Wisconsin and the Kochs

Wisconsin and the Kochs

Wisconsin and the Kochs

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Feb. 18 2011 5:34 PM

Wisconsin and the Kochs

Eric Odom has a smart rundown of the work Americans for Prosperity is doing to list-build and organize off of the Wisconsin mess.

Americans for Prosperity is currently running a very targeted, highly relevant banner ad at the top of the Drudge Report.

The link sends you to a Stand with Scott Walker campaign with a short petition page.

Americans for Prosperity is also organizing a major counter rally in protest of the bankrupt message coming from the unions, and in support of Scott Walker.

In all honesty, this counter to the unions feels very much like the birth of the modern day tea party movement back in February of 2009. Rick Santelli made a comment about a "Chicago Tea Party," and activists from across the country responded in a Historic way.


The campaign hasn't gone nuclear yet -- it was at less than 2000 signatures when I checked.

But it's too early to measure the conservative backlash. AFP is doing with this situation what FreedomWorks did with the "Santelli rant" -- it took that organization hours to buy and build StandWithRick.com, and start supercharging what would become the most powerful list of Tea Party activists in America.

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