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Science Jul 30, 7:01 PM
Why Cecil Was Such an Important Lion In videos, photos, and scientific research papers, he was a star.
Future Tense Jul 30, 6:39 PM
A Look at the Awesome but Ridiculously Old Technology That Runs the NYC Subway System
The Bills Jul 30, 6:25 PM
The Grandparent Trap The shameful problem of elder financial abuse is only going to get worse.
Foreigners Jul 30, 5:59 PM
Europe’s Other Crackdown Azerbaijan is decimating its human rights activists, and why not? It’s faced almost no consequences for its repression. 
Brow Beat Jul 30, 5:08 PM
Inside Out Director Pete Docter Explains Why Pixar Remade Certain Scenes for Foreign Viewers
Inside Higher Ed Jul 30, 4:14 PM
How Unemployment Rates Shift Choices of Majors When the economy is weak, college students flee liberal arts.
Moneybox Jul 30, 4:08 PM
SoulCycle Is Going Public. How Did It Get So Big?
Future Tense Jul 30, 4:05 PM
Tech Companies and Carriers Should Be Legally Required to Issue Updates That Fix Security Flaws
Plus Roundups Jul 30, 4:05 PM
What We Like Right Now Our favorite picks for the week of July 27, curated by Slate writers and editors. 
The XX Factor Jul 30, 4:05 PM
Dating Tips From Woody Allen
The Slatest Jul 30, 4:04 PM
Fox News’ Debate Criteria Are a Total Sham
The Slatest Jul 30, 3:44 PM
Turkey’s New Mideast Strategy: Bomb Its Enemy, and Its Enemy’s Enemy
Brow Beat Jul 30, 3:32 PM
Hear Fiona Apple’s Raucous Cover of “When I Get Low, I Get High” With Members of Nickel Creek
The Slatest Jul 30, 3:02 PM
Taliban Replace Their Leader After Confirming He’s Been Dead for Years
The XX Factor Jul 30, 2:47 PM
Why Does Every Presidential Campaign Need a “Hairgate”?
Brow Beat Jul 30, 2:47 PM
The New Black Mass Trailer Offers an Extra Helping of Johnny Depp’s Creepy Whitey Bulger
The Slatest Jul 30, 2:47 PM
Federal Judge Says Drug Dog Was a Bad Dog, but Trainer Disagrees: “He’s a Very Good Dog”
Future Tense Jul 30, 2:30 PM
No Experience Required It’s actually not that difficult to protect your digital identity like an expert.
Business Insider Jul 30, 2:14 PM
Google Wants to Help You Avoid Annoying Long Lines at Restaurants
Lexicon Valley Jul 30, 2:09 PM
Why It’s So Great that “Journey With Cancer” Is Replacing “Battle With Cancer”
Moneybox Jul 30, 2:02 PM
Are You a Gentrifier? Find out with this calculator.
The Slatest Jul 30, 1:41 PM
Greenpeace Activists Successfully Blockade Shell Icebreaker Bound for the Arctic
Brow Beat Jul 30, 1:32 PM
The Trailer for Cary Fukunaga’s New Movie Has More Suspense Than All True Detective Season 2
The Slatest Jul 30, 1:26 PM
Six Reported Stabbed at Jerusalem Pride Parade by Extremist Who Did the Same Thing in 2005
Atlas Obscura Jul 30, 1:24 PM
Worries About Refugees from Jupiter Led to the Creation of This Small Town Spaceship Port
The Slatest Jul 30, 1:18 PM
Why Donald Trump Is Invincible (Right Now)
Moneybox Jul 30, 12:56 PM
Why T-Mobile’s Rapid Growth Could Be Great for Everybody’s Phone Bill  
The Slatest Jul 30, 12:50 PM
A Badger in Poland Drank Too Much Beer
The XX Factor Jul 30, 12:38 PM
Planned Parenthood Again on the Defensive After Website Attack
Brow Beat Jul 30, 11:25 AM
Emma Donoghue’s Room Is Now a Movie, and the Trailer Will Give You Chills
The Slatest Jul 30, 11:24 AM
India Will Have More People Than China in Just Seven Years
The Eye Jul 30, 11:20 AM
The Confederate Flag Is Going Out of Business
Outward Jul 30, 11:09 AM
The Boy Scouts’ New Policy Doesn't Actually Permit Much Anti-Gay Discrimination
Behold Jul 30, 11:01 AM
Sometimes the Best Photos Are the Ones That Don’t Make It Into Print
Doublex Jul 30, 10:50 AM
Shorts Wars Amanda Hess and Troy Patterson chat about rising hemlines, trend pieces, and men’s short shorts.   
The Slatest Jul 30, 10:42 AM
Confederate Flag Found Near “Black Lives Matter” Poster at MLK Jr.’s Atlanta Church
The Slatest Jul 30, 10:36 AM
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reveals How She Would Have Written the Marriage Equality Decision
Brow Beat Jul 30, 10:13 AM
Here’s Why You Should Use Cornbread in Your Panzanella
The Slatest Jul 30, 10:12 AM
Britain, France Point Fingers Over Deadly Migrant Crisis in Channel Tunnel
The Slatest Jul 30, 9:48 AM
Rio Olympic Events Will Be Held in Water That Is “Basically Raw Sewage”