Organizing for America Versus Scott Walker, John Kasich, Etc...

Organizing for America Versus Scott Walker, John Kasich, Etc...

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Feb. 17 2011 5:27 PM

Organizing for America Versus Scott Walker, John Kasich, Etc...

Ben Smith's scoop about the role of Organizing for America in Wisconsin surprised me . Amanda Terkel's follow-up surprises me even more -- Democrats are bragging about their role in protests that are paralyzing Wisconsin's legislature for the near future, and expanding to the rest of the Midwestern states where right to work-style laws are being debated.

A DNC staffer told The Huffington Post that the group upped its efforts in Wisconsin after Chairman Tim Kaine spoke with local legislators last week. OFA then began organizing turnout for Thursday's statehouse rally and running phone banks in Ohio targeting state senators, which are slated to continue next week. This weekend, organizers have set up door-to-door canvassing in key districts that they hope will likewise put pressure on swing lawmakers.


At the same time, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee puts out a statement from Executive Director Michael Sargeant:

Wisconsin Democrats are standing up for the rights of working families by defying the tyranny of the majority. By walking out, Democratic senators are signaling the enormity of this issue and their commitment to protecting those rights. The DLCC supports and applauds their efforts. The Wisconsin GOP is using the state budget to execute a cynical political attack against the state’s working families, and Wisconsin Democratic state senators are committed to fighting back every step of the way.

If nothing else, we're in for some fantastic Glenn Beck episodes.

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