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Outward Tue Jun 27 07:30:00 EDT 2017
Resistance, Diversity, and Joy Led the Way at NYC Pride 2017
The Moment Tue Jun 27 07:10:00 EDT 2017
Author Don Winslow on Loyalty and Crooked Cops The author of The Force discusses his writing process, the war on drugs, and how he wrote his first novel.
Brow Beat Tue Jun 27 00:55:00 EDT 2017
Seth Meyers: The Republican Health Care Bill Is “Cartoonishly Evil”
Brow Beat Tue Jun 27 00:22:00 EDT 2017
In the Trailer for The Foreigner, Pierce Brosnan Has No Idea Who He’s Dealing With
The Slatest Tue Jun 27 00:14:00 EDT 2017
Just a Few Reasons the Senate Health Care Bill Is ... Not Good
Outward Mon Jun 26 22:42:21 EDT 2017
My Queer Teachers Saw Me—and My Future—Before I Could Totally See Myself
Moneybox Mon Jun 26 20:45:45 EDT 2017
Americans With Disabilities Should Be Terrified For many, the GOP health care plan could weaken crucial protections—and sever the essential lifeline of Medicaid.
Politics Mon Jun 26 20:20:32 EDT 2017
Tick, Tick, Tick How Watergate unfolded can tell us a lot about the Trump–Russia scandal.
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 20:15:00 EDT 2017
There Are Two Countries That Prefer Trump to Obama. Take a Wild Guess.
Moneybox Mon Jun 26 20:02:00 EDT 2017
The Latest CBO Report Shows Republicans Are Incapable of Crafting a Humane Health Care Bill
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 19:51:00 EDT 2017
The Senate Health Care Bill Is Stalled. What Now?
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 19:39:36 EDT 2017
Today's Impeach-O-Meter: The Health Care Bill Is Bad
The Gist Mon Jun 26 19:14:48 EDT 2017
The Rise and Reign of Unruly Women In her new book, author Anne Helen Petersen on how our culture treats women defying norms.
Moneybox Mon Jun 26 18:39:00 EDT 2017
Trump Party Planner Assumes Oversight Role of Nation’s Largest Public Housing Authority
The Angle Mon Jun 26 18:23:41 EDT 2017
The Angle: Year of the Tick Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on this year’s tick season, cocaine tourism, and the DOJ’s secret whisperer.
Medical Examiner Mon Jun 26 17:57:10 EDT 2017
Want to Curb the Opioid Epidemic? Don’t Limit Access to Health Care. Offering affordable mental health care coverage is one of the best ways to prevent or address addiction. The Republicans’ ACA replacement takes that away.
Trumpcast Mon Jun 26 17:38:42 EDT 2017
All the President’s Lies Almost all the untruths Trump has told since taking the oath of office.
Moneybox Mon Jun 26 17:38:00 EDT 2017
Michael Bloomberg’s $200 Million Gift to Cities Won’t Solve Their Big Problems. Could It Solve Some Small Ones?
Hang Up And Listen Mon Jun 26 17:37:06 EDT 2017
Hang Up and Listen: The Warriors Derangement Syndrome Edition Slate’s sports podcast on the NBA draft, redesigning the NBA logo, and the perils of playing sports while old.
Jurisprudence Mon Jun 26 17:33:10 EDT 2017
SCOTUS Splits the Travel Ban Baby The Supreme Court’s ruling doesn’t make much sense as a matter of law. That may be good for Donald Trump.
Interrogation Mon Jun 26 17:31:17 EDT 2017
Nevada’s “No” Vote Is there any chance Republican Sen. Dean Heller will change his mind on Trumpcare?
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 17:28:59 EDT 2017
CBO Says 22 Million Will Lose or Drop Insurance in Next Decade Under Senate Health Care Bill
The Trumpcare Tracker Mon Jun 26 16:58:41 EDT 2017
Counting the “No” Votes Does the GOP bill allow states to spend Medicaid funds on stadiums?
Moneybox Mon Jun 26 16:32:00 EDT 2017
Senate Republicans Just Made a Politically Suicidal Change to Their Health Care Bill
Dear Prudence Mon Jun 26 16:29:48 EDT 2017
Open and Closed Prudie counsels a parent who wants a bisexual son to be happy—but date women.
Politics Mon Jun 26 15:59:00 EDT 2017
The GOP Can Only Defend Itself by Lying Because the truth of the Republican health care bill is unbearably cruel.
Dear Prudence Mon Jun 26 15:58:29 EDT 2017
Help! My Friend’s a Belligerent Alcoholic, and She Wants an Invite to My Birthday Party. Dear Prudence answers more of your questions—only for Slate Plus members.
Music Mon Jun 26 15:44:39 EDT 2017
Ebbs and Flows On his new album Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples reunites hip-hop with the dance floor.
The XX Factor Mon Jun 26 15:44:18 EDT 2017
Trumpcare Is a War on Women’s Health
Brow Beat Mon Jun 26 15:42:00 EDT 2017
David Lynch Just Rewrote the Rules of TV, Again
The Breakfast Table Mon Jun 26 15:17:52 EDT 2017
Supreme Court Breakfast Table Entry 13: Neil Gorsuch is everything liberals feared—and more.
The Breakfast Table Mon Jun 26 15:15:00 EDT 2017
Supreme Court Breakfast Table Entry 12: Did the court just seriously wound the separation of church and state?
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 14:20:00 EDT 2017
Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About the State of the Health Care Bill Is in This Post
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 13:49:00 EDT 2017
The Latest Kushner Scoop Shows Just How Difficult Robert Mueller’s Job Is
Future Tense Mon Jun 26 13:22:00 EDT 2017
How Plausible Is Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonize Mars?
Brow Beat Mon Jun 26 12:59:00 EDT 2017
Here's What Critics Have to Say About War for the Planet of the Apes
The Slatest Mon Jun 26 12:23:00 EDT 2017
Theresa May’s New Partnership Allows Her to Stay in Power. But What Will It Mean for Brexit?
Books Mon Jun 26 12:22:09 EDT 2017
The Hunger to Stop Hurting Roxane Gay, through the act of memoir, attempts to take possession of her body.
Video Mon Jun 26 12:22:00 EDT 2017
Photo Finish How the very first camera phone picture came to be.
Brow Beat Mon Jun 26 12:14:04 EDT 2017
You Don’t Need to Know a Thing About British Politics to Appreciate This Savage Monty Python Parody