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Brow Beat Sat Jan 24 23:57:35 EST 2015
Michael Shannon and Ramin Bahrani on How Shannon Improvised His Last Line in 99 Homes
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Listen to “Four Five Seconds,” the New Song By Kanye West, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney
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Ramin Bahrani on Why He Dedicated His New Movie to Roger Ebert
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Once Again, the NFL Gets a Very Funny Bad Lip Reading
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What Really Happens at #Davos? Imagined scenes from the favored convention of the rich and connected.
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Just About Every Famous Detroit Rapper Stars in Eminem’s “Detroit vs. Everybody” Video
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Michael Shannon and Ramin Bahrani on Creating the Gordon Gekko of Real Estate
The Slatest Sat Jan 24 11:51:57 EST 2015
Japanese Hostage Shown Beheaded in Alleged ISIS Video
The Slatest Sat Jan 24 11:16:00 EST 2015
Bill Maher: American Sniper’s Chris Kyle Is a “Psychopath Patriot”—and Country Loves Him
The Slatest Sat Jan 24 10:27:00 EST 2015
Sarah Palin Says She’s Interested in Running for President, Holds Sign Insulting Michael Moore
Bad Astronomy Sat Jan 24 07:30:00 EST 2015
Watch the Moon Get Squashed From Orbit
Slate Money Sat Jan 24 02:03:00 EST 2015
The Davos Edition Slate Money on what actually happens when you go to Davos, when the European Central Bank tries quantitative easing, and when the U.S. capital gains tax goes up.
The Gist Fri Jan 23 20:45:14 EST 2015
The Five-Second Story Your greatest story probably comes from a tiny sliver of your life. Tell us about it for The Gist’s new storytelling project.
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A Flight Attendant Explains How SkyMall Didn't Make Its Money From Its Catalog
Sports Nut Fri Jan 23 19:19:32 EST 2015
Dumb Luck The New England Patriots’ prevention of fumbles is nearly impossible.
Politics Fri Jan 23 19:09:02 EST 2015
Iowa’s Early Birds Republican presidential candidates are trying to figure out the secret of success in the Hawkeye State.
Foreigners Fri Jan 23 19:03:14 EST 2015
Keep Calm and March On Why we shouldn’t overreact to terrorism.
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Uber Study Finds Driving for Uber Is Great. Uber Study Is Flawed.
Sports Nut Fri Jan 23 18:33:05 EST 2015
Embrace the Hate The five stages of Patriots fans’ Ballghazi grief.
Politics Fri Jan 23 18:30:55 EST 2015
The Senior Senator From Kentucky Former Kentucky Sen. Wendell Ford passed away on Thursday. His greatest accomplishment came from defeating Sen. Mitch McConnell.
Future Tense Fri Jan 23 17:52:04 EST 2015
State Department Wants Frozen PSAs About Climate Change
Crime Fri Jan 23 17:46:03 EST 2015
Who Stole Your Identity? Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. says today’s cybercriminal is yesterday’s chain-snatching street hustler.
The Slatest Fri Jan 23 17:41:58 EST 2015
Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Legality of Oklahoma Lethal Injection Drugs
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Turn Off Your Heat Living in a cold home will make you a healthier, stronger, better person.
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Why Obama’s Visit to India Is Such a Big Deal
Propublica Fri Jan 23 17:02:13 EST 2015
Bad Science, Crazy Mining Laws, and Childcare Horror Stories #MuckReads: A weekly roundup of investigative reporting from ProPublica.
The Slatest Fri Jan 23 16:21:00 EST 2015
Letter From Reviled Titanic Survivor Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon Sells for $11,875
Video Fri Jan 23 16:17:00 EST 2015
The Mysterious Storms on Uranus Why was 2014 the planet's most turbulent year on record?
Future Tense Fri Jan 23 16:12:57 EST 2015
Bad, Bad Barrett Brown  The sentencing of someone who couldn’t hack his way out of a paper bag is the latest sign that we’re in the middle of a nerd scare. 
Future Tense Fri Jan 23 16:06:00 EST 2015
People Who Are Great With Reading Social Cues Are Also Great With the Internet
Brow Beat Fri Jan 23 15:51:57 EST 2015
The Trailer for Peter Bogdanovich’s Long-Shelved Rom-Com Is Finally Here
The Slatest Fri Jan 23 15:43:52 EST 2015
Argentine President Suggests Prosecutor Was Manipulated, Murdered by Spies
The Slatest Fri Jan 23 14:35:00 EST 2015
Tsarnaev’s Lawyers Say 68 Percent of Potential Jurors Already Think He’s Guilty
Future Tense Fri Jan 23 14:08:35 EST 2015
Netflix Says Piracy Is Still Its Biggest Competitor
Future Tense Fri Jan 23 14:01:00 EST 2015
Here’s How We’re Going to Solve the Global Chocolate Shortage
Video Fri Jan 23 13:59:50 EST 2015
Can You Really Make Yourself Fall in Love With a Stranger? Acting out a famous psychological experiment designed to “create closeness.”
Atlas Obscura Fri Jan 23 13:26:56 EST 2015
The Magnificent Ottoman Ruins of Ishak Pasha Palace
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The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in February
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Hundreds of Private Jets Delivered People to Davos. Also, It’s Climate Change Day at Davos.
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These Sleek Pop-Up Rentals Designed for Broke Millennials Redefine Prefab Housing