A Slate poll: Who will win the World Cup?

A Slate poll: Who will win the World Cup?

A Slate poll: Who will win the World Cup?

Slate readers predict the future.
July 2 2010 12:49 PM

Who Will Win the World Cup? Round 2 Results.

Slate readers picked Brazil. The Netherlands had other ideas.

Before the World Cup began, we asked you to choose which team would win it all. According to the 12,064 Slate readers who voted, the most likely winner was Spain, followed by Brazil, the Netherlands, Argentina, England, Germany, the United States, Italy, and "Other." If by "Other" you meant Paraguay, Uruguay, or Ghana, congratulations. For the quarterfinals, we gave you a do-over, and 8,348 of you took the opportunity to recast your votes. Previous favorite Spain is now merely your fifth-place choice, following Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and the Netherlands. Before we could even publish the results of the poll, though, the Netherlands shocked everyone by upending Brazil. For those 2,225 of you who chose Brazil, our condolences. And for those 1,092 who picked the Netherlands: Good luck in the semis!

This poll has now closed. See the results below, and please check outour other polls.


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