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Beowulf In his State of the Union address, President Clinton urged parents to read to their children every night. He didn't stipulate the classics, but he should have--the new, improved AutoSummarized versions of the classics. Read these summaries of Beowulf to your children, and see if their brains don't improve overnight.

100 Word Summary

       the hall.[2] Grendel.[1] Hrothgar. Hall-folk fail me, Heroes revelled, No living man, bitter battle. Beowulf's battle-boast. Man to man, he made harangue, Warriors slept, gold-hall of men, he gladly discerned, to men on earth. hardy-hearted heroes of war, [4] Hrothgar. [1] Man-price, wergild. [2] Beowulf's. [3] Hrothgar. mighty Lord, for the man's brave words. The Danish men doomed men's fighting-gear. sword, Heorot's battle. Old men together, Courageous men [2] Hrothgar. hall. Some man, however, Battle and death hoard! shield thy life! the hated men. broken in battle was Beowulf's sword, Beowulf spake, Beowulf paid. The wise old man

10 Percent of the 100 Word Summary

       [1] Hrothgar.

       [1] Man-price, wergild.

       [2] Beowulf's.

       Old men together,

       Courageous men

The Unabridged Beowulf

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