We’re Talking About: Playtime’s Resurgence and the Female Viagra

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Jan. 6 2011 12:18 PM

We’re Talking About: Playtime’s Resurgence and the Female Viagra


- Many parents have been lamenting the demise of unstructured, sometimes untidy playtime for their children; efforts encouraging children to put down the screens and revisit playtime have gained momentum. [ New York Times ]


- The Democrats have been planning a counter-attack on the Republicans’ efforts to repeal Obama’s landmark health care legislation. [ New York Times ]

- After filmmaker Liz Canner was hired by a pharmaceutical company to produce a video for a female version of Viagra , she became suspicious of the company, which she believed was taking advantage of women’s insecurities for profit.  [ Jezebel ]

- Teenagers have been drawn to Bravo’s Real Housewives shows because of the women’s adolescent behavior, Anna David argues in the Daily Beast. [ The Daily Beast ]

- Autostraddle ranks the top 10 sweatpants . First on the list is a pair from your university’s bookstore.  [ Autostraddle via The Awl ]

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