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The Gist Oct 25, 7:52 AM
Adam Tries to Ruin a Horrible Election   In his new TV special, professional killjoy Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything takes on the 2016 campaign.
Quora Oct 25, 7:03 AM
Do Fighter Pilots Know What Their Bombs Are Hitting?
The Slatest Oct 24, 11:29 PM
Justice Department Reportedly Replaces Investigators in Eric Garner Chokehold Case
The Slatest Oct 24, 11:20 PM
Watch Donald Trump Absolutely Gush Over Hillary Clinton in a 2008 Interview
Politics Oct 24, 8:39 PM
The Most Astute Analysis of American Politics in 2016? SNL’s “Black Jeopardy!” Sketch. It had more to say about class and race than a thousand tenderly crafted portraits of the white working class.
Moneybox Oct 24, 7:55 PM
Some Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up a Lot This Year
Hang Up And Listen Oct 24, 7:38 PM
Hang Up and Listen: The Joy Is Retroactively Applied Edition Slate’s sports podcast on the World Series, interpersonal drama in the NBA, and Josh Brown.
Music Oct 24, 7:30 PM
The Woman Behind the Meat Dress On her new album Joanne, Lady Gaga grapples with where her stage persona ends and Stefani Germanotta begins.
The Slatest Oct 24, 6:47 PM
Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Does Hillary Have This in the Bag? Not if You Ask Bill Mitchell.
Moneybox Oct 24, 6:31 PM
Everyone Is Wrong in the Battle Between New York City and Airbnb
The Angle Oct 24, 6:16 PM
The Angle: A Baseball Bat Too Far Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Republican women and Trump, the lessons of last week’s cyberattack, and The Walking Dead’s violent premiere.
The XX Factor Oct 24, 6:05 PM
Shoppers Boycott Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line to Protest Donald’s Misogyny
Future Tense Oct 24, 6:02 PM
Chinese Company Recalls Webcams and Other Products After DDoS Attack
The XX Factor Oct 24, 5:58 PM
New Jersey Legislature Passes Bill Curbing Solitary Confinement. Will Christie Dare to Veto It?
The XX Factor Oct 24, 5:37 PM
The AAP’s New Advice on SIDS Prevention Might Actually Make Parents’ Lives Easier
Brow Beat Oct 24, 4:59 PM
Kate McKinnon’s Ghostbusters Outtakes Are Just As Weird As You Might Expect
The XX Factor Oct 24, 4:53 PM
Can Donating to Charity Assuage Cubs Fans’ Guilt About Rooting for Aroldis Chapman?
The Slatest Oct 24, 4:43 PM
Mike Crapo Re-Endorses Donald Trump, Inspiring No Puns Whatsoever
Moneybox Oct 24, 4:38 PM
Trump’s Campaign Explained Its Grand Conspiracy Theory About the Media in One Insane Press Release
Future Tense Oct 24, 4:34 PM
Washington Post Reports Huge Surge in Secret Electronic Surveillance Requests
Interrogation Oct 24, 4:07 PM
Does Donald Trump Believe in Anything but Himself? The Republican candidate’s fascist impulses are frequently rooted in his own self-interest.
Future Tense Oct 24, 4:01 PM
Uber Used Drones to Taunt Drivers Stuck in Traffic in Mexico City
Politics Oct 24, 4:00 PM
Trump vs. Clinton: Who’s Winning Today’s Forecasts of Who Will Win the Election? Find out with the Slate ~100 Percent Accurate Electoral Forecast Averagifier.
Future Tense Oct 24, 3:49 PM
The Lessons of the East Coast Cyberattack At last we know the real danger of hacking an internet-connected toothbrush.
Dear Prudence Oct 24, 3:43 PM
Netflix Unchill Prudie advises a letter writer under pressure to share a streaming account.
The XX Factor Oct 24, 3:27 PM
Federal Judge Rules for Free the Nipple, Holds Topless Ban May Violate U.S. Constitution
Dear Prudence Oct 24, 2:58 PM
Help! He Agreed to Move Out, so Why’s His Stuff Still Here? Dear Prudence answers more of your questions—only for Slate Plus members.
Brow Beat Oct 24, 2:48 PM
The Saddest Dogs at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade
The Slatest Oct 24, 2:42 PM
Weird Political Parties Are Having a Big Moment in Europe
The Slatest Oct 24, 1:34 PM
A Ton of Floridians Registered to Vote After Hurricane Matthew, Just as Rick Scott Probably Feared
The Gist Oct 24, 1:29 PM
Can Tattoos Still Be Edgy When So Many People Have Them? Tattoos, Nickelback, and other topics in The Gist’s Slate Plus bonus segment.
The Slatest Oct 24, 1:20 PM
Curt Schilling Signs on With Breitbart, Could End Up on Trump TV, Might Ruin Sports
Future Tense Oct 24, 1:12 PM
Artificial Intelligence “Judge” Can Predict Rulings in Human Rights Cases
The Slatest Oct 24, 1:04 PM
France Dismantles “Jungle” Refugee Camp in Effort to Sweep Crisis Under the Rug
Brow Beat Oct 24, 12:31 PM
Watch the Full-Length PBS Documentary Hamilton’s America, Online Now
Atlas Obscura Oct 24, 12:30 PM
The First Tunnel to Be Dug Beneath a River, Repurposed as an Art Space
Brow Beat Oct 24, 12:24 PM
In Its Season Premiere, The Walking Dead’s Brutal Violence Finally Went Too Far
Brow Beat Oct 24, 11:11 AM
Upgrade Your Halloween Playlist With This Childish Gambino–Stranger Things Mashup
Outward Oct 24, 10:51 AM
A Trump Employee Is Suing for Extreme Anti-Gay Harassment and Discrimination
Brow Beat Oct 24, 10:51 AM
Here’s How You Can Dress Like SNL’s David S. Pumpkins This Halloween