Rachel Maddow Wants to Know, Who Pooped?
Rachel Maddow Wants to Know, Who Pooped?
The XX Factor
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June 5 2009 10:06 AM

Rachel Maddow Wants to Know, Who Pooped?

Oh joy! I have discovered another reason why I love Rachel Maddow. The totally original MSNBC news anchor and XX Factor heartthrob twittered a link yesterday to Minnesota Zoo's interactive game highlighting their new Africa exhibit . (Maddow's tweet: " My inner 8 year old will not let me do anything today that does not somehow involve this website: http://whopooped.org/ ." ) The game called "Who Pooped?" features cartoon images of zebras, ostriches, and giraffes eating and then ... yes, pooping, to educate players on how scientists examine wild animal scat in order to study the creatures' consumption habits.


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