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The XX Factor Fri Feb 17 17:07:00 EST 2017
In the World of Fashion, Feminism Is Suddenly Very On-Trend
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 17:02:00 EST 2017
Senate Confirms Scott Pruitt as EPA Chief Over Democratic Opposition
Moneybox Fri Feb 17 16:53:00 EST 2017
Even in 2016, Democrats Carried Rust Belt Town Centers. Why?
Interrogation Fri Feb 17 15:33:49 EST 2017
Should the Worldwide Leader Stick to Sports? ESPN’s Rachel Nichols on talking politics and whether the NBA champs will visit the White House.
Politics Fri Feb 17 15:23:42 EST 2017
Was Trump Warned That Flynn Misled the FBI? Flynn’s interview prompted a warning to the White House. Was Trump not told, or does he not care?
Jurisprudence Fri Feb 17 15:21:30 EST 2017
Is ICE Out of Control? Two troubling cases suggest immigration officials may have intentionally broken the law while policing.
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 15:03:00 EST 2017
More Evidence Emerges That Flint Water Also Caused Fatal Bacteria Outbreak
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 15:02:10 EST 2017
The Great Wall Is One-Third Terrible, Two-Thirds Great
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 15:01:00 EST 2017
Today in Conservative Media: Rush Limbaugh Was a Big-League Fan of Trump’s Press Conference
Jurisprudence Fri Feb 17 14:39:43 EST 2017
The False Promise of Sanctuary Cities For many undocumented immigrants, the protections offered by left-leaning cities mean nothing at all.
Fascism Fri Feb 17 14:06:01 EST 2017
Romania: Bloody, Mystical Fascism From the East The third episode of our Slate Academy asks if the experience of Romania changes our understanding of fascism’s origins.
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 13:45:49 EST 2017
Drew Barrymore’s Santa Clarita Diet Is Really About a Husband’s Fear of His Wife
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 13:20:49 EST 2017
Anne Hathaway Is Delightful as a Literal Monster in the New Trailer for Colossal
The Audio Book Club Fri Feb 17 13:12:48 EST 2017
The Audio Book Club Gets Tangled Up in Blue Slate critics discuss the poetry of Bob Dylan’s lyrics.
The XX Factor Fri Feb 17 13:09:43 EST 2017
The House Voted to Make It Easier for States to Defund Planned Parenthood
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 12:37:00 EST 2017
This North Korean Airport Poison-Spray Assassination “LOL” T-Shirt Story Is Starting to Get Weird
Atlas Obscura Fri Feb 17 12:30:00 EST 2017
Tokyo's Nishi Rokugo Park Is Made Almost Entirely of Tires
Books Fri Feb 17 11:54:46 EST 2017
The Raw Nerve of Pain A conversation with Daphne Merkin about grappling with severe depression.
Video Fri Feb 17 11:52:00 EST 2017
Breast in Show A sly commentary on our obsession with women’s breasts.
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 11:48:00 EST 2017
Here’s the Plan for the “Deportation Force” Pence and Ryan Denied Would Ever Exist
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 11:40:09 EST 2017
Watch Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler Launch an Underground Casino in the Trailer for The House
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 11:10:00 EST 2017
Report: Trump Administration Considers Deploying 100,000 National Guard Troops to Round Up Immigrants
Represent Fri Feb 17 10:50:32 EST 2017
Moonlight Editor Joi McMillon On her journey to becoming the first black woman nominated for a Best Film Editing Oscar.
The Slatest Fri Feb 17 10:15:00 EST 2017
Trump Reportedly Has a New Communications Director. Breitbart Says He’s a “Rove Acolyte.”
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 09:56:04 EST 2017
Late Night Comics Had No Idea What to Make of That Trump Press Conference
The Good Fight Fri Feb 17 09:29:00 EST 2017
Enemy of the Status Quo Social media isn’t bad or good—it favors outsiders, regardless of their aims.
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 09:28:15 EST 2017
Foreign Titles for The Last Jedi Finally Settle the “Singular or Plural” Debate
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 09:04:30 EST 2017
CBS’ Streaming-Only Good Wife Spinoff Is Caught Between Two Worlds
Medical Examiner Fri Feb 17 09:04:00 EST 2017
Confessions of a Washington Swamp Creature Trump doesn’t understand the revolving door in Washington. Neither did I, until I went through it.
The Slate Quiz Fri Feb 17 05:51:00 EST 2017
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Brow Beat Fri Feb 17 05:33:00 EST 2017
Is Fifty Shades Darker Actually Any Darker Than Fifty Shades of Grey? We Ran the Numbers.
Corrections Fri Feb 17 04:07:00 EST 2017
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
War Stories Thu Feb 16 23:21:36 EST 2017
Trump’s Public Humiliation By rejecting the national security adviser job, Robert Harward gave cover to every professional who wants to turn the president down.
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 21:52:00 EST 2017
Federal Judge Dismisses Defamation Suit Against Bill Cosby Over Alleged Sexual Assault
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 20:07:00 EST 2017
Donald Trump Offers Irrefutable Evidence That He’s Definitely Not Racist or Anti-Semitic
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 19:18:02 EST 2017
Trump Pick to Replace Flynn Turns Down National Security Adviser Offer
Fiction Thu Feb 16 19:14:46 EST 2017
“What Someone Else Does Not Want Printed” Comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted.
Political Gabfest Thu Feb 16 19:07:16 EST 2017
The “Freaks and Leaks” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about Trump’s Russia links, Obamacare, and American–Israeli relations.
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 18:35:00 EST 2017
The Lies, Exaggerations, and Obfuscations That Came Out of Trump’s Mouth While He Called the Media “Dishonest”
The Slatest Thu Feb 16 18:22:00 EST 2017
Michael Flynn Reportedly Lied to the FBI, Though Charges Appear Unlikely