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Movies Jul 31, 11:42 AM
Guardians of the Galaxy Sure, it’s a Marvel spoof from Marvel, but it’s surprisingly light on its feet.
Behold Jul 31, 11:35 AM
Hallucinatory Portraits That Rethink the Ways We Look at Women
The Slatest Jul 31, 11:02 AM
Warning Flyers Rain on Gaza in Surreal Photos
Future Tense Jul 31, 11:00 AM
How the NSA Hurts Our Economy, Cybersecurity, and Foreign Policy
Brow Beat Jul 31, 10:57 AM
Questlove: Remembering Richard Nichols, The Roots’ Longtime Manager and Mentor
Future Tense Jul 31, 10:49 AM
The Connected Home May Become the Collected Home  
Bad Astronomy Jul 31, 10:48 AM
Rosetta Tiptoes Toward a Comet, Starts to See Weirdness
The Slatest Jul 31, 10:09 AM
Peace Corps Pulls Volunteers From Countries Involved in Ebola Outbreak
Weigel Jul 31, 10:05 AM
Rand Paul Wants MSNBC “Hacks and Cranks” to Apologize to Him on TV “for 24 Hours”
Brow Beat Jul 31, 9:33 AM
This Brilliant Amazon Parody Proves That Germans Really Do Have a Sense of Humor
Mom and Dad Are Fighting Jul 31, 9:33 AM
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Slate Staff Call-In Question Extravaganza” Edition Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast on custody arrangements, kids’ last names, European nudity, and much more. 
Moneybox Jul 31, 9:28 AM
Your Work Is Not Your Life
Outward Jul 31, 9:08 AM
Sex Verification in Women’s Sports Is Humiliating and Unnecessary
Brow Beat Jul 31, 9:03 AM
The Democratic Party’s Newest Trick for Raising Funds From Supporters: Emojis
Science Jul 31, 8:56 AM
Slate Voice: “Does This Make Me Sound Insecure?” Listen to Katy Waldman read her most popular article from the month of July.
Weigel Jul 31, 8:36 AM
Why Even the Shrunk-Down Republican Border Bill Is Turning Into a Debacle
Brow Beat Jul 31, 8:32 AM
The New York Times Food Section Will Finally Be Called “Food”
Future Tense Jul 31, 8:22 AM
We, All of the People Five lessons from Iceland’s failed experiment in creating a crowdsourced constitution.
Better Summer Jul 31, 8:07 AM
Guesthouse of Mirth Summer entertaining tips from Edith Wharton.
Inside Higher Ed Jul 31, 7:42 AM
Does Duolingo Pass the Test? Carnegie Mellon partners with the language-learning app to make it good enough to prep students for the TOEFL.
Bad Astronomy Jul 31, 7:30 AM
What Caused This Weird Crater on the Moon?
Dear Prudence Jul 31, 6:00 AM
My Mother Is a Catfish My mom is pretending to be a 28-year-old woman on a dating site.
Brow Beat Jul 30, 9:36 PM
Chance the Rapper Has Made the Arthur Theme Song a Rousing, Soulful Anthem
The Slatest Jul 30, 8:35 PM
House Votes for Boehner to Lawyer Up and Sue Obama
The Slatest Jul 30, 7:30 PM
Should the Subjects of Temporary Restraining Orders Have Their Guns Taken Away?
The Slatest Jul 30, 7:22 PM
Helpful (Non-Southwest) Flight Attendant Reminds Passengers to Flush Drugs Before Landing
Moneybox Jul 30, 6:39 PM
Whole Foods Wants to Shake Free of a “Negative Narrative”
The Gist Jul 30, 6:30 PM
Urban Biking: A Love Story The Gist learns how urban biking can be a gateway drug to healthier living and spandex.
The Slatest Jul 30, 6:07 PM
Alabama Utility Regulator Asks Citizens to Pray for Coal Power Plants
Sports Nut Jul 30, 6:01 PM
Washington Football Team Facts Everything you need to know about why the nickname has to go.
Future Tense Jul 30, 5:55 PM
Pretty Much Everyone Agrees That Bogus Charges on Your Cellphone Bill Need to Stop
Future Tense Jul 30, 5:52 PM
According to This Ridiculous Ad, a Silenced Shotgun Is the Best Weapon for Drone Hunting
The Slatest Jul 30, 5:42 PM
Lie By Me: Two Women Caught on Tracks Survive Getting Run Over by a Train.
Weigel Jul 30, 5:37 PM
A Dark Theory About the Sudden Impeachmania Outbreak
Politics Jul 30, 5:30 PM
Ukraine’s War of Independence Vladimir Putin has unleashed forces that even he can’t control.
Future Tense Jul 30, 5:28 PM
It's Flash Flood Season in Colorado, and We May Not Even Know When They Start
Foreigners Jul 30, 5:23 PM
An Evil Wind Will the Americans and Europeans flocking to ISIS return as hardened terrorists?
Future Tense Jul 30, 4:47 PM
What Other Psych Experiments Are Companies Secretly Running On You?
The Juice Jul 30, 4:41 PM
Beyond Energy Efficiency We’re not just reducing demand for electricity—we’re destroying it.
Gentleman Scholar Jul 30, 4:01 PM
How Can a Gentleman Appear Well-Read? Advice for would-be bibliophiles.