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Brow Beat Dec 7, 1:09 PM
New Fifty Shades Darker Has Fewer Masks, More Flagrant Disregard for Indecent Exposure Laws
The XX Factor Dec 7, 1:06 PM
The Genderless Nipples Instagram Proves That Nipples Are Universally Weird-Looking
Future Tense Dec 7, 1:00 PM
Future Tense Newsletter: When Is News Actually Fake?
The XX Factor Dec 7, 12:54 PM
After a Polish Supreme Court Ruling, the U.S. May Never Extradite Roman Polanski for Rape
The Slatest Dec 7, 12:49 PM
Pizzerias in Austin and New York Are Now Also Being Accused of Abetting Satanic Pedophilia
Brow Beat Dec 7, 12:41 PM
Lee Daniels Thinks Having a “Fabulous White Girl” as the Lead in His New Show Will Help America “Heal”
Atlas Obscura Dec 7, 12:30 PM
Swallowing Tapeworms, the Beauty Fad That Continues to Haunt Us
Outward Dec 7, 12:08 PM
Beautiful, Catholic Malta Is the First European Country to Ban Conversion “Therapy”
Brow Beat Dec 7, 12:03 PM
Let This Moving Polish Christmas Ad Warm Your Cold, Cynical Heart
The XX Factor Dec 7, 11:49 AM
Extreme Anti-Abortion “Heartbeat” Bill Passes Ohio State Legislature in Wave of Trump Optimism
Future Tense Dec 7, 11:39 AM
Law and Order Circa 2050: A Future Tense Event Recap
Moneybox Dec 7, 11:39 AM
A Japanese Company Just Showed How Businesses Are Going to Manipulate Trump
Culture Gabfest Dec 7, 11:36 AM
The Culture Gabfest “Low End Theory” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Edge of Seventeen, A Tribe Called Quest’s new album We Got It From Here …, and Trump’s stunt presidency.
Brow Beat Dec 7, 11:18 AM
The Honest Trailer for Suicide Squad Makes Perfectly Clear Why Everyone Mocked This Overblown Mess of a Movie
The Slatest Dec 7, 11:02 AM
Just Call It Time’s Hitler of the Year Award So We Can Skip This Recurring Conversation
The Slatest Dec 7, 10:23 AM
Russia Is Worried About Cyberattacks and Fake News. How About That?
Books Dec 7, 10:00 AM
Katy Waldman’s 10 Favorite Books of 2016 Slavery counterfactuals, death memoirs, and Ramon the cat.
The World Dec 7, 9:15 AM
Revolution Interrupted Between Fidel’s departure and Trump’s arrival, everything is up for grabs in Cuba.
Brow Beat Dec 7, 9:10 AM
2017 Grammy Nominations: The Snubs and Surprises
Bad Astronomy Dec 7, 9:00 AM
The Universe Is Spongy! And Einstein Predicted It.
Brow Beat Dec 7, 7:33 AM
All the Disney Predecessors Behind the Characters in Moana, in One Chart
Dear Prudence Dec 7, 7:00 AM
Dear Prudence: Live at the Now Hear This Podcast Festival My wife doesn’t speak English, and I’m sick of translating. Can I divorce her?
The Dismal Science Dec 7, 5:50 AM
How to Invest Your Savings in the Trump Era Diversify. Then diversify some more.
Brow Beat Dec 7, 12:17 AM
The Women of Ocean’s Eight Will Face Off Against Damian Lewis
Brow Beat Dec 6, 10:48 PM
Watch Bob Odenkirk Tell the Story of Disco Demolition Night on Drunk History
War Stories Dec 6, 7:40 PM
The Real Subject of Obama’s Final National Security Speech Was the Man He Wouldn’t Name The president returns to old themes to send a message to Donald Trump.
The Gist Dec 6, 7:27 PM
It’s Much Bigger Than O.J. Ezra Edelman, director of the ESPN doc O.J.: Made in America, on how his film addresses race, class, the Los Angeles Police Department and celebrity culture.
The Slatest Dec 6, 7:22 PM
Clinton’s Popular Vote Keeps Edging Closer to Obama’s in 2012. But That’s a Misguided Comparison.
Technology Dec 6, 6:58 PM
Stop Calling Everything “Fake News” Journalists are blurring several problems into one—and making it impossible to solve.
The Slatest Dec 6, 6:25 PM
Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He’s About to Hand Trump
The Angle Dec 6, 6:17 PM
The Angle: Guilty Burdens Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Keith Ellison and Israel, reluctant racial confessors, and becoming a citizen in the age of Trump.
Politics Dec 6, 6:14 PM
A Moral Panic for the Age of Trump “Pizzagate” is the latest in a long line of child-sex-ring myths.
Trumpcast Dec 6, 6:03 PM
The Brilliance of the Carrier Deal Is there something Donald Trump understands about jobs that Democrats and Republicans have been missing?
The Slatest Dec 6, 5:35 PM
Bob Dole, Dick Gephardt, and Tom Daschle Are All on Taiwan's Payroll
Moneybox Dec 6, 5:29 PM
The Supreme Court Just Made It Much Harder to Get Away With Insider Trading
Books Dec 6, 5:17 PM
The Best Book Jackets of 2016 From Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed to Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, the most eye-catching and imaginative cover art of the year.
Schooled Dec 6, 5:14 PM
Free. Effective. And Underenrolled. Why is Head Start, the federal government’s ambitious program for young kids, struggling to fill all of its seats?
The XX Factor Dec 6, 4:29 PM
C-Sections May Not Be As Bad for Children As Previously Thought
The Slatest Dec 6, 4:14 PM
Trump’s Affection for American Workers Still Doesn’t Extend to Hiring Them at His Palm Beach Resort
Politics Dec 6, 4:13 PM
I’m Not Your Racial Confessor The black person’s burden of managing white emotions in the age of Trump.