Cher’s chick emoji is our holiday-season solace.

Find a Tiny Bit of Solace in This Cher-ified Chick Emoji

Find a Tiny Bit of Solace in This Cher-ified Chick Emoji

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Dec. 6 2016 2:55 PM

Find a Tiny Bit of Solace in This Cher-ified Chick Emoji

Festive Holiday Cher-Chick


One tiny tragedy of the presidential election is that Cher, whose campaign-season tweeting amounted to a powerful, if loopy, act of surrogacy, didn’t get to bask in a Hillary Clinton victory. If case you haven’t checked in on Cher’s feed since October, know that she is still out there fighting the good fight, tweeting her token emoji-laced mix of political commentary and well wishes for her followers.

Monday evening, the singer posted an image that appeared to be a holiday-season Cher impersonator in the form of the chick emoji, complete with long black hair, thick eyelashes, a Santa hat, and a few other merry accessories.


Cher tweets in a language all her own, and sometimes trying to make sense of her is, to quote another famous Cher, like “searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.” But here is what can be gleaned from the Cher chick image: The singer often refers to her followers as the chick and hatching-chick emojis as if they were her chickadees, and now, there is a special Cher chick to join them in virtual happy clucking. Like anyone who has ever come across a meme and asked, “fam, who did this?” Cher is simply wondering who did her the kindness of chick-ifying her. See, she admires the image very much and would like to add it to her personal collection as soon as possible; but as an artist, she understands the necessity of getting proper permission. As for what Cher wants to “use” the Cher chick for (“ASAP”)—that’s anyone’s guess. Will she 3-D–print it and turn it into a Christmas ornament for her no doubt lavish tree? Does she want to add it her online merch selection? Will she create an army of Cher chick drones and unleash them upon Trump’s America? Whatever happens, let’s all just be happy that the Cher chick exists to watch over us this holiday season.