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Politics Jul 27, 1:21 AM
Bill Clinton’s Love Song His speech was long, beautiful, and finally gave Hillary the credit she deserves.
Crime Jul 27, 1:08 AM
A Powerful and Pragmatic Approach to Criminal Justice at the DNC The Clinton campaign acknowledged the work of police—and the suffering of mothers who’ve lost children to violence.
The Slatest Jul 27, 12:27 AM
Julian Assange, Russia, and the DNC Hack—Who Meant to Do What With the Emails
The Slatest Jul 27, 12:24 AM
No, Bill Clinton’s Speech About Hillary Didn’t Address the Elephant in the Room
Brow Beat Jul 26, 11:30 PM
Samantha Bee Found RNC Attendees Pathologically Unable to Say the Words Black Lives Matter
The Slatest Jul 26, 11:18 PM
DNC Live Blog: Bill’s Big Finish
The XX Factor Jul 26, 11:11 PM
How the DNC Is Subtly Rebuking Donald Trump’s Mockery of a Disabled Reporter
The Slatest Jul 26, 10:01 PM
Howard Dean Made a Good Self-Referential Joke About His Infamous Iowa Scream
Brow Beat Jul 26, 9:59 PM
After Ghostbusters, Paul Feig Will Produce Cocaine-Fueled Supermodel Snowpocalypse
The Slatest Jul 26, 9:36 PM
Inside the Hardcore Sanders Delegate’ DNC Walkout
The Slatest Jul 26, 9:14 PM
Watch a Moving DNC Appearance by the Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Jordan Davis
Video Jul 26, 8:36 PM
Bernie’s “America” Ad, Updated After Sanders’ convention speech, his iconic campaign ad needed some tweaks.  
Video Jul 26, 8:13 PM
Trump's RNC Speech, By the Numbers An updated version of the Republican nominee's recent ad.
The Slatest Jul 26, 8:10 PM
Worst Protest Sign in Human History Discovered in Hands of Bernie Hardliner at DNC
The Slatest Jul 26, 7:37 PM
The Tuesday Slatest Newsletter
The Gist Jul 26, 7:31 PM
Optimum Optics Keep an eye out for the subtle stage-managing of the presidential nominating conventions.
The Slatest Jul 26, 7:27 PM
Watch the Moment Hillary Clinton Made History
The Slatest Jul 26, 7:22 PM
Watch the Moment When Bernie Sanders Honorably Bows Out of the Democratic Race
Future Tense Jul 26, 6:54 PM
How the U.S. Could Respond to the DNC Breach Sanctions are an option. So’s heckling.
The Slatest Jul 26, 6:33 PM
How to Beat Donald Trump
The Slatest Jul 26, 6:09 PM
You Want to Watch Larry Sanders Cast a DNC Ballot for His Brother Bernie. Trust Us.
The Angle Jul 26, 5:53 PM
The Angle: Michelle Is Trump Kryptonite Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on the gravity of the recent email hacks, Hillary Clinton’s family policies, and Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC.
Politics Jul 26, 5:26 PM
The Party of Trump vs. the Party of Traditional Values At the DNC, speakers are framing liberal arguments in conservative terms.
The XX Factor Jul 26, 5:20 PM
Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal to TBS on Sexist Tweet: “Delete Your Account”
Dear Prudence Jul 26, 5:19 PM
Dear Prudence: The “Unconditional Love” Edition Questions of morality, decency, and the struggle to be your best self.
The Slatest Jul 26, 5:17 PM
Watch Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention Live
Politics Jul 26, 5:15 PM
What Twitter Is Saying About Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention The instant spin room.
Business Insider Jul 26, 5:13 PM
A Florida Judge Ruled That Bitcoin Isn’t Money
Atlas Obscura Jul 26, 5:00 PM
Hidden Above an Unassuming Library Is a Wealth of Historic Taxidermy
The XX Factor Jul 26, 4:56 PM
These Parents Want to Raise Their Children “Off-Grid,” so They’re Asking You for $100,000
Politics Jul 26, 4:56 PM
The Radical Message of Michelle Obama’s Speech America’s story is a black woman’s story.
Trumpcast Jul 26, 4:54 PM
The Postmodern Manchurian Candidate The Republican nominee’s ties to Vladimir Putin grow stronger after the DNC hack.
The Slatest Jul 26, 4:45 PM
We Need to Make the Liberty Bell Way Bigger
The Slatest Jul 26, 4:25 PM
Bernie’s California Delegates: No, We Weren’t “Hammered” Monday Night
Jurisprudence Jul 26, 4:17 PM
The Ghosts of Shelby County Despite some recent wins, voting rights are still under siege.
The XX Factor Jul 26, 3:55 PM
Channeling Trump, Italian Politician Compares Colleague to a Sex Doll
Brow Beat Jul 26, 3:54 PM
Jason Bateman and Kate McKinnon Throw a Very Wild Office Christmas Party in This New Trailer
Metropolis Jul 26, 3:51 PM
How the Philadelphia Police Chilled Out About Protesters They were notoriously aggressive toward activists. Now they’re treating them with a softer touch.
Moneybox Jul 26, 3:09 PM
The Vatican’s Bank Is Nearly Out of the Penalty Box
The XX Factor Jul 26, 3:03 PM
The CDC Says Doctors Should Screen More Pregnant Women for Zika