Meghan McCain Commits An Act of Journalism

Meghan McCain Commits An Act of Journalism

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April 21 2011 2:41 PM

Meghan McCain Commits An Act of Journalism

Sorry, that headline's a lie. The questions she throws to Donald Trump in an interview for The Daily Beast. I am focusing on the statements that end in question marks:

- "Why do you think you’ve made such an impact already? Why do you think you’re catching on in a way that Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty really aren’t?"

David Weigel David Weigel

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics


- "If you run for president, will you hire me for your campaign?"

- "Why do you think this birther thing still has such legs?"

- "You sent people over to Hawaii to investigate, correct?"

- "Did you find anything?"

- "Are you really ready for this?"

- "Have you hired any advisers yet?"

- "I want to know, is your family ready?"

- "Have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn?"

I am ignoring the large segment of the interview in which McCain tells Trump how exciting she is. At least some of Trump's success so far can be traced to the way the media engages him -- as a celebrity, not a politician who needs to be held accountable for his actions. Honestly, most of the revealing policy statements from Trump were produced 12 years ago when Tim Russert grilled him on Meet the Press and didn't allow him to fluff his way through answers.

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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