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The Slatest Jan 22, 10:07 AM
Rudy Giuliani: It “Wouldn’t Be a Crime” if Trump Negotiated Moscow Real Estate Deal During Campaign
Lexicon Valley Jan 22, 9:46 AM
The Many Meanings of Truth An actually very literal discussion of true words. Really!
Brow Beat Jan 22, 9:27 AM
Here Are Your 2019 Oscar Nominees
You Must Remember This Jan 22, 7:00 AM
Maureen O’Hara and the Trial of Confidential Magazine O’Hara’s autobiography says she was the first movie star to win a lawsuit against a major tabloid, but the facts tell a completely different story.
Picks Jan 22, 6:15 AM
The Best Makeup Removers Are These Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads And you can feel better about your impact on the planet.
Studio 360 Jan 22, 6:00 AM
From Aria Code: Dalila, the Femme Fatale The wildly beautiful aria that drives Samson wild.
Sports Jan 22, 5:55 AM
How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Plan Would Change the NBA
Downtime Jan 22, 5:45 AM
The Age of the Self-Own Why it’s the defining maneuver of our stupid times.
Politics Jan 21, 6:28 PM
The MAGA Teens Aren’t Innocent Victims The incident at the Lincoln Memorial was more complicated than it initially seemed, but new footage doesn’t exonerate the kids in the red caps.
The Slatest Jan 21, 6:05 PM
Student at Center of Face-Off With Native American Elder Defends Himself
The Slatest Jan 21, 5:11 PM
One in Ten TSA Employees Called Out Sick Over Holiday Weekend Amid Shutdown
The Slatest Jan 21, 3:55 PM
Trump’s Social Media Photos Reportedly Altered to Make Him Look Thinner and His Hands Bigger
Jurisprudence Jan 21, 1:00 PM
The Trump Administration Quietly Changed the Definition of Domestic Violence and We Have No Idea What For
The Slatest Jan 21, 12:44 PM
Kamala Harris Makes it Official: She’s Running for President
Family Jan 21, 11:00 AM
When Your Parents Are a NASA Scientist and a Geophysicist Featuring Charlotte Boyce, age 7.
The Slatest Jan 21, 10:39 AM
Giuliani Says Trump Admits Moscow Project Talks Lasted Until Election Day but Later Backtracks
Downtime Jan 21, 8:00 AM
Projection Cooking Why I stockpile hideously complicated recipes I know I’ll never make.
Brow Beat Jan 21, 7:33 AM
How to Cook Fish Like an Alaskan Fisherman
Brow Beat Jan 21, 7:33 AM
How Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody Became This Year’s Oscar Villains
Picks Jan 21, 6:15 AM
5 Chefs on Their Must-Have Salts An easy way to improve any dish.
Care and Feeding Jan 21, 6:00 AM
I Never Had Friends. How Do I Stop Myself From Hassling My Daughter About Her Introversion? I know I’m driving her crazy.
Work Jan 21, 5:50 AM
Privacy, Please Open office plans are terrible for workers, so why do they persist?
Politics Jan 21, 5:45 AM
Trump’s Rhetoric Is Raising the Risk of Right-Wing Terrorism We need to have a serious debate about the causes of political violence, before the next attack.
Moneybox Jan 21, 5:45 AM
Forget Reagan: Four Reasons the TSA Could Stop Working Tomorrow The legacy of the 1981 air traffic controllers strike isn’t so instructive, a historian says.
Jurisprudence Jan 21, 12:14 AM
“Encouraging” Perjury Is Also a Crime Seven legal experts on the state of the evidence against Donald Trump after BuzzFeed’s disputed report.
Brow Beat Jan 21, 12:12 AM
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Spent Her Weekend Dunking on Aaron Sorkin and Raising Money for Trans Kids
Open Thread Jan 21, 12:01 AM
The Uniform Monday Holiday Act Join Slate’s open thread for the week of Jan. 21.
Sports Jan 20, 11:46 PM
Five Ways the Patriots Could Have Lost the AFC Championship Game But they weren’t going to lose, obviously.
Brow Beat Jan 20, 8:40 PM
Gillian Anderson Will Play Margaret Thatcher in Season Four of The Crown
Sports Jan 20, 8:04 PM
Was the No-Call at the End of the Saints-Rams Game the Worst Call in Other Universes or Just This One?
The Slatest Jan 20, 6:06 PM
BuzzFeed Reporter Defends Story as “Solid” and “Accurate” Despite Pushback From Mueller
Science Jan 20, 6:02 PM
Everything You Need to Know About Sunday’s Super Blood Wolf Moon
Brow Beat Jan 20, 5:28 PM
Tomi Lahren Picked a Twitter Fight With Cardi B. Big Mistake.
The Slatest Jan 20, 5:26 PM
Pence Likens Trump and His Offer to End Shutdown to Martin Luther King
The Slatest Jan 20, 2:30 PM
Giuliani Acknowledges Trump May Have Talked to Cohen About Testimony: “So What?”
Working Jan 20, 2:00 PM
How Does a Museum Store Marketer Do Her Job? Meet Maggie Berry, associate director of retail marketing at MOMA.
The Slatest Jan 20, 1:19 PM
Native American Elder Says He Approached MAGA-Clad Teens to Defuse Argument With Black Protesters
The Slatest Jan 20, 11:09 AM
Trump Cites Winter Storms to Once Again Suggest Global Warming Isn’t Real
Brow Beat Jan 20, 4:20 AM
Pete Davidson and John Mulaney Explain Why Clint Eastwood’s The Mule Is Completely Bananas
Brow Beat Jan 20, 2:35 AM
Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid Man Finally Speaks Out Against Toxic Masculinity on SNL