The George LeMieux Juggernaut Gears Up

The George LeMieux Juggernaut Gears Up

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Nov. 15 2010 4:06 PM

The George LeMieux Juggernaut Gears Up

Public Policy Polling asks Floridians what they think of George LeMieux, the very capable replacement for Mel Martinez in the Senate.

LeMieux... made no impression on 61% of voters but the ones who did express an opinion about him were quite negative with only 11% approving of him and 28% disapproving.


The best thing a Republican has going for him in Florida is the unpopularity of Barack Obama. It was intense enough in 2010 for the governor's race between wealthy businessman Rick Scott and state CFO Alex Sink to play out like this.

SINK: My opponent left his first company as part of the largest Medicare fraud settlement in American history.

SCOTT: My opponent knows Barack Obama.

Scott won. But LeMieux has more to contend with than a possible Obama comeback. He needs to scare off possible rivals for the right to challenge Bill Nelson, and to avoid his deep ties to Charlie Crist -- who is more than a laughingstock now in Republican circles -- dragging him down. Stranger things have happened, but not much stranger.

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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