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Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 13:22:00 EST 2017
People Who Aren’t Black Really Love Atlanta, Insecure, and Black-ish
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 13:18:00 EST 2017
Alexander Acosta Is Trump’s New Labor Secretary Pick
Outward Thu Feb 16 12:46:13 EST 2017
Federal Judge Orders South Carolina to List Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates
The XX Factor Thu Feb 16 12:42:09 EST 2017
Refugee Resettlement Agencies Are Losing Jobs and Vital Expertise Under Trump
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 12:29:00 EST 2017
Trust Between Trump and Intelligence Officials Appears to Be Hitting a New Low
Mom and Dad Are Fighting Thu Feb 16 12:06:19 EST 2017
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Teenage Life Coach” Edition Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast about who runs the family, who does the homework, and how to form a parental cartel.
Moneybox Thu Feb 16 11:24:00 EST 2017
If Elaine Chao Axes This Bay Area Rail Funding, We’ll Know She’s Politicizing Transportation
Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 11:20:50 EST 2017
Samantha Bee Explains How Paul Ryan Abandoned His Principles and Became the Taylor Swift of the Republican Party
Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 09:59:00 EST 2017
Bob Odenkirk Plays Stephen Colbert and Vice Versa in a Mr. Show–Level Late Show Appearance
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 09:48:00 EST 2017
Jason Chaffetz Finally Calls for an Investigation ... Into Intelligence Leaks
Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 09:30:35 EST 2017
Ryan Murphy Says American Horror Story Season 7 Will Focus on the 2016 Election
Books Thu Feb 16 09:03:00 EST 2017
“A Great German Joke Is to Say the Meanest and Most Tragic Thing Possible” A conversation with Rebecca Schuman about German humor, Kafka, and her new book Schadenfreude: A Love Story.
Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 08:02:00 EST 2017
For a Black Artist to Win Album of the Year, They Have to Make an Album of the Decade
Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 07:31:00 EST 2017
Every Single Sex Scene on Girls, Ranked by How Girls It Was
Future Tense Thu Feb 16 07:02:00 EST 2017
You Can’t Depend on Antivirus Software Anymore Malware has become too sophisticated.
Dear Prudence Thu Feb 16 06:00:00 EST 2017
At All Costs My sister’s obsession with having another baby is hurting her family.
Brow Beat Thu Feb 16 01:11:08 EST 2017
Stephen Colbert Let a Bunch of Adorable Kids Write a Movie for Andrew Garfield and Idina Menzel
Brow Beat Wed Feb 15 23:54:33 EST 2017
Action Proust! Film Footage of Marcel Proust Surfaces for the First Time
Moneybox Wed Feb 15 19:57:00 EST 2017
Why Sinking Andrew Puzder’s Nomination Isn’t the Victory Democrats Think
This Week in Trump Wed Feb 15 19:39:01 EST 2017
This Week in Trump: Man Down The Russia scandal claims its first casualty.
The Gist Wed Feb 15 19:10:26 EST 2017
A Late Show for Grown-Ups Chris Licht is helping to turn The Late Show With Stephen Colbert into the heir-apparent of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show
Interrogation Wed Feb 15 18:58:22 EST 2017
What Made Michael Flynn Different With his narrow experience and overt hostilities, Trump’s national security adviser was doomed to fail, says James Mann.
Trumpcast Wed Feb 15 18:35:14 EST 2017
A Cry for Help Why we need an independent investigation into the president’s ties with Russia.
War Stories Wed Feb 15 18:27:34 EST 2017
Netanyahu Came to Washington to Hear One Thing And Trump, in his profound ignorance of Middle East politics, gave it to him.
Jurisprudence Wed Feb 15 18:01:25 EST 2017
This Emoluments Thing Isn’t Going Away How state attorneys general could take down Trump.
The Angle Wed Feb 15 17:47:36 EST 2017
The Angle: “Protest Is the New Tinder” Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Trudeau’s Catch-22, cutesy protest signs, and James Baldwin’s legacy.
The Slatest Wed Feb 15 17:37:00 EST 2017
Today in Conservative Media: “A Liberal, Anti-Trump Witch Hunt”
Atlas Obscura Wed Feb 15 17:30:00 EST 2017
Where the U.S. Government Kept Its Cash, Before Fort Knox
The XX Factor Wed Feb 15 17:17:23 EST 2017
Don’t Believe Playboy’s Latest Attempt to Pretend Its Nudity Is Progressive and Cool
Books Wed Feb 15 16:49:36 EST 2017
The Misunderstood Ghost of James Baldwin How critics have misconstrued his influence on today’s great black nonfiction writers.
The Slatest Wed Feb 15 16:45:00 EST 2017
Report: Defense Department Considering Sending Conventional Ground Troops Into Syria
Future Tense Wed Feb 15 16:14:00 EST 2017
NASA’s “Space Poop Challenge” Aims to Spare Space-Walking Astronauts the Indignity of Diapers
Politics Wed Feb 15 16:13:44 EST 2017
“Orange Is the New Whack” Can protest signs be too cute?
The Slatest Wed Feb 15 15:49:00 EST 2017
Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Ran a National Islamophobic Campaign While at Duke
Jurisprudence Wed Feb 15 15:18:35 EST 2017
“You Weren’t Born in This Country” An alarming arrest raises concerns about the lawlessness of immigration enforcement in the age of Trump.
Future Tense Wed Feb 15 14:58:53 EST 2017
Future Tense Newsletter: Does Your Internet Service Provider Know Too Much About You?
The Slatest Wed Feb 15 14:56:00 EST 2017
How Andy Puzder’s Nomination for Labor Secretary Was Killed
Video Wed Feb 15 14:47:00 EST 2017
Tiny Fireworks Everything—even table salt—looks incredible under a microscope.
Climate Desk Wed Feb 15 14:41:28 EST 2017
The Republican Plan to Kill FEMA Might Have an Upside If states are held responsible for disaster costs, they might be more inclined to start taking climate change seriously.
The Slatest Wed Feb 15 14:38:36 EST 2017
Trump Answers Question About Anti-Semitism With Characteristic Eloquence and Insight