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The Slatest Fri Aug 18 21:32:02 EDT 2017
Are Democrats Making a Mistake by Fixating on Confederate Statues?
The Gist Fri Aug 18 19:17:33 EDT 2017
The Year MTV Took Over the Charts In 1982, synth-pop came in strong, Hall and Oates crossed over into R&B, and Paul McCartney learned about racial harmony.
Best of Slate Podcasts Fri Aug 18 18:19:48 EDT 2017
The Best of Slate Podcasts Only have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
The Angle Fri Aug 18 18:09:43 EDT 2017
The Angle: Kaep Won Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on ugly history, Bannon’s exit, and Colin Kaepernick’s year.
The XX Factor Fri Aug 18 17:54:48 EDT 2017
Can Someone Please Invent a Better Way to Remove Pubic Hair at Home?
Science Fri Aug 18 17:50:00 EDT 2017
A Brief History of Eclipse Glasses and the People Who Forgot to Wear Them If you haven’t gotten yours yet, start building a pinhole camera.
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 17:16:00 EDT 2017
Robert Mugabe’s Wife Is Probably Going to Get Away With Beating a South African Model With an Extension Cord
History Fri Aug 18 17:05:50 EDT 2017
Dismantled but Not Destroyed One alternative to tearing down Confederate monuments: creatively repurposing them.
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 16:43:00 EDT 2017
This January Photo of Trump’s Inner Circle Has Not Aged Well
Movies Fri Aug 18 16:40:21 EDT 2017
Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World This sorely needed new documentary explores the influence of Native Americans on rock ’n’ roll. It turns out to be too big a subject for just one movie.
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 16:27:00 EDT 2017
Bannon’s Exit Gave Trump a Perfect Opening to Distance Himself From White Nationalism. He Didn’t Take It.
Moneybox Fri Aug 18 16:25:00 EDT 2017
Steve Bannon May Be Leaving the White House, but His Worst Ideas Will Live On
Brow Beat Fri Aug 18 16:14:42 EDT 2017
Spotify Is Removing White Supremacist Music, but Should They Have Acted Sooner?
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 15:25:00 EDT 2017
Are Bannon and Breitbart Going to War Against Trump?
The XX Factor Fri Aug 18 15:04:59 EDT 2017
OkCupid Banned the White Supremacist From the Vice Video. Here’s Why That Makes No Sense.
Science Fri Aug 18 15:02:09 EDT 2017
The Monuments Trump Doesn’t Support While the president defends racist bronze relics, he’s stripping protections from the nation’s public lands.
Interrogation Fri Aug 18 15:00:58 EDT 2017
Why He Dumped Trump An interview with Julius Krein.
Brow Beat Fri Aug 18 14:43:53 EDT 2017
16 Out of 17 Members of the President’s Arts and Humanities Committee Just Resigned
Future Tense Fri Aug 18 14:06:19 EDT 2017
The Next iOS Update Has a Feature to Prevent Cops From Searching Your iPhone
Political Gabfest Fri Aug 18 13:47:23 EDT 2017
Agree to Disagree The Political Gabfest on what makes for great podcast chemistry.
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 13:19:00 EDT 2017
Steve Bannon Out at White House; Trump Administration Still Racist
Represent Fri Aug 18 13:00:23 EDT 2017
Detroit and Filmmaker Janicza Bravo The director talks about her “weird” new movie Lemon, directing Atlanta’s “Juneteenth” episode, and challenging what it means to be a black female filmmaker.
The XX Factor Fri Aug 18 12:34:22 EDT 2017
The Mormon Church Condemned White Supremacists, and This White Supremacist Mom Is Very Mad
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 12:03:00 EDT 2017
Heather Heyer’s Mom Says She Won’t Return Trump’s Calls “After What He Said”
The Slatest Fri Aug 18 11:32:00 EDT 2017
Second Attack in Spain Suggests Wider Terror Plot; Key Suspect Still at Large
The Vault Fri Aug 18 11:20:00 EDT 2017
One Record of General Pershing’s Quite Cordial Relationship With Filipino Muslims
Politics Fri Aug 18 11:09:42 EDT 2017
Grand White Party vs. Grand Middle Party Steve Bannon is charting two different courses for Republicans. Which one will the GOP choose?
Brow Beat Fri Aug 18 11:02:35 EDT 2017
In These Troubling Times, Here’s Tina Fey Dropping Truths About Neo-Nazis While Stress-Eating a Sheet Cake
Live at Politics and Prose Fri Aug 18 10:40:18 EDT 2017
A Coming of (Middle) Age Story Tom Perrotta reads from his novel Mrs. Fletcher and explains why he wanted to call it The Milf.
Books Fri Aug 18 09:36:00 EDT 2017
Outraged Romantic What is Jeremiah Moss really pining for when he decries the loss of Old New York?
Video Fri Aug 18 08:45:00 EDT 2017
How Costume Design Secretly Tells Stories in Movies If you don't notice, that's the point.
Brow Beat Fri Aug 18 08:33:00 EDT 2017
Edgar Wright on Baby Driver Blowing Past $100 Million, Making Original Movies, and Baby Driver 2
Brow Beat Fri Aug 18 08:03:00 EDT 2017
The New Big Brother Is Showing Exactly How Reality TV Hides Its Most Political Material
Sports Nut Fri Aug 18 07:43:46 EDT 2017
Colin Kaepernick Won In angering the NFL’s white billionaire owners, the quarterback lost his job but started a movement.
Brow Beat Fri Aug 18 07:33:00 EDT 2017
What Netflix’s Autism Comedy Atypical Gets Right About Dating While on the Spectrum
The Slate Quiz Fri Aug 18 05:56:00 EDT 2017
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections Fri Aug 18 04:09:00 EDT 2017
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
The Slatest Thu Aug 17 23:10:49 EDT 2017
Candidate Trump Said He Would Take Down the Confederate Flag From South Carolina State House
The Slatest Thu Aug 17 20:35:00 EDT 2017
13 Dead and 100 Injured in Terrorist Attack in Barcelona; Second Suspected Plot Thwarted
The XX Factor Thu Aug 17 19:32:56 EDT 2017
Bachelor in Paradise’s Episode About Consent Was a Ridiculously Transparent Bid to Rehab Its Brand