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Brow Beat Dec 20, 6:45 PM
Craig Ferguson Left the Late Late Show With a Quirky, Deeply Referential Farewell Video
The Slatest Dec 20, 6:18 PM
Man Shoots, Kills Two NYC Cops “Execution Style,” Apparently as Revenge for Garner, Brown
Brow Beat Dec 20, 5:47 PM
Nicki Minaj Dropped a Three-Act, Unusually Candid Short Film for The Pinkprint
The Slatest Dec 20, 1:16 PM
Four Guantánamo Detainees, Including “Taliban Intelligence Chief,” Sent Home to Afghanistan
The Slatest Dec 20, 1:12 PM
Same-Sex Marriages Will Begin in Florida on Jan. 6
Brow Beat Dec 20, 1:00 PM
Madonna Releases Six Songs From New, Leaked Album Rebel Heart
The Slatest Dec 20, 11:47 AM
One of the Women Used to Create Zero Dark Thirty Character Was Key Architect of Torture Program
The Slatest Dec 20, 10:24 AM
North Korea to U.S.: Let’s Work Together to Figure Out Who Hacked Sony
The Music Club Dec 20, 9:16 AM
The Music Club, 2014 Entry 16: RTJ 2 may be the safe choice for rap album of the year, but that doesn’t make it wrong.
Slate Money Dec 20, 8:53 AM
The Quadraphonic Edition  Slate Money on the currency crisis in Russia, a reversal of the swaps “push-out” rule, the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, and U.S.-Cuba relations.
Bad Astronomy Dec 20, 7:30 AM
Detecting an Exoplanet… Without a Telescope
The Gist Dec 19, 7:50 PM
Bad Movies, Good Podcast Flop House turns Hollywood failure into memorable mockery.
Future Tense Dec 19, 7:20 PM
Google and MPAA Clash Over Movie Piracy. Google Swiftly Files Suit.
Future Tense Dec 19, 7:09 PM
How Tech Companies Are Trying to Take Over Your Car
The Music Club Dec 19, 6:54 PM
The Music Club, 2014 Entry 15: “I like everything” is the new “I only like their early stuff.”
Politics Dec 19, 6:46 PM
Fast and Loose It’s amazing how much the past 40 days have changed the president.
Politics Dec 19, 6:30 PM
America, Truck Yeah! The United States’ latest SUV-buying binge shows how badly we needed President Obama’s fuel economy rules.
The World Dec 19, 5:53 PM
Sanctions Rarely Work. Why Does America Keep Using Them?
Crime Dec 19, 5:40 PM
Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer Meet the men who set the gold standard for criminal incompetence in 2014.
Politics Dec 19, 5:36 PM
Never Surrender Why some Republicans are still chasing Benghazi.
Brow Beat Dec 19, 5:10 PM
Watch an Annotated Version of Colbert’s Farewell Song and See Who All Those People Were
Moneybox Dec 19, 5:07 PM
Don’t Sweat the Dodd-Frank Rollback Congress just gave Wall Street a win. It also opened the door for smarter, better financial reform.
The Slatest Dec 19, 4:41 PM
Appeals Court Rules People Institutionalized for Mental Illness Still Have Right to Guns
Politics Dec 19, 4:28 PM
Outsourced Terror The horrific stories of CIA-sponsored torture that aren’t in the Senate report.
Outward Dec 19, 4:18 PM
Title VII Sex Discrimination Protections Now Cover Transgender Workers
Slate Picks Dec 19, 4:15 PM
What Happened at Slate This Week? Staff writer Lily Hay Newman shares what stories intrigued her at the magazine this week.
Brow Beat Dec 19, 4:08 PM
Watch These Chefs Make the World’s Most Beautiful, Complex Gingerbread House
Low Concept Dec 19, 4:05 PM
The James Flacco Name Generator Use our widget to Obamify your name.
Moneybox Dec 19, 4:02 PM
The Maker of Hellmann’s Just Dropped an Absurd Lawsuit Over the Definition of Mayonnaise
Politics Dec 19, 3:57 PM
The One Amendment We’re Not Willing to Give Up The Senate torture report and Sony’s retreat are reminders of what Americans are willing to sacrifice—and what we aren’t.
The Slatest Dec 19, 3:57 PM
Video Shows NYC Plainclothes Cop Punching Young Black Suspect
The XX Factor Dec 19, 3:52 PM
Prenatal Tests Are Supposed to Detect Fetal Abnormalities With Near-Accuracy. They Don’t.
The Music Club Dec 19, 3:35 PM
The Music Club, 2014 Entry 14: Let’s talk about what really matters: Who was the most important rapper of 2014?
Brow Beat Dec 19, 3:31 PM
If You Liked Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, Will You Like Paul Thomas Anderson’s?
Future Tense Dec 19, 3:25 PM
The Global Cell Network Is Wildly Insecure. Anyone Could Be Listening To Your Calls.
The Slatest Dec 19, 3:16 PM
Rand Paul Goes after Marco Rubio's Cuba Comments on Twitter
The Slatest Dec 19, 2:44 PM
Obama Says Sony Cancellation of The Interview Was “a Mistake”
Bad Astronomy Dec 19, 2:15 PM
The Ghost of a Horse Warms Itself in the Flame
Lexicon Valley Dec 19, 2:09 PM
Language Travel Tips: How to Talk to Someone Who Doesn’t Speak Much English
The Slatest Dec 19, 1:37 PM
FBI Officially Accuses North Korea of Attacking Our Treasured Seth Rogen Freedoms