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Brow Beat Dec 15, 1:30 PM
Why Beyoncé Needed Ed Sheeran to Score Her First No. 1 Hit in Nine Years
Better Life Lab Dec 15, 1:14 PM
Why Was the GOP Even Considering Scrapping This Tiny Benefit to Teachers?
The Slatest Dec 15, 1:09 PM
What Kind of Congressman Would Call for Trump to Fire Robert Mueller? Oh, Right, This Kind.
The Slatest Dec 15, 1:01 PM
Trump’s Nominees Think Life Tenure in the Federal Judiciary Should Be Handed Out Like a Participation Trophy
Jurisprudence Dec 15, 12:35 PM
Blind Justices The Supreme Court should’ve tried to put a stop to Judge Alex Kozinski’s behavior. Instead, the court abetted it.
Represent Dec 15, 12:34 PM
She’s Gotta Have It Writer Radha Blank On working with Spike Lee, responding to criticisms of the show, and being a woman of color in the writers room.
Brow Beat Dec 15, 11:57 AM
A Make-Ahead, Totally Genius Holiday Breakfast Casserole
Jurisprudence Dec 15, 11:20 AM
States’ Rights No More The GOP’s new concealed carry bill is as unconstitutional as it is unprecedented.
Interrogation Dec 15, 11:14 AM
How to Build a Dictatorship Historian Stephen Kotkin on the ideas and institutions that made Stalin’s rise possible.
Brow Beat Dec 15, 11:10 AM
More Women Accuse Dustin Hoffman of Sexual Assault, Indecent Exposure
Brow Beat Dec 15, 9:33 AM
6 Things We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Disney-Fox Merger
Music Dec 15, 9:06 AM
The Best Jazz Albums of 2017 Plus the best historical releases.
Readme Dec 15, 8:00 AM
The Secret Vice of Power Women  
Brow Beat Dec 15, 7:33 AM
Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It Got a Modern-Day Update. Crooklyn Should Be Next.
Live at Politics and Prose Dec 15, 7:23 AM
The Joy of Cooking Blogging Deb Perelman on blogging, finding culinary inspiration, and dealing with fussy kids.
Picks Dec 15, 7:00 AM
The Best VR Headset to Buy If You Don’t Want an HTC Vive You don’t have to spend $600 to give the gift of virtual reality.
Studio 360 Dec 15, 6:05 AM
That’s What She Said June Thomas looks at how sexual harassment is depicted on television.
Television Dec 15, 5:55 AM
Why Errol Morris Reinvented His Approach for His New Netflix Series The master documentarian on abandoning the Interrotron, doubling down on dramatizations, and why he’s still not done with Wormwood.
The Slate Quiz Dec 15, 5:51 AM
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections Dec 15, 4:09 AM
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
The Gist Dec 14, 11:43 PM
Revisiting Another Democratic Wave How Chris Hurst became one of Virginia’s newest state representatives, with some indirect help from a petting zoo.
The Slatest Dec 14, 10:58 PM
Bannon Affiliated Dark Money Group Launches Attack Ads on Robert Mueller
The Slatest Dec 14, 9:29 PM
Today in Conservative Media: Liberals Are Melting Down Over Net Neutrality
The Slatest Dec 14, 9:12 PM
Judge Alex Kozinski Faces Judicial Conduct Inquiry Over Allegations of Sexual Harassment
Political Gabfest Dec 14, 7:18 PM
The “Devil and Mr. Jones” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about Democrat Doug Jones’ win in Alabama, the current state of the tax bill, and awful men in the headlines.
Future Tense Dec 14, 6:29 PM
Net Neutrality's End Is Creating a Lot of Confusion About the Future of the Internet
Science Dec 14, 6:19 PM
Can You Use This Data Set to Find Serial Killers? The New Yorker’s recent piece on the Murder Accountability Project was fascinating. It also led us to look closely at the data it uses—and we have some advice for would-be serial killer detectors.
The Angle Dec 14, 6:14 PM
The Angle: Shady Stuff Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on becoming an LLC, problematic Rudolph, and voting rights violations in Alabama.
The Slatest Dec 14, 5:39 PM
Rep. Blake Farenthold Won’t Run for Re-Election After Allegations of Toxic Work Environment
The Slatest Dec 14, 5:36 PM
White House Highlights President Trump’s Vow to Get Rid of "Redundancy and Duplication"
The XX Factor Dec 14, 5:28 PM
“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Is Your Latest Problematic Fave
Reconstruction Dec 14, 5:22 PM
The Smearing of America’s First Black Legislators How corrupt was politics in the Reconstruction era?
The Slatest Dec 14, 5:18 PM
Today’s Impeach-O-Meter: Enough With the Giant Stacks of Paper
Technology Dec 14, 4:54 PM
Let’s Uber. I’ll Call a Lyft. Why conscientious consumers no longer want to use Uber, except as a verb.
The Slatest Dec 14, 4:51 PM
Marco Rubio Learns How to Negotiate
Moneybox Dec 14, 4:41 PM
Why You’ll Want to Turn Yourself Into an LLC Under the Republican Tax Plan
The Slatest Dec 14, 4:41 PM
The U.S. Is Stumbling Toward War with North Korea and Iran at the Same Time
Studio 360 Dec 14, 4:00 PM
So You Think You’re Creative? From imaginary friends to jazz musicians in fMRI machines, we explore the creative brain.
Jurisprudence Dec 14, 3:51 PM
Did Alabama Just Violate Federal Voting Law? Assessing the state’s “inactive” voter scheme.
Science Dec 14, 3:48 PM
Trump Wants to Go to the Moon. Do Private Space Companies? Space exploration is done via partnership these days, and the private sector is generally less enthused about more moon landings.