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Science Wed Jul 23 23:49:00 EDT 2014
Does This Make Me Sound Insecure? The linguistic tics that reveal self-doubt.
Brow Beat Wed Jul 23 21:31:36 EDT 2014
This Video Essay Is Great on Richard Linklater’s Subtle, Intimate Cinematography
The Slatest Wed Jul 23 21:12:23 EDT 2014
Federal Judge Rules Colorado Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
The Slatest Wed Jul 23 19:55:13 EDT 2014
Arizona Man Gasps and Snorts During Lethal Injection Execution That Took Nearly Two Hours
The Slatest Wed Jul 23 18:48:34 EDT 2014
GM Makes a Solid Run at Recalling Every Car It’s Ever Made
Technology Wed Jul 23 18:31:06 EDT 2014
Apple’s iPad Problem Why aren’t more people buying tablets?
The Gist Wed Jul 23 18:30:01 EDT 2014
Should Clothing Ever Be Optional? The Gist strips down to the naked truths about nudists with writer Dave Hill.
Moneybox Wed Jul 23 17:52:00 EDT 2014
Help! I Don’t Know Which Fiscal Quarter I’m In.
Foreigners Wed Jul 23 17:47:34 EDT 2014
Putin Isn’t Panicking The Flight 17 disaster is just one misstep in the Russian president’s wider war on the West.
Moneybox Wed Jul 23 17:30:00 EDT 2014
In Praise of Puppy-Filled Workplaces
The World Wed Jul 23 17:29:00 EDT 2014
China’s Bubonic Plague Response Seems a Little Extreme
The XX Factor Wed Jul 23 17:18:07 EDT 2014
Why Can’t We Stop Talking About "Bikini Bodies"?
War Stories Wed Jul 23 17:17:57 EDT 2014
America’s Flight 17 The time the United States blew up a passenger plane—and tried to cover it up.
The Slatest Wed Jul 23 17:09:00 EDT 2014
Ukrainian Rebel Says Rebels Had Anti-Aircraft Missile System
Moneybox Wed Jul 23 17:01:00 EDT 2014
Hey Look, Obama Has Reduced Income Inequality (Sort Of)
Future Tense Wed Jul 23 16:57:14 EDT 2014
Now There Are Two Weird Holes in Siberia
Weigel Wed Jul 23 16:55:00 EDT 2014
Plagiarism Probably Just Ended a Senate Race in Montana
Sports Wed Jul 23 16:43:44 EDT 2014
Unforced Errors The All England Club discovered that its annual Wimbledon yearbook was full of plagiarism. The club kept selling it anyway.
The World Wed Jul 23 16:25:29 EDT 2014
While the World Was Watching Gaza and Ukraine, Things Have Only Gotten Worse in Iraq and Syria
Brow Beat Wed Jul 23 16:23:45 EDT 2014
The Hit Songs That Have Been Completely Forgotten, in One Chart
Outward Wed Jul 23 16:12:50 EDT 2014
The United Methodist Church Is Split on Gays. But Is Schism the Answer?
Weigel Wed Jul 23 16:09:00 EDT 2014
Andrew Cuomo Says It’s OK That He Shut Down an Ethics Commission, Because He Started It
Brow Beat Wed Jul 23 16:02:01 EDT 2014
A Boyhood and Harry Potter Mashup 12 Years in the Making
Gentleman Scholar Wed Jul 23 15:50:37 EDT 2014
What Should a Gentleman Tip a Racist Cabdriver? Stiff the chump? Throw a wad of bills in his face?
The Vault Wed Jul 23 15:30:26 EDT 2014
Gandhi's 1942 Letter to FDR, Asking For Support For Indian Independence 
Brow Beat Wed Jul 23 15:07:22 EDT 2014
Seth Meyers Found a Way to Make New Yorker Cartoons Really Funny
Future Tense Wed Jul 23 15:01:43 EDT 2014
Netizen Report: Censorship and Social Media Sneakiness Abound in Southeast Asia
The Slatest Wed Jul 23 14:56:00 EDT 2014
Blue Angels Scandal Involves Genitalia Painting So Large It Could Be Seen on Google Maps
Wild Things Wed Jul 23 14:46:02 EDT 2014
Do Dogs Get Jealous?
The XX Factor Wed Jul 23 14:44:29 EDT 2014
NRA Commentator: Kids Should Be Required to Learn How to Shoot a Gun in School  
Lexicon Valley Wed Jul 23 14:09:47 EDT 2014
How to Get Ahead as a Woman in Tech: Interrupt Men
Brow Beat Wed Jul 23 13:48:35 EDT 2014
Sad Jack White Is the New Sad Kanye Is the New Sad Keanu
Politics Wed Jul 23 13:47:51 EDT 2014
Why the Halbig Decision Is Nothing for Republicans to Celebrate It’s actually incredibly dangerous.
Dear Prudence Wed Jul 23 13:47:33 EDT 2014
Baby’s Body Image My mother is obsessed with my 1-year-old’s weight.
Quora Wed Jul 23 13:46:16 EDT 2014
When Did TV Shows Start to Break Racial Barriers?
Weigel Wed Jul 23 13:42:00 EDT 2014
Scott Brown Has the Single Most Chutzpah-Rich Response to Halbig
Science Wed Jul 23 13:41:31 EDT 2014
What Is the Bloop? A sound recorded deep in the Pacific has been a lively mystery for years—even if it’s probably been solved.
Moneybox Wed Jul 23 13:27:00 EDT 2014
This Infuriating Graph Proves That CEO Pay-for-Performance Is a Sham
Moneybox Wed Jul 23 13:14:00 EDT 2014
Like GM, Chrysler Has a Scary Stalling Defect, but People Aren’t Nearly as Upset About It
The XX Factor Wed Jul 23 13:13:00 EDT 2014
Ted Cruz Has Some Thoughts About True Blood