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Atlas Obscura Jul 29, 11:40 AM
Dave Grohl Alley in Warren, Ohio, Is Home to the World’s Largest Drum Stick
The Slatest Jul 29, 11:25 AM
Alabama Jail Staffers Reportedly Taunted Inmate With Burmese Python
Video Jul 29, 11:18 AM
Getting Up Again Kickstarter backers pay $65,000 for a movie that explains why Chumbawamba's “Tubthumping” happened.
The Slatest Jul 29, 11:08 AM
Is Mullah Omar Actually Dead This Time?
The Slatest Jul 29, 11:08 AM
These Three Words Perfectly Sum Up Wednesday’s East Coast Weather
War Stories Jul 29, 11:06 AM
Just Punishment Jonathan Pollard was one of the worst traitors of the 20th century. He deserved to languish as long as he did.
Future Tense Jul 29, 10:05 AM
When Science Doesn’t Have a Simple Answer This historic debate from the height of the Cold War provides a refreshing perspective on science and politics.
The Slatest Jul 29, 9:55 AM
Cosby Accuser Is Gay, Breaks Silence in Court Motion Refuting His Self-Described Romantic Skills
The Slatest Jul 29, 9:48 AM
Tom Brady Responds to NFL Cellphone Accusation in Facebook Post
Culture Gabfest Jul 29, 9:43 AM
The Culture Gabfest “Go Set a Pet” Edition Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Look of Silence, GMOs, and Dr. Seuss’ newly released book.
The Shortcut Jul 29, 9:16 AM
It’s Summer. Free Your Forearms! But don't compromise your style. Here are the methods you need to know.
Lexicon Valley Jul 29, 9:00 AM
How Squad Went From Underdogs to Queen Bees
Brow Beat Jul 29, 8:57 AM
If You Grill This Cheese at Your Summer Cookout, All Your Vegetarian Friends Will Thank You
20x Jul 29, 8:19 AM
Don’t Let Social Media Tell You What to Read A distraction-free guide to all the websites a Slate business and economics writer visits more than 20 times a month.
Brow Beat Jul 29, 8:02 AM
Tom Cruise Stares at You Intensely: The Supercut
Bad Astronomy Jul 29, 7:15 AM
When Galaxies Eat Up and Spit Out Other Galaxies
Quora Jul 29, 7:11 AM
What’s It Like to Work With Pixar Director Pete Docter?
Crime Jul 29, 5:53 AM
Last Man Standing Nothing can stop the bipartisan coalition pressing for criminal justice reform. Nothing, except maybe Bill Otis.
Food Jul 29, 5:44 AM
In Defense of Room Service Hotels are phasing out the iconic amenity. But delivery will never live up to truly great room service.
The Slatest Jul 29, 12:07 AM
The Easiest Way to Get to Know Donald Trump Is to Depose Him
Slate Fare Jul 29, 12:01 AM
America’s Next Slate Writer Always wanted to write for Slate? Now’s your chance to pitch us.
Future Tense Jul 28, 10:18 PM
Twitter Is Reinventing Itself. Hope You Like Facebook.
The Slatest Jul 28, 9:58 PM
Swiss Army Invades France to Save Soft Cheese; Even Its Skirmishes Are in the One-Percent
Brow Beat Jul 28, 9:57 PM
Hunter S. Thompson Recalls Being Beat Up by the Hells Angels in This Animated Interview
Brow Beat Jul 28, 8:11 PM
Tig Notaro, Louis C.K., and Diablo Cody Are Making an Amazon Comedy Together
Metropolis Jul 28, 7:54 PM
The Olympics Need an L.A. Games The city once saved the mega-event from its bloated, economically burdensome self. Los Angeles could do it again.
The Gist Jul 28, 6:45 PM
The Telltale Story of MSG Is monosodium glutamate, often shunned over health concerns, unfairly maligned? We got the ABCs on MSG.
The XX Factor Jul 28, 6:39 PM
Why the Planned Parenthood Hack Is So Frightening
The Slatest Jul 28, 6:15 PM
The GOP Debate Cutoff Is One Week Away. Here’s Who’s Getting Desperate.
Moneybox Jul 28, 6:13 PM
No, This Graph Does Not Prove That Everything Is Fine With American Capitalism
Working Jul 28, 6:08 PM
How Does a Club Doorman Work? Read what Slate culture writer Aisha Harris asked a New York City front of house manager about nightlife, table service, guest lists, and celebrity clientele.
The Slatest Jul 28, 5:59 PM
Hillary Clinton’s Climate Plan Is Rhetorically Grand and Scientifically Unambitious
The Slatest Jul 28, 5:17 PM
Sandra Bland Made As Many As Seven Phone Calls From Jail but Couldn’t Post Bail
The Spot Jul 28, 5:08 PM
The Most GIF-Worthy Man in Sports Just Lost His Job for Allegedly Hitting a Reporter
The Kids Jul 28, 4:40 PM
Cows vs. Almonds Which milk is best for toddlers?
Sports Nut Jul 28, 4:37 PM
Let’s Force Cities to Host the Olympics A modest proposal inspired by Boston and Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.”
Outward Jul 28, 4:32 PM
Watch This Great Short Film About Polari, the Lost Gay English Dialect
Brow Beat Jul 28, 4:15 PM
Seth Rogen, J.G.L., and Anthony Mackie Play Three Very Stoned Wise Men in New Trailer
Business Insider Jul 28, 4:01 PM
New Design Patent May Ensure Apple's Earbuds Stop Falling Out of Your Ears
Brow Beat Jul 28, 3:56 PM
Key & Peele Imagines What It’d Be Like if We Obsessed Over Teachers the Way We Do Athletes