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Future Tense Feb 21, 12:17 PM
The FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal Hits the Books on Thursday Here’s what that means, and what you can expect next.
The Industry Feb 21, 12:09 PM
The Fascinating Reason Why Apple Wants Its Own Supply of Cobalt
Work Feb 21, 12:03 PM
Paid Family Leave Finds an Unlikely Ally: Investors Shareholder resolutions could turn up the heat on American companies to offer more robust and equitable leave policies.
Culture Gabfest Feb 21, 12:01 PM
The Culture Gabfest “Redneck Margarita” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Black Panther, Queer Eye, and the New York Times op-ed page.
Dear Prudence Feb 21, 12:00 PM
Dear Prudence: The “Relentlessly Friendly Neighbor” Edition My neighbor is loud, pushy, and opinionated—how do I get her to leave me alone? Help!
Five-ring Circus Feb 21, 11:56 AM
The Sadness of Watching Evgenia Medvedeva Get Overtaken by Her Younger Rival
Future Tense Feb 21, 11:11 AM
Embed With the Devil A new legal ruling could cause major headaches for web publishers that embed tweets.
Brow Beat Feb 21, 11:09 AM
Read Ryan Coogler’s Touching Thank You Letter to Black Panther Audiences
Medical Examiner Feb 21, 11:02 AM
The Only Certainty in Reproductive Health Is Uncertainty Lena Dunham’s painful essay about her hysterectomy should remind us that medicine is highly individual and often outside of our control.
The Slatest Feb 21, 10:57 AM
Kentucky Democrat Defeats Widow of Lawmaker Who Killed Himself After Molesting Accusation
Future Tense Feb 21, 10:31 AM
Come to a Free Screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Food Feb 21, 10:29 AM
Why Comparing Trump’s Food Stamp “Harvest Boxes” to Blue Apron Is so Unappetizing
Medical Examiner Feb 21, 10:00 AM
Are We Using IV Bags Properly? In the months since Hurricane Maria, my hospital has dealt with an IV bag shortage. It turns out that might not be such a bad thing.
Brow Beat Feb 21, 9:10 AM
Here’s How Many Post-Credits Sequences You Need to Stay for After Black Panther There are two.
Future Tense Feb 21, 9:01 AM
The Smart Home Dilemma Nnedi’s Okorafor’s “Mother of Invention” illustrates some of the Internet of Things discussions we need to have.
Future Tense Feb 21, 9:00 AM
“Mother of Invention” A new short story by the author of Marvel’s Black Panther: Long Live The King.
Crossword Feb 21, 8:15 AM
No End in Sight The American Values Club crossword for Feb. 21.
Dear Prudence Feb 21, 8:00 AM
Help! Is It Ever OK to Catfish Mom? Read what Prudie had to say in Part 2 of this week’s live chat.
Brow Beat Feb 21, 7:34 AM
Does Black Panther Say “Vibranium” As Much As Avatar Says “Unobtanium”? A Slate investigation.
Picks Feb 21, 7:30 AM
The Best Korean Beauty and Skin Care Products According to beauty bloggers and vloggers.
Care and Feeding Feb 21, 6:00 AM
Look, Little Chef, Stop Using All My Arborio Rice in Your Kitchen Experiments Advice for a parent whose creative kid has been watching too many cooking shows.
Five-ring Circus Feb 21, 1:26 AM
Four Theories on Why the United States Is Having Such a Crummy Winter Olympics
Brow Beat Feb 21, 12:40 AM
Trevor Noah Has Some Terrible Ideas for Addressing School Shootings
The Slatest Feb 20, 10:43 PM
Republican Senator to Introduce Bill Calling for Background Checks on All Commercial Gun Sales
Moneybox Feb 20, 10:31 PM
Why the Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on Obamacare Is a Bad Idea, According to the Trump Administration
The Slatest Feb 20, 10:03 PM
Today in Conservative Media: Stop Using Grieving Kids to Do Your Anti-Gun Dirty Work
The Gist Feb 20, 9:12 PM
Free Money City Once bankrupt, Stockton, California, will soon test the effects of universal basic income.
Brow Beat Feb 20, 8:19 PM
The New Silicon Valley Trailer Has a Secret Message
Hang Up And Listen Feb 20, 7:43 PM
Hang Up and Listen: The Trickless Hungarian Edition Slate’s sports podcast on Tongans and snowboarders skiing at the Winter Olympics. Plus, the strange tale of Markelle Fultz.
Five-ring Circus Feb 20, 7:40 PM
The Men of the Norwegian Curling Team Wear Flamboyant Pants. Does That Make Them Jerks?
Interrogation Feb 20, 7:14 PM
“There Appears to Be a Trend Here” A Quinnipiac pollster on how attitudes toward gun control might actually be changing.
Gizmos Feb 20, 7:07 PM
A Sad Farewell to Swype, the Third-Party Keyboard I Once Loved
Five-ring Circus Feb 20, 6:44 PM
Do Ice Dancing Partners Get a Bump in Their Scores if They’re Sex Partners? We did the math.
The Slatest Feb 20, 6:40 PM
Right-Wing Pundit Taunts Survivors of Parkland Shooting for Losing Weapons-Ban Vote in Florida Legislature
Brow Beat Feb 20, 6:12 PM
The Honest Trailer for Justice League Knows It’s Just The Avengers Minus the Interesting Villain
Politics Feb 20, 5:55 PM
Congress Focuses on Leftover Gun Bill After Florida Shooting But what “revisions” does Trump want?
Future Tense Feb 20, 5:51 PM
What Black Panther Could Mean for the Afrofuturism Movement
Five-ring Circus Feb 20, 5:50 PM
Shipping Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Is the Only True Olympic Sport
The Angle Feb 20, 5:49 PM
The Angle: More Mitt Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Jill Abramson, Trump predictions, and Romney’s mission.
The Slatest Feb 20, 5:39 PM
Mitch McConnell Should Be Driven Out of Office for Being a Chump Who Let Russia Humiliate America