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Brow Beat Thu May 05 00:03:04 EDT 2016
Channing Tatum Announces Magic Mike Live in this Male Stripper and Puppy-Filled Video
The Slatest Wed May 04 23:26:44 EDT 2016
Donald Trump’s About to Start Fundraising and Relying on Super PACS Just Like Everyone Else
Brow Beat Wed May 04 22:33:18 EDT 2016
Pierce Brosnan is the World’s Worst Drug Dealer in the Trailer for Urge
The Gist Wed May 04 22:24:15 EDT 2016
Welcome to the Abyss We’re reconvening this much-requested Trump Anxiety Hotline. Trust us, you’ll feel better.
The Slatest Wed May 04 21:24:34 EDT 2016
Hardball’s Chris Matthews Caught on Hot Mic Ogling Melania Trump
Brow Beat Wed May 04 20:27:15 EDT 2016
Taran Killam Will Repeatedly Fail To Kill Arnold Schwarzenegger in Their Upcoming Film
The Slatest Wed May 04 19:08:38 EDT 2016
Neither Bush 41 Nor Bush 43 Plans on Endorsing Donald Trump for President
The Slatest Wed May 04 18:27:31 EDT 2016
The Wednesday Slatest Newsletter
Outward Wed May 04 18:06:39 EDT 2016
Justice Department to North Carolina: Your Anti-LGBTQ Law Violates the Civil Rights Act
The Slatest Wed May 04 18:03:32 EDT 2016
Today's Trump Apocalypse Watch: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing (Hopefully)
Politics Wed May 04 17:55:33 EDT 2016
I’m Not Voting for Donald Trump Or for Hillary, for that matter.
The Angle Wed May 04 17:47:52 EDT 2016
The Angle: It’s All Happening Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on done lists, dropped pronouns, and the end of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.
Outward Wed May 04 17:18:25 EDT 2016
Alabama City Decides Trans People Can Use Public Bathrooms After All
The XX Factor Wed May 04 17:17:16 EDT 2016
This May Be the Most Disturbing Thing Woody Allen Has Ever Said About His Wife
The Slatest Wed May 04 17:08:32 EDT 2016
The Domestication of Donald Trump, In One Fox News Clip
Books Wed May 04 16:48:31 EDT 2016
The Ocean of Sadness Melissa Broder and the satisfaction of embracing the world of feeling.
Brow Beat Wed May 04 16:45:00 EDT 2016
It's Been Seven Hours and 13 Days Since Prince Died. Here’s a Brief History of “Nothing Compares 2 U.”
Inside Higher Ed Wed May 04 16:42:00 EDT 2016
A Campus by Any Other Brand Why do college logos and taglines all sound so eerily similar?
The Slatest Wed May 04 16:40:17 EDT 2016
Trump Reassures Nation That "Things Will Be Fine" If He's President, Then Doesn't Really Back That Up
Jurisprudence Wed May 04 16:36:59 EDT 2016
The Stingers Get Stung One California judge just sent a seething message to police who illegally target gay men in sting operations.
Politics Wed May 04 15:13:51 EDT 2016
Resolved: Ted Cruz Was His Worst Self as a Presidential Candidate In his surly, failed campaign, Cruz turned into a cartoon version of the blowhard I knew on the college debate circuit.
Culture Gabfest Wed May 04 15:07:42 EDT 2016
The Culture Gabfest “The Worst Man in the World” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Meddler, The Night Manager, and Donald Trump, the baby boomer.
Future Tense Wed May 04 14:54:38 EDT 2016
Stop the Search for Bitcoin’s Creator! It misses the point of bitcoin.
Outward Wed May 04 14:37:51 EDT 2016
Obama May Soon Create America’s First LGBTQ National Monument
Brow Beat Wed May 04 14:23:00 EDT 2016
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams Sing Their ​Star Wars​ Song, Reveal It’s an Homage to Shaggy
Politics Wed May 04 14:08:00 EDT 2016
Why I’m Still a Republican I hate Donald Trump, but I’m not leaving the GOP.
The Slatest Wed May 04 13:29:00 EDT 2016
Wildfire Rips Through Canadian City, Forcing 80,000 to Flee. This Is Climate Change.
The Moment Wed May 04 13:28:06 EDT 2016
Ryan Holiday Talks Stoicism and Why Ego Is the Enemy What’s holding you back from doing your best work?
The XX Factor Wed May 04 13:19:10 EDT 2016
Brazil’s Sex-Themed Amusement Park Sounds Boring. Here’s How to Make It Better.
The Slatest Wed May 04 13:18:00 EDT 2016
All the Signs, Evidence, Polls, and Trends That Point Toward a Hillary Win
Amicus Wed May 04 13:01:06 EDT 2016
Is Every Gift a Bribe? If you’re a public official—maybe.
Politics Wed May 04 12:55:26 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Be President He’d have to win unprecedented shares of the very kinds of voters who hate him: blacks, Latinos, and women.
Video Wed May 04 12:32:21 EDT 2016
Flying in Place Birds soar through a wind tunnel and help reveal the secrets of flight.
Atlas Obscura Wed May 04 12:30:00 EDT 2016
In the Middle of the Mojave Desert Sat an Anomalous Pay Phone. This Is Its Story.
The Slatest Wed May 04 12:28:00 EDT 2016
John Kasich Is Quitting, and Trump Has No More Challengers
Outward Wed May 04 12:23:54 EDT 2016
Why Do So Many Bisexuals End Up In “Straight” Relationships?
Science Wed May 04 12:20:32 EDT 2016
Their Next Act The Ringling Brothers’ elephants are retiring—and moving to Florida to contribute to cancer research. 
The Slatest Wed May 04 12:12:00 EDT 2016
Trump’s Defense of His Abortion Gaffe Is the Worst Defense Anyone Has Ever Given of Anything
Brow Beat Wed May 04 12:05:02 EDT 2016
Kendrick Lamar Jammed With Prince Two Years Ago, and Now We Have the Electrifying Video
Business Insider Wed May 04 11:13:24 EDT 2016
10-Year-Old Hero Hacks Instagram, Collects $10,000 from Facebook