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Brow Beat Oct 24, 8:33 AM
Before You See Moonlight, Stream Barry Jenkins’ Brilliant First Feature
The XX Factor Oct 24, 8:32 AM
Male law partners make 44 percent more than female ones.
Video Oct 24, 8:03 AM
Princeton University's All-Volunteer Fire Program University employees help keep the community safe.
Brow Beat Oct 24, 8:03 AM
Hamilton Wrote Like He Was “Running Out of Time.” But How Was His Actual Handwriting?  
Roads & Kingdoms Oct 24, 7:03 AM
Jimmy Carter Wants Your Vote In the far reaches of southern Brazil, a young man with a progressive dream is ready to make his political mark.
Cover Story Oct 23, 8:00 PM
Republican Women Feel Betrayed by Their Party They won’t soon forget it—even after Trump is finished.
The Slatest Oct 23, 7:17 PM
Lawyers for Trump Accusers Have Message After Lawsuit Threat: Bring It On
The Slatest Oct 23, 6:15 PM
California Tour Bus Crash Kills at Least 13, Injures 31
The Slatest Oct 23, 4:57 PM
Las Vegas Review-Journal Hands Trump His First Major Newspaper Endorsement
The Slatest Oct 23, 3:46 PM
Almost 70 Percent of Republicans Say Clinton Could Only Win by Cheating
The Slatest Oct 23, 2:56 PM
Trump Campaign Admits “We Are Behind” as Poll Suggests Clinton Could Win Texas
The Slatest Oct 23, 2:49 PM
The First Black Chicago Cub in World Series History Will Bat First in Game 1
Brow Beat Oct 23, 12:49 PM
Leslie Jones Fires Back at Trolls and Hackers With Hilarious SNL Takedown
Brow Beat Oct 23, 10:51 AM
Watch Tom Hanks Mock Trump Supporters in SNL’s Black Jeopardy
Brow Beat Oct 23, 9:58 AM
Watch “Entire Planet” Laugh at Trump as SNL Mocks Final Presidential Debate
The Slatest Oct 23, 1:38 AM
Meet Dorothy Farrell, the 90-Year-Old Cubs Fan Who’s Celebrating With Jägermeister
The Slatest Oct 22, 6:55 PM
Log Cabin Republicans Refuse to Endorse Trump: He Is “Surrounded” by Anti–LGBT Advisers
The Slatest Oct 22, 5:45 PM
AT&T Ready to Buy Time Warner for $85 Billion to Become Media Powerhouse
The Slatest Oct 22, 4:03 PM
Trump Lays Out Predictable 100-Day Plan as He Warns of Election Day Fraud
The Slatest Oct 22, 1:19 PM
Donald Trump Vows to Sue "Every Woman" Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault
The Slatest Oct 22, 11:43 AM
Salma Hayek Rejected Trump, so He Planted a Story About Her in the National Enquirer
Bad Astronomy Oct 22, 9:00 AM
Mars Lander Impact Site Seen from Orbit
The Slatest Oct 22, 8:44 AM
“Am I Still a Republican?”: Conservative Pundits Ponder the Post-Trump GOP
Slate Money Oct 22, 2:01 AM
The Hothouse Edition Slate Money breaks down the HFC deal, proposed Airbnb regulations, and the Volcker Rule.
The Gist Oct 21, 7:53 PM
The Case Against Dropping College Debt New Yorker contributing writer Adam Davidson says the country’s education system exacerbates inequality. But eliminating student loan payments wouldn’t help either.
Future Tense Oct 21, 6:41 PM
How Low-G Coffee Cups Could Help Get Us to Mars (Video)
Brow Beat Oct 21, 6:36 PM
It’s Official: Lando Calrissian Will Be Played by Donald Glover in the New Han Solo Movie
Moneybox Oct 21, 6:26 PM
The Latest Proof That Europe Is a Complete and Utter Political Wreck
The Angle Oct 21, 6:06 PM
The Angle: Too Slick by Half Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on late-term abortions, poll watching, and Ang Lee's Billy Lynn.
Brow Beat Oct 21, 5:58 PM
Watch Bill Murray Crash a White House Press Briefing in a Very Bill Murray Way
The Slatest Oct 21, 5:58 PM
Curt Schilling Asks Jake “King of the Jews” Tapper Why Jews Support Democrats
The Slatest Oct 21, 5:41 PM
Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Are We Still Doing This?
The Slatest Oct 21, 5:07 PM
Trump Supporter Paul Ryan’s Popularity Is Nosediving Among Republicans
Moneybox Oct 21, 4:54 PM
Here’s How the Federal Government Made the Maps That Crippled Black Neighbhorhoods
Future Tense Oct 21, 4:53 PM
Watch Burning Steel Wool Make Oxidation Beautiful  
Brow Beat Oct 21, 4:12 PM
Aimee Mann on How She Got Inside Donald Trump’s Head for Her New Song
Trumpcast Oct 21, 4:11 PM
Trump Backers on Trial Will the GOP candidate’s supporters pay a price after the election?
Future Tense Oct 21, 4:06 PM
Google Changed a Major Privacy Policy Four Months Ago, and No One Really Noticed
Slate Plus Oct 21, 4:05 PM
Authority Figures The Slate Plus Digest for Oct. 21.
The Slatest Oct 21, 3:50 PM
Russia’s Request to Monitor the U.S. Election Was an Expert-Level Troll