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The Vault Fri Dec 09 12:12:00 EST 2016
What Things Cost in an American Country Store in 1836
Brow Beat Fri Dec 09 11:43:26 EST 2016
Taylor Swift Shares Her First New Song in Two Years, From the Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack
The Slatest Fri Dec 09 11:38:00 EST 2016
Geert Wilders, Who Wants to “Make the Netherlands Great Again,” Convicted of Inciting Discrimination
Video Fri Dec 09 11:25:25 EST 2016
The Blurry Line Between Olympians and Paralympians A clever video from Egypt, which has more Paralympic than Olympic medals.
Political Gabfest Fri Dec 09 11:22:49 EST 2016
The “Cling Tightly to One Tiny Piece of Good News” Edition Listen to Slate’s show about Trump’s Cabinet picks, Pizzagate, and the Electoral College.
Live at Politics & Prose Fri Dec 09 11:15:17 EST 2016
Debunking Myths About Native Americans Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker, authors of All the Real Indians Died Off, discuss Standing Rock and indigenous activism.
Movies Fri Dec 09 11:12:29 EST 2016
La La Land Damien Chazelle’s musical is an ambitious valentine to the beauty of cinema.
Television Fri Dec 09 11:12:28 EST 2016
The Top 10 TV Shows of 2016 Two Russian spies, one empowered prostitute, and one very likable weed dealer.
Business Insider Fri Dec 09 11:06:21 EST 2016
The CEO of Coca-Cola Plans to Step Down
Science Fri Dec 09 10:56:23 EST 2016
Pruitt’s Plan to Make Climate Denialism Law Trump’s EPA pick has tried it before, and he’ll likely try it again. Only this time, he’ll be working from the inside.
Brow Beat Fri Dec 09 10:33:00 EST 2016
Trevor Noah Wants to Know What’s Up With the Electoral College, so He Asked a Tiny Thomas Jefferson
Working Fri Dec 09 10:30:43 EST 2016
What’s It Like to Run One of Washington’s Oldest Mosques? Imam Talib M. Shareef chats about serving his community in the age of Trump.
Brow Beat Fri Dec 09 10:23:14 EST 2016
Michael Moore Isn’t Convinced That Donald Trump Will Be President
Outward Fri Dec 09 10:09:17 EST 2016
Arkansas Supreme Court’s Anti-Gay Birth Certificate Decision Is a Rejection of Marriage Equality
Brow Beat Fri Dec 09 09:19:00 EST 2016
School Sucks, and the World Needs Saving in the First Trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Culturebox Fri Dec 09 09:06:00 EST 2016
You’re the Puppet. Lock Her Up. It’s a Knife. The most notable words and phrases of 2016.
The Slatest Fri Dec 09 08:51:27 EST 2016
Trump and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. What Could Go Wrong?
Bad Astronomy Fri Dec 09 08:45:00 EST 2016
The Mysterious Case of a Nonexistent Alien Planet Discovered 160 Years Ago
Brow Beat Fri Dec 09 08:33:00 EST 2016
How Did ABC’s Speechless Make Life With Disability Funny? By Hiring the Right People.
Brow Beat Fri Dec 09 08:21:00 EST 2016
Move Over, Die Hard. Three Days of the Condor Is the Christmas Classic No One’s Watching.
Books Fri Dec 09 07:17:00 EST 2016
The 10 Best Audiobooks of 2016 Kind voices in your ears during a year of shouting.
The Slate Quiz Fri Dec 09 05:45:00 EST 2016
Slate News Quiz Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
Corrections Fri Dec 09 04:02:00 EST 2016
Corrections Slate’s mistakes.
The Slatest Thu Dec 08 23:28:13 EST 2016
Trump National Security Adviser Thinks There Are Arabic Signs on U.S. Border Directing Terrorists
The Slatest Thu Dec 08 20:56:50 EST 2016
After Haunting Eyewitness Testimony, Dylann Roof’s Mother Suffers Heart Attack in Courtroom
The Slatest Thu Dec 08 19:34:00 EST 2016
The President of the United States Will Not Give Up His Apprentice Producing Credit or Paycheck
The Gist Thu Dec 08 18:24:52 EST 2016
Getting Held Back in Racial Justice Class What did the Black Lives Matter movement accomplish? Writer Jeff Chang reflects on a complicated year.  
The Angle Thu Dec 08 18:10:13 EST 2016
The Angle: Test Case Edition Slate’s daily newsletter on the Republicans and Medicare, vets at Standing Rock, and the Walter Scott trial.
Politics Thu Dec 08 17:41:35 EST 2016
The Faith of the Faithless Electors Will enough of them go rogue to stop Donald Trump? Probably not. But the effort alone gives you hope.
Future Tense Thu Dec 08 17:36:00 EST 2016
What Slate Readers Think About Internet Governance
Moneybox Thu Dec 08 17:24:00 EST 2016
Trump’s Labor Pick Is a Big Ol’ Middle Finger to Fast Food Workers (but Good News for Immigrants)
War Stories Thu Dec 08 17:17:48 EST 2016
Just in Time for the Trump Administration, the FBI Has Expanded Surveillance Powers Be afraid. Be very afraid.
The Slatest Thu Dec 08 17:13:00 EST 2016
What Is Time’s Trump Cover Really Trying to Tell Us?
The Slatest Thu Dec 08 17:06:00 EST 2016
Beloved 1980s Icon Judge Reinhold Arrested for Taking His Shirt Off at an Airport
Politics Thu Dec 08 16:56:00 EST 2016
Raise and Support These veterans at Standing Rock are so disillusioned by traditional politics they didn’t vote. But they still think American ideals are worth fighting for.
Bad Astronomy Thu Dec 08 16:53:00 EST 2016
John Glenn, American Hero: 1921–2016
Open Source Holiday Thu Dec 08 15:50:21 EST 2016
Are Your Holidays Lacking That Sumptuous Feeling? Try Velvet!
Politics Thu Dec 08 15:38:44 EST 2016
Farewell Harry Reid, the Least Fashionable Man in Politics It’s what made him great.
The Slatest Thu Dec 08 15:14:00 EST 2016
Trump EPA Pick: States Have a Right to Spew Pollution but Not to Legalize Pot
Politics Thu Dec 08 15:07:26 EST 2016
19 Lessons for Political Scientists From the 2016 Election The ground game is overrated, the parties don’t decide (and neither do sharks), and other things we’ll need to rethink going forward.