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Television Mar 21, 9:30 AM
Well-Funded Fear Wealth makes people fascinating targets in a miniseries about the John Paul Getty III kidnapping.
Brow Beat Mar 21, 9:17 AM
The No. 1 Book on Amazon Right Now Is John Oliver’s Children’s Book About Mike Pence’s Gay Bunny
Books Mar 21, 9:00 AM
Rising to the Sunlit Surface The characters in Alan Hollinghurst’s novels have mastered the exquisite semaphore of 20th-century gay life.
The Slatest Mar 21, 8:48 AM
Austin Bomber Was “Rough Around the Edges,’ Worked in Jobs Requiring Technical Knowledge
Dear Prudence Mar 21, 8:30 AM
Dear Prudence: The “Spousal Acknowledgement” Edition My husband wasn’t helpful as I was writing my first book. Do I need to include him in the acknowledgements? Help!
Crossword Mar 21, 8:15 AM
Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise The American Values Club crossword for March 21.
Slate Extra Mar 21, 8:00 AM
The Cambridge Analytica Mess Reveals That Even Careful Policies Can’t Protect Our Data Slate’s April Glaser on the data-sharing scandal and why shutting down Facebook won’t solve all our problems.
Brow Beat Mar 21, 7:33 AM
Why You Should Read Octopus Pie, the Quintessential Millennial Webcomic, From the Very Beginning
Picks Mar 21, 6:30 AM
The Best Juicers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers
Care and Feeding Mar 21, 6:00 AM
How Do I Convince My Son I Still Love Him When He’s Been Taken Away From Me? A mother faces a custody battle while in the midst of treatment for bipolar disorder.
Work Mar 21, 5:55 AM
Suburban Housing Costs Are Stretching Families to the Brink
The Slatest Mar 21, 1:45 AM
Pro-Life Democrat Survives a Progressive Challenge in Illinois
The Slatest Mar 21, 12:14 AM
Illinois Governor and Billionaire Challenger Will Now Face Off in an Insanely Expensive Election
The Slatest Mar 20, 11:24 PM
Whistleblower Says Steve Bannon Was at the Heart of Cambridge Analytica’s Data Collection Operation
Moneybox Mar 20, 10:28 PM
Congress Probably Won’t Pass a Bill to Stabilize Obamacare—And That’s OK
The Gist Mar 20, 9:07 PM
Will Democracy Survive Trump? Cass Sunstein had big thinkers write about the question, and they weren’t all optimistic.
The Slatest Mar 20, 8:31 PM
Trump’s Security Briefing Warned “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” Putin on Election Win. It Didn’t Stop Him.
Medical Examiner Mar 20, 7:01 PM
Trump’s Call to Execute Drug Dealers May Be Dictator-Inspired, but Its Roots Are All-American The president’s idea isn’t that outlandish—it’s the natural endpoint of our current policies.
Future Tense Mar 20, 7:00 PM
Facebook Was Letting Down Users Years Before Cambridge Analytica And not even a prescient crackdown by federal regulators stopped it.
School Mar 20, 6:54 PM
Sure, J-School Can Be a Scam. But for People of Color, It’s One We Need.
The Industry Mar 20, 6:38 PM
Staying in Control Apple is reportedly developing new display technology. Here’s why that matters.
Mar 20, 6:36 PM
Despite Trump’s Enthusiasm, the U.S.–Saudi Special Relationship May Not Last
Jurisprudence Mar 20, 6:19 PM
A Pro-Life Puzzler Can a state compel anti-abortion clinics to provide information about free abortions?
The Angle Mar 20, 6:03 PM
The Angle: Shady Connections Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Hope Hicks, John Bolton’s ties to Cambridge Analytica, and a remarkable 82-year-old.
Politics Mar 20, 6:00 PM
Kill the Scapegoats Donald Trump wants the death penalty for the black and brown people he blames for the opioid crisis.
The Industry Mar 20, 5:56 PM
How Google Plans to Spend $300 Million to Bolster Digital News
The Slatest Mar 20, 5:55 PM
Bankrupt Weinstein Company Releases Harvey’s Victims From Nondisclosure Agreements
The Industry Mar 20, 5:50 PM
Facebook Is Passing the Buck The company has finally responded to the Cambridge Analytica scandal—sort of.
War Stories Mar 20, 5:33 PM
Infrastructure Weak The time to do something about protecting our power plants and waterworks from Russian hackers was 20 years ago.
The Slatest Mar 20, 5:31 PM
Fox News Guy Who Called Obama a “Total Pussy” Quits Because He Says the Network Has Gone Too Far
Medical Examiner Mar 20, 4:51 PM
Learning How to Eat Again After Recovering From Addiction As part of a growing movement to provide comprehensive care to people in recovery, a new class aims to help them re-establish a relationship with food.
Politics Mar 20, 4:49 PM
Christine Quinn, On Dog-Whistle Duty, Reminds Everyone Cynthia Nixon is a Lesbian
Users Mar 20, 4:45 PM
How To Limit the Amount of Data You Share on Facebook
The Industry Mar 20, 4:16 PM
Cambridge Analytica Has Suspended Its CEO, Who Bragged About Influencing Elections With Psychographic Profiles and Sex Workers
Jurisprudence Mar 20, 4:09 PM
Why Trump Likely Won’t Collect the $20 Million He Claims Stormy Daniels Owes Him Five law professors weigh in.
Politics Mar 20, 4:09 PM
John Bolton’s Cambridge Analytica Connection The embattled data firm earned more than $1.1 million from Bolton’s super PAC.
Future Tense Mar 20, 3:42 PM
How Will Self-Driving Cars Reshape Our Cities? A Future Tense event recap.
The Industry Mar 20, 3:32 PM
Another Whistleblower Says Facebook Knew for Years That Its Data-Sharing Policies Were a Huge Problem
The Slatest Mar 20, 3:31 PM
Second Woman, a Former Playboy Model, Sues to Break NDA Covering Alleged Affair With Trump
Slate Fare Mar 20, 3:15 PM
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