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Brow Beat Apr 27, 8:33 AM
The Handmaid’s Tale: The Biggest Changes From the Book
Mom and Dad Are Fighting Apr 27, 7:45 AM
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Bible Movies” Edition Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast about keeping up with rising rents and relatives who send your kids unwholesome media.
The Works Apr 27, 7:16 AM
How Should We Improve Slate? Here’s What We Heard From Members.
Brow Beat Apr 27, 7:03 AM
Dear White People the Netflix Show Is Infinitely Better Than Dear White People the Movie
Dear Prudence Apr 27, 6:00 AM
Sob Sister I raised my sister after our mother died. Now she’s accusing me of abandoning her.
Brow Beat Apr 27, 12:24 AM
The Daily Show on Confederate Memorial Day: “F---ed Up on So Many Levels”
Brow Beat Apr 26, 11:24 PM
With Call of Duty: WWII, Video Games Will Finally Take on World War II
The Slatest Apr 26, 10:50 PM
Trump Floats Idea of “Breaking Up” the Court Ruling Against Him Like a Literal Dictator
Moneybox Apr 26, 8:49 PM
Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Would Turn the Whole U.S. Into a Wreck Like Kansas
War Stories Apr 26, 8:32 PM
A Short Bus Ride to Nowhere Why did Trump summon the entire Senate to the White House to tell them things they already know about North Korea?
The Gist Apr 26, 6:40 PM
The Populists Cannot Win Slate columnist and Harvard lecturer Yascha Mounk on what we can learn from the rise of populism in Europe.
The Slatest Apr 26, 6:36 PM
Let's Read New NYT Columnist Bret Stephens' No Good, Very Bad Vox Interview
Slate Fare Apr 26, 6:35 PM
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The Angle Apr 26, 6:09 PM
The Angle: 100-Day Report Card Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Trump’s blunder-packed first 100 days.
The XX Factor Apr 26, 6:07 PM
The Gender Pay Gap In Medicine Is Abominable. Here’s Where It’s Worst.
The Slatest Apr 26, 6:07 PM
Today in Conservative Media: Berkeley Kills Free Speech
Brow Beat Apr 26, 5:50 PM
Read David Byrne’s Beautiful Tribute to Jonathan Demme
The Slatest Apr 26, 5:33 PM
Canadian Conservative Front-Runner Kevin O'Leary Drops Out
This Week in Trump Apr 26, 5:32 PM
This Week in Trump: A Tax Unicorn Trump finally reveals his big-time tax reform plan as he closes in on 100 days.
The Slatest Apr 26, 5:21 PM
Trump’s Tax Plan Would Offer a Huge, Government-Sponsored Gift to His Kids
The XX Factor Apr 26, 4:56 PM
Karen and Mike Pence Struggled With Infertility. Shouldn’t They Be More Empathetic Around Reproductive Freedom?
Politics Apr 26, 4:46 PM
House Moderates’ Impossible Choice Kill the health care bill, or lose your seat.
Politics Apr 26, 4:26 PM
Trump’s First 100 Days, in His Own Words All the tweets since Inauguration Day.
Politics Apr 26, 4:25 PM
Donald Trump Has Made Me Feel More American It’s not what he intended.
Politics Apr 26, 4:23 PM
“It’s Been Chaos” How our panel of frustrated Republican voters view Trump’s first 100 days.
Politics Apr 26, 4:22 PM
The Only Way Back Democrats must promise to investigate every aspect of the Trump administration, even if it takes decades.
Politics Apr 26, 4:21 PM
Donald Trump Is a Terrible Negotiator He said dealmaking was his greatest strength. One hundred days in, let’s review.
Politics Apr 26, 4:20 PM
Who Had the Better First 100 Days? William Henry Harrison, who died on Day 31, or Donald Trump?
Politics Apr 26, 4:19 PM
The Moderate’s Case Against Trump You don’t have to hate Donald Trump to see he is bad at his job.
Cover Story Apr 26, 4:18 PM
Trump, Bound On Inauguration Day, the president seemed poised to destroy American democracy. Here are the people and institutions that have kept him in check—for now.
Moneybox Apr 26, 3:55 PM
Stop Freaking Out Over Obama’s $400,000 Speaking Fee If the only thing keeping progressivism afloat is the virtue-signaling of our best leaders, we’re in trouble.
The Slatest Apr 26, 3:27 PM
Trump’s Tax Plan Is Basically the Words “I Want to Cut Taxes” Written on a Sheet of Paper
The Slatest Apr 26, 3:27 PM
Ivanka Trump Reportedly to Launch a Global Female Entrepreneurs Fund. How … Would That Work?
Brow Beat Apr 26, 3:25 PM
The Official Trailer for Cars 3 Is, Thankfully, Not Insanely Bleak
The XX Factor Apr 26, 3:20 PM
Trump Considers Revising Child-Care Plan to Help More People and Deregulate Daycare
Brow Beat Apr 26, 3:10 PM
Jeff Goldblum Will Appear in the Sequel to Jurassic World
The Slatest Apr 26, 3:00 PM
Donald Trump May Also Be Violating a Different Emoluments Clause
Jurisprudence Apr 26, 2:53 PM
Weed-Whacking at the DOJ Congress needs to stop Sessions from prosecuting growers in states where marijuana is legal.
Outward Apr 26, 2:46 PM
How You Choose to Have Children Can Tell You a Lot About Yourself
Culture Gabfest Apr 26, 2:28 PM
The Culture Gabfest “Live From Washington, D.C.” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Fate of the Furious, Bob Dylan’s singing abilities, and the best movies about our nation’s capital.