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Politics Jul 25, 11:14 AM
A Budget Cut by Any Other Name Paul Ryan is promising his sweeping poverty reforms won’t mean less money for the poor. History says otherwise.
Outward Jul 25, 11:07 AM
Jeopardy! Incorporates Gay Slang—Is the End of Gay Culture Nigh?
Weigel Jul 25, 10:57 AM
Dinesh D’Souza and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
Television Jul 25, 10:33 AM
Little Networks, Big Shows Dramas on WGN and WE epitomize the flood of totally decent television.
Political Gabfest Jul 25, 10:28 AM
The “Joe Biden’s White Teeth” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about the crisis in Ukraine and the geopolitical fallout from Flight MH17, the latest legal challenge to Obamacare, and Joe Biden’s 2016 aspirations.
The Slatest Jul 25, 10:22 AM
International Flight Aborts Landing in Tel Aviv After Rocket Fire
Future Tense Jul 25, 10:02 AM
The Best Solution to the Problem of Dead People's Digital Accounts
The Eye Jul 25, 9:13 AM
Using Coins and Bank Notes to Spread a Political Message
Weigel Jul 25, 9:13 AM
Libertarians Think They’ve Found a Smoking Gun in the Halbig Case
Outward Jul 25, 9:05 AM
Why I’m Still a Butch Lesbian
Future Tense Jul 25, 8:45 AM
Lake Mead Before and After the Epic Drought A new study shows the Colorado River basin is losing water at a “shocking” rate.
Brow Beat Jul 25, 8:37 AM
You’re Making Bruschetta Wrong, and You Might Be Pronouncing It Wrong, Too
Medical Examiner Jul 25, 7:58 AM
Rx: 50 mg Nature, Ad Lib Doctors are prescribing a walk in the park.
Bad Astronomy Jul 25, 7:30 AM
Space Rocks for Two Science Promoters
Business Insider Jul 25, 7:15 AM
Companies Should Reveal How Much Employees Make
Quora Jul 25, 7:12 AM
What Was It Like to Work at Walt Disney Studios in Its Earliest Days?
Moneybox Jul 25, 7:00 AM
Six Reasons LinkedIn Is the Place to Find Love
Frame Game Jul 25, 6:00 AM
“Skip the Commentary, Find the Reporting” How Will Saletan kept up with this week’s news from Israel and Gaza.
Dear Prudence Jul 25, 6:00 AM
The Scarlet List The dad of my daughter’s friend is on the sex offender registry.
Corrections Jul 25, 4:15 AM
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
The Slate Quiz Jul 24, 11:45 PM
Play the Slate News Quiz With Jeopardy! superchampion Ken Jennings.
Brow Beat Jul 24, 9:30 PM
Welcome to Sweden vs. Real-Life Sweden: Tacky Furniture Edition
Brow Beat Jul 24, 9:09 PM
New Photo of Ben Affleck’s Batman Reveals He Needs to Shave
The Slatest Jul 24, 9:06 PM
The Airbnb Guest Who Never Leaves and Now Lives in Your House Instead of You
Politics Jul 24, 8:47 PM
Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Is Paternalistic It’s also a thoughtful, compassionate blueprint for a better social safety net.
The Slatest Jul 24, 7:45 PM
In NFL, Smoking Pot Can Get You Suspended Longer Than Allegedly Knocking Your Wife Unconscious
Politics Jul 24, 7:43 PM
The Man the Chamber of Commerce Can’t Beat Rep. Justin Amash was supposed to be an easy target for GOP centrists. He is on his way to an easy victory.
The Slatest Jul 24, 7:31 PM
U.S. Says Russia Is Firing Across Border on Ukraine Military
Brow Beat Jul 24, 6:59 PM
If You Liked Matangi, You’ll Love M.I.A’s New Song With the Partysquad
Politics Jul 24, 6:43 PM
The Crisis in Black Homeownership How the recession turned owners into renters and obliterated black American wealth.
Foreigners Jul 24, 6:43 PM
Putin’s Pal Stephen Cohen was once considered a top Russia historian. Now he publishes odd defenses of Vladimir Putin. The Nation just published his most outrageous one yet.
The Gist Jul 24, 6:24 PM
Who’s Better Off: A Roman Emperor, or You? The Gist weighs the value of imperial spoils against air conditioning and soap.
Food Jul 24, 6:19 PM
No One Can Agree on What “Homemade” Means France’s new labeling law was doomed from the beginning.
Foreigners Jul 24, 6:11 PM
Israel’s Media Blackout Why aren’t Israeli journalists questioning their military’s devastation in Gaza?
The Slatest Jul 24, 6:09 PM
Montana Senator Suggests PTSD Played Role in Master’s Thesis Plagiarism
Future Tense Jul 24, 5:59 PM
Canvas Fingerprinting Is More Invasive Than Cookies. But Should You Worry About It?
The World Jul 24, 5:56 PM
Why Getting a Gaza Cease-Fire Will Be Much Harder This Time Around
Weigel Jul 24, 5:55 PM
An Instant-Classic “War on Women” Whiff
Jurisprudence Jul 24, 5:41 PM
Gambling With Death Is the Supreme Court poised to abolish the death penalty?
Moneybox Jul 24, 5:37 PM
Why Is Chocolate Getting So Expensive?