We're Talking About: March 12, 2010
We're Talking About: March 12, 2010
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March 12 2010 10:00 AM

We're Talking About: March 12, 2010


- Meg Whitman ’s oil and gas investments may compromise her candidacy for governor of California. [ LA Times ]


-Dozens of vodka-swilling Brighton Beach natives plead and push their way into auditions for the Russian version of Jersey Shore . [ NYT City Room blog ]

-Women can now experience the freedom of peeing upright with a new flushable paper funnel . [ Salon ]

-Sources say that Obama officials fired White House social secretary Desirée Rogers for being too fabulous. [ New York Times ]

-Despite a mountain of evidence promoting longer school days, states are cutting back on full-day kindergarten programs. [ The Daily Beast ]

-A bill recently passed in Georgia outlawing race- and sex-selective abortions, further stripping away women’s reproductive rights. [ Salon ]

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