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May 23 2014 7:19 AM

What's It Like to Work With Adam Sandler?

Answer by Ken Miyamoto, produced screenwriter, former Sony Pictures script reader and story analyst, former Sony Studios liaison:

I worked with Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison crew a lot during my Sony days as a studio liaison.

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May 21 2014 8:54 AM

How Does Pixar Name Its Characters?

Answer by Craig Good, teller of stories, many of which are true:

The same way any other writer might: It's a normal part of the story process.

May 19 2014 12:51 PM

What Is It Like to Land on an Aircraft Carrier?

Answer by Barry Hampe:

It is precision flying at low speed and a high angle of attack. It is the definitive skill that sets Navy carrier pilots (and Air Force exchange pilots who have flown with a Navy carrier squadron) apart from all others. It's interesting to note that military uniforms have all sorts of badges and doodads to show that the wearer has qualified in this or that, but there is no doodad for carrier landings. They are included in the gold wings a naval aviator wears.

May 16 2014 8:17 AM

How Do English Speakers Differentiate a “Th” Sound From an “F” Sound?

Answer by Marc Ettlinger, Ph.D., linguistics, U.C. Berkeley:

English speakers don't actually differentiate "th" and "f" all that well. Indeed, in certain speech perception tests, native English speakers can perform as poorly as random guessing in distinguishing "th" and "f" because it's one of the most difficult contrasts in English.

May 14 2014 8:27 AM

How Did Comic Books Regain Popularity?

Answer by Robert Frost, engineer and instructor at NASA, more than 15,000 comics in my collection:

The resurgence was a two-step process.

First, comics producers decided to ride the coattails of the surge in popularity of science fiction. DC Comics went first. They rebooted characters like the Flash and Green Lantern to give them science-based origins. The Flash got his powers in a laboratory accident. Green Lantern got his powers from alien technology. Although Superman came from an alien world and Batman used tech gadgets to perform his acts of derring do, it was more common for superpowered heroes to obtain their abilities through magic and mysticism—like Captain Marvel (Shazam!) and Wonder Woman.

May 9 2014 12:24 PM

What’s It Like to Be a Teen Mom?

Answer by Imogen Moore, freelance journalist:

I was 18.

After having my second child at 36, I can say that 18 is a great physical age to have a child. I had plenty of energy and didn't care as much about a clean house so I had a lot of extra time to play.

May 8 2014 1:37 PM

Why Is Spider-Man So Iconic?

Answer by Mark Hughes, screenwriter, Forbes blogger:

In a nutshell, Spider-Man represents the reverse of almost every other superhero's "secret identity" concept.

May 7 2014 7:16 AM

What Are Some Ethical Issues in Computer Science?

Answer by Tikhon Jelvis, functional programmer and student:

A big one is correctness. Software tends to be slapdash at best: We like to ship anything that looks like it might not be completely broken. And, for most things, this is fine: If your favorite cat-photo-sharing app doesn't have five nines of reliability, you'll be fine.

May 6 2014 11:20 AM

What French Customs Might Seem Strange to Americans?

Answer by Kyle Murao, former exchange student in Paris:

Some French customs that I found wonderful but strange are:

Faire la bise. The double kiss on both cheeks. I miss this more than anything, because in the year that I spent in France, I kissed more beautiful women this way than I ever did before or since. You kiss everyone you meet, and if you kiss someone as if leaving but then still hang out at the party, it's very rude. These days the double kiss is mostly done woman-to-woman or woman-to-man, but older generations also practice it man-to-man, with no sexual meaning at all.

May 3 2014 7:11 AM

Do Arranged Marriages Work?

Answer by Chandrima Dhar:

I don't know if it's too wise to consider something as sacrosanct just because a mind-boggling number of people participate in it for really long periods of time. Given any chance we are bound to see people trying to sell one concept of love over another—as more efficient, as more long-lasting, as more appealing. For a long time, we've all heard arranged marriages being extolled as the secret behind low divorce rates. Very interestingly, though, as we go from one year to the next, the divorce rates in urban India keep rising. And these rates will still be found to be rising, if we consider only the arranged marriages. If involving your families was the "one-key recovery" button, so to speak, that wouldn't be happening.