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Brow Beat Sep 30, 12:42 PM
Did Your Homemade Mayonnaise Curdle? Here’s How to Save It.
The XX Factor Sep 30, 12:34 PM
Parents, Get Your Teenage Daughters the IUD
Behold Sep 30, 12:10 PM
Violence, Love, and Hope: Growing Up in the Bronx in the 1980s
Brow Beat Sep 30, 12:04 PM
I First Wore a Dress to Impersonate Ayn Rand. It Was Liberating.
Politics Sep 30, 11:57 AM
Iowa Radical The GOP’s Senate candidate doesn’t want voters to know just how conservative she really is.
Future Tense Sep 30, 11:55 AM
The Justice Department Is Cracking Down on Sales of Spyware Used in Stalking
The Vault Sep 30, 11:51 AM
Thomas Jefferson's 1769 Newspaper Ad Seeking a Fugitive Slave 
Slate Picks Sep 30, 11:42 AM
Listen to Our September Music Roundup Hot tracks from a cooler month, exclusively for Slate Plus members.
Brow Beat Sep 30, 11:38 AM
Tim & Eric Brought Their Twisted Minds—and Jeff Goldblum—to This Bizarre Light Bulb Ad
Moneybox Sep 30, 11:25 AM
Naomi Klein Is Wrong Multinational corporations are doing more than governments to halt climate change.
The Slatest Sep 30, 11:24 AM
Hamas Drops Back to Nearly Even With Fatah in Poll of Palestinians
Behind the Scenes Sep 30, 10:59 AM
“For People, Food Is Heaven” Boer Deng on the story behind her piece “How to Order Chinese Food.”
Brow Beat Sep 30, 10:48 AM
One of Last Year’s Best Animated Shorts Is Finally Online for Free
Moneybox Sep 30, 10:44 AM
Bull---- Market America is overlooking a plentiful renewable resource: animal manure.
Atlas Obscura Sep 30, 10:10 AM
A Lovable Murderer and Heroic Villain: The Story of Australia's Most Iconic Outlaw
The Slatest Sep 30, 10:03 AM
Michigan Admits That Quarterback Likely Played With Concussion
Quora Sep 30, 9:32 AM
Why Are Mint Condition Comic Books So Expensive?
Damned Spot Sep 30, 9:00 AM
Now Stare. Don’t Stop. The perfect political wife’s loving gaze in campaign ads.
Future Tense Sep 30, 7:36 AM
Almost Humane What sci-fi can teach us about our treatment of prisoners of war.
Bad Astronomy Sep 30, 7:30 AM
Something Vast and Cold Lurks Beneath the Surface of Titan’s Lakes
Dear Prudence Sep 30, 6:00 AM
Drive-By Bounty Prudie advises a woman whose boyfriend demands she flash truckers on the highway.
Future Tense Sep 29, 11:56 PM
Innovation Starvation, the Next Generation Humankind has lots of great ideas for the future. We need people to carry them out.
History Sep 29, 11:45 PM
The Self-Made Man The story of America’s most pliable, pernicious, irrepressible myth.
Doublex Sep 29, 11:43 PM
Lena Dunham, the Book More shtick than honesty in Not That Kind of Girl.
Medical Examiner Sep 29, 11:32 PM
The Daydream Disorder Is sluggish cognitive tempo a disease or disease mongering?
The Slatest Sep 29, 10:23 PM
New York City to End Use of Solitary Confinement on Juveniles
Foreigners Sep 29, 10:00 PM
“Everything Must Change in Italy” An interview with Italian Prime Minster Matteo Renzi.
The Slatest Sep 29, 9:39 PM
Iceland Announces Men-Only U.N. Conference to Address Gender Equality
The XX Factor Sep 29, 9:39 PM
Rehtaeh Parsons Was the Most Famous Victim in Canada. Now, Journalists Can’t Even Say Her Name.
Brow Beat Sep 29, 9:06 PM
Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice Looks Like a Comic Masterpiece
The Slatest Sep 29, 8:16 PM
This Month the U.S. Could Pass Saudi Arabia as the World’s Biggest Petroleum Producer
The Gist Sep 29, 7:46 PM
Louisiana Isn’t Boot-Shaped Anymore The Gist on how erosion is literally changing the map of the Pelican State.
Moneybox Sep 29, 7:01 PM
We May Never Know Whether Larry Ellison Flew a Fighter Jet Under the Golden Gate Bridge
Future Tense Sep 29, 6:17 PM
The CIA Still Redacts How Much It Paid for PCs in 1987
Brow Beat Sep 29, 5:42 PM
Salman Rushdie, Amy Schumer, Seth Meyers, and Many More on Their Favorite Simpsons Episodes
Video Sep 29, 5:25 PM
Why Do Some People Need More Sleep Than Others? The science of “short sleepers.”
The Slatest Sep 29, 5:11 PM
White House Intruder Said to Have Been Captured at Door Actually Ran Into East Room
Brow Beat Sep 29, 5:06 PM
The Strange Thing David Fincher Does With the “Cool Girl” Speech in Gone Girl
Future Tense Sep 29, 4:55 PM
Your Facebook Data Is About to Start Following You Everywhere You Go
Over There Sep 29, 4:48 PM
The Aftershocks of Colonialism   Africa’s postcolonial recovery and the problem with how it’s covered.