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Brow Beat Fri Jul 22 08:02:00 EDT 2016
How the Bleeped F-Bombs on Mr. Robot Explain This Season’s Central Flaw
Brow Beat Fri Jul 22 07:31:00 EDT 2016
Peter Scolari Really Deserved That Late-Breaking Emmy Nod for His Performance on Girls
Video Fri Jul 22 07:30:00 EDT 2016
Wait, Rubio’s Video Appearance Reminded Us of Something Of a hostage video, to be precise.
Quora Fri Jul 22 07:04:00 EDT 2016
What Are the Advantages of Collaborative Writing?
The Slate Quiz Fri Jul 22 05:30:00 EDT 2016
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections Fri Jul 22 04:05:00 EDT 2016
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
Moneybox Fri Jul 22 02:46:00 EDT 2016
Trump Hardly Spoke About the Economy in His Acceptance Because He No Longer Needs To
Politics Fri Jul 22 01:34:52 EDT 2016
The Republican Party Is Out of Ideas The GOP is now purely a cult of personality.
Politics Fri Jul 22 01:19:05 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Should Have Channeled Pat Buchanan in His Convention Speech It would have softened his image.
Politics Fri Jul 22 01:07:00 EDT 2016
The Next Trump The GOP nominee is totally unhinged. But a better, cooler, more polished demagogue could rise in his wake.
Politics Fri Jul 22 01:06:00 EDT 2016
In the End, There Was No White Knight Donald Trump successfully took over my party, and all that’s left is despair.
Politics Fri Jul 22 00:58:00 EDT 2016
The Dark, Resentful Voice Behind Trump’s RNC Speech Stephen Miller writes nonsense, soaked in blood.
Politics Fri Jul 22 00:49:21 EDT 2016
Donald Trump’s Un-American Acceptance Speech There was no reference to the nation’s history, its values, or even its armed forces. There was only Trump.
The Slatest Fri Jul 22 00:21:00 EDT 2016
Trump’s Acceptance Speech Was the Longest in Decades
The XX Factor Fri Jul 22 00:16:32 EDT 2016
Ivanka Trump Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Policies on Equal Pay, Family Leave
Politics Fri Jul 22 00:12:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump’s Speech Was Just Another Scam The world he described doesn’t exist.
Outward Thu Jul 21 23:54:56 EDT 2016
Peter Thiel Says Trans Bathroom Access Is a Distraction
Video Thu Jul 21 23:51:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Not Welcome in America, According to Donald Trump “Anyone who endorses violence, hatred, or oppression is not welcome in our country and never will be.”
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 23:44:19 EDT 2016
Watch Donald Trump Try Not to Screw Up the Order of “LGBTQ” in His Convention Speech
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 23:12:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Begins Presidential Nomination Speech by Almost Patting His Daughter’s Butt
Outward Thu Jul 21 23:06:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Says He’ll Protect LGBTQ People. But Who Will Protect Us From Him?
Crime Thu Jul 21 23:03:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Has Zero Ideas for How to Lower Crime Rates That doesn’t mean he’s wrong about the troubling spike in violence in America’s cities.
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 22:50:00 EDT 2016
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Tells Inspirational Story of GM Exec Who Helped Fuel Nazi War Effort
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 22:39:00 EDT 2016
It’s Really Happening
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 22:22:00 EDT 2016
Trump Campaign Says FBI Crime Stats Are Wrong Because … Hillary?
Moneybox Thu Jul 21 21:36:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Says the U.S. Is One of the Most Taxed Countries in the World. This Graph Shows It’s Not.
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 21:33:00 EDT 2016
Donald Trump Took an Extraordinarily Long Time to Accept the GOP Nomination
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 21:16:00 EDT 2016
The Story Behind the Most Odious Line in Trump’s Republican Convention Speech
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 20:52:00 EDT 2016
Women Will Vote for Trump Because Their Husbands Can’t Pay the Bills, Trump Adviser Says
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 20:43:14 EDT 2016
Cartoonish Olympic Terror Plot Involving Martial Arts Thwarted in Brazil
The XX Factor Thu Jul 21 20:17:12 EDT 2016
Look at Vintage Photos of a (Brunette!) Hillary Clinton in Bow-Tie Blouses and Midi-Skirts
The XX Factor Thu Jul 21 20:07:43 EDT 2016
Roger Ailes’ Forced Resignation Is a Repudiation of the Fox News Worldview
Political Gabfest Thu Jul 21 19:58:09 EDT 2016
The “Your Word is Your Bond” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about the Republican convention and the departure of Fox News head Roger Ailes.
Trumpcast Thu Jul 21 19:51:00 EDT 2016
Not Brokered, but Broken (Live From Cleveland) Reflecting on the last three days of the circus known as the Republican National Convention.
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 19:47:52 EDT 2016
The Thursday Slatest Newsletter
Crime Thu Jul 21 19:18:00 EDT 2016
North Miami Cop Defense: He Was Trying to Protect the Man He Shot So says the head of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association.
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 18:51:00 EDT 2016
Here's a Leaked Draft of Trump’s RNC Speech
The Slatest Thu Jul 21 18:49:00 EDT 2016
Roger Ailes Is Out, but Nothing Will Change at Fox News
Future Tense Thu Jul 21 18:33:00 EDT 2016
Ted Cruz Keeps Trying to Protect Internet Freedom in Weirdly Wrong Ways
Future Tense Thu Jul 21 18:27:10 EDT 2016
Netizen Report: Some Iranian Hardliners Want the Government to Stop Blocking Twitter