The Tabloids Descend on Elizabeth Edwards' Grave
The Tabloids Descend on Elizabeth Edwards' Grave
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Jan. 7 2011 8:42 AM

The Tabloids Descend on Elizabeth Edwards' Grave


TMZ published a PDF of Elizabeth Edwards' will on Jan. 6, just a month after the health care reform advocate died from breast cancer. The news there is that Edwards named her daughter, Cate, rather than her estranged husband, John, as the executor, and cut him out of the will entirely. Considering their well-publicized marital woes, this is not a huge shock. Also making headlines this week: The National Enquirer says that John Edwards proposed to his mistress, Rielle Hunter , with whom he had a child while still married to Elizabeth. As the New York Daily News notes, the Enquirer also reported that Edwards and Hunter were engaged last February, which obviously turned out to be false.


After reading Meghan O'Rourke's truly moving, empathetic piece in Slate about how Elizabeth Edwards' illness shaped her behavior over the past few years, I had wished that the Edwards family would have at least a modicum of peace in the months after her death. It's dismaying to see that the quiet lasted just about 30 days.

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