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Brow Beat Aug 26, 11:47 AM
Britney Spears Sang Her Heart Out to “Baby One More Time” on Carpool Karaoke
Outward Aug 26, 11:28 AM
Help! Testosterone Is Melting My Brain! (Maybe.)
Movies Aug 26, 11:24 AM
Southside With You A charming microbiopic that will make you miss the Obamas before they’re even gone.
Political Gabfest Aug 26, 10:33 AM
The “Meet the New Trump” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about Trump’s immigration “pivot,” Clinton’s emails, and Emily’s death penalty story.
The Eye Aug 26, 10:26 AM
A New Dubai Hotel Will Have Its Own Private Rainforest
The Slatest Aug 26, 9:55 AM
New Trump Campaign Exec Seems to Have Committed Voter Fraud by Registering Illegally in Florida
Education Aug 26, 9:39 AM
Whatever You Do, Don’t Say This to a Professor College students often believe they’re helping themselves when they make one particular appeal. They’re not.
Brow Beat Aug 26, 9:38 AM
Watch Kanye West Just Lift His Whole Stage Into the Air Like the Magic Carpet in Aladdin
Moneybox Aug 26, 9:26 AM
Nextdoor, a Social Network for Neighborhoods, Has a Racial Profiling Problem. Will This Change Fix It?
Business Insider Aug 26, 9:16 AM
Ryan Lochte Found a Throat Drop Company to Sponsor Him
Interrogation Aug 26, 9:16 AM
What Barack Obama Thinks of Donald Trump David Axelrod on how his former boss views the Republican nominee.
Bad Astronomy Aug 26, 9:00 AM
See Jupiter and Venus Pass VERY Close Together This Weekend
Brow Beat Aug 26, 8:32 AM
Why Latino Movie Stars Have Never Been More Necessary
Nightlight Aug 26, 8:00 AM
Miss Peregrine’s Author Ransom Riggs, Interviewed by an Extremely Well-Prepared 11-Year-Old Fan
Brow Beat Aug 26, 7:43 AM
The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It’s Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!)
Future Tense Aug 26, 7:18 AM
Our Energy Grid Is Incredibly Vulnerable And climate change is the cause.
The Grind Aug 26, 5:53 AM
Nike Boasts of Empowering Women Around the World While the young women who make its products in Vietnam are intimidated, belittled, and underpaid.
The Slate Quiz Aug 26, 5:45 AM
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections Aug 26, 4:10 AM
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
The Slatest Aug 25, 10:25 PM
Does Trump Have an Immigration Policy Yet? “The Answer Could Be Yes.”
Politics Aug 25, 8:09 PM
Hillary’s Lifeboat to the GOP The Democratic nominee offered her rivals a way to save themselves from the catastrophe that is Donald Trump.
The Gist Aug 25, 7:21 PM
Do You Rely on GPS? Thank Chuck E. Cheese and William F. Buckley. In Pinpoint, Greg Milner chronicles how a conservative pundit, the military, and a pizza impresario made GPS ubiquitous.
Politics Aug 25, 7:03 PM
Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Isolated and Destroyed Donald Trump By definitively linking him to the alt-right, she shredded any remaining legitimacy he had with sane Republicans.
The Slatest Aug 25, 6:39 PM
The Alt-Right Is Thrilled About Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech
Politics Aug 25, 6:13 PM
Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Was Shrewd Strategy It was the speech GOP leaders should’ve given when they had the chance.
The Angle Aug 25, 6:01 PM
The Angle: Alt-Right Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on random capital letters, the nonexistent horse race, and Clinton’s speech about Trump’s racism.
The XX Factor Aug 25, 5:51 PM
Why Are Female CEOs and Senators Disproportionately Blond? Blame Sexism.
Politics Aug 25, 5:46 PM
Donald Trump Just Helped Ted Cruz Bigly The current GOP nominee is paving the way for Cruz’s 2020 bid.
The Slatest Aug 25, 5:28 PM
Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Using the L-Word
Brow Beat Aug 25, 5:25 PM
David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike Fight for Love (and Oscars) in A United Kingdom Trailer
The Slatest Aug 25, 5:11 PM
Hillary Clinton Reminds Voters of All the Evidence That Donald Trump Might Be a Racist
The XX Factor Aug 25, 4:55 PM
Pro-Life Activists Sue Chicago for the Right to Use Disturbing Tactics Outside Abortion Clinics
The Slatest Aug 25, 4:51 PM
Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Found the Perfect Frame for Trump’s Bigotry
Future Tense Aug 25, 4:46 PM
New Zealand and Australia, World Leaders in Pizza Delivery by Drone  
Future Tense Aug 25, 4:46 PM
The Army Isn’t Getting Much Use Out of Its Expensive Training Games
The Slatest Aug 25, 4:44 PM
New Lawsuit Has a Real Chance to Help Bring Obama’s Immigration Actions Back in Many States
Sports Nut Aug 25, 4:40 PM
The Hope Solo Mistake U.S. Soccer needed to get rid of its goalkeeper, but not like this.
The Slatest Aug 25, 4:32 PM
You Know, It Really Is Crazy That One of Trump’s Most High-Profile Fans Thinks Sandy Hook Was a Hoax
DoubleX Gabfest Aug 25, 4:17 PM
Has the World Conspired to Keep Women Drunk? The DoubleX Gabfest talks about how the glass of wine has come to stand in for female empowerment.
Culture Gabfest Aug 25, 4:02 PM
The One Book That Changed Your Life The Culture Gabfesters reveal what books really made a difference in their lives.