Coke Life ad: A realistic portrayal of what it's like to become a parent.
This New Coke Ad Captures the Hell (and Joy) of Parenthood
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Dec. 17 2013 11:42 AM

This New Coke Ad Captures the Hell (and Joy) of Parenthood

You know that Google Chrome ad that imagined parenthood as a series of beautiful, meaningful moments all set to a swelling piano-and-violin composition that made you cry and cry and press replay and cry some more? It’s a lie. This commercial for Coke Life is the truth.

It begins with a woman showing her positive pregnancy test to a man. They embrace. Cut to their (awesome) house filled with baby gear and one tiny bundle of joy. And then … life. Dad tripping over toys on his way to the bathroom, both parents weighed down with diaper bags, pushing a stroller through the park, looks of desperation in their eyes as a carefree, child-free couple jogs past. Soon the kid is eating dog food after smearing goo all over dad’s record collection. No sex. You get the picture. But what happens next will, as they say, amaze you. (Or, if you are already a parent to more than one child, won’t.)

What is Coke Life, you ask? According to the New York Post, it’s a new low-calorie Coke, sweetened with sugar and stevia instead of aspartame, that’s already on the shelves in Argentina, where this ad aired, and may be on its way to the U.S. As you’ll notice in the video, Coke Life has a green logo instead of Coke’s classic red. We eagerly await the ad for Coke Mid-Life.

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