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Politics Feb 26, 7:55 PM
The Evolution of Chris Christie He was once the establishment candidate. Now he’ll be whatever it takes to stay in the race.
Sports Nut Feb 26, 7:41 PM
Game, Set, and (Fixed) Match Pro tennis has a match-fixing problem in its lower ranks.
The Slatest Feb 26, 7:39 PM
Missouri Candidate for Governor Dead From Gunshot Wound in Apparent Suicide
The Gist Feb 26, 7:31 PM
The Quiet Dignity of Bears Do bears enter human communities because they’re being pushed out of their natural habitats, or because our garbage is tasty?
Brow Beat Feb 26, 6:22 PM
No, Madonna’s Fall Did Not Make Her Seem More “Human”
The Slatest Feb 26, 6:22 PM
Obama and Biden Skipping AIPAC, Sending Power and Rice Instead
Brow Beat Feb 26, 5:59 PM
Modern Family’s iPhone Episode Was a Feat of Storytelling
Future Tense Feb 26, 5:47 PM
Watch Inhofe Throw a Snowball on the Senate Floor to Disprove Global Warming
Moneybox Feb 26, 5:40 PM
The Enormous Black-White Wealth Gap Is Getting Even Wider
The Slatest Feb 26, 5:36 PM
Judge Overturns Adrian Peterson’s Suspension
Politics Feb 26, 5:16 PM
The Snowdenites Are Winning Opponents of surveillance have gained the upper hand. And like gun-rights activists, they don’t need a majority to keep it.
The Slatest Feb 26, 5:06 PM
Did This Russian Oligarch Come Up With Putin’s Ukraine Strategy?
Music Feb 26, 5:02 PM
6 Man What’s so Canadian about Drake? Our Toronto-based music critic offers his own views from the 6.
Moneybox Feb 26, 4:43 PM
Barnes & Noble’s College Bookstores Are Becoming Their Own Business
The Slatest Feb 26, 4:42 PM
Ben Carson Supporters Passing Out a Fake Alexis de Tocqueville Quote at CPAC
Business Insider Feb 26, 4:29 PM
Convince Millennials to Pay for Tinder? Please.
Crime Feb 26, 4:25 PM
Let’s Make a Deal A startup helps stores like Bloomingdale’s and Whole Foods give suspected shoplifters a choice: Pay $320, or we’ll call the cops.
The Slatest Feb 26, 4:05 PM
Internet, Divided Over Net Neutrality, Unites Over Llamas
The Slatest Feb 26, 3:46 PM
Argentine Judge Rules That Criminal Investigation Into the President Is Unwarranted
Future Tense Feb 26, 2:40 PM
Disabled by Design How a lack of imagination in technology keeps the world inaccessible to huge numbers of people. 
Brow Beat Feb 26, 2:38 PM
Chickpea Waffles Sound Weird. They Taste Amazing.
Future Tense Feb 26, 2:16 PM
The Incredibly Creative Sore Losers on Net Neutrality
The Slatest Feb 26, 1:44 PM
Cherry Factory Owner Commits Suicide After Getting Caught Running Marijuana Business
Moneybox Feb 26, 1:39 PM
The Further This Line Falls, the More Money Companies Are Going to Have to Pay Their Workers
Outward Feb 26, 1:31 PM
What We Talk About When We Talk About Aaron Schock 
The Slatest Feb 26, 1:15 PM
Jeb Bush Backers Are Busing Supporters From K Street to CPAC
Behold Feb 26, 12:40 PM
What Happened to Crime Photography?
The Slatest Feb 26, 12:40 PM
D.C. Shrugs Off GOP Threats, Legalizes Recreational Weed Anyway
Atlas Obscura Feb 26, 12:35 PM
This Striking Mexican Beach Is Hidden in a Hole
The Slatest Feb 26, 12:19 PM
ISIS Releases Video Showing Destruction of Priceless Artifacts
Moneybox Feb 26, 12:16 PM
For Women in Tech, Silicon Valley Is Way Worse Than D.C., New Orleans, and Kansas City
Medical Examiner Feb 26, 12:04 PM
Bespoke Health Care Precision medicine won’t work without precision questions.
Movies Feb 26, 12:02 PM
Maps to the Stars Recalibrate your disgust-o-meter for David Cronenberg’s Hollywood satire.
The Eye Feb 26, 11:58 AM
This Wondrous Dutch Light Installation Mimics the Northern Lights
Lexicon Valley Feb 26, 11:56 AM
Why It’s Slatesters, not Slate-sters Overheard on email: Slate’s copy desk rounds up its February style and grammar rulings.
The Slatest Feb 26, 11:26 AM
The Most Important DHS Fight Is Now a GOP-Only Affair
Bad Astronomy Feb 26, 10:45 AM
Kepler-432b: A Doomed Planet Orbiting a Doomed Star
Brow Beat Feb 26, 10:42 AM
The Americans Star Matthew Rhys Talks KGB Sex Training and the Perfect Creepy Wig
Mom and Dad Are Fighting Feb 26, 10:20 AM
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Call Your Mom Edition Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast on how to raise generous kids and calling your mom.
The Vault Feb 26, 10:12 AM
Foreign-Service Rules For Handling a Visit From William Faulkner