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The Slatest Apr 28, 9:18 AM
John Boehner Called Cruz a “Miserable” S.O.B. Last Night—and That Wasn’t Even the Worst Thing He Said About Him
Bad Astronomy Apr 28, 9:15 AM
Climate Change Is Strangling Our Oceans
Future Tense Apr 28, 9:00 AM
Killer Robots? Lost Jobs? The threats that artificial intelligence researchers actually worry about.
Brow Beat Apr 28, 8:46 AM
Alison Wright on What It Feels Like to Finally Face the Truth on The Americans
The Eye Apr 28, 8:39 AM
These Norwegian Architects Make Chalk Drawings of Future Projects in Their Office Parking Lot
Brow Beat Apr 28, 8:32 AM
If Keanu Was About the Human Keanu
Lexicon Valley Apr 28, 8:22 AM
A New Play Will Scramble Your View of How Language Means, Mystifies, and Falls Short    
Outward Apr 28, 8:03 AM
What Does a Queer Film Before Stonewall Look Like? Start With This Hilarious 1961 PSA.  
Brow Beat Apr 28, 8:02 AM
Prince May Have Been the Greatest Guitarist Since Hendrix, and That Shouldn’t Seem Like a Surprise
The Slatest Apr 28, 7:46 AM
Doctors Without Borders–Backed Syrian Hospital Destroyed by Deadly Airstrikes
Brow Beat Apr 28, 7:32 AM
Inside Amy Schumer’s New Season Is the One Thing You’d Never Expect From Amy Schumer: Politically Correct 
Dear Prudence Apr 28, 6:00 AM
I Won’t Be Your Father Figure My boyfriend raised my twins but won’t let them call him “Dad.”
Politics Apr 28, 5:30 AM
The Quiet American Paul Manafort made a career out of stealthily reinventing the world’s nastiest tyrants as noble defenders of freedom. Getting Donald Trump elected will be a cinch.
Brow Beat Apr 28, 12:19 AM
It’s a Thief’s End for A Thief’s End as the Upcoming Uncharted Game is Stolen in Transit
Brow Beat Apr 27, 11:20 PM
Luke Wilson Sends Mark Strong to Mars in the Trailer for Approaching the Unknown
The Slatest Apr 27, 11:18 PM
Tennessee Governor Signs Law Allowing Therapists to Refuse Treatment to LGBTQ Patients
The Slatest Apr 27, 9:17 PM
Carly Fiorina Sings During Veep Announcement Because This Election Is Actually a Season on HBO
The Slatest Apr 27, 7:06 PM
On Anniversary of Freddie Gray’s Death, Plainclothes Baltimore Cops Shoot 13-Year-Old Who Was Carrying a Fake Gun
The Gist Apr 27, 6:51 PM
The National Emergency We Call Donald Trump Slate’s Jacob Weisberg joins us to share favorite moments from the first month of Trumpcast. 
Working Apr 27, 6:19 PM
What It’s Like to Be a Dog Walker  Read what a professional dog walker told Slate’s Working podcast about his workday and why he loves the job.
The Slatest Apr 27, 6:18 PM
The Wednesday Slatest Newsletter
Supreme Court Dispatches Apr 27, 6:13 PM
The “Everybody Does It” Defense The Supreme Court might let Bob McDonnell off the hook because it can’t even define political corruption anymore.
The Slatest Apr 27, 6:02 PM
Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: [Tugs Collar Uneasily]
Business Insider Apr 27, 5:54 PM
How Foursquare Accurately Predicted That Chipotle's Sales Would Plummet
The Angle Apr 27, 5:53 PM
The Angle: Disbelief Won’t Save You Now Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on Twitter’s troubles, naked saunas, and processing the realness that is Trump. 
Politics Apr 27, 5:43 PM
What the Maryland Democratic Senate Race Was Really About A progressive Democrat lost to an establishment darling, but it had nothing to do with ideology.
Future Tense Apr 27, 5:36 PM
House Unanimously Passes Bill to Safeguard Email Privacy
The XX Factor Apr 27, 5:27 PM
These Jeans Are Designed to Give You A Wedgie, Which Seems Wrong
The Slatest Apr 27, 5:02 PM
Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is Laying Off Hundreds of Staffers
Politics Apr 27, 4:59 PM
Trump’s “Major Foreign Policy Address” Was a Pseudo-Event Staged to Sucker the Media Did it work?
Technology Apr 27, 4:41 PM
Twitter Is a Flightless Bird It might never take off like investors expected. But it shouldn’t have to go extinct.
Future Tense Apr 27, 4:28 PM
Encryption Technology Could Help Corporate Fraudsters. We Still Need to Fight for It.
Moneybox Apr 27, 4:23 PM
Why the Settling of Prince’s Estate Could Get Very, Very Messy
Science Apr 27, 4:22 PM
Unfortunately, You Can’t Have a Lemur as a Pet It seems like it would be the best, but it would actually be the worst.
The Slatest Apr 27, 4:21 PM
The Latest in Anonymous NFL Draft Slander: Prospect Attacked for Not Being Able to Cook
War Stories Apr 27, 4:10 PM
A Mess of Contradictions Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech was even worse than his usual incoherent rambling.
The Slatest Apr 27, 3:28 PM
Employee Found Dead of Gunshot Wound in Conference Room at Apple Headquarters
Brow Beat Apr 27, 3:09 PM
This Video of Animals Singing Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” Is Actually an Impressive Feat of Editing
Future Tense Apr 27, 2:51 PM
Hundreds of Active Spotify Credentials Showed Up Online. Here's How to Protect Yourself.
Outward Apr 27, 2:49 PM
Alabama City Approves Ordinance Imprisoning Trans People Who Use Public Bathrooms