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Moneybox Aug 26, 7:01 PM
The Odd Conservative Argument That Food Stamps and Medicaid Saved the Poor From Welfare Reform
Outward Aug 26, 6:12 PM
Federal Judge Blocks Portions of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Law
The Gist Aug 26, 6:11 PM
The Year Nirvana Lost Out to Bryan Adams 1991 marked the beginning of a decade of musical narrowcasting. With Kurt Cobain and A Tribe Called Quest splitting the vote, Color Me Badd rose to the top.
The Angle Aug 26, 6:01 PM
The Angle: Death’s Door Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on ageist politics, Nike’s “Girl Effect” in action, and Hillary’s helping hand for Republicans.
Brow Beat Aug 26, 5:55 PM
Everything You Need to Know About the Week of Aug. 22 in Culture
Moneybox Aug 26, 5:34 PM
Olympians Don’t Need a Tax Break And giving them one would be bad for America, too.
The XX Factor Aug 26, 5:23 PM
Eco-Friendly Branding Must Be Super Manly to Attract Manly Men, Study Says
Brow Beat Aug 26, 5:20 PM
The Best Movies to Stream on Netflix Before They Expire in September
Slate Plus Aug 26, 4:47 PM
“Blog, You Idiots” The Slate Plus Digest for Aug. 26.
The Slatest Aug 26, 4:38 PM
Conservative Pundits Agree With Hillary on Trump and the Alt-Right, Still Won’t Support Her
The XX Factor Aug 26, 4:36 PM
Appeals Court Issues Scathing Ruling Against Michigan Sex Offender Penalties
Brow Beat Aug 26, 4:31 PM
Here’s Our First Look at Mariah Carey as Kitty in the Empire Season 3 Trailer
Politics Aug 26, 4:24 PM
Why Is the Trumpish Right Inept at Hardball Politics? Making stuff up about their opponents’ health isn’t going to work.
The XX Factor Aug 26, 3:27 PM
Nate Parker Supporters Use His Rape Accuser’s Mental Health History to Defend Him
Brow Beat Aug 26, 3:02 PM
Tim Kaine Looked Like a Dad, Played the Harmonica on The Late Show
Live at Politics & Prose Aug 26, 3:00 PM
The Truth About Microorganisms The Atlantic’s Ed Yong details how microbes keep us alive in I Contain Multitudes.
The Slatest Aug 26, 2:55 PM
Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Doesn’t This Look Like a Campaign Going Down the Tubes?
The Slatest Aug 26, 2:31 PM
Trump’s Campaign Chief Was Once Hired to Manage a Bio-Dome. It Went Worse Than the Movie Bio-Dome.
Future Tense Aug 26, 1:56 PM
Hillary Clinton Used File-Clearing Software BleachBit. Is That Proof of Wrongdoing?
The Slatest Aug 26, 1:49 PM
Trump’s Crack Staff Now Includes a Key Idiot From the Chris Christie Bridge Scandal
The Slatest Aug 26, 1:48 PM
Trump’s New “No, Hillary Is the Bigot” Counterattack Won’t Work for So Many Reasons
Brow Beat Aug 26, 1:45 PM
Bruce Springsteen Just Played His Longest U.S. Concert Ever, and My God It Was Exhausting
Future Tense Aug 26, 1:36 PM
Robot Babies Meant to Prevent Teen Pregnancy May Actually Promote It
Politics Aug 26, 1:25 PM
The Enemy Within Donald Trump obsesses over threats from without. It’s the useful idiots in our midst who pose the bigger threat.
Brow Beat Aug 26, 1:25 PM
Who Are the Chainsmokers and Why Is Their Song “Closer” the Biggest Hit in the Country?
Political Gabfest Aug 26, 1:24 PM
Did the Makers of Weiner Betray Huma Abedin’s Trust? Join Slate Plus to listen to this week’s Political Gabfest bonus segment.
The Vault Aug 26, 1:16 PM
A Nazi's Documentary Photographs of the Forced Removal of Polish Jews, 1940
Best of Slate Podcasts Aug 26, 1:05 PM
The Best of Slate Podcasts Only have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Trumpcast Aug 26, 12:58 PM
Time Off for Good Behavior Has Kellyanne Conway civilized Donald Trump?
The XX Factor Aug 26, 12:41 PM
Things We Hope Will Happen When Justin Trudeau Meets William, Kate, and the Royal Babies
Behold Aug 26, 12:36 PM
A Photographer’s Quest to Document Every Resident of a Historic Hollywood Apartment Building
Video Aug 26, 12:30 PM
The Detailed Lines of Rembrandt’s Etchings The etching process allowed a whole new level of detail.
Future Tense Aug 26, 12:09 PM
Hacking Mr. Robot, Week 7 What the show gets right about cyberwar, according to one security expert who’s run attacks on the Department of Defense in classified war games.
Future Tense Aug 26, 12:04 PM
Apple Issues Emergency iPhone Update After Alarming Cyberattack Attempt
The XX Factor Aug 26, 11:53 AM
Burkini Ban Violates Basic Human Freedoms, Rules France’s Highest Court
Brow Beat Aug 26, 11:47 AM
Britney Spears, in Throwback Pigtails, Sang “Baby One More Time” on Carpool Karaoke
Outward Aug 26, 11:28 AM
Help! Testosterone Is Melting My Brain! (Maybe.)
Movies Aug 26, 11:24 AM
Southside With You A charming microbiopic that will make you miss the Obamas before they’re even gone.
Political Gabfest Aug 26, 10:33 AM
The “Meet the New Trump” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about Trump’s immigration “pivot,” Clinton’s emails, and Emily’s death penalty story.
The Eye Aug 26, 10:26 AM
A New Dubai Hotel Will Have Its Own Private Rainforest