By This Time in the Last Presidential Cycle, 14 Candidates Had Jumped In

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Jan. 11 2011 3:32 PM

By This Time in the Last Presidential Cycle, 14 Candidates Had Jumped In

Jim Geraghty reminds us that we're coming up on an anniversary. January 16, 2007 was the day Barack Obama launched his exploratory committee, prepping for a presidential run.

Here's a list of all the candidates who had at least announced exploratory committees by this day, four years ago, in the last cycle. I've put the details for candidates who did something else -- announcing a bid without an exploratory committee, or confirming they'd run -- in parentheses.

David Weigel David Weigel

David Weigel is a Slate political reporter. 


April 17, 2006: Mike Gravel (announcing a full-on campaign at the National Press Club)

October 30, 2006: Duncan Hunter (announcing he'd retire from Congress and run for president)

November 9, 2006: Tom Vilsack (announcing a full campaign)

November 13, 2006: Rudy Giuliani

November 15, 2006: John McCain

December 4, 2006: Sam Brownback

December 7, 2006: Bill Richardson (telling Fox News "I am running")

December 15, 2006: Tommy Thompson

December 19, 2006: Jim Gilmore

December 26, 2006: John Edwards

January 3, 2007: Mitt Romney

January 7, 2007: Joe Biden (announcing his intention to create a committee, on Meet the Press)

January 11, 2007: Chris Dodd (announcing a full-on run on Don Imus's show), Ron Paul

By contrast, in this election cycle, not even dark horse candidates like Herman Cain or John Bolton have announced anything yet.

David Weigel is a Slate political reporter.