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Crossword Sep 19, 8:15 AM
Themeless No. 30 The American Values Club crossword for Sept. 19.
Dear Prudence Sep 19, 8:00 AM
Dear Prudence: The “Unnecessary Shame” Edition I’m in a long-term relationship, but I’m crushing hard on my co-worker. Help!
Interrogation Sep 19, 7:30 AM
“I Certainly Didn’t Think of Myself as Asian” The Indian American author of a new memoir on her particular immigrant experience.
Picks Sep 19, 6:15 AM
How to Weatherproof Shoes and Boots, According to Experts Keep your feet dry and your footwear spick and span.
Life Sep 19, 6:05 AM
Chrissy Teigen Gave Up on People Mispronouncing Her Name. As Someone With My Own “Difficult” Name, I Get It.
Care and Feeding Sep 19, 6:01 AM
My Sister Is a Terrible Person Will she ever change?
Secret History of the Future Sep 19, 6:01 AM
Fork Fashions and Toilet Trends It took a long time for the fork to go from oddity to ubiquity. What does that say about Google Glass?
Care and Feeding Sep 19, 6:00 AM
Closing the Wiggle Room My child does well at school, but he avoids chores at all costs. How do we teach him to be a team player?
Slow Burn Sep 19, 6:00 AM
God Mode The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal sent the religious right into paroxysms of outrage. The rest of the country wasn’t convinced.
Relationships Sep 19, 5:55 AM
The Liberal vs. the Pro-Lifer Every time we fight, we’re replaying an old argument that’s rooted in our drastically different political views.
Brow Beat Sep 19, 4:11 AM
The Trailer for The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Offers a First Look at The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, If You’ve Never Seen The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
The Slatest Sep 18, 9:44 PM
Christine Blasey Ford Wants an FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation Before Senate Testifying Before Senate
Politics Sep 18, 9:09 PM
Investigate Kavanaugh Christine Blasey Ford wants full scrutiny of her claims against the Supreme Court nominee. The GOP should support that.
Politics Sep 18, 8:55 PM
Brett Kavanaugh and Our Accountability Crisis The judge is the perfect nominee for our era of elite impunity.
The Gist Sep 18, 8:22 PM
Owe Me the Money Americans are in debt, and so are many of the candidates hoping to represent them. Case in point: Georgia’s Stacey Abrams.
Relationships Sep 18, 8:00 PM
“Jen & Ben Renew Their Vows!” Why tabloids are obsessed with predicting the reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.
Jurisprudence Sep 18, 7:35 PM
The Court Without Kavanaugh The key cases that will be affected if Trump’s nominee doesn’t get confirmed in September.
Politics Sep 18, 6:58 PM
No One Really Wants This Hearing Republicans don’t really want Christine Blasey Ford to have “the opportunity to be heard,” and Democrats are in no rush to make it happen.
The Slatest Sep 18, 6:38 PM
Trump Is Not Actually That Susceptible to Flattery
Politics Sep 18, 6:23 PM
Men Are More Afraid Than Ever Why Kavanaugh advocates would rather defend malfeasance than deny it.
The Angle Sep 18, 6:14 PM
The Angle: Loutish Pals Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on excess rain, the virtues of Toad, and what Mark Judge saw.
Gizmos Sep 18, 6:11 PM
The Best (and Worst) Features of iOS 12 The latest update lacks flashy features, but the early reviews are positive.
Brow Beat Sep 18, 6:04 PM
Should Fans Be Excited or Worried About Netflix’s New Live-Action Last Airbender?
Slow Burn Sep 18, 6:03 PM
Tell-All Read a transcript of Slow Burn: Season 2, Episode 5.
The Slatest Sep 18, 5:46 PM
A Dozen Giant, Feces-Filled Lagoons Are Overflowing in North Carolina
The Slatest Sep 18, 5:41 PM
Senate Passes Bipartisan Package of Bills to Battle America’s Opioid Crisis
Interrogation Sep 18, 5:32 PM
An Interview With the Psychiatrist Who Says White House Officials Called Her With Concerns About Trump’s Mental Health
The Slatest Sep 18, 5:28 PM
A Close Look at How Vulnerable Senators Are Handling the Kavanaugh Accusation
The Slatest Sep 18, 5:03 PM
Massachusetts Gas Lines Had 12 Times the Recommended Pressure Before House Explosions
Medical Examiner Sep 18, 4:56 PM
Everything We Know About Trauma Suggests Christine Blasey Ford Is Telling the Truth The way we process traumatic memories is fundamentally different than how we process regular memories.
Sep 18, 4:53 PM
The Riace Experiment A tiny Italian town saved itself from extinction by welcoming hundreds of refugees. But it may not be able to continue much longer.
Brow Beat Sep 18, 4:53 PM
How the Co-Hosts of The Talk Reacted to Julie Chen’s Emotional Goodbye Video
Faith-based Sep 18, 4:35 PM
How Conservative Christians Are Responding to the Kavanaugh Allegations
Brow Beat Sep 18, 4:30 PM
Roseanne Says Her Character Will Die From an Opioid Overdose on The Conners, and She’s Not Pleased
Brow Beat Sep 18, 4:01 PM
Don’t Let Trump’s Penis Ruin Toad, the Mushroom-Headed Sage of Mario Kart
Politics Sep 18, 3:11 PM
Why the GOP Is Better Off Pulling Kavanaugh’s Nomination Having Kavanaugh go down is probably the Republican Party’s best hope for actually getting a seated Supreme Court justice.
The Industry Sep 18, 2:58 PM
The News Business May Need Tech Execs Like Marc Benioff But it should fear them too.
Brow Beat Sep 18, 2:35 PM
Did Kanye West Just Announce One New Album, or Two? Good Ass Job might finally happen.
The Slatest Sep 18, 2:29 PM
Champion Iowa State Golfer Found Murdered on Golf Course
Metropolis Sep 18, 2:27 PM
For North Carolina, and for the Rest of Us, the Danger Is Rain