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Brow Beat Nov 23, 8:23 PM
Justin Bieber Just Broke a 51-Year-Old Beatles Record
Moneybox Nov 23, 7:45 PM
Janet Yellen Politely Smacks Down Ralph Nader While Ignoring His Gross Mansplaining
The Gist Nov 23, 7:28 PM
From Carson’s Couch to Nixon’s Enemies List David Steinberg’s satirical comedy got him on the Tonight Show more than 100 times and led Nixon to hire professional hecklers. 
The Slatest Nov 23, 6:52 PM
Increased Terrorist Threat Causes State Department to Issue Worldwide Travel Alert
Politics Nov 23, 6:37 PM
Donald Trump Is a Conservative Media Creation The real estate mogul’s racist and xenophobic message is a product of years of race-baiting from right-wing media.
Hang Up And Listen Nov 23, 6:03 PM
Hang Up and Listen: The Runaway Potting Shed Edition Slate’s sports podcast on the Golden State Warriors, legal troubles for daily fantasy sports, and rugby legend Jonah Lomu.
Moneybox Nov 23, 5:47 PM
The Salvation Army Just Killed Your Excuse That You’re “Out of Change”
The Slatest Nov 23, 5:42 PM
MTA Says They Didn’t Have A Choice But To Run Nazi Insignia on Subway. Not True.
War Stories Nov 23, 5:13 PM
Fighting the Last War Robert Kagan’s ideas for defeating ISIS and restoring world order are sheer fantasy. 
Outward Nov 23, 5:10 PM
National Organization for Marriage Violates Federal Law, Refuses to Release Tax Forms
The Slatest Nov 23, 4:57 PM
The Monday Slatest Newsletter
The Slatest Nov 23, 4:49 PM
Trump’s Muslims Celebrating Claim Is One of the Oldest, Grossest 9/11 Urban Legends
Crime Nov 23, 4:40 PM
There’s Going to Be a Book About Adnan Syed From Serial Rabia Chaudry, who brought the case to Sarah Koenig, is writing it.
Outward Nov 23, 4:40 PM
In a First, Two Trans Actresses Are Going for the Oscar—But Will the Academy Accept Them as Women?
Doublex Nov 23, 4:36 PM
Women Want Over-the-Counter Birth Control California and Oregon are listening.
Doublex Nov 23, 4:25 PM
“Where the Whole World Meets in a Single Nest” The history behind a misguided campus debate over yoga and “cultural appropriation.” 
Future Tense Nov 23, 4:06 PM
Some Good Advice for the FAA’s Drone Registry Initiative
The Slatest Nov 23, 4:03 PM
Why Isn’t Hillary Trying to Tie the Republican Party to Trump’s Idiot Racism?
Dear Prudence Nov 23, 3:41 PM
Roll Over, Tchaikovsky Prudie advises a letter writer whose granddaughter refuses to see The Nutcracker.
Dear Prudence Nov 23, 3:37 PM
Help! I Can’t Get Enough Dear Prudence. Prudie answers more of your questions, only for Slate Plus members.
Politics Nov 23, 3:36 PM
Why Ted Cruz Is Suddenly Distancing Himself From Donald Trump The Texas senator is positioning himself as the reasonable alternative.  
Future Tense Nov 23, 3:30 PM
The Tyranny of Algorithms
Crime Nov 23, 3:26 PM
Does Being a Good Cop Mean Frequently Getting Accused of Misconduct? The dangerous logic of police officers who say, “If you’re not getting complaints, you’re not working.”
Brow Beat Nov 23, 3:02 PM
Watch H. Jon Benjamin Record a Whole Jazz Album on the Piano Even Though He Can’t Play the Piano
Sports Nut Nov 23, 2:10 PM
The Case for Nancy Lieberman If it were just a matter of résumé, she’d be an NBA head coach in no time.
Moneybox Nov 23, 1:33 PM
Department Stores Need a Christmas Miracle But this year, it’s not just Macy’s. Fancy chains like Nordstrom and Saks are ailing too.
The XX Factor Nov 23, 1:29 PM
We’ve Got 118 Years Until We Close the Gender Pay Gap
Brow Beat Nov 23, 1:10 PM
Michael Caine Reclaims His Throne as the Best Impersonator of Michael Caine
Jurisprudence Nov 23, 1:10 PM
Does the First Amendment Protect Professionals? The bizarre case law that upholds free speech courts like and bans speech they don’t.
The Slatest Nov 23, 1:10 PM
Looks Like the Mali Attack Was the Work of an Al-Qaida Leader We Once Thought Was Dead
Future Tense Nov 23, 1:07 PM
New Sunset-Quality Forecasts Mean You’ll Never Miss Another Stunner
Political Gabfest Nov 23, 12:57 PM
The “Successively Bad Smoothies” Bonus Segment How did John Dickerson prepare for his role as the moderator of the second Democratic debate?
The Vault Nov 23, 12:49 PM
A D.C. Watercolorist’s Beautiful Record of the Changing City in the ‘60s and ‘70s 
Moneybox Nov 23, 12:36 PM
Once Again, Pfizer Is Trying to Move Overseas to Avoid U.S. Taxes
Atlas Obscura Nov 23, 12:30 PM
A 16th-Century Pope Buried His Pet Elephant Under the Vatican
Quora Nov 23, 12:13 PM
How Should Parents Discuss Traumatic World Events With Young Children?
The Slatest Nov 23, 12:10 PM
Conservatives Love Donald Trump’s Racism, Lies, and Islamophobia
Working Nov 23, 12:09 PM
The “How Does the Head of HR Work?” Edition What do you get wrong about your boss, and what does your boss get wrong about you?
The Shortcut Nov 23, 12:04 PM
The Best Way to Soften Butter Quickly Without melting it.
The Slatest Nov 23, 11:46 AM
Benghazi Committee Whistleblower, a Republican, Is Suing Trey Gowdy for Defamation