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ANNOUNCEMENTS - ubuythisnowstaff 11/21/2000, 7:42 am
Once again, our very deepest apologies for the gremlins in the system last night. As you probably know by now, everyone logged onto the site between 7 and 9 p.m. PST, auto-bid $1.2 million U.S. for the same item, a macramť ski hat. We apologize for the mistake, and also for turning your names over to a collection agency and all major credit reporting services. Sadly, the matter is now out of our hands. Again, we are so deeply sorry.

Wanted: - PieterSA 11/20/2000, 7:26 am

I grew up in South Africa and have a sentimental attachment to late í70s-era Krugerrands. Canít pay more than about a dollar, but youíd be doing a fellow Ubuythisnower a great favor!

TESTING THE WATERS - lannyN 11/19/2000, 3:34 pm

Hi everybody ... I have an old human brain that has been in my family since just after the war. Iíve been told itís Hitlerís. I donít have any way to verify this, tho. Three questions: 1) Would a reputable dealer like Sothebyís be able to tell me for sure whether itís Hitlerís brain? (Iíd hate to find out itís only Goeringís brain, or Albert Speerís.) 2) If I do decide to sell, whatís the best shipping method? Itís currently packaged in a glass jar, floating in some kind of yellowish liquid (formaldehyde?). I guess I could bubble-wrap it, or take it down to Mailboxes Etc. and have them pack it in peanuts. And 3) is there, like, some kind of moral issue here or what? Iíd appreciate any feedback. (P.S.: I also have Pol Potís ring finger, and Idi Aminís toupee.) 

Re: TESTING THE WATERS - discoGUY77 11/19/2000, 3:45 pm

lanny ... Iím surprised at you ... anybody with a speck of humanity should know the answer to your question, and it sickens me that you donít ... I canít believe I even have to tell you this, but: EVERYBODY KNOWS that when shipping glass, bubble-wrap AND peanuts are called for ... also, ship it insured, with Notice of Delivery. (P.S.: I have a pair of burgundy bell-bottoms Iíve been told belonged to ferdinand marcos. e-mail me privately for details.)

WANTED: - Duane21 11/18/2000, 1:19 pm

Hi all! Am desperately seeking a Ruger .45 caliber semi-auto pistol, blue steel with a bone grip. Need it by the 18th for a bachelor party. Post away, and thanx!

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