Finding Your Goldilocks Sofa

Finding Your Goldilocks Sofa

Finding Your Goldilocks Sofa

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June 3 2009 10:40 AM

Finding Your Goldilocks Sofa


From the e-mailbag:


Hi Nick,

I'm a fan of your blog, er, both your blogs, er, all of your many blogs, and I have a question. I know Q&A isn't your usual style, but perhaps you're just missing a good question.

I am on the hunt for a hot small scale sofa for under $1000. I'd like something a little more formal, so I'm thinking exposed legs. Most of what I have found is of the Ikea or West Elm varieties and what I want is something of the gorgeous variety. Any suggestions?


Katherine C.

PS. Yes, in case you're wondering, [blog name redacted] has two posts devoted to this topic, but all of the sofas are unavailable anymore, fug, or futon-esque fug. Plus, I trust your taste more.

Flattery may not get you a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa, but it sure works on me! To paraphrase my response: I actually really like the very moderne Ikea sofabed ... too bad the color choices are limited and boring/fug. Plus I might collapse if forced to spend $900 on any one item there. The West Elm convertible is just too chunky-dumpy-I can totally see through to the foam cushions. Not cute. I like Katherine's direction of going armless and leggy like the Mitchell + Bob "Rennie," a simple 50s shape that lends itself to less-than-ideal room arrangements (corners etc.), but the price is NOT just right with those two bears. Hopeless?

Not at Room & Board. I immediately thought of their Kinsey shape : a close match available in 75 and 84 inch lengths at $999 and $1099, respectively. That's at the top of Katherine's price range but I've only heard raves on R&B's quality. Can't say the same for the other two chains. Plus they'll let you customize with 250 fabrics to choose from (the standard colors are too grey-ed out for moi), and the style is so simple I could see investing in a slipcover with a skirt to de-formalize the look. Maybe a light color with contrast piping to switch out for summer?

Kath, waddya think?