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The Slatest Jul 25, 12:03 PM
More of the Same: Gun Violence/Terrorism Edition
Brow Beat Jul 25, 11:55 AM
Watch Bill Hader, Melissa McCarthy, Jeff Goldblum, and More Audition to Play Young Han Solo
Gaming Jul 25, 11:44 AM
Can a First-Person Shooter Be Nice? Games like Call of Duty feel like toxic cesspools. How does Overwatch manage to feel so cheerful, welcoming, and fun?
Brow Beat Jul 25, 11:34 AM
The First Trailer for DC’s Justice League Movie Tries Real Hard Not to Be So Serious
Outward Jul 25, 11:25 AM
The Roots of Trump’s Pro-LGBTQ Rhetoric Lie in Nixon’s Courtship of the White Working Class
Moneybox Jul 25, 11:25 AM
The Trump Campaign Continues Its War on Economic Fact
The Slatest Jul 25, 10:46 AM
Here’s What WikiLeaks Might Have Meant by That Anti-Semitic Tweet It Deleted
Behold Jul 25, 10:18 AM
A European Photographer Steps Into American Greek Life
Roads & Kingdoms Jul 25, 10:02 AM
Food Is a New Front in Europe’s Immigration Struggle Verona, Italy, is going after kebab shops for being “inauthentic.” Really?
The Slatest Jul 25, 9:46 AM
Which One of These Americans Wore the “Make America Great Again” Hat the Greatest? You Decide.
Science Jul 25, 9:39 AM
Was This Study Even Peer-Reviewed? How journalists should write about unpublished scientific research.
Brow Beat Jul 25, 9:28 AM
John Oliver on the Real Theme of Trump’s Republican Convention: Putting Feelings Before Facts
Video Jul 25, 9:26 AM
Far From Home A look at migrant workers around the world.
The Slatest Jul 25, 9:24 AM
Trump Pulls Ahead in Polls
Bad Astronomy Jul 25, 9:00 AM
More Evidence That Dinosaurs Suffered a One-Two Extinction Punch
The Eye Jul 25, 8:48 AM
The Colorful, Pristine Beauty of Empty Metro Stations in Berlin, Munich, and Stockholm
Brow Beat Jul 25, 8:03 AM
The Latest Episode of Mr. Robot Was an Extended Homage to Stanley Kubrick
Medical Examiner Jul 25, 7:16 AM
The Vaccination Double Standard Despite years of research, there’s no good way to convince anti-vaxxers of the truth. It’s time to make vaccination mandatory for all kids.
Quora Jul 25, 7:08 AM
How Can College Students Make the Most of Recruiting Events?
Brow Beat Jul 25, 6:00 AM
HBO Was One of the Best Networks for LGBTQ Representation. How Did It Become One of the Worst?
Brow Beat Jul 24, 11:36 PM
Celebrate Bojack Horseman Weekend With Crusader Rabbit, the First Made-for-TV Cartoon
Gaming Jul 24, 8:31 PM
Pokémon or Cholesterol Medication? The most important quiz of our time.
Brow Beat Jul 24, 8:20 PM
Elijah Wood Goes Full Barton Fink in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Cover Story Jul 24, 8:01 PM
The Hillary Haters Few figures in American political life have inspired such deep and decades-long contempt. But why?
Brow Beat Jul 24, 6:27 PM
Blair Witch was Hiding in The Woods All Along
The Slatest Jul 24, 3:18 PM
Independent Bloomberg to Endorse Hillary Clinton During Prime-Time Convention Speech
The Slatest Jul 24, 2:32 PM
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Will Resign as DNC Chairwoman After the Convention
The Slatest Jul 24, 12:52 PM
Trump Adviser and Onetime VP Contender Retweets Anti-Semitic Comment, Later Takes It Back
The Slatest Jul 24, 12:17 PM
IOC Decides Against Blanket Olympic Ban for Russia Despite Widespread, State-Run Doping
Behold Jul 24, 10:03 AM
The Unbelievably Cute Baby Animals Raised at Animal Rehab Centers
Bad Astronomy Jul 24, 9:00 AM
Ever Heard of Dry Tortugas National Park? Watch This Time-lapse Video and You’ll Want to See It for Yourself.
Brow Beat Jul 23, 9:22 PM
Get a Glimpse of our Grim Future in the Trailer for FX’s Legion
Brow Beat Jul 23, 6:54 PM
Apocalypse Kong: Kurtz Is a Giant Gorilla in the Kong: Skull Island Trailer
The Slatest Jul 23, 5:43 PM
Clinton-Kaine Debut Was Notable for Being What the RNC Was Not—Optimistic and Orderly
Brow Beat Jul 23, 5:03 PM
Gal Gadot Battles the Central Powers and Chris Pine’s Sexism in the Wonder Woman Trailer
Brow Beat Jul 23, 3:35 PM
Watch the Game of Thrones Cast Struggle Their Way Through This Blooper Reel
The Slatest Jul 23, 1:32 PM
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bombing Attack Killing Dozens in Kabul
The Slatest Jul 23, 12:27 PM
German Officials Say Munich Attack Was a “Classic Shooting Rampage;” Rule Out Terror Links
Bad Astronomy Jul 23, 9:00 AM
When Rosetta Comes to Rest: Cometary Final Destination Chosen
Quora Jul 23, 7:22 AM
How Is Plato’s Republic Relevant Today?