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The Slatest Mar 5, 11:48 AM
Liberia Down to Zero Active Ebola Cases
Plus Roundups Mar 5, 11:29 AM
What We Like Right Now Our favorite picks for the week of March 2, curated by Slate writers and editors.
Future Tense Mar 5, 11:09 AM
Take a Picture. It’ll Last Longer. An experimental philosopher’s project to document 100 or even 1,000 years of change with a single photograph.
Moneybox Mar 5, 11:09 AM
Ringling Brothers Says It Will Stop Using Elephants in Its Circus Act After Years of Animal-Abuse Allegations
Over There Mar 5, 10:46 AM
Inside Job Why American vet Elliott Ackerman wrote about insider attacks from the Afghan perspective in his novel, Green on Blue
Medical Examiner Mar 5, 10:15 AM
Pregnant Workers’ Rights It’s illegal to discriminate against pregnant women. But employers often do.
DoubleX Gabfest Mar 5, 10:12 AM
DoubleX Gabfest: The Moody Bitches Edition Listen to Slate’s show about the new book, Moody Bitches.
The Slatest Mar 5, 10:12 AM
Hillary Clinton Says She's Trying to Release Her State Department Emails
Books Mar 5, 9:55 AM
How Should We Make the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives? A philosophical debate.
Outward Mar 5, 9:53 AM
What’s It Like to Be LGBTQ in … Greece
Inside Higher Ed Mar 5, 9:30 AM
Teaching While Asian Study finds students give lower ratings to Asian professors.
The Vault Mar 5, 9:25 AM
Mark Twain’s Memory Builder Game Will (Probably Not) Help You Learn Historical Dates 
The Eye Mar 5, 9:17 AM
Why Do People Steal Palm Trees?
Brow Beat Mar 5, 9:02 AM
This Year’s MTV Movie Awards Might Be Better Than the Oscars
Schooled Mar 5, 8:45 AM
Teachers Are Constantly Bombarded With New Reforms Only to See Them Abandoned. Why Even Try?
Brow Beat Mar 5, 8:32 AM
Your TV Small-Talk Is Ruining Dinner Parties
Slate Video Mar 5, 8:12 AM
Saving Dogs From Winter Snow and Ice Local news stations report on owners and first responders pulling pups to safety.
Bad Astronomy Mar 5, 7:30 AM
Galaxy on the Edge
Science Mar 5, 7:17 AM
A Firm Odor Secretly recorded lab footage shows test subjects sniffed their hands after handshakes.  
Quora Mar 5, 7:14 AM
Do Recruiters Read Cover Letters?
Dear Prudence Mar 5, 6:00 AM
Measuring Up Should I warn people I’m dating a much shorter man?
History Mar 4, 11:45 PM
Red Summer In 1919, white Americans visited awful violence on black Americans. So black Americans decided to fight back.
The Slatest Mar 4, 10:31 PM
Largest Public School System in the U.S. Will Begin Closing to Observe Muslim Holidays
Politics Mar 4, 10:25 PM
Circular Reasoning Will the logic that gutted Obamacare in 2012 save it this time?
Brow Beat Mar 4, 9:59 PM
Ian McKellen Plays a Rarely-Seen Retired Sherlock Holmes in His New Movie
Politics Mar 4, 9:16 PM
Ferguson’s True Criminals The city’s police, city, and courts unjustly targeted blacks with a violation of their most basic rights.
The Gist Mar 4, 8:39 PM
He Stared Down the Soviets A veteran of the Pentagon and State Department on the possibility of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program and the impact of Bibi Netanyahu’s speech before Congress.
Dispatches Mar 4, 8:09 PM
“It Was Him” During opening statements, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense attorney admits his guilt and looks toward sparing his life.
The Slatest Mar 4, 7:37 PM
U.S. Ambassador Attacked With Razor Blade in South Korea
Supreme Court Dispatches Mar 4, 7:29 PM
High Drama for Obamacare at the High Court Scalia and Kagan are feisty; Kennedy gives hope to people who care about affordable care.
Politics Mar 4, 7:13 PM
Will Kennedy Save Obamacare? If he does, it will be in deference to a conservative principle that could reshape American jurisprudence and lawmaking.
Moneybox Mar 4, 6:33 PM
All Hail Austin, Texas, the Boomingest Big City of All
Outward Mar 4, 5:54 PM
Brilliant Use of X-Rays Shows the Superficiality of Prejudice (Video).
Crime Mar 4, 5:33 PM
Stop Calling Children’s Gun Deaths “Accidental” They’re the fault of criminally negligent parents and guardians—who must be prosecuted.
The Slatest Mar 4, 5:17 PM
Right-Wing Attorney Larry Klayman Will Use the Email Scandal to Bury the Clintons At Last
The Slatest Mar 4, 4:27 PM
Senate Fails to Override Obama’s Keystone Veto
Brow Beat Mar 4, 4:12 PM
The Best Teen Movie Ever Made About Cyberbullying? The Duff.
The Slatest Mar 4, 4:04 PM
Did Netanyahu’s Speech Help or Hurt Him in Israel?
The Slatest Mar 4, 3:50 PM
New Fossil Is the Oldest Member of the Homo Genus
Crime Mar 4, 3:47 PM
OK, So Who Gets to Go Free? Everyone wants to reduce America’s prison population. Now comes the hard part.