JFK Assassination
jfk assassination
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The Crowdsourcing of JFK’s Most Iconic Speech

Listen to Slate's show about the crafting of President Kennedy’s inaugural address.

Nov. 22 2013 6:12 PMInside LBJ’s Home the Night After JFK DiedJohnson was worried about a coup, what he heard on TV, and that a boy named Buddy was good to his girlfriend.
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Nov. 22 2013 3:04 PMLive From Brooklyn: The Ich Bin Ein Gabfester GabfestListen to Slate's show about the Kennedy assassination and how the U.S. would be different if he'd lived.
Nov. 22 2013 8:02 AMHow JFK Conspiracy Theorists Are Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of His Assassination
Nov. 21 2013 11:28 PMHow Jackie MournedWith poise and elegance, Jacqueline Kennedy helped America grieve. She also showed us the reality of death.
Brow Beat
Nov. 21 2013 1:27 PMErrol Morris Investigates the Kennedy Assassination
Nov. 20 2013 11:03 AMWatch a 30-Year-Old Bill O'Reilly Report on a JFK Conspiracy Theory
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Nov. 20 2013 8:35 AMIn Austin, The "Welcome, JFK!" Banquet That Never Happened
Nov. 19 2013 12:57 PMConspiracy Theorists Aren’t Really SkepticsThe fascinating psychology of people who know the real truth about JFK, UFOs, and 9/11.
Nov. 18 2013 11:55 PMDid JFK’s Death Make Beatlemania Possible?The questionable connections between Camelot’s demise and Liverpool’s ascent.
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Nov. 18 2013 12:15 PM"It All Began So Beautifully": Lady Bird's Emotional Memories of November 22, 1963
Nov. 17 2013 11:37 PMKennedycareFifty years before Obamacare, JFK had his own health care debacle.
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Nov. 15 2013 11:30 AMIn A Prophetic Letter, A Dallas Citizen Begged JFK Not To Visit   
Nov. 14 2013 11:33 PMKilling ConspiracyWhy the best conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination don’t stand up to scrutiny.
Slate Labs
Nov. 22 2013 3:34 PMEvery John F. Kennedy Street, Park, Airport, and School in the WorldA map of the hundreds of locations named for the 35th president.
Nov. 22 2013 12:15 PMWhen Superman Went on a Mission for JFK
Nov. 21 2013 11:33 PMA Grave MatterThat time we exhumed Lee Harvey Oswald’s body to see if he was a Soviet assassin.
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Nov. 21 2013 4:50 PMCondolence Telegrams for Jackie, from MLK, Duke Ellington, Douglas MacArthur, and More
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Nov. 20 2013 12:00 PMIn the JFK Aftermath, A Dallas Minister's Moving, Controversial Sermon Against Extremism
Human Nature
Nov. 20 2013 10:36 AMThe Dallas DoubtersMost Americans don’t believe conspiracy theories about JFK or UFOs. But they don’t trust the government’s story, either.
Nov. 19 2013 11:55 PMI Saw JFK Murdered When I Was 6 Years OldAn eyewitness account, retold 50 years later.
Nov. 19 2013 12:50 PMThen and Now: The Assassination of JFKCapturing present-day photos of the iconic scenes of JFK’s assassination.
Nov. 18 2013 12:41 PMThe City That Killed KennedyRacism, McCarthyism, and political fervor in 1960s Dallas.
Nov. 17 2013 11:45 PMA Killer’s Last StepsA tour of Lee Harvey Oswald’s bizarre path after killing JFK.
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Nov. 15 2013 1:00 PMThe "Wanted For Treason" Flyer Distributed in Dallas Before JFK's Visit
Nov. 15 2013 10:30 AMWho Wrote JFK's Inaugural?Does it matter?