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Politics Nov 15, 8:36 PM
Michael Avenatti Never Should’ve Been a Resistance Hero
The Industry Nov 15, 8:09 PM
Dodge, Distance, and Distract Facebook’s evasive response to a damning New York Times investigation mostly served to prove the story’s claims.
Metropolis Nov 15, 6:55 PM
Do New Yorkers Even Want Amazon’s 25,000 Jobs? Even in prosperous times, the city is getting harder to live in—and it’s not clear how HQ2 will help.
The Gist Nov 15, 6:31 PM
Cult Classic Sex, money, and body branding—if all cults are the same, NXIVM still stands apart in its darker details.
Jurisprudence Nov 15, 6:30 PM
Bush v. Gore Is Back In a cosmic, cursed twist, this year’s Florida recount could hinge on the meaning of the most notorious Supreme Court decision of the 2000s.
The Slatest Nov 15, 6:22 PM
Trump Administration Will Let States Use Medicaid Funds for More Mental Health Care
Science Nov 15, 5:58 PM
How to Protect Yourself When a Wildfire Approaches In the wake of California’s devastating fires, it’s worth taking some time to make a plan.
Downtime Nov 15, 5:45 PM
Beto O’Rourke’s Lyrical Blog Post About His Morning Run Gets a Little Steamy
The Angle Nov 15, 5:28 PM
The Angle: The Note It Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Michelle Obama’s memoir, doctors and the gun debate, and My Brilliant Friend.
Movies Nov 15, 5:19 PM
The New Fantastic Beasts Is So Bad It Actually Makes the Other Books and Movies Worse What a magic trick!
Political Gabfest Nov 15, 5:18 PM
The “House Speaker John Lewis” Edition The Political Gabfest discusses the Florida recount, what House Democrats should prioritize during the new session, and the legal challenge to Trump’s appointment of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
The Industry Nov 15, 5:14 PM
Facebook’s PR Firm Used a Conservative News Site to Lavishly Praise the Social Network—and Fiercely Attack Its Rivals
Brow Beat Nov 15, 5:13 PM
Hee Haw Host and Country Music Star Roy Clark is Dead at 85
The Slatest Nov 15, 5:11 PM
Two Navy SEALs, Two Marines Charged With Killing Green Beret Who Reportedly Discovered They Were Bringing Prostitutes to Their Safe House
Studio 360 Nov 15, 5:00 PM
Settlers, Unsettled A haunting opera about Homestead Act settlers, plus new leads in the Gardner Museum heist, a “White Album” obsessive, and a Buffalo Tom member’s day job in the leafy suburbs.
Music Nov 15, 4:40 PM
Why Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Is Her First No. 1 Song The single’s chart-topping success is the culmination of years of resilience in the face of tragedy and heartbreak.
Future Tense Nov 15, 4:29 PM
Japan’s Cybersecurity Minister Doesn’t Know How to Use a Computer.
Politics Nov 15, 4:26 PM
Medicare for All Turned Out to Be a Winning Issue in the Midterms Or at least it wasn’t toxic in the swing districts where progressives pulled off crucial wins.
The Slatest Nov 15, 3:51 PM
The U.S. Military’s Border Mission Seems to Have Peaked and Could End Soon
Life Nov 15, 3:50 PM
What Michelle Obama’s Candor About IVF Means to Black Women For women of color like me who have faced infertility, her decision to open up about this was a revelation.
Politics Nov 15, 3:11 PM
Democrats Have Made One Thing Very Clear About 2020: They’re Over White Men Or, why Kamala Harris looks like a likely nominee.
Brow Beat Nov 15, 3:03 PM
A Comedy Cellar Comedian and a Protestor Sat Down to Talk About Louis C.K.
The Slatest Nov 15, 2:38 PM
Trump to Nominate Mar-a-Lago Club Member and Handbag Designer to be Ambassador to South Africa
The Slatest Nov 15, 2:26 PM
U.S. Sanctions Suspects in Khashoggi Killing as Saudi Arabia Tries Desperately to Keep Crisis Away From Crown Prince
Mom and Dad Are Fighting Nov 15, 2:00 PM
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Grandma’s Baggage” Edition Slate’s parenting podcast on the complexities of child-grandma relations.
The Slatest Nov 15, 1:56 PM
Maine Just Made History With a Better Way to Hold Elections (and an Adorable Livestream)
Food Nov 15, 1:46 PM
Keurig’s New Drinkworks Home Bar Is Perfect for the G&T Lover Who Can’t Be Bothered to Mix Gin With Tonic
Brow Beat Nov 15, 1:43 PM
Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag Is Coming to America
The Slatest Nov 15, 1:40 PM
Britain Could Have No Brexit Deal and a New Prime Minister by the Time This Chaos Ends
Television Nov 15, 1:13 PM
My Brilliant Friend The HBO adaptation scrubs off the books’ girl-power sheen and returns them to the gritty streets of Naples.
Brow Beat Nov 15, 12:51 PM
Will This Daily Show PSA on “Presidential Harassment” Prove That Trump Is a Victim After All? Spoiler alert: no.
The Slatest Nov 15, 12:41 PM
Federal Judge Trolls Marco Rubio, Rules Florida Must Let Voters Correct Alleged “Signature Mismatches”
Medical Examiner Nov 15, 12:32 PM
Doctors Actually Have a Chance to Upend the Gun Debate Yes, #ThisIsMyLane is just a hashtag. But there’s a long precedent of public health action behind it.
Movies Nov 15, 12:27 PM
Netflix’s New Thriller Is Like Black Mirror for Cam Girls But Cam’s most provocative striptease is its slow reveal of the realities of the profession.
Future Tense Nov 15, 11:47 AM
Who’s Behind That Beard? Historians are using facial recognition software to identify people in Civil War photographs.
Brow Beat Nov 15, 11:36 AM
Stephen Colbert Gives Trump’s Infantile “Policy Time” Schedule the Parody It Deserves
Future Tense Nov 15, 11:07 AM
Venezuela Shows Us How China Is Starting to Export Its Authoritarian Surveillance Tech A new report detailing how ZTE is helping Venezuela build high-tech tools to monitor its citizens should serve as a warning.
The Waves Nov 15, 10:42 AM
The “Why Is No One Having Sex Anymore?” Edition The Waves on the sex recession, the right’s weaponization of #MeToo, and white women as a voting bloc.
Downtime Nov 15, 9:00 AM
Too Bad to Be True Why I waste time searching for the fake questions in advice columns.
Future Tense Nov 15, 8:00 AM
Bring Back the Northern White Rhino? Science will soon be able to clone extinct animals. But is that the right decision?