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Slate Money Jul 22, 2:02 AM
The Fake Loans Edition Slate Money on private student loan debt, Donald Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank, and hedge funders evading taxes.
Politics Jul 21, 10:58 PM
The Nicest Thing You Can Say About Sean Spicer Is That He Was a Bad Liar We should fear a Trump press secretary who’s a good one.
Trumpcast Jul 21, 7:03 PM
Lies, Pardons, and Bringing Trump to Heel What are we to make of all the president’s untruths?
Moneybox Jul 21, 6:45 PM
The Senate Health Care Bill Plays a Sinister Joke on the Poor
Jurisprudence Jul 21, 6:20 PM
Criminal Pardon If Donald Trump abuses his pardon power, he could eventually be prosecuted.
The Slatest Jul 21, 6:13 PM
Today in Conservative Media: Scaramucci Can Talk, but What Does He Really Believe?
The Angle Jul 21, 5:59 PM
The Angle: More Trump Than Trump Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Anthony Scaramucci, the limits of the law, and anti-abortion protesters in Kentucky.
Outward Jul 21, 5:59 PM
What the Appointment of LGBTQ-Friendly Anthony Scaramucci Means for the White House
Medical Examiner Jul 21, 5:56 PM
A Tennessee Jail Is Offering Vasectomies for Reduced Prison Time That’s wildly unethical.
The Slatest Jul 21, 5:35 PM
Anthony Scaramucci Attacked Trump in 2015 for Being Spoiled and Un-American, but Says They Made Up
The Gist Jul 21, 5:19 PM
Al Gore, Ever Hopeful The former vice president returns with a sequel to his climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
Trumpcast Jul 21, 5:19 PM
Why Exactly Does Putin Hate the Magnitsky Act? The man who lobbied for it explains its importance and why it’s at the heart of the Trump Tower meeting.
The Slatest Jul 21, 5:12 PM
Trump Impeach-O-Meter: Mooch Madness Edition
The XX Factor Jul 21, 5:01 PM
Is It Reasonable to Expect R. Kelly’s Former Musical Collaborators to Denounce Him?
The Slatest Jul 21, 4:57 PM
Blind Side Coach Resigns Over Scandal Involving Escorts, Bongs, and Man Named Houston Nutt
The Slatest Jul 21, 4:39 PM
Anthony Scaramucci Loves All of You, Even You Hacks in the Press
Technology Jul 21, 4:35 PM
Uber Needs to Share Its Salary Data After a series of sexism scandals, the company says it’s now paying men and women equally. That’s not enough.
Moneybox Jul 21, 4:29 PM
Anthony Scaramucci Isn't Just Perfect for the Trump Administration—He Practically Is Trump
Jurisprudence Jul 21, 4:09 PM
Lawyers Aren’t Wizards There’s no magic legal spell to remove Donald Trump from office. Americans are just going to have to stand up and fight his abuses of power.
The Trumpcare Tracker Jul 21, 3:59 PM
Nobody Knows Anything Republican leaders don’t have a bill, but they’re still pushing senators to vote next week.
The Vault Jul 21, 3:56 PM
How Depression-Era Women Made Dresses Out Of Chicken Feed
The Slatest Jul 21, 3:49 PM
The Resistance Is Already Planning for When Trump Fires Mueller
Future Tense Jul 21, 3:34 PM
YouTube Starts Redirecting People who Search for Certain Keywords to Anti-Terrorist Videos
Best of Slate Podcasts Jul 21, 3:31 PM
The Best of Slate Podcasts Only have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Brow Beat Jul 21, 2:51 PM
The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Is Not Having It With HBO’s Confederate
Moneybox Jul 21, 2:50 PM
New York Just Gave Low-Income Tenants a Big Weapon in Housing Court: A Lawyer
Political Gabfest Jul 21, 2:46 PM
The End of Norms The Political Gabfest on how Trump has challenged the traditions and customs that have constrained past presidents.
Jurisprudence Jul 21, 2:09 PM
Trump Can’t Escape the States No matter whom he fires or pardons, the president won’t be able to hide from state attorneys general.
Jurisprudence Jul 21, 1:28 PM
Can the President Get the Vice President to Pardon Him? And other pardon scenarios, explained.
The Slatest Jul 21, 1:02 PM
Sean Spicer Resigns Over Hiring of Loudmouth Wall Street Creep to Be His Boss
Brow Beat Jul 21, 12:47 PM
Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and the Sunday Night Battle for the Future of Television
Culture Gabfest Jul 21, 12:39 PM
On Mayonnaise A Culture Gabfest guide to that most controversial of condiments.
Politics Jul 21, 12:19 PM
“They Believe the Government Is Now on Their Side” For a picture of the newly emboldened, militant anti-abortion movement, look to Louisville.
Politics Jul 21, 11:51 AM
The Trump Administration Is Stealing Our Jokes How the presidential aesthetic became a mirror of our Adult Swim show Decker.
The Slatest Jul 21, 11:25 AM
U.S. to Ban Citizens From Travel to North Korea
Conspiracy Thrillers Jul 21, 11:22 AM
In The Parallax View, Conspiracy Goes All the Way to the Top—and Beyond Alan J. Pakula’s suspense thriller suggested that political assassinations were part of something much, much larger.
Politics Jul 21, 11:21 AM
Making Afghanistan Great Again The Trump administration seems in no hurry to devise a strategy for America’s longest-running war.
Future Tense Jul 21, 11:16 AM
Google’s New News Feed Is Scary-Good at Personalization So why does it feel so impersonal?
Brow Beat Jul 21, 11:04 AM
Serious Investigative Journalist Stephen Colbert Goes to Moscow in Search of “the Pee Pee Tape”
Future Tense Jul 21, 11:01 AM
Twitter Claims Its Changes Have Led to "Significantly Less Abuse." But Will They Be Enough?