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Sept. 5 2013 10:00 AM

Watch Fox News’ Most Unhinged Syria Protest Yet

“What is that? Is that ketchup?” 

Sept. 5 2013 9:15 AM

New Grand Theft Auto Voice Actors Include Real Gang Members 

“Just go find the real terrifying people and say, ‘Can you come in here, please?’ "

Sept. 5 2013 7:45 AM

The Crazy British Quest to Create 3-D Models of 20,000 Fossils 

The British Geological Survey says its online collection of 3-D fossil scans is the first of its kind.

Video by Reuters.

Sept. 4 2013 3:05 PM

Is the Moon’s “Horizon Glow” Real or a Delusion? 

Noted by the NASA moon landers and the Apollo astronauts in the 1960s, the glow first seemed to be thin rings of light that hovered a few meters above the moon’s surface.

Sept. 4 2013 11:49 AM

This Adorable Tiny Frog Can Only Hear Through Its Mouth 

The Gardiner frog, an inhabitant of the isolated rain forests of the Seychelles islands that split from the continental mass more than 50 million years ago, may possess an ancient evolutionary mechanism for sound perception.

Sept. 3 2013 6:21 PM

The Pixies Have Four New Songs, but Are They Really Pixies Songs? (VIDEO)

Black Francis begs, “Indie Cindy, be in love with me” on the band’s new single.

Sept. 3 2013 2:35 PM

“Touchscreen” Bath Puts Functions on Water’s Surface 

For the liquid touchscreen to work, bath salts are added to make the water opaque, and a Microsoft Kinect depth camera sends signals to a computer based on hand movements.

Video by Reuters.

Sept. 2 2013 1:41 PM

Oops: Evangelist Google-Images a Modern Family Portrait on His Latest Book

Sehorne, who claims he hasn't owned a TV for 35 years, was horrified to learn the photo is from a show that positively portrays a gay couple. 

Sept. 2 2013 1:40 PM

Cross-Bred “Super Broccoli” Eyed as Disease Killer

A special breed of standard broccoli bred a wild relative from Sicily shows signs of preventing arthritis, a study said.

Aug. 31 2013 8:00 AM

Why Do Ex-Smokers Really Gain Weight? (It’s Not Extra Calories.) 

Writing in PLOS ONE, researchers noted that subjects seemed to gain weight even if their caloric intakes remained the same, but why?