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Outward Jul 6, 12:22 PM
Take the Quiz: Were These Quotes Said in Defiance of Desegregation or Same-Sex Marriage?
Dear Prudence Jul 6, 12:00 PM
Dear Prudence Live Chat For Jul. 6, 2015
The Eye Jul 6, 11:55 AM
Toilet Brushes Are Gross. Can This Water Gun Make Them Obsolete?
Brow Beat Jul 6, 11:45 AM
The Empire State Building and the Grateful Dead Teamed Up for an Epic Farewell Jam
Bitwise Jul 6, 11:39 AM
What the Reddit Rebellion Is Really About Influential moderators blacked out much of the site. Their reasons have big implications for Reddit’s future.
The Vault Jul 6, 11:20 AM
The BBC’s Hilarious 1948 Style Guidelines “On Matters of Taste”
Moneybox Jul 6, 11:17 AM
Thomas Piketty Explains Why the Germans Are Being Massive Hypocrites About Greece’s Debt
The Slatest Jul 6, 11:08 AM
Burt Shavitz, Reclusive Hippie Who Co-Founded Burt’s Bees and Sold His Stake Early, Dies at 80 
Brow Beat Jul 6, 11:07 AM
John Oliver Replaces His Usual Deep Dive With 15 “Shallow Dives”
The Shortcut Jul 6, 11:06 AM
The Easiest Way to Clean Dust Bunnies Banish bunnies from hard to reach places without moving furniture.
Behold Jul 6, 10:59 AM
These Dark, Mysterious Photos of London Will Keep You up at Night 
Outward Jul 6, 10:40 AM
Watch Abby Wambach Embrace Her Wife—on National TV!—After World Cup Victory
Outward Jul 6, 10:39 AM
No, Oregon Did Not “Gag” That Anti-Gay Bakery. Here’s What Really Happened.
Books Jul 6, 10:18 AM
The Original Online Trapped in the web of Joshua Cohen’s Book of Numbers.
Atlas Obscura Jul 6, 10:00 AM
If You Find A Dead Eagle It's Your Patriotic Duty To Send It To The National Eagle Repository
The Slatest Jul 6, 9:49 AM
Greek Government Reportedly Extending Bank Closures; Flamboyant Finance Minister Resigns
Users Jul 6, 9:27 AM
Bin Laden Walks Into a Bar Why teenagers love making jokes about 9/11.
Brow Beat Jul 6, 9:06 AM
Once You Start Adding Yogurt to Your Whipped Cream, You Won’t Be Able to Stop
Drink Jul 6, 9:03 AM
Craft Brewing Has a Sexism Problem There are gross puns and derogatory illustrations on far too many beer labels. The misogyny needs to stop.
Brow Beat Jul 6, 8:32 AM
True Detective’s Title Designer on Bringing the Soul of the Show to Its Opening Moments
Outward Jul 6, 8:30 AM
When You’re a Lesbian, Trying to Become Pregnant Is a Very Public Process 
Brow Beat Jul 6, 8:02 AM
Why Do TV Characters All Own the Same Weird Old Blanket? A Slate Investigation.
Bad Astronomy Jul 6, 7:00 AM
M43: A Show-Stopping Stellar Nursery
Moneybox Jul 6, 6:00 AM
Airbnb Is Thriving. Hotels Are Thriving. How is that possible?
The Checkup Jul 6, 2:04 AM
Sexual Reality Check On this podcast about sexual myths, penis size, and sex after 70, The Checkup sticks to the facts. 
The Spot Jul 5, 11:02 PM
This Is What a World Cup Champion Looks Like, America
Books Jul 5, 8:46 PM
The Unexpected Lightness of Milan Kundera’s New Novel The 86-year-old author has grown surprisingly—and delightfully—cheerful.
The Spot Jul 5, 8:44 PM
"Pearl Harbor" Trending on Twitter. This Is Why the U.S. Can't Have Nice Things.
The Slatest Jul 5, 8:42 PM
What Athens Looked Like Immediately After Greece Voted “No”
Science Jul 5, 8:34 PM
Are Cats Really Wild Animals? Experts clash over whether they count as a domesticated species.
The Slatest Jul 5, 8:22 PM
Hillary Clinton Leaves Encouraging Comment For Gay Teen in Humans of New York Photo
Future Tense Jul 5, 8:17 PM
Your Wi-Fi Network’s Soft Underbelly You probably don’t even think about this easy way for hackers to sneak in.
The Spot Jul 5, 7:55 PM
The United States Wins World Cup. Watch the Insane Four-Goal Stretch That Made It Happen.
Doublex Jul 5, 7:54 PM
Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out Recent studies suggests that kids with overinvolved parents and rigidly structured childhoods suffer psychological blowback in college. 
Politics Jul 5, 7:12 PM
I Haven’t Got Time for the ’Paign Finally, a browser extension that will allow you to filter out campaign coverage until it really matters.
The Slatest Jul 5, 6:45 PM
Greece Called Europe’s Bluff. Will Europe Really Let Greece Crash Out of the Euro?
The Slatest Jul 5, 12:27 PM
Greece Rejects Bailout Terms in Referendum Landslide (Update)
Video Jul 5, 12:20 PM
The VA Rehabilitates Itself A polished new video series touts veteran success stories. Will the department make more of them happen?
Video Jul 5, 11:41 AM
Your Smartphone’s Personal Air Conditioner Chevy’s curious new in-car feature.
The Slatest Jul 5, 9:31 AM
A Plane Crashed on a Crowded California Beach on the Fourth of July (Video)