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The Slatest Oct 8, 11:12 PM
North Charleston Agrees to $6.5 Million Settlement With Family of Walter Scott
The Slatest Oct 8, 10:17 PM
Ben Carson Tells CNN the Holocaust Would Have Gone Differently If the Jews Had Guns
Doublex Oct 8, 8:56 PM
Who Is the Planned Parenthood Defector Who Testified Before Congress? She’s become a born-again anti-abortion activist, but her story is dodgy.
The Slatest Oct 8, 8:50 PM
WHO Announces the First Ebola-Free Week in West Africa Since March 2014
War Stories Oct 8, 7:10 PM
The Middle East in 2015 Is a Lot Like Europe in 1914 How did that work out again?
Technology Oct 8, 6:29 PM
Steve Jobs Doesn’t Understand Steve Jobs He wasn’t just a cold-hearted marketing genius. He was something more eccentric—and troubling.
The Slatest Oct 8, 6:09 PM
Here Is the Only Way Paul Ryan Should Run for Speaker
The Slatest Oct 8, 6:04 PM
Charlotte Cop Who Killed An Unarmed Black Man Resigns, Will Receive $113,000 in Back Pay
The Slatest Oct 8, 5:47 PM
Oklahoma Accidentally Executed Someone in January With the Wrong Drug
Working Oct 8, 5:38 PM
How Does a Male Dominatrix Work? Read what host Arun Venugopal asked a male dominatrix about pain, pleasure, and the professional world of S&M.
Business Insider Oct 8, 5:27 PM
This Company Is Selling Fall Leaves for $20
Brow Beat Oct 8, 4:55 PM
Svetlana Alexievich’s Nobel Prize Is a Huge Win for Nonfiction Writing
Television Oct 8, 4:53 PM
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Peak #PeakTV The CW has made exactly the right kind of show—nichey, meta, aware that it can’t please everyone—for our TV-over-saturated age.
The Slatest Oct 8, 4:40 PM
The Thursday Slatest: Chaos in the GOP
The Gist Oct 8, 4:36 PM
The Gist Live: Craig Finn From the Hold Steady Our surprise musical guest explains why he incorporates the literary technique polysyndeton in his songwriting. 
Politics Oct 8, 4:30 PM
Speaker Boehner for Life Just when he thinks he’s out, they pulled him back in.
Moneybox Oct 8, 4:10 PM
Netflix Is Getting $1 More Expensive and Wall Street Is Thrilled
TV Club Podcast Oct 8, 3:33 PM
The Empire Podcast, Episode 3 Slate’s TV Club discusses the shifting alliances within the Lyon family, Hakeem’s all Latina girl group, Epsiode 3’s flashbacks, and more.
The Slatest Oct 8, 3:33 PM
D.C. “Not Part of My DNA,” Says Guy Whose Brother Had Parents’ Anniversary Party in White House
Brow Beat Oct 8, 3:25 PM
The Season 2 Trailer for Catastrophe Makes New Parenthood Look Amusingly Dystopian
The Slatest Oct 8, 3:24 PM
Russian Missiles Aimed at Syria Land in Iran Instead 
Moneybox Oct 8, 2:58 PM
Bobby Jindal Sends Up Wan Smoke Signal Reminding the World He Is Still Running for President
Politics Oct 8, 2:48 PM
Ted Cruz Is the Bizarro Romney In the Republican primary, that’s a very good thing.
Future Tense Oct 8, 2:43 PM
Facebook’s Stop and Frisk How its terrible real name policy put this feminist from India in danger.
The Slatest Oct 8, 2:40 PM
Are the U.S. and Russia Fighting Against Each Other in Syria?
Plus Roundups Oct 8, 2:35 PM
What We’re Reading The stories we liked from around the Web for the week of Oct. 5.
The Slatest Oct 8, 2:31 PM
Dick Cheney Midas Touch Strikes Again as McCarthy Endorsement Precedes McCarthy Failure
Moneybox Oct 8, 2:25 PM
Ben Carson Knows Terrifyingly Little About the Government or the Economy
Schooled Oct 8, 2:22 PM
Ohio Kids Are Doing Better at Common Core Tests (but Only Because Ohio Defines “Better” Creatively)
Outward Oct 8, 1:40 PM
Michigan’s Defense of Its Same-Sex Marriage Ban Cost Taxpayers $1.9 Million
Books Oct 8, 1:29 PM
The Redemption of Neil Strauss The journalist-turned–pickup artist tries to reclaim his soul.
The Slatest Oct 8, 1:29 PM
Will Paul Ryan Jump Into the Speaker’s Race? He Says No.
Outward Oct 8, 1:28 PM
Can LGBTQ Romance Give Happily-Ever-Afters to Identities Beyond Gay and Lesbian?
Education Oct 8, 1:27 PM
“Kill All by 10-8-15” Teaching Leviathan in the aftermath of Roseburg.
Family Oct 8, 1:15 PM
I Can No Longer Get a Decent Photograph of My Children They refuse to be frozen in time, and so I can feel time slipping through my fingers.
Future Tense Oct 8, 1:11 PM
Instead of a “Dislike” Button, Facebook Is Giving Us These
Brow Beat Oct 8, 1:09 PM
Emma Stone Cavorts Around a Haunted Ship in the New Music Video for Will Butler’s “Anna”
Future Tense Oct 8, 1:09 PM
Why You Should Eat Your Airplane Boarding Pass Once You Take Your Seat
The XX Factor Oct 8, 1:07 PM
What the U.S. Can Learn From Japan’s Working Women
Users Oct 8, 12:58 PM
The Hypnotic Appeal of the Kardashiapps Kim, Kylie, and the other sisters’ apps got 1 million subscriptions in a week. I think I know why.