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Brow Beat Mar 26, 5:50 PM
Aaron Sorkin Shocked to Discover Hollywood Might Not Be a Gender- and Race-Blind Meritocracy
The Slatest Mar 26, 5:27 PM
Watch Ted Koppel Tell Sean Hannity He’s Bad for America
The Slatest Mar 26, 4:02 PM
Relax, You Can Wear Leggings on United (but Airline Still Says It Has Right to Police Clothing)
The Slatest Mar 26, 2:10 PM
Trump Reportedly Handed Merkel a $374 Billion Invoice for NATO
The Slatest Mar 26, 1:02 PM
Shooting at Cincinnati Nightclub Kills One, Injures 15
The Slatest Mar 26, 11:45 AM
Fox News Host Calls on Paul Ryan to Step Down Hours After Trump Plugged Her Show
Brow Beat Mar 25, 11:30 PM
A Vermont Dairy Farm and Museum Has Successfully Baited Nintendo Into a Cow-Milking Contest
Brow Beat Mar 25, 6:12 PM
Move Fast and Break Things: 106 Years of Innovation at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company
The Slatest Mar 25, 6:09 PM
Will Reince Priebus Become the Fall Guy for Trumpcare’s Failure?
The Slatest Mar 25, 3:45 PM
Bannon Pushed Trump to Use Health Care Vote to Write Up “Enemies List”
The Slatest Mar 25, 2:43 PM
U.S. Airstrikes May Have Killed As Many As 200 Civilians in Mosul
The Slatest Mar 25, 1:45 PM
How Conservative Media Is Responding to the AHCA’s Failure
Brow Beat Mar 25, 12:31 PM
The First Trailer for Justice League Suggests DC Hasn’t Learned From Its Mistakes
The Slatest Mar 25, 12:01 PM
Conspiracy Nutjob Alex Jones Apologizes for Spreading Pizzagate Fake News
Amicus Mar 25, 10:01 AM
Amicus: Gorsuch Grins, Says Nothing Were these hearings really as pointless as they seemed?
Slate Money Mar 25, 2:05 AM
The Thinx Twice Edition Slate Money discusses Thinx founder Miki Agrawal’s sexual harassment allegations and how venture capitalist J.D. Vance is looking to invest in startups—in Ohio.
Politics Mar 24, 11:10 PM
Not the President’s Fault, but Exactly What He Wanted Trump is trapped between the myth of his omnipotence and a desperate need to evade accountability for his administration’s failures.
Moneybox Mar 24, 8:21 PM
Let Us Now Appreciate Paul Ryan’s Utter Failure as a Political Leader
Politics Mar 24, 7:56 PM
A Way Forward What Democrats should do to capitalize on the defeat of Trumpcare.
The Gist Mar 24, 7:51 PM
Feet off the Couch, Please Alyssa Mastromonaco, who served as deputy chief of staff in Obama’s White House, on why mess ups like the Kellyanne Conway couch photo actually matter.
Politics Mar 24, 7:38 PM
Why Trumpcare Failed You can’t unite a party that is fundamentally divided.
Slate Plus Mar 24, 6:40 PM
Trumpcare We Hardly Knew Ye The Slate Plus Digest for March 24.
Jurisprudence Mar 24, 6:21 PM
Locker Room Talk at the Capitol Hill Boys Club Neil Gorsuch’s chummy, back-slapping Supreme Court confirmation hearings should’ve been held beside a keg.
The Angle Mar 24, 6:21 PM
The Angle: Goodbye Trumpcare Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on the death of the AHCA, Kellyanne Conway’s conflict, and everyone calling Trump a liar.
Politics Mar 24, 6:18 PM
Don’t Blame the Freedom Caucus The House’s hard-liners didn’t sink the American Health Care Act. The bill’s failures belong to Paul Ryan alone.
The XX Factor Mar 24, 6:16 PM
There's Not a Missing-Teen Epidemic in D.C.—Just Confirmation of the Sad Status Quo
Interrogation Mar 24, 6:05 PM
Has There Ever Been a Crazier Week in Congress? No.
The Slatest Mar 24, 6:04 PM
Trump on the AHCA’s Failure: “It’s Been a Very Interesting Experience”
Jurisprudence Mar 24, 6:01 PM
The Democrats Must Filibuster Neil Gorsuch President Obama’s senior aide Ronald Klain tells Dahlia Lithwick why it’s time for the Dems to take a stand.
Politics Mar 24, 5:57 PM
The Biggest Lesson From the Trumpcare Debacle It showed us how government by misogynists actually translates into policy.
The Slatest Mar 24, 5:45 PM
Trump Says He Never Promised to Quickly Repeal Obamacare. Here’s a Bunch of Times He Promised Exactly That.
Brow Beat Mar 24, 5:29 PM
Life Is Sci-Fi Skepticism for an Era Whose Problems Science Can’t Solve
The Slatest Mar 24, 5:24 PM
It’s Beginning to Seem Possible That Donald Trump Is Not in Fact “the Ultimate Closer”
The Slatest Mar 24, 4:08 PM
Republicans Cancel AHCA Vote Despite Trump Demand That It Be Held Friday
The Slatest Mar 24, 4:05 PM
The Trump-Russia Investigation Is a Farce
Best of Slate Podcasts Mar 24, 3:55 PM
Best of Slate Podcasts Only have time for one podcast this week? Make it this one.
Politics Mar 24, 3:20 PM
Is Kellyanne Conway Breaking the Law? It appears as though she hasn’t yet divested her polling firm. If that’s the case, it’s possible she’s committing a serious federal crime.
Politics Mar 24, 3:11 PM
Republicans Spent the Gorsuch Hearing Chatting About Sheep and Basketball Did you think confirmation hearings were for real questions?
Moneybox Mar 24, 3:03 PM
Steve Mnuchin Doesn’t Think A.I. Is an Immediate Threat to Jobs. That’s Insane.
Politics Mar 24, 2:40 PM
Timothy Caughman’s Murder Was a Lynching And Donald Trump has said nothing.