less money. They’ve failed.
Nov. 9 2017 6:55 PMWhy Bush 41 Was the Anti-TrumpAs president, George H.W. Bush was tight-lipped, decorous, and self-abnegating—loath even to use the word I.
Nov. 7 2017 7:39 PMThe Paradox of Black PatriotismA black former Navy commander considers peaceful protest in the age of Trump.
Nov. 3 2017 9:08 PMFree to Be You and #MeTooWhat’s around the corner from this moment of reckoning?
Nov. 1 2017 10:45 PMTalk Like a Pirate (Party) DayBirgitta Jónsdóttir explains what Iceland’s Pirate Party is all about.
Oct. 30 2017 7:41 PMScared to Death?How fear and adrenaline can wreck our health.
Oct. 26 2017 6:51 PMFellas We Frolicked WithThese two women hate how we talk about sex.
Oct. 24 2017 5:53 PMJeff Bezos Isn’t KingWhy the head of Amazon isn’t No. 1 among the world’s CEOs.
Oct. 20 2017 7:11 PMMarc Maron and Brendan McDonaldHow bad does a beef have to be for a comedian to refuse to go on WTF With Marc Maron?
Oct. 18 2017 7:38 PMFalling for the Gambler’s FallacyHow long-term probability misleads our short-term observations.
Oct. 16 2017 10:34 PMSarah Kliff ­­­­­­­­­on the Big QuestionsIs Obamacare bending the cost curve? Would its demise cause more people to die? Sarah Kliff from Vox weighs in.
Oct. 12 2017 7:37 PMThe Shia LaBeouf of IslamAymann Ismail’s video series takes a look at what it’s like being Muslim in America.
Oct. 10 2017 7:53 PMMade-Up CabaretActor Jason Kravits sings from a lesser-known American songbook—the one he creates, on the spot.