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Future Tense Aug 28, 8:12 PM
Google Is Building a Self-Flying Plane. Here's What It Looks Like.
The Slatest Aug 28, 7:36 PM
Canada Trolls Russian Geography on Twitter, Russia Snarks Back
Video Aug 28, 7:35 PM
Lock Pickers, Meet 3-D Printers Engineers warn that an old trick could get new life with the ever-cheaper technology.
The Gist Aug 28, 7:08 PM
Gilbert Gottfried Speaks for the Birds The Gist asks the comedian about the old showbiz world that drew him to comedy.
Jurisprudence Aug 28, 7:02 PM
Bobby Jindal’s Desperate Move The governor’s Common Core lawsuit is not about education in Louisiana. It’s just a stunt.
The XX Factor Aug 28, 6:24 PM
Republicans Court Female Voters By Carefully Explaining That Women Are Wrong
The Slatest Aug 28, 6:04 PM
SWAT Team Arrest of Online Gamer Caught Live on Webcam After Hoax 9-1-1 Call
The Slatest Aug 28, 5:05 PM
Five Authors of Ebola Paper Published Today Have Died of Ebola
Brow Beat Aug 28, 4:45 PM
Hear the Smashing Pumpkins Remix by Diddy That Was Finally Released After 16 Years
The Slatest Aug 28, 4:31 PM
NFL Announces Strict Penalties for Domestic Violence Infractions
Sports Nut Aug 28, 4:29 PM
Down With the Penn State Penalty It’s time for the NCAA to end its pointless punishment of the Nittany Lions football program.
Brow Beat Aug 28, 4:04 PM
Watch the Trailer for Jon Stewart’s Directorial Debut, About a Journalist Imprisoned in Iran
Brow Beat Aug 28, 3:52 PM
Is Arby’s Meat Mountain a Mountain of Lies? A Skeptic Investigates.
View From Chicago Aug 28, 3:47 PM
Treaty-ish Obama’s proposed climate change agreement would be good for the planet and perfectly legal.
The Slatest Aug 28, 3:36 PM
Painkiller Overdoses Up Considerably in New York City Since 2000
Data Mine Aug 28, 3:30 PM
Unreadiness Team Let’s start treating cybersecurity like we treat public health.
Sports Nut Aug 28, 3:27 PM
The BCS Is Dead Here’s everything you need to know about the new college football playoff.
The World Aug 28, 3:09 PM
Vladimir Putin Ramps Up His Postmodern Non-Invasion Invasion of Ukraine
The World Aug 28, 2:46 PM
Tourists Who Don’t Understand Geography Are Canceling Trips to South Africa Because of Ebola
The XX Factor Aug 28, 2:20 PM
Managers Tell Women in Tech They Are “Abrasive” and Need to “Step Back” to “Let Others Shine”
Video Aug 28, 2:16 PM
Sharknado, the Biggest Emmy Snub of Them All A case for the best worst TV movie of the year.
Video Aug 28, 2:08 PM
Strangleweed's Novel Tactics The parasitic plant punctures its victims and trades deceptive genetic messages with them.
Outward Aug 28, 2:03 PM
Gay Men Probably Look at Straight Men in the Shower—and That's Not A Problem.
Brow Beat Aug 28, 1:56 PM
No Scrunchie? The Surprisingly Long Hair of Hollywood’s Female Action Stars.
Future Tense Aug 28, 1:55 PM
This Story About a Wounded Veteran’s Prosthetic Hand Is Too Crazy to Be True
Television Aug 28, 1:50 PM
Whit Stillman’s New TV Show Is Almost As Good As His Old Movies And Amazon can really do comedy. Drama, on the other hand …
Future Tense Aug 28, 1:43 PM
Netflix vs. Healthcare.gov The two sites demonstrate two very different approaches to cybersecurity.
The Slatest Aug 28, 1:37 PM
Retired Marine, in Uniform, Becomes Unofficial Elementary School Crossing Guard
The XX Factor Aug 28, 1:16 PM
Angelina and Brad Finally Wed. Will Billy Bob Thornton Ever Find Happiness?
Weigel Aug 28, 1:11 PM
Elizabeth Warren Sides With Israel, Not With the Liberals Who Keep Daydreaming About Her
Future Tense Aug 28, 12:54 PM
Singularity or Transhumanism: What Word Should We Use to Discuss the Future?
The Eye Aug 28, 12:28 PM
The Iconic Moleskine Notebook Goes Digital
Future Tense Aug 28, 12:18 PM
Scientists Can Manipulate Memory (in Mice, Anyway)
Moneybox Aug 28, 12:17 PM
Forget the Rent: Why New York and San Francisco Are Actually Amazing Bargains
Behold Aug 28, 12:06 PM
A Unique African-American Culture, Hundreds of Years Old, That Could Go Extinct
Brow Beat Aug 28, 12:05 PM
When White Women Discover Their “Inner Black Woman”
Inside Higher Ed Aug 28, 11:56 AM
Don’t Email Me One professor banned students from emailing her. The results were great.
The Slatest Aug 28, 11:46 AM
Minnesota Father of Nine Killed Fighting for ISIS in Syria
Slate Plus Aug 28, 11:17 AM
Superfest West and L.A. CultureFest How to get your tickets before anyone else.
The Vault Aug 28, 11:11 AM
The Patchwork Maps That Helped Prospectors Track Mining Claims in the American West