Votecastr Election Day Turnout Tracker
Live Blog
Politics Nov 11, 3:36 PM
Where VoteCastr Went Wrong Assessing our Election Day experiment.
The Slatest Nov 8, 7:55 PM
VoteCastr’s Final Vote Estimates in All the States We’re Tracking
The Slatest Nov 8, 6:38 PM
Despite Clinton’s Big Lead in Philadelphia, the Race in Pennsylvania Remains Close
The Slatest Nov 8, 4:27 PM
Hillary Clinton Has to Like Where She Stands in Florida
The Slatest Nov 8, 4:03 PM
Estimated Turnout in Florida Has Already Exceeded 2012 Turnout
The Slatest Nov 8, 2:19 PM
Why VoteCastr’s Early Vote Numbers Look Different Than the Ones on Other Sites
The Slatest Nov 8, 2:00 PM
Why Our VoteCastr Data Has Been Slow to Come in Today
The Slatest Nov 8, 10:43 AM
VoteCastr Early Vote Estimate: Colorado Looking Very, Very Tight
The Slatest Nov 8, 10:19 AM
VoteCastr Early Vote Estimate: Clinton Leads in Florida
Politics Nov 5, 6:00 AM
Welcome to an Unprecedented Election Day Experiment Want to see who’s winning the presidential race? Follow real-time turnout projections from Slate and VoteCastr.