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Last Man Standing

Nothing can stop the bipartisan coalition pressing for criminal justice reform. Nothing, except maybe Bill Otis.

The Truth Behind the Parenting Debate Over Cow’s Milk vs. Almond Milk

Cosby Accuser Is Gay, Files Motion Refuting His Seduction Skills

Meghan Trainor’s Interview About The Peanuts Movie Is a Total Disaster

Trump’s In. Cruz Is Safe. What About Christie?

Sizing up the GOP candidates who will make the cut for Fox’s debate.


The Interstate Highway System Is a Mess

It’s expensive and harmful to cities. Here’s how to fix it.


The Olympics Need an L.A. Games

The city once saved the mega-event from its bloated, economically burdensome self. Los Angeles could do it again.

These Are Not the Interstates Ike Had in Mind. How to Fix Our Expensive, Harmful Highways.

A Boston Olympics Could’ve Been Terrible. A Los Angeles Olympics Would Be Great.

Twitter’s Chronological Feed May Not Be Around for Long

Why Is Everyone From Taylor Swift to Sasha Obama in a Squad?

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