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Ohio Couple Married for 70 Years Die 15 Hours Apart
The Slatest Apr 19, 5:26 PM
Four French Journalists Freed After 10 Months of Captivity in Syria
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Prince Gets Melancholy in His Latest Song, "The Breakdown"
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South Korea Ferry Captain Arrested as Rescuers Say There’s “Almost Zero” Chance of Survivors
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Watch How a TV Anchor in Mexico Keeps Calm as Earthquake Shakes Studio
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How Companies Like Fitbit and Nest Are Making Money off Your Data
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The Empire’s Death Star Test Goes Well
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Why Are Some People Early Birds and Others Night Owls?
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The Longform Guide to Cuba Great writing about the current state of the country, plus a few picks from its past. 
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Amazing Footage of Dragon Space Capsule Seen from the Ground
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High Maintenance This is how you should spend your 4/20.
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Do White Castle Prices Tell Us Anything About the Minimum Wage?
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If You're a Language Nerd, This Will Figuratively Make Your Day
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British Airways Is Going Back to the Future Doc Brown would be proud.
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We Won’t Get a Final Decision on Keystone XL Until After the Midterm Elections
The XX Factor Apr 18, 4:46 PM
Should the Government Regulate Photoshopping in Ads? Two Congresswomen Say Yes. 
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Why People Are Freaking Out Over General Mills' New Legal Policy
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Warrant Requested for South Korean Ferry Captain's Arrest
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Gay Nightlife for Minorities Risks Extinction
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Drones Get Sketchier When You Use Them to Spot Pot Farms So You Can Steal the Drugs
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Guardian Interviews Eccentric Co-Architect of CIA Interrogation Program
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How Not to End Racial Discrimination Conservatives have been making the same wrongheaded argument for more than 100 years.
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Why Pope Francis Has Been an Effective Leader
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Did Enough “Young Invincibles” Sign Up for Obamacare?
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Apple Has an iPad Problem
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How Would the U.S. Media Cover the Clintons if They Were in Another Country?
Politics Apr 18, 1:38 PM
Warren’s World Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s new memoir is far friendlier than anyone expected.
Foreigners Apr 18, 1:37 PM
“The Risks Are Enormous” Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski on Putin’s reckless course.
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The Most WTF Moments on Last Night’s Scandal Finale
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Gorgeous Easter Eggs From the Master Patissiers of France
Roads & Kingdoms Apr 18, 12:37 PM
I Ran the Pyongyang Marathon What I saw running 26 miles in a Stalinist dictatorship.
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Year of No Sugar Reads Like a How-To Manual for an Eating Disorder
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Data Doesn’t Lie? The fuzzy math behind the search for MH370.
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Clint Eastwood Made a Musical: Watch the Trailer for Jersey Boys
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Criminal Cabbie Mastermind (Allegedly) Evaded 3,000 Tolls
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Happy Crossmas! How Easter stubbornly resists commercialism.
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Listen to the Plants They talk to bugs and birds all the time in a language that could be the future of food.
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Blood Made From Stem Cells Could Be Coursing Through Your Veins in a Few Years
Political Gabfest Apr 18, 11:27 AM
The Ukraine, You Saw, You Conquered Gabfest Listen to Slate’s show about Putin’s muscle-flexing in Ukraine, race in the Obama era, and the botched Jameis Winston investigation.
Behold Apr 18, 11:02 AM
A Stunning Testament to the Life and Work of Chris Hondros