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Harry Shearer's Feb. 4 "O.J. by the Sea" Dispatch
       Die-hard Harry Shearer fans who have been following his "O.J. by the Sea" dispatches in SLATE will no doubt view condensing his copy as an act of cultural terrorism, akin to the Demi Moore version of The Scarlet Letter. But for readers who already followed the saga in the newspapers, the AutoSummarized Harry is just the thing. The raw meat of the Dennis Fung-Bob Baker confrontation, Petrocelli's key objections, and the most famous blood drops persevere.

Summary (10 Sentences)

       Simpson lied, the lawyer almost snarls, about every important fact in this case. The Simpson spectacle proves why. Petrocelli returns to them frequently. "A guilty man." Petrocelli also does some interesting theorizing. "Mr. Simpson produced it in court. The time for evidence has passed. Evidence for sale." "Objection," Petrocelli responds. "I know the truth," Baker snaps back.

The Unabridged Harry Shearer

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