Carine Roitfeld on Fashion's Duty To Provoke

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Sept. 30 2010 3:00 PM

Carine Roitfeld on Fashion's Duty To Provoke


As Paris Fashion Week kicks off, the New York Times caught up with Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld about the magazine's upcoming 90th-anniversary issue . The new issue features Crystal Renn stuffing her face with food , and previous spreads, such as one with white models wearing blackface and another giving the finger to anti-fur advocates , have caused controversy. Here's what Roitfeld had to say about her provocative mag:


We have to fight to keep this un-politically correct attitude of French Vogue , but it’s more and more difficult to be able do that. You cannot smoke, you cannot show arms, you cannot show little girls, because everyone now is very anxious not to have problems with the law. Everything we do now is like walking in high heels on the ice, but we keep trying to do it.

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