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Full Slate
The Slatest Aug 27, 3:44 PM
More Evidence That the Planned Parenthood Videos Were Altered
Brow Beat Aug 27, 3:25 PM
Spike Lee Is Finally Getting an Oscar
The Slatest Aug 27, 3:17 PM
Civil Rights Activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, Beaten During Selma March, Dies at 104
Music Aug 27, 2:51 PM
My Bet With Sinéad O’Connor After I reviewed her new album, she called me and asked me to give her discography another listen. If I didn’t change my mind, I owed her a Happy Meal.
The XX Factor Aug 27, 2:46 PM
Trying to Understand Trump's Baffing Popularity Among GOP Women
The Slatest Aug 27, 2:43 PM
Vester Flanagan Apparently Planned to Disguise Self, Send Out More Messages
Brow Beat Aug 27, 2:37 PM
Miley Cyrus Disguised Herself As a Reporter to See What People Really Think of Her
The Slatest Aug 27, 2:28 PM
ISIS Is Probably Using Chemical Weapons. Where Did It Get Them?
The Slatest Aug 27, 2:16 PM
Campaign Quote of the Day: Donald Trump Wants to Make This “Company” Great Again
Future Tense Aug 27, 2:08 PM
Fight Plan The government needs to work with Silicon Valley to create our military future.
The Slatest Aug 27, 2:03 PM
Scores of Migrants Found Dead in a Truck in Austria. Why Is Anyone Surprised? 
Wild Things Aug 27, 2:00 PM
Unattractive Males Make Other Males More Attractive
Brow Beat Aug 27, 1:47 PM
Netflix’s Narcos Is Harrowing, Surreal, and Exactly the Portrayal of the Drug War We Needed
War Stories Aug 27, 1:24 PM
How the Iran Deal Will Pass—and Why It Should Lawmakers decided to read the actual agreement.
Schooled Aug 27, 1:19 PM
Chicago Activists Are on Day 11 of a Hunger Strike Over the Closure of This School
Brow Beat Aug 27, 1:14 PM
Kristen Wiig Plays an Egg Donor for Her Gay Best Friends in the Trailer for Nasty Baby
Brow Beat Aug 27, 12:55 PM
Difficult People May Not Be a Great Show, but Its Jewish Jokes Are Perfect
The Slatest Aug 27, 12:49 PM
Why That New York Daily News Cover Crosses the Line
Future Tense Aug 27, 12:38 PM
Hurricane Forecasts Have Become Much, Much Better Since Katrina
The Slatest Aug 27, 12:29 PM
World’s Fastest Man Knocked Over by World’s Most Dangerous Segway-Riding Cameraman
The Slatest Aug 27, 12:11 PM
New Poll Suggests Joe Biden Would Fare Better Against Republican Favorites Than Hillary
Moneybox Aug 27, 11:56 AM
A 2011 Paper Totally Predicted What’s Happening With China’s Economy Now
The Slatest Aug 27, 11:33 AM
“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”: Behind the Scenes of Kanye’s Katrina Moment  
The Slatest Aug 27, 11:26 AM
Will Tropical Storm Erika Turn Into a Hurricane and Hit Florida? An Updated Forecast.
The Vault Aug 27, 11:26 AM
An 1863 Recruitment Letter Urging the Formation of Anti-Lincoln Sleeper Cells
Atlas Obscura Aug 27, 11:18 AM
From China to France, Marrying the Deceased Isn't as Strange as It Seems 
Schooled Aug 27, 11:18 AM
I Covered New Orleans Public Schools After Katrina. Two Events Helped Me Truly Understand Them.
Outward Aug 27, 11:05 AM
I Believe Marriage Is Between a Man and a Woman. Am I a Homophobe? (Video.)
Behold Aug 27, 11:04 AM
Finding the Perfect Time of Day to Photograph America’s Changing Cities 
Moneybox Aug 27, 10:33 AM
Forget About the Stock Market. We Just Got Some Great News About the U.S. Economy.      
The Slatest Aug 27, 10:26 AM
In Cherished American Tradition, Shooting Victim's Devastated Father Pleads for Gun Control
Brow Beat Aug 27, 10:11 AM
Watch Taylor Swift Bring Out Justin Timberlake and, Most Amazingly, Friends’ Phoebe Buffay
Bad Astronomy Aug 27, 10:00 AM
How Is a Soap Bubble Like a Hurricane?
The Eye Aug 27, 9:16 AM
Charting an Architect’s Obsession With White—and Other Fun, Irreverent Infographics
Brow Beat Aug 27, 8:43 AM
The Story Behind the One-Pan, Nine-Minute Pasta Recipe That Took Over the Internet
Brow Beat Aug 27, 8:02 AM
Which One Direction Member Has the Most Solo Potential? A Ranking.
Quora Aug 27, 7:46 AM
How Did Early Explorers Find Small Islands?
The XX Factor Aug 27, 7:00 AM
“Porn Addiction” Is Often Just an Attempt to Medicalize Religious Dogma
Education Aug 27, 6:00 AM
The Frightening Power of the Home-Schooling Lobby Thanks to a small but fierce group, home schooling is barely regulated in much of the U.S. That means child neglect—and even abuse—is falling through the cracks.
Food Aug 27, 5:37 AM
New York Bagel Places Put Way Too Much Cream Cheese on Their Bagels Why?