With Feminists Like This, Who Needs the Patriarchy?
With Feminists Like This, Who Needs the Patriarchy?
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May 13 2009 2:20 PM

With Feminists Like This, Who Needs the Patriarchy?

You know, screeds like Linda Hirshman's in Double X are why I waffle so much about identifying with the feminist label.

It isn't even that Linda Hirshman is using every ounce of her online persona to live up to the stereotype that plagues the second wave-you know, the one about older feminists being insensitive to issues of race, class or sexuality. It's more the willful misunderstanding of why discussions of feminist ideas have veered into deeply personal territory. Yes, we understand that abortion rights are important, and need to be preserved. But that statement doesn't speak to the reality of events like being on the abortion table for the second time and finding your ideals getting jumbled up with ideas of who you thought you were before you hopped up on that table.


By willfully ignoring the circumstances in which we live, and the nuance with which Megan and Moe reveal their stories, Hirshman becomes complicit in the very misogyny that she purports to be against.

With fellow feminists like this, who needs the patriarchy?

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