I Hit It With My Axe
I Hit It With My Axe
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March 19 2010 1:50 PM

I Hit It With My Axe


If you're looking to waste some of your employer's time today, you could do worse than watch this entirely safe-for-work reality show in which porn stars play Dungeons and Dragons. Sasha Grey guest-stars as "a first-level tiefling wizard." In an interview with Annalee Newitz, Satine Phoenix describes her character as "an Elf Rogue named Mirror who is generally kind and will try to avoid killing in most instances but will step over a friend to get the sparkly piece of gold." A hairdresser with truly exquisite hair plays "dark elf rogue named Varla." It's definitely boring, but in a relaxing way, like a yule log with porn stars sitting around and talking. Pheonix seems big on the idea that hot women should be free to enter the shadowy worlds of geekdom. Sadly, the guys in the comments think it's all a conspiracy to sell them more porn.


Photograph of woman by Lifesize/Getty Images.

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