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Bad Astronomy Nov 1, 7:30 AM
Ceiling Nebula Is Watching You Trick-or-Treat
Business Insider Nov 1, 6:15 AM
These Two Phones Prove Apple Has Forced Samsung to Change its Game
The Gist Oct 31, 7:35 PM
Two Families, One Mortgage Two sisters are considering merging households. That sounds like hell to Dear Prudence’s Emily Yoffe.
Future Tense Oct 31, 6:44 PM
Intel Owes You $15 If Your Computer 14 Years Ago Had a Pentium 4 Processor
Sports Nut Oct 31, 6:32 PM
Michigan Fans 1, Dave Brandon 0 The resignation of the Wolverines’ villainous athletic director is why we like college sports.
War Stories Oct 31, 5:49 PM
Obama’s Quagmire America’s campaign against ISIS has already lost its way.
Politics Oct 31, 5:41 PM
The Melting Pot Is Broken How slowing down immigration could help us build a more cohesive and humane society.
Brow Beat Oct 31, 5:39 PM
Everything You Need to Know About the Black Panther, Marvel’s New Lead Superhero
Future Tense Oct 31, 5:26 PM
Law Enforcement Can Make You Unlock Devices With Your Fingerprint in Virginia
Moneybox Oct 31, 5:08 PM
Are Starbucks Customers Over the Pumpkin Spice Latte?
Future Tense Oct 31, 5:06 PM
Finally, a Drone That Saves Lives Rather Than Take Them 
Science Oct 31, 5:02 PM
Wolf Wars Alaska’s Republican governors find vicious ways to kill predators and mark their territory with the feds.
The XX Factor Oct 31, 4:45 PM
Chelsea Handler Stands Up for Freed Nipples
The XX Factor Oct 31, 4:30 PM
White Men Don't Catcall. They Harass In Other Ways.
Jurisprudence Oct 31, 4:09 PM
Lousy Judgment This year’s scary election ads will destroy any lingering confidence in the judicial branch.
Brow Beat Oct 31, 4:00 PM
Here’s Everything We Know So Far About the Coen Brothers’ Next Movie
Science Oct 31, 4:00 PM
Great and Small Stunning images from a microscopic art competition.
Foreigners Oct 31, 4:00 PM
“We Are Here” The new Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a testament to people everywhere who have fought to exist.
The Slatest Oct 31, 3:50 PM
The Downside of School Police Using Pepper Spray on Kids
The Slatest Oct 31, 3:40 PM
Virgin Galactic Spacecraft Crashes, Pilot Killed
Live at Politics & Prose Oct 31, 3:32 PM
Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, Katha Pollitt Katha Pollitt discusses her new book at Politics & Prose.
The XX Factor Oct 31, 3:32 PM
Two Lawsuits Allege Rape at the "Rapebait" Frat House
The Slatest Oct 31, 3:12 PM
Maine Judge Sides With Science, Rejects State’s Attempt to Quarantine Kaci Hickox
Politics Oct 31, 1:59 PM
The Next Mitt Romney Even if Mitt never runs again, don’t worry. A number of Romney clones may be elected on Tuesday.
Political Gabfest Oct 31, 1:29 PM
You, The Gabfest, and a Hotel Room Win tickets to attend a taping of the Political Gabfest, live from David’s Chicago hotel room. 
Brow Beat Oct 31, 1:13 PM
The Scariest Thing About Grimm Is Its Horrific Butchery of the German Language
Movies Oct 31, 12:53 PM
The Self-Made Monster Three full performances almost save the empty Nightcrawler.
Brow Beat Oct 31, 12:35 PM
This Gory New Music Video Is a Perfect Halloween Treat
Moneybox Oct 31, 12:34 PM
How to Get Your $3 Burrito From Chipotle Today
The Eye Oct 31, 12:22 PM
These Stunning Paintings Were Created Using Fire and Feathers
Outward Oct 31, 12:15 PM
Rocky Horror Is Surely Queer. But Is It Good for the Gays?
Slate Picks Oct 31, 12:02 PM
What Happened at Slate This Week?  Staff writer Alison Griswold shares what stories intrigued her at the magazine this week. 
Politics Oct 31, 12:01 PM
Great White North Candidates running for office in America’s northern border states have one thing in common: fear of the southern border. 
Future Tense Oct 31, 11:53 AM
Unidentified Drones Keep Flying Over French Nuclear Plants
Brow Beat Oct 31, 11:50 AM
Every NBA Player’s Favorite Cliché
Roads & Kingdoms Oct 31, 11:46 AM
To Live and Die in East London As the city’s Muslim population soars, burial services are in growing demand. Meet the motley crew that ushers the dead to the afterlife.
Atlas Obscura Oct 31, 11:31 AM
It's Halloween. Time for a Chat With Harry Houdini's Ghost.
Television Oct 31, 11:31 AM
A Difficult Woman Even as an HBO miniseries, Olive Kitteridge feels like a novel—in the best way.
The Slatest Oct 31, 11:27 AM
Judge Orders Maine Nurse Kaci Hickox to Abide by CDC Recommendations
Family Oct 31, 11:26 AM
How to Scare People on Halloween If you are a boy, dress up like Elsa.