Delaware Poised to Vote for Beards, Marxism

Delaware Poised to Vote for Beards, Marxism

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Oct. 6 2010 12:27 PM

Delaware Poised to Vote for Beards, Marxism

Two new polls out of Delaware have Democrat Chris Coons trouncing Republican Christine O'Donnell in the race for Joe Biden's old seat -- not surprising news, but news that Democrats are excitedly alerting the media to in the great search for a Democratic Momentum story.

The University of Delaware Poll , of 901 "residents," had Coons easily defeating O'Donnell by 19 points. When "leaners" are included, the Coons lead grows to 24 points.


I can hear you asking, "but isn't a likely voter screen more useful than a poll of residents? The Farleigh Dickinson Poll, of 801 likely voters, has Coons up 17 points on O'Donnell, 53-36 -- and the pollster reports that Mike Castle, had he beaten O'Donnell in the primary, would be beating Coons by 14 points.

At this point, unless something radically changes, O'Donnell's playing a role more similar to that of Dale Peterson than that of, say, Rand Paul -- she's a fascinating story, but not a likely senator.

Related: FDU has Democrat John Carney winning the race for the state's open House seat (Castle's seat) by 15 points.

David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics

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