Mom, Keep Your Hands Off My Foreskin
Mom, Keep Your Hands Off My Foreskin
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Aug. 27 2009 3:43 PM

Mom, Keep Your Hands Off My Foreskin


This week I stepped blindly into the circumcision debate, which, lately, seems to generate as much fervor as abortion. I am guest blogging at the Daily Dish, and wrote in favor of the CDC's proposal to recommend more circumcisions as a protection against HIV and STDs. My posts drew dozens of e-mails that ranged from vile to condescending. "You're a typical woman," began one, and went downhill from there.


Always a sensitive topic, it's gotten even more so during the health care debate. Conservatives have lately taken it up as the symbol of what Obama plans to do to them. Gabriel Winant of Salo n writes a very funny piece on the subject, quoting Rush Limbaugh: "It is President Obama who wants [to] mandate circumcision. ... And that means, if we need to save our penises from anybody, it's Obama."

Since most of my responses came from outraged men, I want to poll lady DoubleX readers on the topic: Are you outraged by circumcision? If so, please write and tell us about it.

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Hanna Rosin is the founder of DoubleX and a writer for the Atlantic. She is also the author of The End of Men. Follow her on Twitter.

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