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DoubleX Gabfest Nov 27, 11:47 AM
DoubleX Gabfest: The Butch Goddess Edition Listen to Slate’s show about the campus rape story that shut down UVA’s frats.
Moneybox Nov 27, 11:22 AM
The Startup Factory Looking at Silicon Valley’s new model of entrepreneurship.
Future Tense Nov 27, 10:34 AM
Algorithms Can Ruin Lives An excerpt from Luke Dormehl’s The Formula.
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A List of Hillary Clinton’s Demands to Accept $300,000 for a University Speech
Explainer Nov 27, 9:45 AM
Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs? They’re delicious.
The Slatest Nov 27, 9:15 AM
Protests in Ferguson Dwindle as More Than 150 Detained in California  
Dear Prudence Nov 27, 9:12 AM
Dear Prudence: Mother Who Can’t Tell the Truth My mother-in-law said she was going to England but stayed in a nearby hotel and bought fake souvenirs.
Holidays Nov 27, 8:15 AM
Your Thanksgiving Turkey Is Really a Dinosaur What, besides humans, ate dinosaurs? Sharks!
The Spectator Nov 27, 7:05 AM
The Unbearable Whiteness of White Meat Dark meat is better. Why don't we love it more?
Bad Astronomy Nov 27, 7:00 AM
Being Thankful for Saturn
Brow Beat Nov 26, 9:52 PM
The Honest Trailer That Proves Love Actually Is a Hollow, Horrible Holiday Classic
The Slatest Nov 26, 8:11 PM
Wilson’s Lawyers Say He Kept Quiet Before Grand Jury Decision to Keep Story Consistent
The XX Factor Nov 26, 8:02 PM
A Guide to Talking to Your Relatives About Cosby, Consent, and Other Women's Issues in the News
The Slatest Nov 26, 7:40 PM
Looted Ferguson Bakery Gets $170,000 in Crowdfunded Donations to Rebuild
Behold Nov 26, 7:30 PM
The Creepiest Parade Balloons You've Ever Seen
The Gist Nov 26, 6:20 PM
Now Announcing Thanksgiving The annual celebration of big balloons requires an even bigger voice. Meet Les Marshak.
Jurisprudence Nov 26, 5:20 PM
The Justice Department’s Next Move Darren Wilson is a small fish. DOJ should go after the whole pond.
Brow Beat Nov 26, 4:46 PM
The Rolls You Should Be Making on Thanksgiving Are a Cross Between Biscuits and Bread
Jurisprudence Nov 26, 4:35 PM
Shadow Trial Prosecutors in Ferguson violated our right to an open criminal justice system.
Future Tense Nov 26, 4:16 PM
FAA Reports That Drones and Airplanes Keep Coming Close to Colliding
Gentleman Scholar Nov 26, 4:06 PM
Baby Photos My 3-year-old son stole my iPhone and took some unflattering pictures of me. Am I a dad joke incarnate?
The Slatest Nov 26, 3:56 PM
Cleveland Cop Took Seconds To Decide To Kill 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice
Brow Beat Nov 26, 3:41 PM
A New Folio Hath Been Discovered That May Change Our Understanding of Shakespeare Forever
Business Insider Nov 26, 3:27 PM
Shares of Taser International Spike After Ferguson Unrest
Politics Nov 26, 3:14 PM
Cruising Through Ferguson I went for a ride in Lala’s car—the unofficial symbol of a protest movement.
Science Nov 26, 3:07 PM
Species Worth Saving Why we should be thankful for the red-cockaded woodpecker.
The World Nov 26, 3:05 PM
Is Russia Bankrolling France’s Far Right? 
Moneybox Nov 26, 2:59 PM
Be a Decent Human Being and Don’t Go Shopping on Thanksgiving
Brow Beat Nov 26, 2:50 PM
Are There Alternative Theories to the Crime on Serial? We Discuss What the Podcast Hasn’t.
Technology Nov 26, 2:36 PM
Cryptic Kryptos Clue A new hint for solving the CIA’s mysterious sculpture puzzle.
Brow Beat Nov 26, 2:21 PM
Bill Cosby Shows Why No Topics Should Be Off-Limits for Comedians
Future Tense Nov 26, 2:13 PM
Gun-Sensor Technology Could Make It Easier to Hold Cops Accountable for Shootings
Holidays Nov 26, 2:00 PM
Stop the Parade! Should we be wasting our dwindling supply of helium on floating cartoon characters?
Outward Nov 26, 1:52 PM
The Holidays Can Be a Lonely Time for LGBTQ People 
Atlas Obscura Nov 26, 1:52 PM
Amalfi’s Abandoned, Overgrown Flour Mills
Brow Beat Nov 26, 1:47 PM
Kanye West and Sam Smith Sound Beautiful Together
Moneybox Nov 26, 1:42 PM
How to Buy a New iPhone for Someone on an Old Phone Plan
Sports Nut Nov 26, 1:34 PM
Turkey Day in Dallas How the Cowboys ruined Thanksgiving.
Low Concept Nov 26, 12:57 PM
Obama’s Thanksgiving Amnesty Will the president’s turkey pardon start a wave of unauthorized poultry immigration?
Outward Nov 26, 12:43 PM
The HRC’s Southern Gay Rights Strategy Is Condescending and Counterproductive