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Moneybox Sep 22, 12:07 PM
Divestment Isn’t the Answer To destroy demand for fossil fuels, universities can do a lot better than just selling some stocks.
Dear Prudence Sep 22, 12:00 PM
Dear Prudence Live Chat For September 22, 2014.
Building a Better Workplace Sep 22, 11:42 AM
In Defense of HR Startups and small businesses shouldn’t skip over a human resources department.
Brow Beat Sep 22, 11:32 AM
South Park Takes on Washington’s NFL Team and Its Terrible Name
Bad Astronomy Sep 22, 11:23 AM
A Massive Landslide on Another World (Photo)
Future Tense Sep 22, 11:23 AM
Robot Plants Are the Latest in a Long Line of Robot Thingies
The Slatest Sep 22, 11:23 AM
Three Afghan Soldiers Are Missing in Cape Cod
Atlas Obscura Sep 22, 11:15 AM
The Avenue Lined With Upside-Down Trees
Politics Sep 22, 11:13 AM
Your Own Personal Rand Paul How the libertarian hero makes his foreign policy contradictions disappear.
The World Sep 22, 11:10 AM
Why I Was Depressed by Moscow’s Big Anti-War March
The Slatest Sep 22, 10:43 AM
Senator Who Told Kirsten Gillibrand He Liked "Chubby" Girls Was Hawaii's Daniel Inouye
Business Insider Sep 22, 9:39 AM
Adrian Peterson Has a Terrible Contract, and Cutting Him Would Save the Vikings a Lot of Money
The Eye Sep 22, 9:12 AM
What Is This Singaporean Road Sign Trying to Tell Us?
The Vault Sep 22, 9:04 AM
When Frank Sinatra Thanked George Bush for Trying to Outlaw Flag Burning
Science Sep 22, 8:08 AM
Slate Voice: “Why Is So Much Honey Clover Honey?” Mike Vuolo shares the story of your honey.
Quora Sep 22, 8:07 AM
Why Haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles Ever Won a Super Bowl?
Future Tense Sep 22, 7:47 AM
Predicting the Future for the U.S. Government The strange but satisfying work of creating the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends report.
Bad Astronomy Sep 22, 5:30 AM
Mars Gets a New Moon: MAVEN Arrives at the Red Planet
The Good Word Sep 21, 11:44 PM
Does This Name Make Me Sound High-Fat? Why it just seems so right to call a cracker “Cheez-It.”
Future Tense Sep 21, 11:38 PM
“Welcome to the War of Tomorrow” How Futurama’s writers depicted asymmetrical warfare.
Photography Sep 21, 11:34 PM
People’s Climate March in Photos Hundreds of thousands of marchers took to the streets of NYC in the largest climate rally in history.
Television Sep 21, 9:00 PM
Attractive People Being Funny While Doing Amusing and Sometimes Romantic Things Don’t dismiss it. Friends was a truly great show.
Video Sep 21, 2:25 PM
To Mars, Again NASA's MAVEN will investigate the decline of the red planet’s climate.
The Slatest Sep 21, 2:21 PM
Afghanistan Finally Has a New President but Vote Totals Kept Secret
Brow Beat Sep 21, 2:00 PM
Colin Farrell Will Star in True Detective’s Second Season
The Slatest Sep 21, 1:22 PM
Protesters Take to the Streets to Sound Alarm on Climate Change Across the World
Tv Club Sep 21, 1:15 PM
The Slate Doctor Who Podcast: Episode 5  A spoiler-filled discussion of "Time Heist."
Brow Beat Sep 21, 12:43 PM
Watch Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey Do a Second City Sketch in 1997
The Slatest Sep 21, 12:00 PM
Knife-Carrying White House Jumper is Vet Who Feared “Atmosphere Was Collapsing”
Behold Sep 21, 11:00 AM
Sometimes You Just Need to Print Your Photos the Old-Fashioned Way 
Bad Astronomy Sep 21, 8:00 AM
An Astronaut’s Guided Video Tour of Earth
Brow Beat Sep 20, 3:21 PM
Watch Some Very Funny PSAs Debunking Black Stereotypes
Brow Beat Sep 20, 1:52 PM
Stream Julian Casablancas’ Wildly Ambitious New Album, Tyranny
The Slatest Sep 20, 1:37 PM
Secret Service Under Fire After Intruder Jumps Fence, Makes it Inside White House
The Slatest Sep 20, 12:00 PM
North Korea: American Sentenced to Hard Labor Wanted to Become “Second Snowden”
The Slatest Sep 20, 11:51 AM
Almost One in Four Americans Support Idea of Splitting From the Union
Weigel Sep 20, 11:13 AM
Quora Sep 20, 7:27 AM
How Do Plants Grow Aboard the International Space Station?
Slate Money Sep 20, 7:12 AM
The Froth Is Nonlinear: The Chinese Economy and Share Repurchasing Slate Money on the gender pay gap, whether China is the new Japan, and the reason so many companies are buying back their own stock.
Bad Astronomy Sep 20, 7:00 AM
The Sun Sports a Limb-to-Limb Shag Carpet