Two Men, No Uterus

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June 26 2009 8:48 AM

Two Men, No Uterus


Can President Obama's "common ground" meetings between pro-lifers and pro-choicers accomplish anything? What topics and ideas should they focus on? Steve Waldman and I hash out the options, looping in our own ideas and many of the good points being made in an ongoing discussion at RH Reality Check . Abortion, birth control, surrogate pregnancy, George Tiller, and what the hell business men have talking about this stuff—it's all there. You can watch our conversation, courtesy of our friends at , by clicking on the video link above or by going to the Bloggingheads  site . I look like I just rolled out of bed, but that's nothing new. Next time I'm gonna wear a nice shirt like Steve's and grow back some of that hair I lost.



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