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March 24 2016 7:08 AM

Are We in a Higher Education Bubble?

Answer by Daniel Kaplan, classroom teacher for 15 years:

In a way, yes. First, we have to look at how we have dealt with education and the pathways young people have historically taken. We could track it all the way back to when the middle class was largely composed of journeymen who worked their way through being apprentices to being masters, guildsmen, and business owners. We eventually marginalized this system more and more until it largely died at some point. It was pretty rare as we moved into the 20th century. We started pushing education quite a bit more. When we started offering free education for the brave men who fought for our country in World War I and World War II, we weakened that system even more and created huge numbers of college-educated Americans who once would have been part of the blue-collar workforce.

March 23 2016 7:21 AM

Where Do the Voices in Our Heads Come From When Reading?

Answer by Paul King, computational neuroscientist, data scientist, software entrepreneur:

There are many theories about this, but no definitive answers just yet.

March 22 2016 7:14 AM

What’s a U.S. Senator’s Schedule Like?

Answer by Elizabeth Warren, U.S. senator for Massachusetts:

I have a commuting job. Monday afternoon through Thursday night, I'm in Washington—committee hearings, legislation, constituent meetings, policy expert briefings, and floor speeches about the issues we're fighting for. Friday morning through Monday morning, I'm in Massachusetts, meeting with constituents, attending events, visiting schools and businesses and organizations all across the Commonwealth. My days are packed pretty tight.

March 21 2016 2:56 PM

What’s the Most Important Thing Parents Can Do for Their Kids?

Answer by Julie Lythcott Haims, author, New York Times best-seller How to Raise an Adult; former Stanford dean; Getting In podcast host:

Love them and make them do chores. Seriously.

You see, one of the longest longitudinal studies of humans ever conducted—the Harvard Grant Study—found that professional success in life comes from having done chores as a child, and the earlier the kid started, the better. Being able to roll up your sleeves and pitch in, being able to do the unpleasant tasks without being asked, being interested in contributing one’s effort to the betterment of the whole—that’s what gets you ahead in the working world.

March 10 2016 7:10 AM

What Gendered or Sexist Words Do the Media Use to Describe Hillary Clinton?

Answer by Laura Hale, female:

There are a couple of media companies and nonprofits that focus on media fairness or discrimination, as well as universities and academic papers that have provided comprehensive lists of sexist words when applied to female politicians. I'm going to borrow from this a bit and try to contextualize this, and hope I answer the question. One issue with finding examples is there is so much discussion of this topic that it buries a lot of examples, and I refuse to dive that deeply into right-wing American news sites.

March 9 2016 7:36 AM

How Much Would It Cost to Buy One of Everything on Amazon?

Answer by Kynan Eng, brain-related research and commercialization at universities and startups:

It would cost about $12.86 billion to buy one of everything on Amazon. I calculated this value as follows:

March 8 2016 1:37 PM

Would My Clone Think Exactly the Same As I Do?

Answer by Adriana Heguy, worked in genetics and genomics for the past two decades:

I’ll answer this from the point of view of a clone derived from an adult human, not a split embryo.

Think about it this way: Do identical twins, even those raised together, have the same thoughts? I would say not. Each person, even an identical twin, has different experiences, even slightly different, and this will change the way he or she thinks and acts, even if it's slight changes.

March 7 2016 7:09 AM

What’s the Best Way to Approach the Salary Negotiation Process?

Answer by Joel Postman, former CEO:

No one ever maximized his or her starting salary without a winning strategy. It won't happen without a plan. The only way to get the best possible salary is to ask for it, or better still, require it. Come into the negotiations smart. Know the market and what others in similar roles are paid.

March 6 2016 7:24 AM

What Lost Ancient Work Would Historians Most Like to Recover?

Answer by Tim O'Neill, atheist, medievalist, sceptic, and amateur historian:

Asking for just one is not very fair. Some possible contenders:

March 5 2016 7:07 AM

How Do Fighter Pilots Handle Blacking Out Due to High-G Maneuvers?

Answer by Tim Hibbetts, F/A-18C pilot:

Sometimes you wake up, sometimes you don't. It can take several seconds to regain full function. If the aircraft is not far enough away from the ground when the lone pilot comes around, all his worries are over. It's likely the same outcome if you start napping in the middle of a fight.