What's Behind Sanford's Disappearing Act?
What's Behind Sanford's Disappearing Act?
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June 24 2009 2:26 PM

What's Behind Sanford's Disappearing Act?


In the moments before his press conference , Double X ers offer ideas of where Mark Sanford's been.


"Possibilities: mistress; prostitute; male prostitute; something to do with R. Allen Stanford; some heroic rescue mission …"

"Clearly he is a Nazi."

"At first I was thinking hookers. Now I’m thinking bipolar."

"It's part of a concerted effort led by Michael Steele to make Sarah Palin the least crazy-seeming candidate for 2012."

"Dude, it's tango lessons. Or he really likes steaks."

"Drug mule?"

Photograph of Mark Sanford by Alex Wong/Getty Images.

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